Surgery in the A.M, Bridges and Star Wars

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not getting a hell of a lot of sleep tonight… NGL a wee bit too wound up what with Surgery in the A.M. Lots of people, including y’all have been laying the positive waves and thoughts and prayers so I got a very good outlook.

That being said, it -is- still cancer surgery as opposed to like an appendectomy or something. Just a bit nervous making is all.

0600 Wakeup, followed by S.P. to the Hospital at 0745. 0800 reporting time. And then, I wait.

Got me some good books to read while I’m there, so that’s a plus. Been hitting a series of Zombie-fiction called “Mountain Man” by a guy named Blackburn. It’s free w/the Kindle subscription, which TBH is the best deal going at $12 a month… I mean I read prodigiously, so it’s well worth the shekels. No joke, I read at least 10-15 books a month, most of them for free. Very rare that I actually pay for a novel unless it’s a ‘must read’ thing. “Mountain Man” so far? Not bad… not the best, and annoying that it’s set in Canada of all places… in that I know damned near El Zilcho about Canada or it’s areas/locations. That and mentions of firearms, in that from my intel, aren’t the personal possession of weapons up north like practically nonexistent? If so, they’re not in this book…. Jes’ Sayin’

Now, other things
The Bridge Collapse in Baltimore? Looks to me to be an accident. That being said a LOT of folks have jumped on the fact that the Captain of said-tub is a Ukrainian:

That’s off of Zero Hedge.
To me? Irrelevant in that in the port, I believe that the guy at the wheel is supposed to be a harbor pilot? Not sure. Naval and Seagoing shit for me is limited to my experiences on my 14 foot Sunfish (really my cousins) on Cape Cod, and learning to crew a bit on a Sloop when I took sailing lessons at the Newburyport Yacht Club back in the day…

Mind you you have to pronounce the name of the club through a clenched jaw like Thurston Howell the Third would have to sound authentic. Like I said, no clue as to the situation. It did bring to mind the Tampa Disaster on the Sunshine Skyway waaaay back in 1980? when a boat took out the bridge and kil’t a whooole lot of folks. Gretchen lived in Clearwater at the time, and we’ve watched a lot of YouTube about it. I even remember it ‘cos even back then it was major international news having a big ole bridge taken out by a big ole boat.

I’m surprised that it (the bridge) collapsed soooo easily. I mean it looked like an erector set falling down. I wonder if corrosion played into it? I mean there’s enough evidence out there that a LOT of our critical infrastructure has been outright neglected, if not criminally ignored over the past 50 years… like that bridge in Pittsburg a few back? The Fern Hollow Bridge according to the Google… It shit the bed from corrosion… and there’s a LOT of others out there that are in as bad, if not worse shape than that one.

I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll be seeing a LOT more instances like this in the future. I mean it’s not like the current (mal)Administration has a “top man” on the case… well, leastways I don’t know if ole Pete Buttplug is a top or a bottom, but to be sure, he’s too worried about blaming whitey and the cis-hetero-normies for the bridge collapses and train derailment(s) that seem to be going on like everywhere these days.

Far easier to blame eeee-vil Whypeepo than to, you know actually fix the fucking problem amiright? I mean look at Ohio…

That train derailment in East Palestine caused what is probably the worst environmental accident since Bhopal India has never been properly addressed.

No shit Aye?
Proof Positive that the DotGov and their people absolutely do not care about the American Public.


Anyways… other things… I could rage against the Gov in all phases nonstop. The latest thing that caught my eye however on the Sci-Fi Scene is again Kathleen Kennedy and her ilk have produced another “put a chick in it, make her lame and gay!” Star Wars show called “The Acolyte”

The fucking thing is just as bad as you expect. Stronk Independent Worthless Mary-Sue Characters, most who’re probably going to be dykes, no males, leastways I should say “Whytte Males” to be seen… the advance preview on YouTube is being ratioed to the shit that it so righteously deserves to be called.

What hilarious is the showrunner is some bloated dyke who used to be Harvey Fucking Weinstein’s Personal Assistant. I.E. his “rape enabler” ‘cos you and I know there ain’t no fucking way in Hell nor God’s green Earth did she not know that he was a filthy scumbag rapist. How in the fuck is she not considered an accomplice is the question I have? And how is she still working?

Anyways, the “burns” on poster for the Acolyte have been utterly awesome and brutal:

Yep… a used tampon… pretty appropriate for a gynocentric heap of shit I’d have to say. The next one is funny:

Not bad… there’s more, but you get the idea.

So I’m off to bed… Wish us luck for tomorrow.
More Later
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23 thoughts on “Surgery in the A.M, Bridges and Star Wars”

  1. Canada has guns, just getting harder to buy them all the time. Pre turdeau the 1st our laws were as open as yours were at the time.

  2. Canada is a great place to sneak into and never be heard from again.
    Hardly anyone there compared to the big Chaquita.
    The Dali has done this before in Belgium and personnel of Baltimore port say it was having problems with power before this.
    Also read that budgets got slashed regarding tugboats and they could have stopped it.
    Deep foil pages say EMF jammer and punishment for voting against the Shit Gollum Israel at the UN?
    The construction workers that are missing are probably KIA.
    When the brown stuff strikes the roto oscillating device and the stronk wymyns come a calling for help…fart in their general direction.

  3. Harbor pilots are pretty standard for ships of that size. They had an engineering casualty and lost steering, but were able to send out a warning, and both sides of the bridge were blocked off just before the collision. There were some construction guys out mid span that couldn’t get to their cars and drive off; those were the ones that went in the water.

