A Quick Update: Great News!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

More to follow later but the actual cancer surgery part went exceptionally well. The radiation treatment was a success as well. Doc Samizdat is a God in my book. The guy has a permanent ‘anywhere/anything/anytime’ marker now…

No joke.

She’s now in the ‘Build Boobies Back Better’ Phase now. I also have some fascinating info/intel to share later on the main poast. For now I got to bounce to make sure I have everything she requested for her overnight stay. That and I’m on my tablet, and its a stone bitch to use for this.

More Later

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28 thoughts on “A Quick Update: Great News!”

  1. You have no idea of the relief felt with those words. Tell her to get 100% VERY soon. We’re behind you both.

  2. Best f’ing news I’ve heard all week. Regardless, prayers for you both will continue.

    Thanks for the update.


  3. Never doubt the power of prayer and that applies to the former republic as well.
    Hellboy sparks a ‘gar and files his horns…for now.
    Carbs and sugar are fuel for bad cells.
    Regulate them.

  4. Indeed, finally some good news we can be thankful for. Sho ain’t been much of that, lately.

    Careful there talking about “building back better” though. With the connotation attached to that phrase now, they may try to sew a dick onto her. Or at least have some creepy old dude come around trying to sniff her hair.

    1. Jesus, I may not have needed that mouthful of tea, but it damn sure didn’t need to grace my monitor…

  5. Excellent news! My wife has been cancer-free for just over 2 years now from the same thing. She had surgery to remove the tumor then radiation.

  6. Had me very worried for some time.
    Prayers given nightly, fingers crossed, too.
    This is the very best news I’ve heard in a long, long time.

    From a Brit Supporter and Fan.

  7. Prayer works! Do we get to see the end result?! Just joshin’, hehehe! Give your Lady my best wishes!

  8. Great to hear! I wouldn’t mind reading the post-op report and the pathology report! just an overnight stay? Then back to sunny Florida? Does she have any follow up scheduled?

  9. Great news!

    Hope to hear your thoughts on Mountain Man in a future post. The first couple books were a family affair and the wife, son and I had plenty to discuss each day we made our way through them.

  10. Congrats on the success man. Not trying to tell you what to do. Lol doubt you would listen if it wasn’t good advice. May want to consider some regimens of Fenbendazole and IVM. My old man was about dead this time last year (colon cancer and emergency surgery to remove). After a few weeks in the hospital he got out. We immediately put him on it. We never told the Docs and he tested negative. Still they insisted on chemo. Well that put him back in there on his deathbed again. Don’t think we gave him any IVM but he continues on taking Fenben to this day.

    I don’t blame them as they were just following protocol. Anyhow he’s still beating all their cancer tests. Bass fishing every day. I’m not saying Fenben had anything to do with it. I need to get him a tube of pony paste as well. Have stocked up on the shit. Only recently learning about the cancer benefits of that.

    I suspected there was an even greater reason than covid “they” tamped that shit down. For your reading enjoyment and God Bless you and yours.


  11. Great news !!

    Would you mind sharing Dr. Samizdat’s contact details ..

    Good luck and best wishes ..

  12. GREAT news!

    Keep on ‘a goin!

    My dear wife went thru the same thing–slice ‘n dice, chemo, rads, but then kept off high sugar stuff, throttled down her estrogen levels to beat a repeat, annual mammygrams, and with that 33 y/o Carpenter’s help-25 years later–clean as a hound’s tooth!


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