Why Putin? Well Why Not and We Leave in The Morning

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Soooo a comment or two has asked me in the past, as well as currently, why I’m supporting Putin? The latest has been from General Dismay who at the end of his statement stated/asked “…why so much love for Putin? That fucker would love to buttfuck the US into oblivion.”

Well, Fair enough question.

Simply put, despite all the propaganda and lies put out by the Mass Enemedia and Ministries of Lies and aforementioned Propaganda, what has Vladimir Vladimirovich actually done to show that he’s against the Imperial Untied Staatz in it’s current expansionist form? As far as I can tell, he’s done nothing to warrant the level of hatred levelled against him.

Realistically, what has he done?
Seriously… without mentioning the Krain, YOU tell ME.

I’ll wait…

What he has done? Well to name a few:
He’s stood up against the creeping invasion of Progressivism. He’s said “Nyet!” to allowing sodomy and perversion to become the standard, rather than the exception to the rule in Russia. No faggot-adoptions and/or grooming allowed.

He’s fully onboard with bringing the Church back into the Public Square, and encouraging the bonding and growth of TRADITIONAL FAMILIES. He, unlike other countries (like Japan) offers serious financial incentives for new couples to “go forth and prosper!”

He’s also denied the incorporation of the World Bank into day-to-day Russian affairs, and not allowed them to dictate terms. By being cut off from SWIFT, and forcing him to adapt, Vladimir Vladimirovich has proven that Russia can not only stand on it’s own, but can tell the world at large to fuck off and die in a fire…

The worst offense however?
He promotes Russian Nationalism.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Russian Tatar, or a Mongolian Russian. White, Brown, Slant eyed, or Round Eyed…


Never mind with religion… unlike the US, be you a Muslim Chechen, a ‘regular’ Orthodox Christian, or a Kalmykian Buddhist…


That right there, being a “Russian First” nationalist is what scares the ever living shit out of the Globalists, as having a Nationalist viewpoint would be inherently naturally opposed to a One-World-Elitist DotGov, AKA MegaGloboHomoIncorporated. Hence why above all, they want Putin gone.

So yeah, I support Vladimir Vladimirovich. He’s the ONE leader in the world that I can see that might have his head screwed on straight. As far as his “…(wanting sic.) to buttfuck the US into oblivion” ? Let me tell you Dismay, he’s had ample time and opportunity to do exactly that.

OUR fucking current retarded inbred Leadershit are playing fucking tiddlywinks, while VodkaManBad is on his third round of all-or-nothing Chess. We have no one educated enough, nor erudite enough to be able to even step ‘up to the board’ when it comes to current day Geopolitics. The very fact that Micropenis Macron keeps wailing about how he wants to send 20k troops to the Krain?

As Colonel Trautman said in “Rambo: First Blood” to Sherriff Teasle:

“If you send that many, remember one thing”
“A good supply of Body Bags.”

And as I always point out, the fucking Leadershit ALL Around are not the guys who have to do the bleeding nor dying.

Real easy to say you’re sending in 20k troops.
ESPECIALLY if you don’t have to go.
It’s another IF it personally affects you

Which is why I’m all about the “No Voat Without Service” like Heinlein talked about in “Starship Troopers”. Too many aging fuckwads who consider a minor scrape on their Bally Shoes to be a world ending issue… I mean I’ve been over it before… it’s part of the daily disconnect with these assholes…

And what’s even worse is a fucking shit-stain like our current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den uses his dead son Beau as some sort of ‘prop’ for his military credentials.

Thing is, the moar we see of his family, the more I realize the guy was more than likely as big a piece of shit as his brother. I mean how could he not be? Only difference is he had the good taste to fucking drop dead of brain cancer before any of HIS improprieties came out…

That and I stand utterly amazed that no one has desecrated that grave. I mean it’s MY POV on this, BUT, if MY kid had been wasted in a far-off land, and the theoretical Commander In Chief, when and IF he even bothered to spare the time to talk to me and my fam, and he spent that precious time talking about his worthless no-load dead fucking son as opposed to MY fucking dead kid!?!

