I Think I Stopped a Robbery Tonight? Plus OUTRAGE and The Feds Being Feds AGAIN

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, an interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum… errr.. scratch that, wrong Era… Just made a beer run to the corner Kwicky-Mart to grab up some suds. Can’t be blogging while thirsty doncha know?

When I got there, first thing I noticed was the piece of shit beater Red Pickup truck backed into the parking spot. MY regular spot was right next to it, and I pulled in next to it. Mind you, I was driving Sapper’s Toyota pickup however as Gretchen got a permission slip by me to go get her nails done tonight. When I drive his truck, I do NOT adjust the seat as he gets growly about that, so I put up with the straight as a board seat back for the 5 minutes each way… common roommate courtesy and all that. This is pertinent in a few… or maybe not?

So, I get out, stretching a wee bit as I have no idea how a motherfucker can drive with the seatback at a straight, pure 90 degree… I then notice a few things…

  1. The truck is running, and sounded like and looked like shit Rust, duct tape… and I -think- a late 80’s early 90’s F150… bleached out red where it -did- have paint.
  2. The back of the truck was filled with junk. Which here in Florida, junk trucks roll around on the regular collecting shit to recycle and make some $$$ on. However, THIS truck had a STACK of car batteries in it… and some of them didn’t look dead/used if you know what I mean… one or two? OK… 9-12? Yeeeeah… the Shade Meter Creeps into the “High Orange” zone
  3. Did I mention it was backed in and running? Yep. NOT Normal.
  4. Then, the passenger was a super-thin, young, but on her way-to-ugly blonde chick. SHE looked at me like a scared deer… she was also clenching her jaw in the classic ‘meth-mouth’ thing, grinding her chompers…

Soooo… I then realize “Gretchen has the car!” Which means that she has the ‘car gun.’ The car gun gets removed each time we get out of it, and it has a place inside, and whomever is using the car, takes the gun with them as we leave the house. I got Gretchen trained up to do this too, which means, outside of my bulk and training, I’m functionally unarmed. BTW I do NOT trust those ‘car gun safes’ AT ALL for the record.

SO, I go in, and there’s two guys I can see. One is ‘Old Dude’ who had a problem at the gas pump… no idea what it was, but the chick (can’t remember her name but she knows me on sight) behind the counter is getting frustrated. The other guy is a young tall dude at the soda fountain aka young-guy for brevity.. Didn’t see anyone else, and I looked.

I grab the beer, and get in line. I’m standing behind young-guy, and man, he had some mighty B.O. kicking… he had two GIANT assed buckets of what I can only guess was Mountain Dew. Thing that again, now put me on FULL ALERT was the red, long sleeve flannel he’s wearing.

It’s fucking 89 and humid tonight.

Couldn’t tell if he had a knife, or a piece, but I already calculated how to grab him by the hair (loooong ponytail going down the back, although I’d need to sterilize my paws if I had to grab that greasy shit) and grab him by the belt, and pick him up, and slam his head halfway across the counter… it’ll either kill him, but it’ll sure AF incapacitate him…

And that’s when out of the corner of my right eye, I catch movement. As I was figuring out how to kill young-guy two things happened. Old Dude who had a credit card issue, lets young-guy get to the counter… as this happened another potential target closed in towards me.

This was old-guy… No idea how old as the drugs definitely have aged his ass… short, dirty, smelly and -WAS- moving towards me it looked like, as I pivoted towards him, and started to raise the case of brew, he last-second veered off to young-guy… Old-Guy starts jabbering to young-guy, and BOTH of them start giving me the side-eye and nervous looks…

Which I’ll explain.
As soon as I got the fucked up vibe, I started psyching myself up for a fight. Breathing techniques, my mantra that I use mentally, rolling and loosing up my neck, and turning on my ‘vibe’ that somehow, I can literally –project– a negative wave of anger and hate that scares the ever-loving-fuck out of people who don’t know me, or what I’m doing. Literally preparing for battle…

And from what I could tell, these two knuckleheads tuned in, and maaaaan… “Read The Room” and felt the hate positively emanating from the extremely large and potentially violent Man behind them, they paid for the sodas post haste and beat fucking feet out the door, to the POS Truck, and got while the getting was good…

Mind you when the Old-Guy Meth Head walked up and surprised me, I turned the juice on full steam on ‘combat readiness’. So much so, the nice Old Dude with the credit card issue took a few steps back, watching me wide-eyed.

