Safe in Mississippi? And The Shit That Happens When I’m Gone…

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It was a Looooooooooooooooooooong couple of days.
Never mind the fucking 14 hour drive…..

For -whatever- reason the drive from Tampa to Panama City was OMFG horrible… took a long minute. The road itself was fine, but traffic and -people- AKA “Boobus Americanus Retardus” seemed to be out in force.

Which of course had me acting like a raped ape.

Fucking 75mph Speed Limit? Doing 70mph in the fast lane on a two lane section of Highway!?! Makes me wish that a pair of 20mm Hood Mounted Oerlikon Belt feds that were triggered by a thumb switch on the shift-stick could be a reality…

The. Whole. Fucking. Way.

We had to put up with these assholes, until we hit Panama City, and I called ‘ENDEX’ (End Exercise)

We spent the night in a not-so-bad-not-so-good place…

Relatively Secure but nonetheless, having a carload of gear that I couldn’t unload without drawing MAD attention to it, I just had to make due. Either way, I slept light lightly as the fucking mattress was lumpier than a fat bitches ass… I figured since I literally parked the car right outside of our window, that in the OFF Chancesomeone– broke into it, I’d be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Had my 669 on the nightstand…

Mind you the weapons DID all come inside the room.

I’m not fucking retarded.

BUT the bag w/my armor, vest and ‘other’ were still on board. Didn’t have a choice really… there were a LOT of ‘questionable eyeballs’ that I felt could have been a security risk IF we fully unloaded…. I was in the ultimate quandary… To ‘do’ or ‘not to do’… I rolled the dice, and thankfully won.

Now… after a rough night’s sleep, we mounted up and made incredible time. Like cut through Alabama in like an hour and a half… the Radar Detector was worth it’s weight in Gold I swear… I paid like $150 in Tennessee for it over a year and a half ago… it literally has paid for itself in NOT getting nailed for speeding… not that I-10 had any cops on it. Very surprising TBH. Not a cop in sight. Made it a pleasant, rather uneventful run.


We’re here. Had to get a hotel room at the Sheraton up the street from the hospital. Not to go into details but we’ll be here for most of a minute. Not great, but hey… it is what it is, what with changing plans and whatnot. Thing about us staying here is that currently (this weekend apparently) is that the Army is having a Senior Enlisted man’s conference here.

Which OF COURSE I had to get involved, leastways jaw-jacking with the NCOs.

Now… the icebreaker was a few of them had their Unit Affiliation as the 101st Airborne. For those of you who don’t know, troops can choose a unit they served in as their ‘lifetime/career time’ affiliation… that their ‘loyalty’ so to speak is to that unit. On the Class “A’s” or in this case, Dress Blues, they wear the Unit Identifier on the right front lower pocket…

I could see the 101st ABN Badge, which I used as an “opener” to get them talking, as they figured I was just another fucking civilian. Now… the guy I started talking to initially was wearing Command Sergeant Major’s rank.

My only Issue with this was my very own ‘normalcy bias’

This one ‘kid’ looked like he was wearing his dad’s uniform. No disrespect for the guy, but OMG… he was young looking AF.

That being said, his ‘fruit salad’ had alllllll the right ‘bingo badges’ and very few ‘bullshit badges’. High on the “Been There-Done That” stuff, and very few “I didn’t get the clap” ribbons. He was an M.P. with the 510th at Fort Campbell. When we started talking, I started by telling him that he probably knew my unit… I then showed him my Tat:

I got it back in the day, but had it re-inked when I got with Gretchen, as it was pretty faded.

This CSM, I’ll call him “X”, took one look and yelled out “Oh fuck!!!” Not a Rakkasan!!!!” as if it was some disease or something…

We both started laughing our asses off over it… we then started discussing our various “Been-There-Done-Thats” and had a couple of beers or dozen or so. He even allowed a pic of him and me, and in this case I told him I’d poast it, but ‘blank’ him as I didn’t want him affected by being on such a scurrilous and eeeeevil blegg like this:

Kid made me feel old

Granted he’s 44… but even then, during our trading stories, even HE said he takes shit for being a “Baby-Faced Sergeant Major” from both officers and other senior NCOs… I told him it’s just natural, as back when –I– was in the real Army that my CSM’s tended to be leathery, saddle-bagged faced Cigar Chomping “Stay The Fuck Off My Grass” types that that image? Unfortunately for him, he didn’t rate that sort of ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’. Either way, I told him flat out he should be proud as fuck from making rank in that time, and that from what he told me over beers, I would have loved to serve under a guy like him. Especially after I explained I had been Battalion thief back in the day… he was all like “Maaaan, I positively needed a guy like you!!!” and bemoaned that we’d never crossed paths…

Now the other CSM with them? OMG…

Bald, Bull necked, squinty eyed. Hard Looking AF

Guy looked like the central casting call for a CSM. He too, was a 101st Guy… used to be with the 327th… Of course I gave him shit about “Three-Two-Heaven” as we Rakks used to call ’em…

One funny thing was when I mentioned that I was better known as “Big Country” he told me that he’d heard of me… that I was well known in-country back in the day… seems that my support of his unit was well known. “YOU’RE Big Country!?!”