Oh Yeah

“Bad Things” would have happened to that grave,

as well as the corpse… Just for grins and giggles, as well as general info, Beau’s grave is located here:

In Delaware of course…

It is what it is… far be it for me to encourage bad people to do bad things… But TBH, the guy was a POS like his dad… fucking awarded a Bronze Star? For what!?! Being under fire at Victory like me and oh, I dunno, several hundreds if not thousands of troops who never got an award? Fucker was a “perfumed prince” who thankfully died before HE could inflict HIS particular brand of damage on the country at large.

Fuck the Bribe’ems…ALL of them. In this life, and after.

So, lets see… otherwise…
I wouldn’t fly on a Boeing Aeroplano if it was literally the last aircraft on the planet that could get me out of a life-ending scenario. Fucking “Boing Boing Boing!” should be the name now, as soooo many pieces/parts seem to be falling off and bouncing allllll over the place. Hell, Doc Samizdat actually suggest we fly in for all the upcoming events, and even before the “current thing” I was like “Thanks but no thanks.”

This primarily to NOT wanting to check my personal gear… These days, I never travel what could be considered “light.” If it’s over 100 miles from the house, I have my Every Day Carry Bag, which has, among other things, a Lifestraw Filtration Bottle, two concentrated Mountain House LRRPs, plus ALL the needed emergency medical gear one might need, plus knives, and ‘other essential gear’.

Anything past one hundred miles? The ubiquitous M-4 (of course) and the Battle belt w/4 combat loaded mags to feed the M-4. AN extra box of pistol ammo, usually 50 rounds (caliber depending on which pistol I have w/me) plus body armor, helmet, plate carrier, plates, uniform, plus spare boots etc… all the shit one –might– need in a “Oh Fuck!” situation. Mind you, I have 3A Armor that I can wear that’s not in a carrier, but in a underarmor type t-shirt… Best to make sure I’m armored up no matter what Aye?

Then, I also have Commo too, as well as power ‘stuff’… I’ve had some solar panels and power banks for years that go with me whenever we need to go long-distance. I got a LARGE Ruck that keeps all of that in there. The commo is tuned and set to Sapper’s set with MilSpec encryption, but even then, since I don’t trust even that, I have a one-time-pad generator that I got ‘somewhere in times past’ that’s still good. Brevity is the watchword in this case…

One can never be too prepared.

So, gotta wrap this. We’re leaving in the A.M. I’ll keep you in the loop as we go. I appreciate each and every one of y’all, and love the feedback and the comments.

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61 thoughts on “Why Putin? Well Why Not and We Leave in The Morning”

  1. With the exception of the Alaskan Air Door blow out on a basically NEW plane, the rest of these parts issues are on older planes, so look at the maintenance crews for the cause of these. One of the wheel mishaps was on a 757 which has been out of production for over 10 years so not Boeing’s problem. I may be wrong, but I think that the plane missing screws in the wing was an Airbus Again older plane so it did not come from the factory like that and if it did, then who ever accepted it for delivery needs to go. The 787 Dreamliner issues in SC can be traced to counterfeit Titanium parts from China along with ramping up too quickly thus improper training in order to pressure the IAM on the west coast. Composites, unlike aluminum take more training to learn proper drilling and assembly. ONE over torqued bolt/rivet or miss drilled hole and you are looking at expensive scrap.
    As others have stated in various places Big Blues problems started shortly after McDonald Douglas bought them with Boeing’s money and called it a merger. Shift from customer to shareholder took place.

  2. A big Sunday amen to your remarks on Putin. I just have to laugh at the boomer-tier kneejerk hatred of the man I encounter, as if the Cold War never ended and we (the FUSA) are still fighting to good fight (with Lee Greenwood singing triumphantly in the background, natch) against the Soviets, who haven’t existed for about 3 decades now, as it happens. These fools need to read a newspaper. From 1992.

    And the people of otherwise decent intelligence and sound mind I know who are insistent that Putin wants to reassemble the USSR leave me dumbfounded. FFS, he has said in speeches he has made in the past (paraphrasing here) that the USSR was an administrative and economic nightmare, and that he had no aspirations of or designs on “getting the band back together” as it would be self evidently counter productive to Russian strength and interests.

