Three Times is Enemy Action, EVs and Flying is OUT

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, tonight we feast on the shytte that caught my eye today. I’m a wee bit knackered still, believe it or not. I was fucking around on one of my long term projects, and I’m almost done with it, but I did end up staying up waaay past beddie-bye time. I’ll do a reveal later as this’s like 4-5 months in the making, and it IS firearm related… so anyways…

Thankfully, for the first time in oh-so-many-weeks did I not have ANYTHING on deck or on the schedule today. A rare ‘off Sunday’ so to speak… I slept in to almost 13:30… even Gretch let me sleep as she knows I’ve been plum wiped out from the past few months/years? even?

First thing: Seems another boat had an issue today in New Yawk as it were:

One Time, OK
Two Times, Co-inky-dink? Maaaaaybe?
Three Times? Enemy Fucking Action me Boyos.

Someone wants shit shut down on the East Coast it would seem. I’m comfortable with that… cut ’em off, let ’em rely on aid from the Commie Turdo in Canuckistan… ‘die on the vine’ so to speak amiright?

Then, CederQ over at Phil’s place had an interesting poast on EVs. Link HERE He’s got some cool pics there, but the one that caught my eye is this one:

Supposedly some hi-speed-lo-drag quick-charger that they intend on installing all over the place. First thing that leaps to mind, and is something we’ve been suffering from here in Tampa, is that when, not if, the Meth-Heads figure out that that charging cable? The solid copper charging cable? Yeeeeah…

Around here it’s not uncommon to see the Tesla Charging stations being out of service due to that big thick copper cable being hacked off for it’s inherent resale/scrap $$$. Since I don’t drive a hoity-toity VirtuSigMobile, I truly don’t give a fuck. However, that being said, the fact that –they– i.e. Leviathan and the Powers That Be have determined that EVs are the way to go, because ‘reasons’ and whatnot…

Got me a hunch that the “GoodWhyttes” rolling through the backwoods of Appalachiastan or the rust belt, are gonna be absolutely pissed when they find themselves trapped by the fact that the local Meth-Heads have sold off the main connection cable to recharge their $90k +/- Tesla-now-paperweight vehicle for the whole $20 that the copper got them at the local recycle yard….


Then… lessee
OH! Antifa in Ireland… Link to the article HERE. The TL;DR is this in this one tweet:

Long story short: Antifa thought that they’d show up to a protest at a proposed refugee center in Coolock Ireland. Word is that the DotGov (run by a fucking Paki of all fucking things) wanted to put 1000 Nigerians in, and the locals weren’t grooving to that. Antifa was told that the protestors were going to be ‘…primarily women and children’ i.e. a soft target to intimidate.

Instead they got soccer hooligans who whupped the fuck out of them and took their phones. They took them to delete the vidyas that were shot of the Hooligans laying a well-deserved aforementioned asswhuppin’ on the commies, and WHOA!

ALLLLLLL sorts of good intel

We’ll follow up on it if anything juicy leaks out.

And lastly… got bad news from MomUnit. My Uncle Bill (Bill #1, as we, the family, oddly enough, ALL the sisters married a “Bill”…) Bill #1 married my MomUnit’s older sister, Hence #1. DeadDad was Bill #2 when MomUnit married DeadDad, And then we got Bill #3 when youngest sister got married…

Anyways, Bill #1 is in Hospice. Bad dementia. Like one his way out. Bummer there. He was a cool uncle growing up. Taught me how to enjoy sailing. Anyways, reason for the sideline was I asked MomUnit if I should show for the eventual ‘stiff-in-the-box’ show? She said she wasn’

Not sure if even she was going to go… it’s going to be on Cape Cod… in the early Spring if he cashes in the next few weeks… anyone who’s ever -tried- to get onto the Cape during this time knows it’s a pure-dee motherfucker. That and, well….


I sure as fuck don’t want to drive allllll the way the fuck up there, and these days? Flying is out for the time being, unless I grow fucking wings or some shit…

So, that’s a wrap for Sunday.
More Later
Big Country

BTW to finish the whole flying thing, I present this:

25 thoughts on “Three Times is Enemy Action, EVs and Flying is OUT”

  1. Cowling covers rip off? No biggie IF the engine is turnin’ and burnin’ A little more drag, though.

  2. Been thinking all along that Antifa is just like the Red Guards or the Brownshirts.
    Organized and funded by the government. Rent-a-thug. Intimidate the middle-classes.

