Prayers for a Readers Gran. She Needs it More Than Us!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Dirk Williams, a regular reader commenter here got horrible news last night:

I got a cal at 22:50 last night my oldest sons wife, informed me my almost 3 year old grand daughter was on a life flight chopper headed to Dorenbeckers children’s hospital in Portland Or.

Was finer n frogs fur they day before I got vids of her racing around their back yard chasing gizmo her dog.

Anyway she’s on life support in Portland Or, Thus far the Dr’s don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Machines are keeping her heart lungs functioning.

She died in the med flight, flight nurse got her started up, and they landed on the hospital pad.

An interesting note, as they started to attach life support a small incision was made in her neck above the Carotid artery , and thick puss flowed freely from the incision .

Find that fucking freaky

Prayers for this lil lady please.

Hard Prayers Up Please!

More Later
Big Country

23 thoughts on “Prayers for a Readers Gran. She Needs it More Than Us!”

  1. Young lady’s first name, please.
    My wife is one of the moderators of a prayer works page and she’ll have two or three hundred folks praying for her within a day or so. It’ll be just her first name and last initial. They’re good folks and really care. And get results…

  2. 1st thought-not-a-vaxx status.
    Oregon is a CPUSA (D) occupied territory and no age is too young for the depop shot to the comrades.
    Pus is a sign that a wound is infected but it is also a sign that your body is trying to fight the infection and heal the injury.
    Maybe something with white blood cells?
    Heading for prayer room now.

  3. Not a pro but presented the issue to a long time nurse practitioner who specializes in pediatrics….her best guess is a) lymphatic infection, b) salivary gland infection or c) mastoid process (sp) issue. Hope the baby makes it through. All of us are praying for her.

  4. I havent been a praying man but I am learning to be. My prayers for her and her family.

  5. Cecilia Baker, still in induced Coma at Dorenbeckers Portland Oregon.

    DIL texted Drs are putting some sort of wires in her chest to take pressure off her heart.

    Hoping to bring her out of the induced Coma late tomorrow.

    Tic Toc!

    1. She’ll be on the local prayer list tomorrow. 2-4 hundred people work it daily.

      A pus drainage from a neck incision over the carotid is very concerning, as it implies an infection traveling down the facial plane surrounding the carotid. If the incision was fairly high on her neck, just below the lower border of her lower jaw it could be an abcess of one of her lower teeth. An infection there from a decayed tooth can travel down and posteriorly very quickly.
      Mother of one of my patients died from that…. 4 days after I diagnosed it. She was too frugal to get it extracted or even spend the $15 for an antibiotic…

      Your granddaughter has been in my morning and evening drive time rosaries.


  6. Prayers for her, Dirk, and for all of you to feel *some* peace. Fear nor, for you are not alone.

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