Couple of Changes ‘Round Here and Whew I’m -STILL- Beat…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
VERY sorry for being remiss in the comms as of late.  Truth be told, sort of overwhelmed? I think would be a good term for it?  Got back the biopsy report on Gretch and thank the Good Lord everything is clean.  It sort of sucks all the wind from the room yannow?

That and we got word from the BabyDaddy that Adriana is doing well.  We’ve had some video chats with her, and she remembers and knows us, so that’s a relief.  I’ve also been utterly wiped out by that EPIC 12.5 hour run home…  I’m not 30 anymore and man, ‘m feeling the whole of that 800+ mile drive… Non fucking stop man… my legs are still vibrating no shit.

Other news, DumbCunt fucked up AGAIN.  Seems this past December, the day before her probation was supposed to be lifted, she got violated/arrested.  Her court case for the violation of probation was this past 3rd.  She failed to appear, and now has a felony bench warrant, with an extradition in it, so if she get into ANY scrape ANYWHERE w/the fuzz, she’s got a potential of 16 years for all the shit she pulled.  The judge the first time around dismissed the majority of really bad charges and gave her time served (a little over 5 weeks in county) with a year probation… that she fucked up.

Word is the judge is pissed and re-instated Every. Single. Charge. with the worst being Felony Evasion of Police and Felony Reckless Driving (while in commission of a Felony)

Buh-Bye now.

See, she got over the first time around playing the “My mother beat me, My step-daddy tried to kill me, my life sucks yadda ta yadda ta”  Then while she was in county, you may or may not have seen it, but the girls in her pod gave her a ‘lock in the sock’ party known to us as a blanket party… they held her down and beat her legs so bad they looked like raw meat.  She couldn’t walk for two days… she pissed off everyone apparently… which tells me she’s dead WHEN, not IF she gets put in either the state pen, or more likely Federal Prison, as she’s got a multi-state investigation for welfare fraud going on…

Fucking idiot amiright?

So that’s the fambly update(s). Hopefully this’s The. End. Of. Drama/Shitshows. here for a long, long time. I need the break. Which leads me to the next side of ‘things’. I’m revamping the donations around here. Specifically to help another well known Scallywag and Deplorable, Mike Hendrix over at Cold Fury.

From here on out, all the donations IF you choose to participate are going to be directed to Mike. He’s been one of my best and closest supporters, along with The Tactical Hermit, CederQ, Phil and Wirecutter… however, Mike is still in a rough patch with his leg being fucking -gone- and his writing is his sole support. So he helped me with Gretchen, as well as with Adriana, and actually met up with us and offered us some sanctuary at his place when we needed it…

I’m revamping all the PayPal shytte here, so give me a day or two. I also have not told Mike yet, but I will eventually. Either way, Brothers Help Brothers is what it’s all about.

Now, with the softhearted bullshit out of the way, one thing that made me laugh my balls off: The EARTHQUAAAAAKE!!!


ONLY Fuckin’ New Yawkers could shit themselves so badly over such a minor thing. I remember when we had a minor tremor in New Hampshire when I was a kid… a bit odd to feel everything shake, but nothing that warranted the level of pantshitting that went on. My cousin is from Cali… she laughed out loud over it in her Facebook… “A 4.8??? That’s called ‘Tuesday’ back in Cali!”

Seems on “The View” notorious Anti-“Anything on the Right” Hebrew Joan Behar freaked out screaming “MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” during the recording of the show… too bad the building didn’t fall in Aye?

Funny to watch folks freak though IMO. Now, thing that has ME wondering the “when-how-where” is the inevitable Iranian “Revenge Strike” against the heebs. That strike on the Iranian Embassy will not go unanswered. Arabic “Machismo” if you will, will demand a ‘PAYBACK’ if you will. Caps for the fact that it’s mandatory.

I still have no idea the ‘why’ of it. I mean the Iranian Republican Guard turds that got whacked were, IMO minor players despite the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda ‘hyping’ the value of the targets… thing is, the NEXT targeting of that food/kitchen aid group???

The fucking Jews done fucked up royally with that one.
There’s no excuse for it, despite the Jews claims. Hell, Bend-Over Shapiro said that ANY shit talked about the drone strike on the seven innocent aid workers is a ‘blood libel’ against the Jews. If it is, wel then, count me a proud member of said “Blood Libel” asshole.

If you were unaware, here’s the Link to the story with the worthless “apology” the heebs gave… thing of it is, maaaaan there was no way in fuck this wasn’t intentional.