So, I didn’t kill anyone, but I think I might have stopped a robbery? Who knows. Took me 3 beers and 20 minutes to come off the pre-combat adrenaline high… shit like that reminds me of why I used to love my job…

So, just another thing ‘noticed’ today….
An Abomination

Ya’ll remember this?

Catherine Bach…
On her CJ-7 Jeep Renegade “Dixie”
Boner-rific to say the very least… Every. Single. Straight. Male. who watched the Dukes of Hazzard and the Duke Boys got wood at least once from Daisy Duke… you’d have to be gay not to…

Jes’ Sayin’

So… yeah… friend of the family enjoyed the show so much, he bought a 1980 Jeep Renegade for his daughter (19 years old and she was a HUUUUGE fan of Daisy Duke):

Thing was a beast
Anyways… the outrage/ragepoast of the night is that Sapper and I went to Publix and saw this in the parking lot:

I didn’t want to get any license plates involved, so hence the shitty angle, but I did get the close up:


THAT is now a “Jeep Renegade”
Motherfucking vehicle designers need to be dragged into the street, and beaten to death with a 1965 Chilton’s Corvette/GTO Manual. That soulless fucking abomination… an abortion on wheels… HOW could that have happened?

Just another crime to lay at the feet of MegaGloboCorpHomo and it’s minions…. “…and then one day, a new ‘Hitler’ was born, and no one could figure out why…”

More than likely is my guess…
H/T to Arthur for that one…
We trade back and forth.

Then, the last thing for today.
This one is a absolute fucking shitshow here. I’m sure you heard of the kid in Idaho that got arrested for plotting to do a mass casualty event at a Christian Church in Idaho? You may or may not, especially in light of the fact that it was Christians being targeted, and the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda have deemed them ‘acceptable targets/losses’. Even Faux News moved it off the headlies earlier. However, the story is still out there, Link HERE

Now, you can read the Indictment HERE That SHOULD open the .pdf of the Leviathan Versus Alexander Mercurio. Now, because I do the legwork, I read it…

You want to know the ‘stuff’ I use to get ready for combat?
Let me tell you…
Reading utter contemptable trash like this criminal complaint?
It’s enough to make a motherfucker stroke the fuck out.

The TL;DR:
The Fucking Feds had an entire team of secret informants working this kid. When they started ‘mindfucking’ him he was only 16 years old. Then, even worse, after pretty much stating online in Telegram that he was a typical lonely 16 year old kid, these fucking craven and corrupt scumfucks kept up working him for two whole loooong fucking years. They knew he was alone and in the typical male-teen-angst phase…

Does that sound normal to you?

It sure as fuck does if you’re a worthless and corrupt agency with a axe to grind and a budget to justify.

Instead of doing, yannow, the right thing and telling his parents their kid maybe autistic/a geek w/mental issues who wants to do a terror attack? Nope… If you read through, to me, IF these craven fucktards had you know, actually had any morals or sympathy they would have, you know, tried to help him

But that doesn’t get The Big Terror Budget Bucks.

Nope. Need them $$$ to keep the budget up.

Miserable Pigfuckers, One and ALL

I mean FFS, the kid said multiple times he was suicidal and didn’t want to kill people. Not that that mattered one gentle (or would it be moar appropriate to say ‘gentile?’) fuck to the Fucking Piece of Shit Federal Bureau of Incontinence…


Nope, they STILL still encouraged him, egged him the fuck on,

They even sent Confidential Informants who recorded him into implicating himself in terrorism. Or, considering how little he had at his disposal (a pipe, which they’re trying to say he was going to make into a bomb, and maybe his Dad’s guns) I think that instead of a case of “Wahhabism”, this is a case of “Wannabeism”, he wasn’t going to be able to do anything…. literally, he had Jack, and Shit, and Jack left town a few weeks ago….

They even supplied the fucking ISIS flag he posed with:

One user on Poast summed it up nicely:

Well stated.
>insert slow golf clap<

In the case of an Arab Brother From Another Mother, one of his favorite Arab Curses, which I think in this case is rather appropriate, considering the circumstances:

فلتدخل في دبرك براغيث 10000 من الإبل إلى الأبد

Which, very google-loosely translated is:

“May the Fleas of 10000 Camels Infest Your Anus for all Eternity.”

