A Gretchen Update, M1A KIA’d in The Krain a Sad Passing, and a Possible July Collapse?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest over the past 48 hours I swear. Today Gretchen had an early Telecon Appointment (that was the one that had been scheduled for a face to face by the MegaCuntBitchFace McBitchyface) as the Doc in question apparently was appalled by what happened, so he called us today, and went over exactly what Gretchen was to expect during her surgery/treatment, and the how of it all… specifically the Radiation Therapy.

Mind you this’s Doc Samizdat’s bro. Just as a clarification. It was his receptionist/scheduler who was a MegaCuntBitch, NOT Doc Samizdats, and it’s been handled now. He’s worked with Doc S for years and from what I can tell is just as awesome a human being as Doc S is. In this case, I’ll be referring to him as “Doc Fallout” from now on because I can, and it’s appropriate for a Radiation Therapist Doctor to have a handle like “Fallout” IMO.

Doc Fallout went over everything in great detail, and now Gretchen has gone from ‘slightly panicked’ to ‘moar relaxed’ which is where I want her. Guy sounds like the complete professional and had a great ‘bedside voice’ so to speak… EXACTLY how/what Gretchen needed.

Me, OTOH I’ve been getting like ZERO sleep. Bedtime I crash at 0330/0400, and wake up to start at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory at 0655. I just can’t let her know I’m freaked the fuck out. All part of the J. O. B. as Dio would say… I feel like I’m back in the Infantry or Baghdad ‘On Mission’ again… ah well… tis whut it tis…

Now, Things.
Russian Special Forces crossed a line outside of Rabotino, and came across that M1A1 that got smoked a few days/weeks? ago. The one that they blew the tracks off of, and finished off with drones?

Yeah, that’s the one… seems that the Russians have been quite a few M1s knocked out/abandoned by the Krainians. The Russian SF kids ran up on it in a video… looks like it was shot w/a GoPro or russkie equivalent:

I took some screen caps of it. First thing I noticed was the missing Commander’s Cupola, which you can see in the top pic w/the Ma Deuce still in it’s mount… it this case, that fucker is gone…

Gone baby gone… Yep…
Now, to the left, you can see the Blast panels intact as well, so they went inside and
The Interior was pristine:

And I didn’t see any blood/body parts. This particular tank was the one M1 I thought the crew successfully bailed, as the driver’s hatch was open and the turret in the correct position for a “Oh shit Bail! Bail! Bail!” situation (again, top pic).

So it looks like a mobility kill, with possibly the intent to recover it later. However, according to sources, the Russians kept throwing drones at it… no idea how much -other- damage it took, but they did find the missing TC Cupola:

Apparently resting, complete with still-mounted Ma Deuce (missing the feed tray cover from the look of it) on the front glacis, in front of the driver’s hatch.

Rather impressive, as I know from experience that the TC Hatch on it’s own is a heavy motherfucker to open and close. The amount of force needed to shear the entire cupola off? In one big ole piece? Yeah. I definitely would NOT want to be on the receiving end of such an explosive.

Also: Seems that the DotMil finally got around to transferring some M Trip-Seven MP Armored cars to the Krainians:

That’s the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV).

15 tons of nothing TBH/IMO.

It’s only got a 40mm MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher with a M2A1 .50cal Ma Deuce in a side-by-side tandem mount, and a M240H next to those…

Meaning it’s under-armored, underpowered, and under-armed. Add on that the pic above shows the usual ‘Slavic Doctrine’ of the troops clinging to the sides (where the M1117 normally does not have running boards to do such a thing) it too is going to become beans-on-toast sooner rather than later. Case in point:

We used to joke that the M Trip-Seven was made out of ‘pressed gasoline’ as it always showed up to our lot(s) in Kuwait burned to a fucking crisp.

The fucking first generation BMP-1 is a better vehicle comparatively. Even with the outmoded 73mm Cannon and Sagger-2 missiles, I’d personally take a BMP over an ASV any day of the week… Tracks versus Tires? No question/no argument there. Tracks win hands down always.

Yet again another soon-to-be-failed Wunderwaffen.

Notsomucho these days amiright?

The fact that the guys on that M1 bailed, and probably thought they’d be able to recover it later, and didn’t manage to says a lot about just how quick Ivan is now moving. Things are changing there fast.

Movie news. One of my favorite character actors cashed in.

M. Emmet Walsh… dude was a prolific actor to say the least. Over 200 films. TV? Fugettaboutit. Guy was literally the go-to for a lot of roles. A personal favorite of mine was him playing “The Crazy Guy” in Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”

88 Years old… that’s a good run.
May he rest easy.

Now, back to the Krain for a moment… Seems Micropenis Macron is talking shit about sending 20k Frog Troops to the Krain.

