Active Duty Again, Russia Interrogations, and Abu G

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
LOTS of weirdness.
The latest personal news of interest if you will (professionally speaking)is the PERSCOM (Personnel Command) order issued mid-month, ALARACT 017/2024.

Now, a lot of you heard about the whole ‘recalling retirees’ ‘cos Levithan, or at least the DotMil can’t recruit anyone worth a fuck anymore. So they, the powers that be, knew with the same certainty that the Sun will rise in the East, that the newly reformed DotMil, made up of primarily the 69th Intersectional/Transvestite (They/Them) Dildo Brigade ain’t gonna be worth a fuck against Ivan-The-Combat-Proven-Bear.

Which is what the plan is currently that -I- can tell.

War that is.

This new notification is being called:


Better know it as as the “Put Old Bastards Back In Boots” Program which is what -I’m- calling it. POPIB has a bit of a ‘ring’ to it amiright? Maybe it’ll stick.

Illustration Courtesy of Mark Baker

He was who I collaborated with while he did the heavy lifting and illustrated the Charlie Mike Comix that I was so privileged to participate in… Lord knows my coming up with the 69th Intersection Dildo Brigade suck like a pure-dee motherfucker… I just wish I’d trademarked it LOL…

So. According to him, the ALARACT is purely voluntary.
So, I guess they’re not actively headhunting bodies.
Not like the Krainian Klownkar Kids are doing as of late.
Not yet leastways.
That, of course, will be subject to change.

Now, my reason for this discussion outside of the ‘normal’ stuff that I cover at this place? Well, reading it over, and finding out that it’s an ugly, all volunteer thing? Well, according to a subsection in the PDF:



Yeah, Dat Me.

Seems -I- might be eligible to go back in boots.
At 54.
And according to Mark,
NO PT Requirement to start with
NO Evaluations

I shit you not… I discussed it at length w/Gretchen today and tonight… that being said, I’m going to go down to a recruiter when we get done with Gretchen’s treatments here. I’ve got a couple of things that ‘tickle’ the brain, but TBH, besides my own personal love of hearing the ‘clarion call’ of the bugle, and ‘the clatter of Musketry’ there is a serious consideration that I need to look at… that is Gretchen’s well being.

People say Tricare totally sucks.

To a point I agree… However… is that I think that the opinion varies on a case-by-case basis. My case? A positive IMO? Spawn #1 was born at FT Hood TX. , and had some very minor issues that needed monitoring… specifically, as he was coming out of the birth canal, they put a teeny-tiny lil heart monitor needle into his scalp, to keep a close watch on his heart rate, as Xwife had been in labor a loooong minute, and they wanted to keep Spawn #1 on close observation.

Problem was they hit an itty-bitty capillary, which of course started bleeding… the issue was it made a pretty large-ish subdermal hematoma… and unfortunately no one did anything about it, as they figured it, or rather NORMALLY the blood would reabsorb or something? Not sure, but for a few months, the Spawn had a big black-and-blue blood filled bruise on his squash as a newborn.

The problem stemmed from that while the color of it, the black and blue? that faded right out. HOWEVER the problem was that said ‘hematoma’?

Fucking thing calcified.
Like bone man.

Which, even after I got out, for six months the pediatrician at Hanscom Air Force Base still treated and observed the boy up until everything came out that long term, the boy was going to be fine AF. The major concern was IF the calcification had ended up solidifying and crossing/being on top on one of the cranial growth plates in his nugget, it –might-have caused him an issue.

Instead, he sort of ‘grew into it’ so to speak. Unless you run a hand over his upper hairline, you can’t even tell it’s there. As a lil ‘un, it was (for a while) visible. That went away by the time he was 2.5 years really… Now… The hysterical part of it, was his Pediatrician, an Air Force Light Bird (Lt. Col.) who was monitoring his grape?

Well, ALL that exceptionally large (for an infant) bruise/now-calcified bone? Let me tell you what the Colonel told us… he literally told me that Spawn #1, in that 4 cm by about 3.7cm spot…. well… Let me give you the “normal averages” for skull bone thickness

According to standard, the skull bone is about between 6.6 to 7.5mm in thickness normally. Per the American Medical Association: “The average thickness of skull bones for men (frontal: 7.8 mm; parietal: 9.6 mm; occipital: 10.1 mm; temporal: 6 mm)”

Spawn #1?