I mean there were three vehicles
ALL had IDF GPS Identifiers.
ALL had Identification on the roof on each. individual. truck.
EACH truck, when hit, CALLED the IDF to get them to STOP!
The jews hit them one. truck. at. a. time.
THIS was IMO an assassination

Feed the Palestinians, and you Die.
Fuck off.

Fucking morons. Can’t wait to see them get their asses kicked.

So… again, much love and thanks.
I gotta Crash
More Later
Big Country

27 thoughts on “Couple of Changes ‘Round Here and Whew I’m -STILL- Beat…”

  1. Everything is hyped to the max these days. Look at the craziness surrounding the fucking eclipse.

    1. “This is all darn peculiar.

      Sorry. Something is very wrong with this picture. Disaster declarations in numerous states. Emergency crews ordered to stand-by. National Guard troops being mobilized. Red Cross asking for urgent blood donations.

      No. There’s something waaaaay wrong going on here.”

  2. “Arabic” machismo?
    Please, wigga. We’re Persians with thousands of years of glorious history. Not fucking Arabs roaming aimlessly in the desert wiping our asses with sand.

    As far as Our Greatest Ally’s actions. I can’t figger out if it’s 5D chess or they just have a cultural psychopathological need to be hated. I’m starting to think it’s the latter.

    Glad to hear about the “clean margins” good surgical result.

    1. Iranians speak Farci, which is Indo-European in origin, not Semitic. The name “Iran” is a cognate of “Aryan” and refers to the land of the Aryans. A noticable portion, though not a majority, of Iranians have blue or blue-green eyes and light hair.

      Iran has the right to arm itself with nukes IMO, given the fact that Israel’s nuclear arsenal, offically unacknowledged lest it be accused of violating the international non-proliferation treaty, is arguably the 4th or 5th largest in the world.

      My 2 bits

        1. OMG OMG OMG! Squeee!
          You two inspired me to look up “1488 110th st” (and 14-88 110th st). Turns out there’s SEVERAL in the NYC area (Long Island*, naturally), one in Troy, NY, etc. Brilliant! I sense a travelogue and photo essay coming up. Bwahahaha!

          * for some reason it’s pronounced “lon GOY lund”. Secret code? You tell me.

  3. On the Aid convoy, Lawyer Daughter, when she lived in DC regularly went to a restaurant where the chef used to cater to her onion allergy. She became friends with him. It was some his people that got whacked. Lawyer Daughter, though not being Jewish was the secretary and treasurer for the Jewish Law Society at law school. Now I don’t think she would pee on them if they were on fire. Big red pill for her so yay me.

    Glad its been good news for your Pretty Wife. Sorry about Dumb C__t causing more issues down the road when she gets offed in prison.

    Be well;

    Spin Drift

  4. Read about CF’s health history at his page and keep on rolling with a fury because you don’t want to miss the comeuppance.
    The COV-LARP was the one ring to rule them all and like the meme it is going to be the downfall.
    Gotta get through WWIII first as both sides have the Dead Hand doomsday defense of letting them all rip if one is spotted incoming.
    Anytime the corrupt justice shitstem stacks charges then it’s gonna be pokey time.
    A cousin served years for dealing the nose candy and he paid the Gladiator money to remain a sphincter virgin, best money he ever spent was the vibe I got, either that or join a gang and be ready for battle and he is now a productive member paying into the machine.
    A thin veneer of civilization that will vanish after some missed meals could be sooner rather than later with the Joe Tater at the Tittanica helm.
    We had a tremor back in 1987 as I was assembling a skateboard on cement garage floor, thought it was a tractor trailer going by then people started coming out with a WTF was that.
    Ivan knows all about Yellowstone and New Madrid and Sarmat could blow those wide open.
    Brilliant to poke them, thanks faculty lounge.

  5. Pussy nyc couldn’t even handle a cat one hurricane. They’re as bad a california for being so pussified they couldn’t handle a beer fart in a whirlwind.

  6. so by ‘everything is clean’ you mean they were non-malignant?
    If that is so, then God truly has intervened for y’all.

  7. speaking of jews..

    “Again, it must be stressed by me again that the Biden family is Jewish via the French-Jew bloodline of the president’s mother and that his administration remains a war ally of the State of Israel against the Palestinian resistance.”