    He went into Ukraine because WE (by way of “our” government/mil at any rate) just couldn’t and wouldn’t stop fucking around on his front doorstep in ukieland, and this after “our” people gave him assurances just post-fall of the Berlin Wall that NATO would not be expanded Eastward. And then proceeded to do exactly that repeatedly, and took the attitude “yeah, we lied. Fuck ya, what’re ya gonna do about it anyway?” Literal bitchy, entitled liars who conduct themselves like the middle school kids everyone hated.

    The US fedgov, and it’s purported statecraft is the biggest bunch of passive aggressive, belligerent, smarmy, cunt faced shitfuckery imaginable, outside blackface turdeau up north, and his equally insipid counterpart microdick grandma trannyfucker macron over in France.

    The US has done damn near everything conceivable to antagonize and threaten the strategic interests of Russia as regards Ukraine, with what the now thankfully departed Vicki (and her vile, vicious and villainous vaginal vagrants) have wrought there for so many years. Putin finally had enough of his red lines crossed that he went in and did what he needed to do. And for many there is zero awareness or acknowledgement of those established facts. Like the black mama who gets on TV after her “baby” gets made good by the local constabulary, and insists “he wuz a guud boy, he dindunuffin!” The myopia regarding blatant US antagonism would almost be laughable if it weren’t so damned dangerous.

    Meanwhile, the leadershit of this now dysfunctional hellhole is far beyond just an embarrassment, and it is inconceivable to me that decent people here somehow still think of this country as the good guys on the world stage. A wake up call is way overdue. But then, I suspect that such a kick in the nuts is soon to be incoming for the American sheeple. Too bad it is a lesson that will have to be learned the hard way. They will squeal indignantly when it happens, and as usual I’ll be playing the role of the asshole who has to say “told ya so, shouldn’t have fucked around and found out.”

    I’ll concur with your take on Boeing as well. It truly is incredible how badly they’ve screwed the pooch in ruining their reputation. Woke/broke and all that. Not that I’ve had any interest whatsoever in flying post-TSA anyway. Fuck those guys. Only a few special ladies selected for their attractiveness and desirability have had the privilege of fondling my second in command. Well ok, there was that one time I went to the urologist for a PM. But yeah, not a single blue gloved hand of an affirmative action hireling shall ever encroach upon the glory of Big Ruckus.

    1. Oh. My. God.
      Comment of the YEAR IMO.
      DM me at BCE187th@protonmail.com I might have to extend writing privileges to you, as this comment was absolutely epic. I’ve only offered this to 2x other folks, so let me know via DM. You’ve regularly in the past showed your potential. That and as I’m soooo fucking busy, I could use another person with a brain to assist as I’m, as you know I’ve been flat the fuck out.

    2. I’d hazard a guess that the kick in the balls is more likely to come from our own gubmint.

    3. Mr. Ruckus- I appreciate the fore-thought you put in this. Please see NCRenegade “France has poked the bear to cover up Macron’s “wife”.”

      1. Have read that early this AM, but appreciate you putting it on the radar nonetheless.

        Here now comes messieur macron with his small dick energy,
        Poking the bear and exclaiming oui oui!
        He also got caught poking the grannytranny hag
        And now he’s gonna get kicked in his dessicated bag[uette].

        See, I can be a smart ass in French, too.

        In any case, he’s perfect for clown world, and fits right in. Meanwhile we need to get pedo joey a nice storm sewer inlet and a red balloon somewhere curbside so he can use that to entice the children he wishes to sniff.

        Will no one relieve us of these degenerate fucks?

        Side note to BCE: will drop you a line later tonight when I don’t have so much on my plate.

    4. “That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”

      I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now at different blogs and I find myself thoroughly agreeing with what you have to say. I was going to say I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter but if you start writing here, it’s all same to me (good call on that BCE).

    5. Putin has also banned transsexual surgery and gay propaganda…He would get my vote for anything, including world dictator….