His skull, at the point of Calcification, according to the docs of the time, is over a centimeter in thickness at some points (1.1cm). And The thickest point (at the time) was like 1.5cm+, which is like between 10mm and 15mm in thickness overall.

Besides inheriting his hardheadedness from me (personality wise), according to the Doc, and I remember it almost verbatim: “Your boy could probably take a 230 grain .45 to the grape in that spot, and literally shake it off. That being said, he should avoid such activities that might put him in a position that he’d need this “superpower”.

Yeah… That’s what the Colonel called it… A Superpower LOL.

A good definition for the boy… “Major Hardhead”
As he sure as hell is, what being Irish AND Italian. I miss him…

But MY experience w/Tricare?
Never had a negative.
Add on that anything is better than the current Obamamessiahcare/Notcare Shit-Notinsurance
(Hit the donate button if you can)

Soooooooooooo…. To Be?
Or Not To Be?
Active duty or not?

I know, I know… Leviathan = Evil Evil…

I’m Well Aware of the Negatives
I’m Also Aware of SOME of the Positives

One of which, God help me, besides taking care of Gretchen is Adriana. The thing is that the DotMil does not play when it comes to custody cases. Seen it myself back in the day… the DotMil JAG (when they aren’t trying to throw enlisted men under the bus or give occifers passes for crimes that -normally- would warrant if not the death penalty, then a loooong prison sentence,) they tend to be a bit ‘exuberant’ in dealing with custody cases… especially when going up against corrupt courts like WE had been dealing with. That and the whole “power of Federal Law” thing IF something isn’t “kosher” like oh-so-many aspects of our custody case was…

That and it’d be FREE for them to be unleashed… Even worse than the Dogs of War is a Horde of Lawyers… as Archie Bunker once said: “I got 3 Jew Lawyers that’ll gnaw you down to the bone… Rubinovitz, Rubinowits, and Son”

Better Self Police:

Decisions, Decisions.

Now, otherwise…

So funny how ALL the ‘players’ in NATO are soooo absolute in their determination that ISIS-K is responsible for the whole Crocus Killfest… these being, as pointed out by OH SO MANY that these assholes who still can’t with a certainty, just WHO THE FUCK Blew up Nordstream Nord!?!

Inquiring minds Aye?
Lets just look at the basic facts:
Bunch of shooters caught. Most openly admit to being paid gunsels. Me? I dug the quick interrogation they did…

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the problem with this is?
Works for me.

How I wish we had the ability in Iraq and Afghanistan, never mind in Guantanamo Bay to utilize such hardcore tactics, we sure AF would have gotten better Intel in a faaar more timely matter, and significantly more effective… sounds harsh, but maaaan… as I was telling Doc Samizdat today:

Having seen some of these perpetrators eye-to-fucking-eye, and doing the “full tilt skull-fuck boogie” with some of them, and getting a ‘feel’ and ‘read’ on some of them? Well… barbarism is ALL they understand, and at the level we’re talking about it’s some 11th Century Shit.

Shit that we supposedly left behind.
Shit that made weak men into insanely hard men

People talk about Combat These days!?!

All I can counter with is the timeframe that these guys are thinking about and trying like hell to emulate is when the swords were made of fucking primitive Iron weapons. OLD School. The Sack of Baghdad in 1258+/-… BIG Slaughter. The Mongols wiped out anywhere from 250,000 Hajjis to upwards of 2 million, depending on sources. (The Muj were the ones who really hyped the numbers, so much so to get the -other- Muj out there to realize the danger in dealing with the Mongol Hordes…. ) anyways…

As it goes, sticking a blade into someone is exceptionally personal and excessively violent. Especially in light of the “Modern Push Button Era”. Waaaaay to impersonal and easy to push a button, pull a trigger… WAY too many fuckers these days have never seen blood in the quantities that I speak of… never mind the –smell– of a fucker dumping his bowels after you either stabbed him to death, or slit his throat (kidney shots w/a KBAR are effective from my understanding, according to a friend)

So yeah, these 11th Century Throwback? Yeah they love modern weapons and toys, but don’t doubt for one fucking second that they’d have an issue killing you gruesomely and with what they have on hand…

There’s a reason we kept them shackled like motherfuckers when we were interviewing and or moving them for -whatever- reason. Those fuckers are still in the “dangerous/crazy” category IMO.