    “Aboard the container ship Dali, there are 57 large containers of hazardous waste materials, including 15 of toxic medical waste from the CDC- NIH (most of that left from the COVID pandemic). Apologies for being repetitive, but the numbers do matter. Possibly even more toxic chemicals or viruses are among the ship’s other 4,644 containers (which are yet to be inspected for dangerous cargo). The virus-contaminated shipment – including used face coverings, latex gloves from hospitals and labs, so-called medical waste including wipes (aka used toilet supplies), worn gowns and caps, syringes, bandages, and who knows what else might be stuffed inside those 40-foot containers, such as highly compromising laboratory equipment used to foment and promote the dubious pandemic, aka instruments of biowarfare.”

  8. Eh, I can’t blame Noo Yawkahs for freaking out over a quake too much. That’s not the sort of conditions they deal with on the regular, so they don’t instinctively know what to do other than freak out – I can’t say I’d know what to do, either, ‘cept maybe try and get low before I fell the fuck over.
    Now, roasting them over the histrionics? No shame there. A little uncertainty and worry, sure, but panic is just going overboard.

    Word on the wind about the convoy is that this is not the first time the Chosen have smoked bystanders in this manner, buuuuut that Hamas also digs in combat units in otherwise “no go” zones/groups and had tried to sneak by materiel via bogus aid runs using much the same “sweet YWEH please don’t scatter us to the four winds” methods. Not taking any chances, just kill ’em all and let the Lord know his own, as it were. Not excusing it, but would go a long way to explain.
    Unlike other times, though, Israel is under some heavy scrutiny at current, so it wasn’t about to get swept under the rug with all the other bits left over from these not-so-friendly fire incidents.
    Me, I’m still treating it like the Kranian Kerfluffle, wondering why the hell what’s going on over there is our problem.

  9. Iranians aren’t Arabs. They’re Persians. They get seriously pissed if you refer to them as Arabs, ask me how I know that.

  10. One would think the Iranians would be honor bound to retaliate but I am thinking they might not. They are big on the Lines of Death and Smiting The Infidel talk but so far they haven’t done much but bitch. Hell, I am rooting for them to rain death on The Chosen People but disappointed so far. They seem more afraid of The Great Satan than their own people, a miscalculation perhaps.

  11. DumbC really is dumb, so it sounds like she has been claiming welfare for kids that she doesn’t have custody for ? Yeah, you can rip off a lot of people but not the government unless you are connected and grease the right politicians.

    A really hard lesson that I have had to learn with my 3 adopted kids is sometimes you just have to cut bait. My oldest is more toxic than toxic sludge and I cut off all contact with him. The middle girl is craycray but she talks to me and does work. My youngest was totally brainwashed by my ex and has nothing to do with me but is doing well and in college.

    My oldest is like DumbC and constantly in and out of jail. He’ll end up dead in not too long. He got put into the hospital last year when he was in the county jail for beating up his girlfriend (yeah he’s a POS), and he all 145 lbs wet white boy told 3 BIG Brothers that they were f*****g N****ers and he was gonna kick their asses. He’s lucky they didn’t kill his ass ! I’m resigned that I’ll hear he’s dead one of these days and I’m OK with it. The World will be better without he and DumbC in it and honestly a cockroach has more value than those two. I know that it will hurt Wifey when it happens being her kid but the little girl she gave birth to died long ago and a POS is there now. For the sake of your family, keep that POS FAR FAR away.

  12. There is no “innocent” over there. I hope ALL the sand niggers (ahabs, hebes, whatevers) genocide each other so I dont have to have my Interweb cluttered with all the shit that I couldnt care less about. Every dead one is a Victory. And yes that includes the “aid” fucktards.
    If you can take the ground and hold it, THEN and only then do you own it.

    (bty, you all still know that deep down that Putin is our enemy regardless of the love going around for him here occasionally. and my hating the pinko/dicktater Putin says nothing about my Krainian opinions. nothing.)

  13. I was a Toby Kieth/angry american recruit back in 04. It’s fucking hilarious that 20 years later I’m rooting for the “bad guys” to push the heebs shit in.

    What a strange world we ended up in.

  14. Congratulations on Gretchen’s good news, hopefully she’s out of the woods and y’all won’t have to deal with it again. And it’s a real blessing y’all got to connect with Adriana and that she still remembers you. I’m praying the BoogieMan still remembers us. Betting that he’s been told we’re dead. He was about to turn 4 and it’s been three years, I remember things from when I was 4, so we’re gonna find out soon enough. Best wishes to you and yours BC.

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