Yeah… I used to be pretty well known… soooo
Guess I have a fan…

Like I said tho… The kid??? Look at that rank o’ribbons… Been there, done much CSM? I’d say the fuck so! His Airborne wings were hidden by his collar BTW. For a baby faced boyo, -I’d- fight for him.

So, otherwise, we’re in the process of dealing with our shit here. It’ll all work out. Doc has been Epic per usual. And we’re just going to go through and do what’s needed to handle it.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on a few things RE: Moscow.

Only thing that -I – can draw from the whole fucking shit show is that it was the CIA. ISIS is, has been, and always will be a CIA front. The very fact that over two weeks ago there was a “alert” to American Citizens, in Russia, to avoid public gatherings as some shit may or may not happen at the aforementioned gatherings. File that in my mind as the Luciferian Requirement That “They” are going to do something, and if YOU fail to defend against it, the results are on you.

Consider that almost the entirety of the US DotGov and DotMil have been utterly and completely corrupted by -something-, be it Communism, Leninism, Marxism and or The Devil, then why in the hell wouldn’t we expect them to do something like this?

The Krainians are literally on their last legs, if not their last man/woman. They’re probably on their last missile, if not their last artillery shell. So much to the point that RUMINT from yesterday has the Frogs, Polacks and Krauts all sending an “unknown” amount of troops into the Krain under cover of darkness, and being stashed in Schools:

And thus
World War Three Begins

Not with a roar, but a creeping, slithering, sliding, sliming infiltration that the NATO powers hope will be unnoticed IF they get annihilated like all the others beforehand.

The fucking the interview with the Russians regarding the French was hysterical IMO, in there was a bit of a ‘mistranslation’ in the interview where the French translated the Russian Minister as saying “We don’t care” where the Russian was actually saying “We don’t give a fuck” WHAT the Gorf are threatening. Literally, to the Russians, the Gorf are, for all intents and purposes a joke and utterly inconsequential.

Thing is, the retards in charge have no idea as to the reality of things…. this is becoming moar and moar apparent to the “Normies” out there, but to hear it, and see it in real time, the ‘realpolitic’ if you will, is that the morons who are making the decisions out there, are making decisions that will have dangerous and long lasting potentially fatal secondary effects that they themselves will be sheltered from.

I.E. the shit they throw ain’t going to ‘spatter’ on them
And because of it, they don’t give a fuck.
Which means the potential fallout from these ‘impudent’ movements may very well spark a Larger and Nastier War that, while they may enjoy (as they’ll be sheltered from the worst effects) but that those of US who’re going to be potentially exposed, if not outright targeted, well then we got some bigger problems…

So, strap in…

On that note, I’ll leave you with a pic from the Rooftop Bar at the Hotel… it was gorgeous night, and I spent a few minutes reflecting and being thankful for everything, from My Beautiful Wife, to y’all, as well as my Chosen Family, to include Sapper, Cowboy and a few other select few, never mind my lovely Grans…

For all my bitching, I got it pretty fucking good…
It just takes a few moments of Zazen to realize that

More Later
Big Country

34 thoughts on “Safe in Mississippi? And The Shit That Happens When I’m Gone…”

  1. B, you and Big-T-G need to do what the doc says. No killing anyone on hospital grounds! K?

    Prayin for you both. Please tell Dr. Sam Da Wookie howls to him!

  2. sorry you experienced driving madness in your routing through the panhandle

    the interstate is often easier going than driving through the big bend

    I live 50 miles north of PCB in the countryside & find florida panhandle drivers substantially more civilized than (for example) virginia, or south florida

    wishing you godspeed and good fortune with your journey with your wife’s illness

    1. True that. I live in Tampon as well and head through Tallahassee when going to Panama City. Less drama.

      The cops are staties in unmarked cars rather than speed trap road thieves.

  3. We think along much the same lines on Russia.

    I might disagree on the idea of our moral and intellectual superiors escaping any responsibility for there fuckery, though. If our elites are stupid enough try to take a swing at Putler himself, passing it off as random terrorism…oh boy, THAT will change things mightily. As it is, don’t be surprised if domestic terrorism doesn’t spike soon.