And BTW: As far as the outcry about the Russian Prisoner in Question? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah….

I checked and supposedly, they’re using the money raised to help out with a victims fund.

Personally, I’d go for a castration shot, and auction off one of his balls in preservative. Of course I’ve always been told that I tend to ‘lean in’ a bit more harshly when it comes to various methodologies, hence why rarely did I lead an interrogation, but usually played “the heavy” when needed.

A funny one from Abu Ghraib.
Now, this was after the “scandal” so everyone was on their absolute best behavior as EVERYONE knew the “Eyes Of The World” were potentially on us, as well as well, just fucking everyone and it was a shitshow because of it… One of the days I was there, they had a ‘tough guy’ who they were having trouble getting info out of… Lord knows the interrogators did their damnedest.

While I was there dropping off some supplies (the monthly run’ which was part of my gig,) they asked for a little help from the Resident Big Country. Considering I’m big by Untied States standards, I was a fucking monster in size to the Haj. So the guys and gals wanted me to help. They had me put on my CACI Polo and my CACI ball cap. Now for those not-in-the-know, CACI got thrown under the bus by the DoD and -we- caught the blame for the Abu G horseshit.

They set it up by putting him in a standard room, chained to a chair, shackled at the ankles, sitting at a plain table, and a prepared wooden chair (more on that in a few) set across from him. Now, the interrogator went in, and started questioning the guy. I’m not going to go into specifics, but it was a female, which was highly disconcerting for a Male in a Male-centric/Patriarchal Arabic Society, and that always put the weird on them. Even worse when the girl in question looked like an All-American Cheerleader, but spoke 4-5 variants of Arabic, never mind other languages.

Seriously… Ended up being good friends w/ her and her Husband. They were (are? not sure as to status now) a hell of a team, with her doing the translation(s) and him being the Intel Squirrel/Analyst… she was a fucking language prodigy. Like insane skills. I literally watched her learn Italian in less than 2 weeks. She met a member of the Italian Carabineri, (Italian Special Police… like Dago SF) and had them and a few others over for one of my BBQs for some ribs. Nice guys… She then had them back a couple of more times, downloaded some tutorials, and no shit, went from barely speaking Italian to ‘combat speed’ Conversational in less than 2 weeks… blew my and the Dagos collective minds TBH… anyways.

The chair was for me. But not to sit in. It was ‘rigged’ so to speak. Couple of screws were taken out… for reasons I’ll tell you about. Thing was, there was a clock ticking… my understanding was they knew this guy –might– have some Intel we needed that could save lives. Soooo Ms. All American went in, and did her thing. Grilled him pretty well, but he still wasn’t talking. After about two hours, she told Mister AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) that since he was being so uncooperative, that she’d have to send in a “Specialist from CACI”

Understand post-Scandal, CACI had a exceptionally fucked up reputation with the locals. We were ALL torturers, murderers, rapists, child-eaters and kidnappers… hell I think at one point the rumor was we sacrificed ‘good Muslims’ to Pagan Gods and cannibalized their hearts for power and profit. That and we were all Jewish.

Literally a guy in a CACI shirt and Hat?
Shaitan Come-To-Life.
Literally The Devil.

Her last comment to the Asshole In Question was something along the lines of “My large friend is very upset you refuse to answer any questions… nest of luck, and Insh’Allah, you might survive IF you come clean…” Or words to that effect. <y Arabic isn’t that good, but yeah, the door opened on that, and as I said, in I went.

All 350 pounds of me. I went in >Screaming< at full fucking volume, in a fair Drill Sergeant Imitation at the top of my lungs right in his face. Point fucking blank. Spittle all over his grill… Hitting my hands, nay, slamming them on the table top… Ranting… Raving… Red Faced, Veins Bulging.