    Suitably laundered and plausible deniability of course.

    Antifa needs to study their history – the Red Guards and Brownshirts were liquidated once the regime cemented power. No longer needed. Those that weren’t sent to a gulag wound up in an unmarked trench grave.

    1. Nacht der langen Messer / Rhöm purge.

      The kids that do this nonsense are oblivious to history and to arrogent and brain washed to realize that they are tools that are too unruly to be kept

    2. Astonishing level of historical ignorance; brownshirts were against antifa, antifa being commies/jews
      who would not name themselves as what they were for, but what they were against.

      1. The Brownshirts were defending their people from the commies. Had twice the balls that “Team Freedom” here in the FUSA has.

  3. I’m avoiding flights because last one i did i got to have a land whale beside me taking 2 seats… One of which was mine. So they trief bumping me till the next day and refused to cover the hotel. I said f no and in the end they let me ride in the galley in the jump seat reserved for spare air crew.

  4. Ok. How’d they get the phones to activate? Face ID or thumbprint and then reset?

    Having no experience in this area but seeing the need.

    1. Beating a motherfucker with a potato in a sock until he gives you his passcode probably works too.

      1. Called in a favor with some Russian hackers to “backdoor” all the phones? Yeah, inquiring minds want to know. Otherwise, the story lacks some amount of plausibility.

        I really hope we do see a data dump, but we all know there will be official denials that the connections borne out by dumping the phones was all fabricated by the perps who stole those phones. And really, how can anyone get that information out there to a significant extent anyway? Like all things being bandied about by those in unfavored positions – no matter how factual – it will be denied, obfuscated discredited and finally ignored by official channels.

        As to the container ship thing up NY way, yeah, it’s starting to smell like last weeks tuna salad. I try to tell myself that the only reason we are hearing about this is that it comes on the heels of a similar incident, and so there is tunnel vision fixated on such events right now.

        But then I try to reconcile that with the fact that the media are lying whores, and they have no reason to tell us truthfully these events are happening. Which leaves me to postulate they either have ulterior motives for propagating these stories (and for all we know, the story could be a complete bullshit fabrication, since no damage took place this time) or they are just using said coverage to inculcate more FUD among the proles. I certainly don’t believe they want us properly forewarned of nefarious plots in progress, as a misinformed populace is the best kind of populace, so far as they and the rest of the shit tier ruling class are concerned.

        Of course, there is also the fact that the huge corporate shipping outfits are tighter than two joos fighting over a penny, (as is the nature of big corps always looking to squeeze the nickel on expenses until the buffalo shits), and so I’ve no doubt the maintenance on their vessels is substandard, which can easily lead to stupid shit happening. And yet, two such incidents so close together in both time and geographic location raises the hackles, does it not?

  5. Brandon was “given” $7 billion to build hundreds of thousands of stations and only 7 have been built.
    The EV queef mobiles are part of the 15 minute concentration camps and one is going up two counties away near the gateway to Pineland.
    Leave the Bathhouse Behind Barry did make that cornstudded turd of a movie only saved by Kevin Bacon and it isn’t just some movie to watch on the weekend, it is going live.
    You have to burn it all down better in order to fundamentally transform into a fake and GAE CCCP LARP.

    1. I loved that line that the negress said about “in times like this, you can’t trust White people.”

      Meanwhile, meat’s back on the menu in Haiti. Stupid niggers.

  6. EV charging stations in Appalachistan? Whuzdat? Ain’t seen ’em,, not even along the 75 corridor

    I do see E85 pumps, along the corridor, but nowhere else,,, get 10 miles into the hills and you’ll find 100% gas stations more than you’ll find an EV charger. ‘Necks like to feed the good stuff to thier off-road toys.

    and now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a Tesla on the road here, moving or dead,,,
    But I have seen several Masserrati,, Guess the ‘Neck Cartels are making bank and showing some sense of taste,,,

    1. Shhhhhhhhhhhut up!
      Gawd, y’all keep talking about it people are going to keep moving here.

  7. Regarding the ships, my brother had an interesting point. Notice that they have all been approaching an automotive bridge, no train bridges ? There are portable non-nuclear EMP weapons out there.
    What if you had one in a truck, stop in the break down lane and point it at the ship as it approaches ?