    1. I got a cal at 22:50 last night my oldest sons wife, informed me my almost 3 year old grand daughter was on a life flight chopper headed to Dorenbeckers children’s hospital in Portland Or.

      Was finer n frogs fur they day before I got vids of her racing around their back yard chasing gizmo her dog.

      Anyway she’s on life support in Portland Or, Thus far the Dr’s don’t have a clue what’s going on.

      Machines are keeping her heart lungs functioning.

      She died in the med flight, flight nurse got her started up, and they landed on the hospital pad.

      An interesting note, as they started to attach life support a small incision was made in her neck above the Carotid artery , and thick puss flowed freely from the incision .

      Find that fucking freaky

      Prayers for this lil lady please.

      1. START with Meningitis, Encephalitis, and other nerve pathway inflammations. HOPEFULLY, the docs started Amp and Gent on the way (most of our Green Machine docs started them as a transport prophylactic). I had several friends riding on the UH/Case (Rainbow Babies n Childrens) Green Machine and our Helo. (Yeah in Cleveland)
        Hope the helo techs caught and set up a culture of the flowing icht. That SHOULD help them localize this.
        Prayers for the docs skull-sweating this and for yourself, the bride, and kids as well as the Grand.
        May the Lord shield and shelter ALL of y’all involved.

        1. Dirk–like Night Driver said: Thoughts and prayers for you, the little one and y’all from Cleveland here. Hope the Chopper Jockey got the EMS onboard to get a culture on the young uns’ yuck so they identify, fight, and clobber it.

  4. I am really curious how the german government will announce the death of german soldiers definitely NOT killed in the Ukraine.
    Training accident? Died suddenly (Oops, that would point to the death jab and we cant have that) or killed while deployed elsewhere or no announcement at all except to the family of the deceased.

    Lets see how long it will take before the draft is announced and it hits even the normies with a sledgehammer into the face and even they in their deluded state can no longer deny we have World War III.

    1. They’ll do the same EXACT thing that the US does ie fake plane and chopper crashes.

      “Today a cargo plane crashed with 50 of our brave troops on it, investigators say it was metal fatigue. Sadly there were no survivors. And in other news a big snow storm is heading our way”.

      Then then send out next of kin notices to the 5000 who were “sheep dipped” and died and since they aren’t in the same unit the families don’t realize that 5000 people got notices rather than 50.

      U.S. has been doing that shit since WWII.

      1. Mmm hmm. I’ve long suspected this kind of cover goes on in order not to admit troops were fucking around and died where they officially weren’t supposed to be. Or even just to minimize bad PR, without needing to maintain plausible deniability for some covert operation .

        I also have no difficulty believing that deaths overall are under reported, as unless the families compared notes and went public with the death notices, and those exceeded the numbers officially reported, who would ever be the wiser? See what was done with COVID stats to understand how readily both the data, and the public perception of it, can be manipulated.

        The last time we probably got anything close to a honest accounting was back when Cindy Sheehan was bitching up a storm, and the network news would roll a list of KIA’s at the end of the nightly broadcast (not out of any sense of duty or honor mind you, but for entirely manipulative and opportunistic purposes). Yeah, they used that spectacle to publicly bust W’s balls (and with the benefit of 20 years hindsight, fuck him straight to the back side of hell for what he wrought regarding personal liberty and the longer term general ruination of the US).

        Since then, the media comes up with crickets on reporting anything other than the occasional isolated incident of a purported aircraft crash. Big surprise there, just like how they ran cover for pedo joey on the whole Afghanistan fuckup.

        But now, /our guys/ are largely blowing off any consideration of military service. Which is a good thing, given the present leadershit and circumstances. Let them sacrifice transfaggots and strong independent girl bosses™️ all day long, as any of those who signed up for the gig now are dispensable, and their massive losses soon to be suffered in a real no shit war against a truly capable adversary will help cull our society of bitchy defectives and those otherwise unfit for maintaining a civilization.

  5. I am betting the attack was CIA/MI6. Harry a Truman said “There are NO coincidences in politics.” The owner of the venue is a Russian billionaire who is friends with Donald Trump.

    Dots all lined up.

  6. Putin labelled LGBQ as terrorist recently after winning an election with almost 90% approval.
    Jabba the Nuland wanted a last gesture.
    Putin better start kicking some teeth in or Armageddon is here.
    Pappy was one of those cigar chomper Gunny Highway types and 101st for life, he trained them up at Fort Knox in the 1980s and will forever be my hero.
    You’re probably not driving that way but the cops in GA will park down in the median between interstate lanes and the RD should always be on.