When I went in initially, guy looked nervous. Who wouldn’t?

When I started my Tirade, Ranting and Raving, he significantly paled. Started Shaking.

Then, when I grabbed the chair across from him (my ‘prop’ so to speak) and ripped it apart with my bare hands, >CRRRRAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!< he literally pissed all over himself.

I even think he might have shit himself… the piss was obvious. The shit-smell came after a few. When he pissed though, it looked and sounded like a horse cutting loose… ALL over the chair and literally splashing all over the concrete floor… THAT caused me trouble in that I was -still- ostensibly was supposed be in “Rage-Beast Mode” and when he had his catastrophic “blow out(s)” I almost started laughing my ass off… (I’ll also say I was surprised, as it also meant the fucker was well hydrated, as it was like July/August in Iraq and -I- had trouble being able to piss anything other than maple syrup I swear)

So fighting off the giggles, I got interrupted by Miss AA shortly after the chair came apart I think… I was waving the leg around like a big ole club, and the Haj as soon as the chair came apart started screaming and babbling a mile a minute. All American came in, and relieved me of the improvised club, and a MP carrying a new chair, which was promptly and professionally put across from Mr. Haj, who was staring in terror at me the whole time at me, while speaking the absolute fastest Arabic or whatever the fuck he was saying, as I had literally no clue… Miss All American was nodding as she sat down, broke out a notepad, and I was dismissed…

Guess it worked… leastways that’s what I was told later when I did my writeup. EVERYTHING was written up mind you. Never laid a hand on the dude, but head games? Yeah, that’s allowable… we were ‘coloring within the lines’ so to speak.

So, got to bounce… ANOTHER Full Day or Ten ahead of us. Plus Work. Prayers out again for Dirk’s Gran, may she be healed and watched over. Again also, Gretchen and I both love and appreciate all y’all for everything y’all have done and continue to do.

So More Later
Big Country

28 thoughts on “Active Duty Again, Russia Interrogations, and Abu G”

  1. Uhhhhggghhhhh…those RUSSIANS…! 😂

    I don’t care what the bleeding hearts say. Interrogators have historically used torture because it works. These guys aren’t going to have any incriminating or useful info, they never do. Terrorist cells are structured so that no one ever has that much info.

    But… there is no doubt in my mind that Globohomo Inc. is behind this…

  2. Blessings to youband yours Brother.
    Dad went into the guard for 13 years after active duty specifically so he could get tricare through old age.
    Mom and Dad both got cancer. To say TriCare was amazing is an understatement. Bills from the hospital would come in a 9×12 envelope, 2 inches thick. Amount due: $0.00.

  3. It’s now a bit clearer why the apparatchiks don’t all quit an evil regime en masse. Not only for their pensions, but healthcare for those that they love. And a plethora of other reasons, I imagine.
    This isn’t meant as any sort of attack or condemnation-just an observation.

    1. For clarity-meaning that its easy for us to sit back and say “why didn’t they stop it?” when each individual cog in the machine had reasons, that to people separated by distance and time seem rather insignificant, yet were of utmost importance to the individuals involved.

  4. I hit the official 30 year mark in 38 days. No recall letter will ever find me. Global homo can suck a whole bag of dicks.

  5. BCE – if you do decide to re-up and you do go for for Adrianna again, make sure we all know so we can get the recliners, popcorn,and adult beverages set up for the show… And may you get

  6. didn’t finish the thought… and maybe you can get a posting close to your current residence

  7. Spawn 1 was a cro-magnon!
    My same phrenology.
    The false flag was to get Vlad to overreact like Bibi Satan and get everyone on board for turning 404 into world war?
    The extremely offensive Austrian metal band Pungent Stench has a song about Lynndie the She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib.
    I watched Faces Of Death on LSD as a youth so I’m not easily offended but this band does it the best.
    Israeli delegation at WH today to hear Brandon’s alternatives to Rafah attack or in other words they are toast.

