So That Was a Bust

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not that I’m a gambler by -any- real means. I mean I’ve been known to do $50 on rare occasion at the Seminole Hard Rock on Blackjack when ‘the vibe is right’ and walk away doubling or even tripling my $$$. Not sure what it is, but I’ve done it in front of Sapper a few times that he gets sort of creeped out… as I walk over and throw a $50, and usually get a ‘Blackjack’ right there and then… I usually watch the table to get a feel before I do it…

Either way, point is, the Powerball Bullshit of 1.4 BILLLLLION dollars wasn’t hit again. THAT I was willing to risk $20 on… Take home cash being something like $563 million…

I know, I know.

Poor/Stupid Tax.

That being said, you can’t win if’n you don’t play.

Of course I got a better chance of being hit by fucking Lightening than I do of winning that. However it -does- make for some fun “what would you do with fuck you money?” conversations…

A compound -somewhere- in the Mountains of North Carolina, prolly near Miss Daisy. One with a well, good sunlight, but where I could dig in and have a HUUUUGE underground bunker put in, along with spending whatever bribe money it takes to get a Class 3/DD/Explosives/Manufactory set of license(s) in order to stockpile whatever the fuck I want. Half a BILLION buys a lot of MK-19s and ammo, never mind Ma Deuces and ammo to go with. Hell… with the Explosives license, Got C-4?

I’ll take 2000 pounds please.
And literally a metric fuckton of milspec detonators.

And weapons?
Don’t even get me started.
Needless to say, the watchword would be “Belt Fed”

So, as I said, no winners tonight. I will spend another $20 on the next drawing because fuck it amiright?

BTW: Random cooking pic. That pic was from last night’s dinner… seems the pepper was really happy to see me… How fucking odd Aye?

To continue…
Took out Gretchen’s sutures tonight. THAT purely sucked in that she heals so fuggin’ fast it’s mind boggling. Doc Samizdat told me Monday or Tuesday, but on consulting with him, and sending pics, he said ‘go ahead’ as Gretchen could feel her skin starting to get uncomfortable in that she’s healing, and her bod wants the foreign objects out.

So “snip-snip-snip” and she’s good (thank you Fort Sam Houston SF Medic’s Course). Had me a couple of shots before though to counter the shakes I have from the nerve damage. C-5-6-7 were crushed and the subsequent brachial nerve damage of the compression leaves me looking like Michael J Fox after drinking a case of Diet Pepsi….

Jes’ Sayin’…

So steady-hand Me got it done. Man, wish I could poast pics… she’s down from a Double F to a D/DD, but dayyyyum if Doc didn’t grant her a whooooole new rack… Like a 25 year old hawt stripper set o’titties.

BTW, for the record, Doc wasn’t actually pissed at me/us for the run home/running around… I wasn’t on his ‘shitlist’ per se, just that he was worried about Gretchen overexerting herself, both as her Doctor, and as a valued and much beloved friend. Thing is, both of us, Doc n’me? Man, we had no idea of her almost “Deadpool/Wolverine” level of healing…

Kind of frightening TBH.

So… that’s it for tonight. Too much weirdness to cover on soooo many fronts. Essentially everything is status quo, per usual; I.E. everything sucks and everybody’s fucked.

So More Later
Big Country

20 thoughts on “So That Was a Bust”

  1. Got the last vanilla creme brulee at the Dollar Circus Tree and it gets more than four cups if used sparingly.
    How much would the government get if you won?
    Engineer bud had a former co-worker hit combined one million on a scratch off and random number pick in Ohio, some just have the luck.
    Early 2000s job as liquor store manager had a mechanic that got hundreds all the time and the first 000 ticket on the roll is always a winner, at least here.
    The glorious peoples republic of Illinois can’t even payout the scratchers and that NPC man on campus interview where they couldn’t even answer how many dimes in a dollar, how much is three times 3, what century are we in, was Fighting Illini campus.
    These will be the NKVD, CHEKA, and Red Guards.
    Saw a badazz weapon in a GI JOE NIB figure, an MP5 with a drum!
    The 2004 Van Helsing which doesn’t suck like the others has the crossbow with drum, that needs to be made.
    We aren’t totally screwed because like Idiocracy you can out think the dullards even with basic 110 IQ.

    1. FedGov gets 65% of whatever you take home, either one lump sum or spread over 30 years. Then, depending on what state you live in, could be another 10-20% or so.

      In other words, if you live in a state that has state income tax, don’t turn the ticket in until you move the hell out of the state into a free state.

      Use the existence of the ticket as brokerage to get what loans you need to move to Freedom, then pay them off ASAP. Kind of like “The Million Pound Note” or “Brewster’s Millions,” use the existence of bucks to get bucks. Just don’t piss off Letitia James while doing it…

    2. Cash payout is 50%, after that .gov gets 39% income tax right off the top. Then when you file taxes for the year you have to add any income for that year on top of the winnings. So half of 1.4 billion is 700 million minus 273 million tax witholding and you end up with 427 million. Add your income to that and any income from investments you made with your winnings that year and the big winner is .gov as usual. At least if you are in Florida the state doesn’t steal more of it.

  2. Love the coffee cartoon, when Lawyer Daughter was starting out, during a meeting she was sent out to get coffee by one of the partners. He told her to get it the same way she did, so she did. He takes a sip and then pops the lid on his cup and exclaims that she drank her coffee like a construction worker, hot and black. The partner sent somebody else out for coffee after that. He was expecting a latte of some sort. He then asked what bar drinks she ordered as he tried to size up the 5′-4″, 119lb ball of smarts. She just replied single malt was Lagavulin 16 and blended was JW Blue. Too say her company stock went up after that was an understatement. Nobody sent her for coffee after that.

    I’m glad that Gretchen is healing nicely. Are there radiation or chemo treatments after this?

    Spin Drift

  3. The lottery is a fair bet ONLY when the cash payout, after all taxes, is more than the cost of the number/ ticket times the odds against winning.
    Meaning that it starts to get fair at about a nominal billion dollars.
    Of course, much more has been paid in as overhead / skim.

  4. It sucks that the gibbmedat takes so much of the winnings, but it’s still millions more than I already have.

  5. Depending on your local government well some of them have ordinances where they get their cut of “your” winnings as well.

  6. The crooks in Juneau started a state lottery here a few years back. Don’t think it’s tied into the big ones, but I’ve not tried it. Our big game is betting on when the ice goes out on the Tanana River.
    Haven’t hit that yet…..

  7. Glad to hear Gretchen is doing OK. I know the whole “experience” is draining for both of you. I can guarantee she will have a whole different concept of time from now on as my wife has.

  8. Buying one lottery ticket increases your chances of winning astronomically (from no chance at all). Buying a second ticket results in only a miniscule increase.

  9. Had a gut feeling about 12 years ago that something bad was on the horizon so I gathered up the wife and kids and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Best move I ever made. Clean air, clean water, natural food and like-minded people. Go ahead, take the risk and come this way. It’ll be worth it..

  10. Man, wish I could poast pics…

    DM doesn’t allow it but there’s always Irish. Just sayin.

      1. The other option is pose them with a gun and send it to Phil (BustedKnuckles) for his gunday Monday.

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