    6. Everything you wrote about Putin, which in my mind shows he’s not only a patriot, but aside from the leaders of Argentina, Hungary, Belarus and Serbia. One of the few western leaders who actually are so. And he’s by far the leader of the largest country of that group, Putin cares about his people. Which is why they hate him. Vodka man bad is preventing their desire for that whole build back better, eat zee bugs one world dystopian nightmare.

      As for that piece of shit Biden, just look at how Putin treats his dogs vs Biden, Biden was recently videoed kicking his dog.
      Putin doesn’t do that kind of shit, look at when he’s with his dogs, they love him. It may seem a minor thing, but it tells me am I need to know.

    7. Amen Brother. I just wanted to second Big Ruckus D’s epic rant. Like has been said elsewhere, Putin does not hate his own people. He is a Christian. He has put a damper on faggotry. He promotes a Russian history that goes back centuries.

      And I would just like to spew out a big fuck you to every Boomer who thinks it is still 1984 and is too fucked up on drugs to know the Soviet Union died a generation ago. I am aware there are good Boomers. Collectively though, they are one of the most evil, degenerate generations ever. I will manage to live a fulfilling life if never hear Stairway to Heaven again.

      Aesop is an idiot because he denies reality. Even when it is kicking him in the face. When confronted by reality, he just does that stupid ass doubling down Boomers do because anything is true just because it was uttered from their piehole.

      Vox (known as HGG (humanity’s greatest Genius) in other parts) is a pain in the ass. But he is our pain in the ass. That he is too solopsistic to know that he is not the only one who bears the cross of dealing with stupid people should get him rightly mocked. Yes HGG, we know you have a minor in Eastern Studies, too. [Eye roll] We genuflect accordingly.
      I think there is a reason the pigs leave Big Country alone. The pigs are aware that their control at this point is very tenuous. The dissidents are near a point where that cascade preference happens and shit goes down. Big Country speaks for many of us. If he is taken out, especially violently, then that cascade preference might happen.

    8. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      Having served during the Cold War and having observed the post USSR clusterfuck from right next door, there are many clear obvious causes why this whole shit show got so fucked up, and NONE of them have anything to do with “Evil Russia.”

      Fuck, when the USSR collapsed, we all thought that this was the beginning of a new era of friendship, cooperation and shared prosperity. Russia was certainly eager to open up and work together, but were snubbed every chance the Oligarchs of the West got. “Go sit in the corner while we rape your country, whatcha gonna do about it? Cry?”

      Well, TPTB are now getting a heaping helping of well-deserved “whatcha gonna do about it”, and they’re realizing that there ain’t a whole lot that they CAN do.


  3. To you and Big Ruckus D

    Out Fucking Standing!

    If we ever IRL…we’d be hitting tequila till we pissed and puked allover ourselves.

    You 2 just drove it out of the park.

    Hat Tip to you both.

  4. Well, if the letter to Putin doesn’t get you a visit from the Stasi, rolling out the red carpet to Beau’s grave will do it.

    1. That combined with talking about guns, ammo, tactical gear, flamethrowers, etc. I’m surprised the Gestapo hasn’t already kicked his door in. Makes one wonder why not. The FBI gunned down an old, obese, crippled dude over a FB post fer Christ’s sake. Remember the gov declared vets as potential domestic terrorists several years ago. If you have nothing to fear you don’t have to keep your head down.

      1. That’s because the others showed no willingness to fight. BCE will not only fight, but cook them ah la President BBQ style. Just short of the eating of course…I think.

        1. HAAA!! Maybe he wouldn’t eat ’em.
          Man, BC and Big RD knocked it out of the park !

  5. Excellent work, men.

    I wonder if Aesop still has his head up his ass?

    The Uke war has opened many eyes and quite frankly… I’m astonished at the Boomercon normie grillers at this point. To remain clueless at this point is remarkable dedication to stupidity…

    1. Go read his poast about Gaza. Then you tell me. (After I said, at Arthur’s, that I hadn’t been over there in years I thought “maybe I should go take a look.” Sigh.)