Not sure -why- he’s channeling his ‘Inner Napoleon’ outside of that he suffers from extreme Short Dick Energy and Height. That and he’s apparently married to a Tranny according to some sources?

Not sure.
Don’t know, don’t care.
Let the Frogs go in. Just like Vietnam, they’ll get their asses handed to them. Only difference is, no one in NATO is in a position to assist when shit goes sideways. EVERYONE is out of money, ammo and the willingness to support the Krain anymore. Outside of ACTUALLY dropping a nuke, there’s not fuck all anyone can do against Russia at this point. The very idea that by putting 20k+/- troops in the combat zone, and thinking Ivan won’t blow the ever-living fuck out of them borders on Comprehensively Insane.

It’s like those paste-eating retards who blocked highways, and were shocked! I tell you shocked! when some folks decided “Enough was enough” and turned them into roadkill. Fuck around, Find out. INDEED. Hell, I think it’s legal to squish dumbasses like that here in Florida…

Jes’ Sayin’

In fact there’s enough evidence that there’s been quite a few troops from ALL the various ‘supporting countries’ that they’ve been actively fighting against Ivan. The German Tank Crew in an early incident with a Leo 2 that got smoked at the onset of the “Great Counter Offensive” being one. The tank in question got blown away tank-on-tank (Leo2 vs T-71M2B). After the fight, the T-72 crew check out the Leo, and found that the driver survived. He lived long enough to admit that the whole crew, and the majority of Tank Crews manning the Leopards were German. They even collected his Bundeswehr ID and paperwork, as well as the other crewmembers. According to sources, They (the Germans) had to supply trained crews, as it seems that the average Krainian Joe has an average IQ comparative to a Haitian and can’t ‘tank’ a Leo at all.

It’s like during Vietnam, that the Russians had pilots actively participating in air-to-air combat against Americans, and actually shooting down American Planes and Pilots… The North Vietnamese just didn’t have the skills or experience, so the Russians ‘assisted’…. I read once somewhere that a Soviet pilot actually became the first ‘Ace’ since the “Great Patriotic War Against Fascism” by taking out 5 US Planes in air-2-air combat… such is what the whole “Proxy War” thing is. Problem with the Frogs putting ‘boots on the ground’ thinking that Ivan won’t target the areas that the Frogs are in however, is insane.

OF COURSE they’re going to target them. If anything the Russians will target the fuck out of them to teach the Trumped Up Little Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys who their Fucking Daddy really is and don’t you fucking forget it!

Now, lastly, Rumors.
4Chan has a couple of threads of someone putting up a couple of rumors. Now seeings that that’s pretty much ALL the Chans are good for these days, everything from there has to be taken with like a quarter pound of salt, if not the entire pound.

That being said, the current RUMINT that’s been floated out there does make quite a bit of sense, if only in respect to current events, as well as future events. Now, the rumor is absolutely unfounded, however, Roll with me on this for a second.

The original Poaster put out that he worked in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. That’s the BIGGEST bank in Australia, with a valuation of 1,252 BILLION dollars. He, by his own admission, is pretty high up in the bank hierarchy. Because of this, he was briefed that there was a planned “cyber-attack” that was going to be taking down the ENTIRITY of the worlds Banks as part of “The Great Reset” at the BEGINNING OF JULY OF THIS YEAR. This being to introduce the whole “You ain’t owning shit, and we don’t give a fuck if you’re happy or not, as we own your collective asses.” action that they’ve been talking about for the past few years.

The poast went on into the usual “I’m hiding” and “If they knew I told you I’d die” and whatnot to gain credibility. The primary statement of the intentional and willful crash was just what I said, and then the poaster made some comments about having cash on hand, and make sure that you’re ready… Beyond that, not much more.

Which, TBH, well, because it lacked the usual heavy-on-details and the usual ‘hype’ one normally sees with these “wars and rumors of wars” or leastways “Crashes and Rumors of Crashes” in my mind lends credibility to this. To me, “Less = More” in the credibility department. That, and part of the reason(s) I’m inclined to believe that there is a slim possibility of this being real is that it fits what -I’ve- been seeing.

The fact(s) as I see them:

1) Despite ALL the legal issues that Leviathan (AKA ‘The Deep State’) have been oh-so-desperately trying to bring and pin against OrangeManBad, and because of the inherent stupidity of those who’re currently ‘in charge’, they’ve utterly failed to stop OMB from becoming the primary challenger against the Current Incumbent Corpse In Chief. This scares them stupid, as they were counting on OMB being disqualified under specious prosecutions. Now? Not so much again. They ALSO cannot let him (OMB) anywhere NEAR the levers of power again, as Trump IS known for being a vengeful motherfucker with a long memory.