Insh’Allah to that one Aye?
SO, enough piss-me-off for tonight…

I sure as hell HOPE that kid’s parents are on the ball and hire a fucking shark of a Lawyer… maybe that one who got those guys off of the conspiracy charge when they tried like Hell to Entrap them poor morons in Michigan for ‘attempting to kidnap Whitmer’??? This being again ANOTHER up-close-and-personal frame job by the Feds against US. In fact they ALWAYS do it… want to see something? Check this out:

Jeremy from “TheQuartering”

I have a link to his coffee on the sidebar… 10% off for using MY code “NTJ” which is, of course Name The Jew… good coffee BTW, Jes’ Sayin’.

Jeremy is a Hell of a lot more PC… I think he has to as he can’t afford the YT strikes, but in this case, the journalist apparently made this connection with the target on a gay dating website. And on the two dates the guy made with Mr. Loudmouth, he dumped a lot of intel in a vain attempt to get some Hershey Highway Lovin’…

This’s some good stuff, and I’ll keep following it as the lil bit leaked so far might have ramifications down the road… my guess is the FBI/CIA fag? Dead in a gutter within the week/tragic suicide/car crash. BTW: On an Updated side note: THIS RIGHT HERE is why faggots used to be barred from having a clearance and access to sensitive info… personally, yeah, back in the day blackmail might have played a role (b/c every last one of them was closeted) but IRL, fags can’t keep their fucking cockholsters shut.

Fuckers are worse than split tails I swear…

So More Later
Big Country

23 thoughts on “I Think I Stopped a Robbery Tonight? Plus OUTRAGE and The Feds Being Feds AGAIN”

  1. The RCMpork up here in TGWN did the same thing with an couple of low eye kews. Found them, coddled them and then gave them inert pressure cooker IEDs to plant around the .Gov headshed….needless to say the thing ended up as an huge clusterfuck! The cunt bastards that set this up all kept their pensions!

  2. Well, shit. I have family members who attend church in that area. A guaranteed way to bring on a blood feud would be to murder one or more of them.

    Not everyone in this country will get on camera and “forgive” their loved ones murderers.

    It’s amazing how many crimes are prevented just because someone noticed the criminal(s) before they executed the crime. Something as simple as making eye contact is often all that’s needed. I was taught from the time I was little to look people in the eye. Most of the time, they just look away. Sometimes they’ll meet my gaze and we exchange a “good day” or “good morning”.

    1. Always, always, look the motherfuckers in the eyes. Evil cannot stand it when they get an eyeful, because decietful losers KNOW they are decietful losers.

      Billy, good work tonite. As always, hays off to you. You might have saved the cashier chicks life.

      Respect level: 10000%



      Had a similar thing happen to me years back. Asshole who may or may not was gonna start trouble was distracted by my “troubling behavior” and just left in a hurry. I am a short fat guy, or was fat. I kinda just started getting weird, in a way that, I guess, made them rethink the plan. Stay strapped, so others dont get clapped. I was also known to the cashier chick. FML!

    2. I live not far from the Fibbie festivities. There is a neighborhood website in the Kootenai County area titled NEXTDOOR. I could not believe the reactions of the bleating sheeple, the normies and the cuckolds. It was more like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I posted a little missive on the site about the presumption of innocence and the record of entrapment behind investigations done by the Famous But Incompetent. You would have thought, from the replies, that I was defending the Turk who shot the Pope. Sad situation. I hope and pray the truth will come out.

  3. Saw a comment section on Sunday out of TX I think where a “delivery” man entered a church rocking the Teddy K fashion style of hoodie and glasses during service with a box long enough to hold a rifle or explosives.
    Several people started eyeing or moving a lil’ closer and he got up and left.
    Bathhouse Barry and Buttplug Brandon would love some more of that false flag that only works on duped dullards too dumb to exist.
    Dayam it feels good being a big Cro-Magnon freak with bulgey vein extra big ass head, they don’t even bother and I don’t go to the restroom or bed without some kind of heat just in case the comrades feel froggy.