      Back to the main topic. As to Putin wanting to fuck the US up the ass? Maybe so. But we’ve been assfucked by circumcised dicks so hard and for so long, at this point what difference does it make?

      1. Ughhh.

        No surprise there, I guess. And the hell of it is that he and the rest never learn. If worst comes to worst in Gaza, and Irannand Turkey come out swinging… he’s going to sit there staring stupidly at the mess and wonder how it happened just as he is with the Kraine.

        Putler is many things but he is NOT a thug. If that were all he was he’d be dead. That man is a warrior, a patriot, and most of all a businessman. And he is ruthlessly practical. Had we partnered up with him, the west would have made a bloody fortune. The Ukes would be a free country, and even THEY would be rolling in cash.

        We are at war because of jews and greed.

        1. Glenn, it has been on my mind that killing or driving out all the men in Ukraine would open up a nice piece of land for Israel. They seem already well place in the government and pretty far along on the other thing. It doesn’t hurt that Ukraine is crazy corrupt and has beautiful women.
          Has someone thought of offering them the ‘Chance of a Lifetime!’ move to Ukraine! Oh and you can have all of it you can take from the Russians! Just kidding, Trump the deal maker can make this happen. But not until after Hezbollah releases 400,000 rockets and drones.

    2. Mr. Filthie- I don’t understand that Aesop character. He seems to have respectable brainpower but keeps it stored up his ass.

        1. Is he? He still believes what he sees in the lame stream media. He isn’t even aware of Alt tech, and he thinks jews are victims and have no responsibility for the consequences of their actions. He’s not stupid…but he’s certainly not that bright either…

        2. I strongly disagree with any comparison between the befuddled Aesop and the very intelligent multi-talented Vox Day….It’s a shame about Aesop, however…Maybe he got “the beam.”

  6. I like to remind people who spout deranged Putin hate that everything they think they know about that man was told to them by “reporters” now known with absolute 100% certainty to lie about nearly every subject they report on.

    1. YES!! i studied the man when he first became a player as part of my duty position. EVERYTHING people think they KNOW about Putin is wrong. even generals and congresscritters are convinced of the falsehoods. nobody will crack a book or study the man. he hates the soviet union for what it did to his beloved russia. up until today, he has considered ukraine as misguided russians. today, after the massacre, they be the blood enemy and we be in his way. it sucks to be in his way.

      1. How true this is. I can’t claim to have done extensive study on Putin, but contrary to what the masses have been programmed to believe, he is very clearly not an impulsive, petty, violent fool prone to infantile outbursts as is so often the case with US officials, and those of the western powers in general. Can he be ruthless and spiteful? I’m sure he can. But he also doesn’t do stupid shit, by not engaging in histrionic knee jerk emotional reactions and lashing out openly.

        Rather, he is cool, reserved in his public statements and reactions, and engages in considered and well planned responses to provocation. The difference between the typical American shit talking, boisterous and ill mannered politician (as with pedo joey stating he’d take someone out behind the gym and work them over) and Putin’s brand of low key, non-reactionary professionalism couldn’t be more stark. It’s the difference between a school bully, and the quiet guy who isn’t seen or heard to have tantrums, but when he really needs to fuck somebody up it gets plenty of advance planning, and happens
        entirely by surprise to those who are the intended targets. Now ask yourself, who is more effective at getting things done, versus causing damage for its own sake and then getting their ass kicked for acting like a bitch?

        Unfortunately, the shithead personality is part and parcel of American culture, so we have an overabundance of these types who shoot their mouth, and then shoot themselves in the foot. Putin by comparison, personifies the old adage of “walk softly and carry a big stick”.

        I don’t necessarily trust the man, and I certainly don’t know him. But I can’t deny he is an effective statesman acting in his people’s interests (if one ignores all the propaganda we are fed), in a world largely gone mad. Further, I can respect his policy positions, as he has generally taken the polar opposite of western garbage leadership in eschewing open faggotry and other degeneracy, and has taken steps to try and legitimately encourage family formation. He clearly recognizes the ruinous influence of all these western cultural touchstones we’ve been made to suffer. It is on that basis that I genuinely hope he can prevail against the ruling class of globohomo, as outside of God Almighty, I don’t see anyone else stepping up to take on the ruling class and its defective shibboleths.