  8. About bringing back retired vets, that’s not a bad idea depending on the MOS.

    After about 30, most guys are a little long in the tooth for the Infantry, Arty or MOS that require heavy physical labor.
    BUT, they would be fabulous in REMF jobs that are critical but require a lot between the ears rather than just a strong back. FYI that in WWII, they had guys 40+ years old serving mostly in REMF jobs but you also had some tough older WWI infantry guys who went back in and became sergeants teaching and leading the young kids.

    Everyone thinks the next World War will be all push button. That will be partly true BUT within a month tops, all of the smart weapons will be used up and they take awhile to build. Also you can’t hold territory without boots on the ground to control it. That takes troops and a lot of them.

    Finally I believe that the morons running the West realize that the normies are finally waking up to the truth. The financial house of cards is about to collapse especially the fiat money system they have been running, and they know that they desperately need to keep attention OFF them. Gin up race riots, wars, massive illegal immigration, use weather weapons to cause natural disasters, ANYTHING to keep the eyes off THEM and people to realize that the vast majority of them wear small hats and have big noses.

  9. My two cents on Tricare: There are two types. Tricare Prime forces you to use military facilities if you are close enough to them, or else one of their approved facilities if you are not. Tricare Select lets you go to your doctor of choice. I have lots of horror stories about military medical treatment during 18 years of active duty. Their inexperience and inefficiency will kill you. Bottom line is: Do NOT get Tricare Prime, do NOT get treatment at a military facility, make sure you live far enough away from a military post so that they can’t force you to. The rules keep changing, so be sure to research first.

      1. YMMV. If your PCM is a freshly minted JO then yeah, your health care is probably going to suck more than a Phillipina hooker in a Singaporean cathouse. Fortunately the military hospitals have been hiring back retirees and civilian docs for years and my experience with them has always been positive. It also doesn’t hurt that the local .mil chop shop is only a 10 minute drive from my place while the civilian hospital is 20-30.
        Cost for childbirth while AD? $0. Cost for childbirth after retirement? $70. Cost for 2 years of treatment by a TBI specialist for a post retirement injury? $0.
        If someone has Tricare Prime & they are getting shitty care they might want to try switching PCMs instead of switching plans.

  10. Everyone would have their reasons to consider going back, but if I were in that situation, I’d rather slam my dick in a car door 10 times in a row than to take up arms FOR the biden occupation.
    Then again, I knew early on that the military wouldn’t take me…just look at my screen name. The only way I would have gone in back then is if they pointed me in the direction of the enemy and gave me enough ammo to kill everything that walked, crawled, flew, slithered, swam or hopped in front of me.
    If shit goes sideways, I’ll be living that lifestyle anyway.

  11. Man, I don’t know, BC. I understand your desire to have the fringe benefits at your disposal given circumstances with the wife and Addy. But to go back in now, under this regime, and to do their bidding is not something I could do for all the money in the world.

    Maybe my principles are why I’ve never really gotten that far ahead in life. I’ve done ok, but have intentionally foregone opportunities that I had philosophical reservations about. That has probably cost me some amount of wealth and influence I’d otherwise have enjoyed.

    Knowing what you know about the system, not only from having operated from inside of it for years, but seeing and knowing how things have degenerated since you were last in (which of course is much of what you write on here), if I were in your shoes I’d have grave reservations.

    It’s a tough spot to be in, to have the various medical and legal conundrums you are facing, and the fact that they could be more easily fought with the backing of .mil resources. The flip side of that is knowing that one is working for their sworn enemy; and the shit in charge has made it abundantly clear they hate you as a matter of official policy, being a straight, white, capable man.

    Which causes me to raise another wrinkle: are you truly confident those benefits will actually be provided? We (as a country) are on the precipice of utter financial ruination, likely to be accompanied by government collapse, or at least a massive scaling back of what they can and will be paying for. You might take the gig, only to find the promised benefits aren’t there for the taking. There is no promise made by a government (and especially this current one) that cannot and will not be broken when the wheels fall off.

    It’d be a stone bitch to get back in the saddle, only to have them pull the rug on you once you are committed. Just my thoughts, and I have no inside info or experience, not having served in a .mil capacity. All I know is what I can see going on, and extrapolate the way I see events playing out from observable circumstances.