    1. This x 1000%.

      Be damn careful of speeding in Georgia. Tiger Stripe is right, the cops have hidey holes in the median and on overpasses and radio other cops down the road. They also have guys in cessnas clocking you, so if you see a solid white stripe across the road, SLOW DOWN you are being clocked.
      Look up the “Georgia Super Speeder Fine”. My sister got popped and the fine was EXPENSIVE !!

  7. If or when the big birds fly and shit on us lots of people will die. More, by a huge amount, will die from diseases, starvation and exposure. My wife will die as she is medicine dependent when it runs out so does her time. All those perpetrators in their bunkers will also die as millions who have nothing left to lose have plenty of idle time on our hands.

    1. There’s a company I heard about on the Glen Beck show called Jase medical, they will set you up with a years worth of medication. Might be worth looking in to.
      In case it matters Promo code Beck

  8. Keep safe. We are all pulling for Gretchen. Cancer is the WORST! How good God is that he set you up to meet more brothers in arms. It refreshed your soul and gave you a rest. Keep shining on!

  9. “Putin labelled LGBQ as terrorist recently after winning an election with almost 90% approval.”

    And people wonder why Vlad has so many fans.

  10. Glad you made it, wishing you all nothing but “positive vibes”. Detectors are good but the Waze App is much better. It has probably saved me thousands in traffic and highway citations.

    Those boobus americanus are everywhere. I now have to make occasional trips to Austin to see my son and I pass more beto bumper stickered amish drivers using the right lane than I do in the left lane.

    Take care.

  11. Next they’ll announce the French etc troops in Ukraine are being housed in hospitals

  12. Sir,
    First, thank you for the meme…. that’s hysterical. I can imagine the look on the officer’s face, as he patiently explains…..
    Second, I wanted to just say thanks for the blog and your always-interesting take on events. Just… thank you. I wish we could meet and shake hands, but this will have to suffice.
    Third, profound blessings to you & your lovely wife. I hope things go well for you both.
    Lastly, it really looks like things are finally going in the direction they begin to hint at in ’88 or so. I was there, and noticed, and have been working on it ever since.
    For what it’s worth, we did the best we could. Here we go.

    Very best wishes.

  13. As long as we draft the leftwing useful idiots first AND send the politicians responsible at the head of their own battle formations, FIRST, I’m cool with it… Be nice to see our presstitutes report on the total eradication of the Schumer brigade, in all it’s pink hair, dildo-waving, pot smoke scented glory.

  14. Pepe Escobar? Really?

    He has been on the Russian State TV propaganda, sorry, news shows, so much since his first appearance almost a year ago that he must qualify by this stage for the Russian equivalent of the SAG card. The Russians just love him when they need a foreign “journalist” to push the latest domestic propaganda line. Which he does to perfection.

    Here is his first performance. Just watch his smug self satisfied smirking.

    Escobar has been a selling his own particular line of fake “contrarian” BS for at least 25 years. He is the Paul Krugman of actual journalism. Whatever he says is happening the complete opposite is usually fairly close to the truth. That was as true in 2002 as its is today.

    Based on the daily news shows on Russian TV – the UA are still not losing and the RU are still not winning. Battlefield maps barely moved since last summer. Except for as few km of rubble here and there.

    As for the very convenient op in Moscow. According to the GRU guys it was the FSB’s way of getting back in Putin’s good books. After last years monumental fuck up. When “their guy” went big time rogue. The FSB knew the attack was coming and even helped it alone so why go to all the bother of organizing yet another domestic false flag outrage when some salafi terrorists do all the legwork for you. Its a win-win. For the FSB. And for Putin. Once a KGB guy always a KGB guy.

    You block the local cells, you lock the doors, and leave the jihadis alone for 90 mins to do their business. And all just 8 mins away from one of the main Rosgvardiya barracks in Moscow. In a high security public building. In a city that has been as locked down hard for the last two years as it was in the 1980’s.

    So very much business as usual.

    Apart from that. Best of luck. A lot of people out here are pulling for you guys. You’ve had to deal with way too much shit recently.

  15. Things are heading towards Spicey soon. Goin to need all that ammo I have laying about after all. Damn.

  16. Prayers and all the best for the Mrs., BCE. Thanks for the continued great content. You, Art, and ID are my daily sanity checks.

  17. All prayez.
    Be as ordained

    Nlog sustains many and grats are insufficient.
    Max blessing for y’all

  18. Glad you arrived safe my friend! I was going to call you both but didn’t want to bother you driving….
    Diva sounds like she’s in great hands, y’all will be good!!!!!!
    Always in my prayers Brother and Sister.❣️❤️❣️

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