  7. The thing with Russia is that at least from what I can tell, the leadership of Russia doesn’t despise the Russian people while the “leaders” of the U.S., Canada, most of Western Europe, AUS/NZ, etc? They hate their own people. That doesn’t make me pro-Putin but I don’t hate Vodka Man Bad just because I am supposed to. Do you think if Putin were in charge here that you would see illegal aliens knocking down fences and trampling border guards?

    1. Well, since Russia doesn’t allow illegal aliens into the country, and is quite serious about it, I think that such an assault would turn into a turkey shoot….Of course, if America was a serious nation, we wouldn’t have that problem either….

  8. I have told my expat friend who now lives in Kyrgyzstan many times if I had to leave the USA Russia is where I’d go. He asked why. Many of the reasons you have stated above but I always told him among those things the biggest is it’s white, and Christian

    1. Kinda like those who came here, but those bastards killed off the greatest ethnicity to ever live, native Americans. Just like they’re trying to do to us now to keep it for themselves. Good luck with that you fuckers.

      1. The greatest ethnicity to ever live?
        Lmao stone tools, no wheels, can’t digest alcohol…

        1. there are exceptions but the stereotype is spot on

          lazy dumb as shit drunk and no moral compass

        2. I get you’ve seen all the Hollywood movies. History is not kind and has a good lesson for you.

          1. I live in Montana and see Salish and Kootenai almost daily, and Crow and Northern Cheyenne quite often. Firsthand experience bruh.
            Granted, not with who they once were, so maybe I am wrong about the ancient ones, but the modern ones suck.

          2. #metoo

            i’m surrounded by Chippewa / Objibwe

            they seem to not want nice things in life…

          3. Good, you’ve seen them in their current form. They have been here for thousands of years. They used to hunt and fish every day. Sometimes make war or steal ponies for sport. They would take their kill back home and the women would clean and prep the kill. Tan the hides with the brain matter. At night they had free reign. White man came along and thought he could improve on that, how are you doing?

            I’m sure you think those drunk stupid natives were at the battle of greasy grass and their opponent was a hero instead of a coward. Learn the true history of the Battle of Washita it may help you.

            Look at the country and your postings and think about where this country is now. It’s those same white men coming after you. Good luck with that and get back to your boob tube and the Grit channel for your continuing education.

    2. Today on RT, while discussing the attack on the concert, the discussion, made up of an Irishman, a Brit and a Frenchman, they started talking about how much safer they felt in Moscow than in Paris or Londonistan. How moving to Russia was like a breath of fresh air after living in Western Europe.
      Give it a few years, bring in another twenty million or so illegal migrants into the FUSA, and the FUSA will become another Zimbabwe or South Africa. There’s A video on the Internet that has had millions of views by a Nuevo Democrat, border jumper about how to take over private homes, they find a house, vacant because of a death, or people away for the Summer/Winter, and simply move in and take over. Tu casa as muy casa.
      All they have to do to show residency is a utility bill in their name at that address. Even if they don’ t have a key to access the mail box, they can have a cell phone bill emailed to themselves with the new address, print it out, and now it’s up to a court to determine if they’re residents not squatters. That would take over a year. They live for free and the home owners have to pay the bills, then even if the home owners get them out, It’s rinse and repeat, basically a microcosm of how we’re being replaced by the Biden border jumpers, and we’re express a country to pay for all their free shit.

      Give it a few years and it’s going to go from migrant invasion FUSA, to third world banana republic FUSA.

      I am willing to bet that a lot of Americans, myself included, are going to be trying to figure out a way to relocate to Russia. It’s going to be the last vestige of the White race and Christian world.

      1. Be a shame if those irresponsible illegal invaders burned the place down and the owners had to collect the insurance.

        Wait, what is the link to the Flanenwerfer?