  12. Recall? I’m in the middle of the paperwork now. Aviation types get a 3 year tour so I go from a retired O-5 to CW-2 and a 5 month AH-64 retraining. Probably heading to EUCOM but wouldn’t turn down Alaska or Korea. I’m bored stiff and I hated the contractor gigs in DC.

  13. according to Deagel forecast

    u.s. expeditionary forces will be annihilated- abandoned.
    Fusan .gov/economy will collapse like a wet cardboard box.
    multiple devastating infrastructure attacks/failures.
    100% of the vax’d will cease to be- who mostly ran said infrastructure.
    famine, disease, lawlessness, and suffering will run rampant. all around the year population goes from 350 million to under 100 million around the year 2025

    1. There is the story of the Key bridge in Ball’mer today getting taken out by a container ship. Terrorism? Didn’t Earn It? Or ship malfunction? Who knows.

      1. HMS Defiant says it was a loss of power and the rudder was over so when power came back on BAM.

        Personally, I think it was incompetence, probably at several levels. Like US Navy ships ramming slow cargo carriers due to the bitch at the CNC not on speaking terms with the bitch in the Helm.

        But even those episodes make you wonder why they were not standing watch and thus LOOKING OUT the Windows to see such trouble coming by. Push button tech and screwing around? Playing video games?

        1. Where were the tubs? The port I spend every waking hour has a busy fleet that takes the big boys past the bridges both ways. And we don’t have rinky dink metal works for spans. Here in Equake country those erector sets would fall down like tinker toys whenever a moderate shake happens. Have to say East Coast infrastructure leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe all those social programs like the Baltimore Schools are a waste of needed resources.

    2. Yes…yes. ….But there’s no more mean tweets that make (some) people sad😥, so it’s all good.

  14. Isn’t the mil still requiring the covid shot? Sure the benefits would be nice but is it worth the risk? And who protects the wife and grannies when you have a stroke from the poison?

    1. For that matter, who protects them while on deployment, and things have gone completely to shit on the domestic front? That would make me exceedingly uncomfortable, based upon what I assume will be coming to major population centers around the US soon enough.

  15. Temporary Uniformization of Retired Defense Shlepps- “Once more into the breach, oh forlorn hope”

    All Akmat servicemembers present during the capture wore balaclavas, and all claimed they were the one who cut the ear off. Brotherhood.

  16. I’ve been retired longer than I was in. Got an invite to the second desert dance & told ‘em to FOAD, I’d done enough trips to the sandbox the first go round & I didn’t leave a damn thing in the Middle East. Besides, the idiots retired every aircraft I wrenched on except the Hawg & they’re tryin with that. Wouldn’t know what to do with these plastic jets they got now. Like UO said, you oughta be Tricare eligible already. I’d rethink that trip to the .mil sales office and go have a beer instead. BTW, Tricare didn’t do shit for me when I went through chemo & radiation. Finally paid off the last of what the VA wouldn’t cover last year, 8 years after it started. Fuckabuncha guvmint shit anyway.

  17. When you ripped the chair apart and the raghead whizzed and shat himself, I nearly p*ssed myself. That. Was. Hysterical.

  18. I’ve known three guys who did the retiree recall gig, it was pretty good for them. Two were stateside and what JimmyPX (above) called “REMF” jobs. The third went to Honduras where he proudly proclaimed himself “the oldest captain in the Army”. He spent a lot of time riding around in helicopters (passenger, not crew). If you want to do it, it’s probably not very easy (in the ALARACT it says you need a CAC card to access the job list, if there even is one). My observation is that this program is used by organizations that get crowded out of the personnel-fill feed-trough. I had one organization director tell me that he liked retiree recalls because they were much easier to fire than some crazy/lazy AC fill which you were stuck with. Would I do it? Not sure….but I printed out the ALARACT and Powerpoints just in case. Best wishes!

  19. Seems to me like They have been sending Real Patriots to die for several years. THEY have a problem with recruitment for REASONS. Is Serving really accomplishing anything for the People? You dead is a consideration. The Risk/Reward equation, value to your family and country Alive,Here, versus risking your life and being away from your family? If you’re looking for a show of hands,I’m in the Stay home, be husband, father, provider,protector here. It looks like your skill set could be put to use here any time.

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