  4. Don’t know how many gunz ya have – not gonna ask, non’o’my biznezz….BUT!
    IF you have enough gunz, may want to consider going from a “car gun”, to individual gunz. You carry it (however) when you leave the house, you hang it up when you come home. No catching yourself unstrapped.
    I’m just glad that you have enough height and bulk to carry the Russkie Bear threat successfully. Me? I’m just a skinny average guy, probably come up to your chin. So I carry everywhere I can (and some places I can’t)……except now, while I’m on vacay to an anti-gun island state. So far, so good.

    1. Why hang it up when you get home?

      Statistics show that 100 percent of home invasions happen in the home. Stay strapped.

      1. What room I’m in during an attempted home invasion will dictate what caliber round will show up in the perp’s autopsy.

        1. Yep… that’s this Casa… The door gets answered by any of us (Sapper, Gretchen or Myself) with a snubbie .357 loaded with hydrashoks. The ‘fall back’ weapons are racked and ready to go, and the last-ditch “Oh Shit!” weapon is the Flammenwerfer with 4.5 gallons of Napalm. This is the LAST house on Earth someone wants to try to gain forceful entry on ever.

          1. Of course the Flammenwerfer will cause my homeowners insurance company to have a catastrophic stroke after the fact…

    2. One with the pants, off with the pants (the gun you pervs!).
      Just read where a majority of defensive gun use (fired or not) happens in the home or on the property.

  5. Thank you for your vigilance Expat! Too many these days have NO situational awareness preferring to stare at their “digital distraction/cellphone.” Sigh. I always have my head on a swivel and I’m just a “civie” who loves his freedom and constitutional rights. My heartfelt thanks to you and your fellow service folk who were willing to do what I was not able to do, to defend our republic.

  6. Set up was my first thought also…I always joke to the wife about how many episodes of FBI on tv you need to watch to know the feds will screw you to get what they want…..I mean its right there,written in the script!…..Bolshevicks are gonna bolshevick……

  7. Radix Verum is making a documentary about the Whitmer Fednapping case. She’s done outstanding work on the subject.

  8. Pretty sure I have postponed a few robberies like that over time.

    The one that came to mind as I read your recount was one evening at the quick-e mart stopping in for some suds myself (notice a trend?)

    The inhabitants of my AO are extremely bleached if you catch my drift so any darker hued individuals REALLY stand out. Occasionally you get onies twosies passing through, stopping for gas or what have you and then on their merry way. On this night there were 6 of the out of towners at my local quick-e mart. I know the cashier and family who owns it.

    As soon as I walked in my neck hair stood on end. There were 6 yutes causing mayhem all over, repeatedly asking the clerk how much something is and having him scan items at the register and then taking the product back to the shelf ostensibly keeping him occupied with constant bullshit. I immediately recognized it as a diversion tactic. Several of them were noting where the cameras were located.

    I got my liquor and beat feet. I didnt want to leave the guy hangin but I didnt want to catch a case being commiefornia and all, so I went a non-closeable distance from the door and stood behind a 4 foot metal utility cabinet. Something where I could be easily seen but provided concealment at least and possibly even cover. My G42 was appendix carry with spare mag.

    I got my cell phone out like I was filming and waited for them all to gather at the counter…

    Sure enough the fanned out at the counter and approached the poor kid. I whistled right as it was likely about to go down and they all looked at me filming them with my camera and seeing my hand under my shirt holding something they couldnt see.

    Their eyes got huge when they saw me and realized the score.

    They calmly paid for their sugary snacks and began their exit, by the time they looked up again I was gone around the next building down the block.

    Was it going to be a robbery? Who knows. All I know is nothing nefarious went down.

  9. Amazing what a can a beer can do when thrown by a pissed of,,,,likely drunk white guy!

    That would certainly put a bump on the noggin , cross his eyes and both his teeth.

    Sadly I’ve responded to Beer can attacks! The best one was a 16 oz, Schlutez Malt Liquor in a white tube sock .

    That poor fucker was down hard for the count. Fuck around find out!

  10. i feelz nekked without a heater

    i wear a pajama size ruger 9mm with an extra extended mag in a belly belt under my sweats at night, and sleep with a full size pistol in my bed, with a kalashnikov leaning against it.

    for as long as i can remember.

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