  4. BC, best regards and prayers to you and the wife going into tomorrow (well, today now). May all go smoothly and to plan.

    The acolyte tampon meme is nasty, but I laughed for real. Gonna have to send that to my bro who was once a huge star wars fan (I honestly never really cared for it much myself, so don’t feel the deep sense of loss of a cherished childhood memory that so many gen x’ers have in the aftermath of its enpussification) but is now super pissed at what KK and her band of bossy bitches have done to it.

    The bridge thing, I concur, was an accident, and not a planned terrorist event. It’s really bad no doubt (primarily for economic and logistical effects yet to be realized), but not spectacular enough in a loss of life sense to garner an organized group the kind of public psychological horror and fear reaction they like to aim for. 9/11, or Crocus City Hall, it ain’t. I will say one of the comments I read somewhere that garnered a genuine chuckle from me was that Russian intelligence had announced ISIS had claimed responsibility for the bridge attack. Well played, Mr. Internet shit poster.

    Yes, We (critical thinkers) have been conditioned through experience (and repeated discovery of proven lies) to distrust official narratives – and with many a good reason, no doubt – but the wild theorizations and conspiracy mongering that have been rampant in comments sections all over today have really kind of soured me. It’s almost become like a dick size contest to see who can post the most outlandish and needlessly complex idea about what really happened and why. Occam’s razor may not be 100% reliable, but damn there are some leaps that’d get these guys into a Nike commerical.

    Grasping at straws isn’t a good look, but I suppose it is bound to happen in the sort of world we live in now. It’s also the very same thing the shit media does when they don’t have fuck all for actual reportable facts and start speculating wildly just to hear themselves talk and fill air time until the next commercial for HIV or obesity drugs. Not the sort of behavior anyone should be emulating. Anyway, it’s all just become so tiresome.

  5. It was october 2022 I had full prostate cancer surgery.
    4 hours under the knife.
    It would have been nice to have 5 mg of valium in the hour before the surgery, perhaps you can co-ordinate with the anesthesia expert aforehand to make this happen.
    Since then I’ve come to accept my inevitable death.
    Also a factor is the 20 years of chronic back pain.

    The end result is the things I love, I love them more.
    The things I hate, I hate them more.
    Often now, when I see or hear something beautiful I weep.
    Not just crying mind you, openly weeping.

    Change is in the air, you always have been The Rock of her life.
    A proper Rock doesn’t talk much, except maybe to ask how to help.
    No offense, but venting spleen verbally is no longer an option.
    Just sayin man. Keep things tight.

  6. Take out some of a structures support, and it’ll fall down.
    Gravity is a cunt that way.

  7. Hey! Fuck you. I was IN East Palestine last Saturday (seriously) and no ill effe aaaaagh! Get it off me! Get it aaaaaaaa!!!

    Best wishes for Gretchen. Take care of yourself too. Need to be strong to be her rock and all that. You know the drill.

  8. It’s not the bridge it’s the loss of the PORT, that’s the real problem. Plan to see large price increases in the Northeast.

  9. You may remember that when Pete Buttcrack finally showed up in Ohio, the central theme of his speech was bemoaning a lack of diversity in the construction industry — despite that having nothing to do with trains. Or even being within his department (diversity, ala EOE, is Labor, NOT Transportation).

    I’m ashamed to admit that that useless faggot was the mayor of my hometown. And now for anyone that was not familiar with South Bend, IN, previously, the impression of us now is that little POS.

    Old Cranky Guy

  10. If you go to the Zerohedge article that has the Uke Captain and click on the link he’s not there anymore.
    Things to make you go hmmm. Also not clear to me if that was supposed to be historical or current crew manifest. It only showed 2 people and the crew size was reported as 22.

  11. No surprise that internet peoples are giving the bridge crash the crazy side-eye, especially nowadays. After all, “Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”, and we have a great many people in positions of command with multiple PHDs in the varied fields of Fuck Uppery.

    Best of luck for the wife unit and your own self tomorrow, for whatever some random jaggoff’s words are worth.

  12. Prayers for Gretchen today.
    Regarding the bridge collapse, their are things about this that don’t add up.
    I’ve watched a Youtuber named Chief Makoi for many years. He is the chief engineer on a bulk freighter and has done many videos on the maintenance and procedures that go on in a cargo ship engine room.
    The first is that all large ships are REQUIRED to have a secondary smaller engine as well as secondary power generators in case of the mains failing. Next they have fuel filters that prevent “bad fuel” from shutting down the engines. Also the cut over in a failure is COMPUTER not human controlled and almost instant. Finally when in port before you can leave, the engine room is inspected by port authorities to make sure proper maintenance is being done.

    So with ALL of that, HOW did this happen ? I suspect the ship owners were being cheap and slack on maintenance and they “passed” their maintenance inspections because envelopes were provided to the inspectors.

    1. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. And a plausible explanation for why prices are going up faster while the economy is cratering.

  13. The surgery will go fine and Gretchen will be right as rain. Lumpectomies are so routine these days and the radiological mapping so precise that it’s about as difficult for a good doc as getting your oil changed by a good mechanic.

  14. God Speed bro. You had mentioned awhile back that you were going to try the repurposed drug route, ie. Ivermect. and Fenbendazole. What became of that?

    1. Just wait for the evening update Fren…. VERY interesting news o that front.

  15. With the way that cargo ship kept loosing power before the strike, don’t completely rule out a chinaboi cyber attack. I can damn well guarantee you that the onboard electronics and com devices were all made by those red commie cunts.

  16. I’ll second you on the Kindle subscription, I read a book a day when I can find any worth reading. Retirement party is a week away, that may give me time to start writing again instead of just reading.

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