  9. Might be spitballing here, but I figure nobody’s desecrated the grave of FJB’s kid is because it wouldn’t take a genius to see that if someone had, FJB would go totally apeshit and use an inordinate amount of resources (which are at his disposal) to find who did it. Hell, he’d probably use that against anyone who he *thinks* did it. Easy to surmise, given his administration’s penchant for crushing peanuts (of the right-of-center variety) with a sledgehammer.

    Personally, I wouldn’t do it because, honestly, what good would it do? Whether he was a shitbag or not, the man’s dead. He ain’t in a position to be any harm to anyone else. God willing, maybe his asshole dad (and everyone like him) will join him one day soon.

  10. The attack on the hall in Moscow with dozens dead could change things. I understand the war hasn’t directly touched the Russian population much, but this is the kind of thing that can make them decide to go to real war. We could see Russian soldiers in downtown Berlin again.

  11. They hated the Bad Orange Man for merely talking about Making America Great Again. Putin actually making Russia great again literally has them contemplating nuclear suicide.

    Yeah, I’m rootin’ for Putin too.

  12. Thank God he’s got a long fuse but that may be up with this false flag attack today at Crocus city center.
    RT has an exclusive editorial from Dutch journalist stating that the former west wants WAR by any means necessary.
    Look out when Vlad has had enough.

  13. Parallels?
    Joe Kennedy was the great white hope for Joe Sr., but got himself killed trying proof-of-concept on proto-drones (remotely-controlled, once the crew bailed, bombers), so goofier son John got tasked with being The One. Once the CIA got tired of his ass & killed him, it was Bobby, & the same happened.
    Beau got cancered, so fuckup little bro Hunter got tapped to be the Big Guy’s emissary.
    At least the Kennedys had sense enough to know Edward was a hopeless drunk, useful only in Congress, and the TLAs recognized that he was unable to hurt them, so he lived. Poor Teddy, he was only an Oldsmobile away from the White House.
    Might be a mark of how far we’ve fallen that a crackhead & probable child molester (apple not falling far from the tree) isn’t liquidated to avoid tainting the family, but instead is held up as an example. China Joe says Hunter is the smartest guy he knows, after all.

  14. For me, I just won’t support the bad guys, the bully or the liar. I am widely read and able to tell the taste of BS when fed it. Straight up truth; there is a lot of evil loose in the USA and it seems concentrated at the top!

  15. One thing Putin said in his interview with Tucker that I have not seen any comment anywhere about but to me explains the whole thing – Putin said Russia has 80 trillion worth of natural resources in the ground. Just finished another conversation where I was called chicken little and that I worry to much. Normalcy bias is preventing most everyone from seeing what is going on.

    1. You got that right, normalcy bias is a plague, maybe a fatal disease, if we don’t wake up.

  16. TPTB hate Putin because he forces them to see who and what they really are. He exposes their lies and their evil by trying to put his people first. He is not perfect and is most likely a little evil. Aren’t we all. Yet, he loves his people and his nation. The scum in washington serve themselves and the “chosen ones.” They do not serve this nation or its people. They never will until they are made to do so.
    I have been called a Putin apologist. I see it as a compliment. I enjoy the fact that others see me as a critical thinker. My only regret is that the indoctrination and propaganda spewed by the msm has severely retarded the vast majority of people’s ability to think for themselves. Yet, as I meet more and more young people, I become more hopeful every day. Remember, when a man has lost everything, he loses it.
    P.S. Praying for you and yours.

  17. You know what’s interesting?

    The fact that I cannot connect to bigcountryexpat.com when my VPN is on. Seems like this site would be a welcome place for people using a VPN but… NOOOO… I have to disconnect from ExpressVPN to load the site, the reconnect as soon as the site finishes loading.

    If this comment is duplicated, it’s because it got rejected when I hit the submit button because I turned my VPN on before I made the comment. Had to disable it again just to submit.

    Security for you but not for me, eh?

  18. Wow. There is some serious stuff to unpack.

    Hope you and the missus have a good trip.

    Beginning to think something in the water causes cancer.

  19. Being a Boomer – I and others in our group Totally Agree. Putin has done wonders, for Russia and, by default for many of us, knowing what we do about this world.

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