    That is the only plausible cause seeing those ships have backup engines and generators that if the primary fails automatically kick in. Outside of sabotage on the ship, EMP is the only thing that makes sense.

    1. Word. I saw such an EMP device demonstrated on The Military Channel about 15+ years ago. At the time, it was being evaluated as a way for police departments to stop pursuits.

      1. In the early 90’s, I lived in Tucson. My morning commute was at 0400 and took me along the southern edge of Davis-Monthan AFB. For 2 weeks, when I hit a certain spot along that route, my 1984 F-150’s engine would just die. I would coast along for a few hundred yards, then it would start up again – it would start again. I didn’t start it or put it in neutral (C6 automatic trans). After two weeks of that, it finally stopped happening. I always figured it was someone testing a new EMP type device on base, or just outside it.

  8. Mr. Country- sorry for off topic but can you recommend a packaged armourer’s kit for AR15? Also, some of this stuff being blamed on Boeing is a maintenance issue. Ive told more than one air mech that they should be selling shoes at the mall. Thanks, and get some rest.

    1. A Wheeler kit should do you just fine for assembling & maintaining your freedom seed dispenser(s). Currently on sale at Midway.

      10-12 years ago Wheeler made a basic “essentials” kit (without the punches, picks, etc.) that just contained the specialty tooling for the AR-15. The other sundries were separate purchases which all told probably cost twice or three times what the current Midway price is for this more expansive kit. My Wheeler stuff has held up just fine & I’ve loaned it out to several buddies for their projects, all told there is somewhere around 20 complete rifles built on that original basic kit paired with a Tipton vise. My other Wheeler tools also get used on bows & crossbows & there’s never been any issues aside from snapping a tiny torx bit from a different kit on a non-firearm project. Hope it helps.

    2. yea, I bet a mech had to add a quart or two of oil to that engine and didn’t get the cowl properly relatched.

  9. Best wishes with your vast plate of personal challenges BCE. You are doing great, hang in there.

    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that anything suspicious is enemy action, and any second occurrence is confirmation. Reports are that the Baltimore ship’s electronic log was missing the minutes right around the collision. A near exact event in NYC only a weeks or so later, this time without a collision, is highly unlikely to be a coinkadink. It took 6 harbor tugs to get control of the NYC ship.

  10. If you remember, a couple of years ago, it was the 100+ fires & explosions at food / feed plants & petrochemical plants. That has apparently stopped, but now it’s container ships “suddenly running out of power” and hitting bridge supports?

  11. regarding the eclipse..

    “…the fact that the Great American Eclipse of 2024 completed the giant “X” over the New Madrid fault zone that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started is such an obvious warning that I can’t believe that almost everyone is ignoring it. That giant “X” over the New Madrid fault zone was literally one of the main points of the eclipse, but so few people are talking about it…”

    can you imagine the New Madrid letting loose in modern times?

    very bad juju for murka very bad

  12. With regards to the ships losing power these days, it makes me wonder first – why it’s happening, and second, why are they telling us?

    Same with the Boeing issues. I heard that it was chinese seeding doubt so that their airliners start looking good. The thing is, aircraft having to return to base probably happens many times a day country wide, given the amount of hardware flying around up there. Didn’t use to be newsworthy. Someone with an apostrophe in their first name forgets to clip a latch, and well, there you go.

    BTW you forgot about the trains. It’s been a minute since there was a rail disaster, but for awhile they seemed to be happening every other week.

    An innocent explanation might be a crisis of competence and don’t-give-a-shit-itis. DEI could be one reason, but there are loads of incompetent and stoopid honkeys as well. The goobermint is full of them.

  13. The problem with all the ships losing power is contaminated fuel. Crap fuel sold cheaper all around the world works just fine but eventually kills the engines. Its a well known problem thats been around for a long time and these large ships that try to save a buck here and there. The reason it always seems to happen in/near port is that these ships use different fuels from different tanks near western countries vs near shithole countries or on the open sea. Regs, doncha know. It wont happen instantly, but over time the corrosion kills the engines. Environmental regs coming home to bite the ‘good guys’ in the ass.

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