Flat out: They Who Are Currently In Power CANNOT Allow An Election With Trump As The Opposition EVER.

2) Because the near-constant leaking and unveiling of the shenanigans of “Brandon” et al, it’s readily apparent that

A) he’s not actually in charge, nor running shit and that

B) the folks who have been running things have been actively participating in actions that under a normal government would bring charges of at least Malfeasance if not outright Treason, which in some cases warrant the Death Penalty.

Case in point is it’s now apparent that ‘Bribe’em’ Joe was getting all his and his families dirty kickback monies through his dissolute crack addict son AND The Krain, which on it’s own, prima facia makes me wonder exactly why we keep funding/supporting this losing cause? More than likely b/c Krainfeld has primo-blackmail material. The very fact that worthless pile of skin failed to show up today, in Contempt of CONgress and didn’t immediately have a warrant issued? Oh yeah… Favoritism for One Side Much?

3) Then, As John Wilder regularly mentions, riots and “Fiery But Peaceful Protests” do not tend to ‘get off the ground’ during the Winter Months, hence my belief that any action(s) (like a engineered financial collapse) would happen in July. IF, (or rather IMO when) this collapse happens, we can count on a bunch of things happening. One being the ‘usual suspects’ of BLM and random Antifa Rioters doing ‘teh stoopid’ and in some areas getting away with it. They also need the College Kids NOT to be in classes, worrying about exams and whatnot, but out ‘manning the lines’ in support of ‘the current thing’ i.e., the “Useful Idiots”. This wouldn’t happen in November IMO.

However, in other areas like my own, where “We don’t cotton to this sorta behavior” and decide that it’s time to take out the ‘trash’ utilizing whatever means necessary, you can then look for a blanket-national-order for everyone to disarm.

Especially after some good ole boys get caught on camera gunning down some assholes… Just like Rittenhouse, the Enemedia and Ministries Of Lies and Propaganda will spin up every. single. self. defense. incident. and lay it at the feet of “Right Wing Death Squads” or some such shit, all to further the mass banning, if not outright confiscation of weapons. Of course, it’ll never happen, as there’s only like 800k Police in toto nationally. As FedBro used to say to me (when he was still speaking to me) that “Police got better things to do than die stupid!” IMO, on that, all I can say is, remember to police your brass, and if you can, get rid of the bodies.

Of course, a National Suspension of the 2nd Amendment is NOT going to work, hence it’ll get ugly-er faster, which is good in their twisted world view.

4) The longer they can drag out the “crisis”, the longer they can do whatever the fuck they want. If they manage to drag it out to oh, say November, just fucking watch.

Can you say “Suspended (s)Election” indefinitely?

Crazy Amounts of Presidential Executive Orders?

Nationalization of “Critical Supplies” i.e. you’re a prepper who’s got 2-5 years worth of food, and when they check the purchase orders and lists that they’ve accrued over the years, that they plan on showing up, to your A.O. to ‘confiscate for the greater good’ all your stashed shit… the law is already on the books… trust me… they’ll implement it IF they think they can get away with it…


These people do not live in the same reality as we do.

Welcome to Fantasy Disco everyone.
They have NO IDEA of what ‘real life’ is.
For example, (((Bill Maher)))… a prototypical member of the Tribe, stated that “Inflation isn’t that bad, wages are rising, unemployment is negligible, and Biden’s ratings are only bad because most Americans live with their head in the toilet!”

Fuck that Hebe fucker…
BTW Here’s a picture of his house:

Somehow, I don’t think his Girlfriend or Wife or Gay Lover (more than likely) does any cleaning. If anything, at 6 Million a year, the dirty fucker has a cleaning crew/maid/staff that does all of it for him.

And this fuckwad wants to tell us how great the country is doing? OMFG… it’s like the tweet from Conan O’Brien who did the anti-Trump Tweet when Trump called Haiti a “Third World Shithole”:

Another fucking Hollyweird Pedo

Guys like him?
I’d love to have the resources to snatch that fucker up, hogtie him, and then drop him over Port Au Prince via automatic opening parachute. Buck Nekkid. I’d literally love to see him get eaten, live on TV. Smarmy little protected fuckers… their time is coming

Sooner rather than later.

And bunkers?
All them assholes building bunkers?
This’s for the Zuckerborgs, the Bezosphiles and the like…

Let me tell you. First off, you need a reliable guard force. Unless you have some video-game/sci-fi shit at your disposal, your guard force? Yeeeeeah… the very second the doors close, you are ALL dead fucking meat. If anything, you’ll be lucky AF to be shot right there, right then. My own personal experiences with asshole rich principles?

Generally you’ve treated us like shit

Which means it’s now payback time.
Like I said, IF you don’t have some sci-fi magic instant kill switch/drug embedded or something along those lines, trust me. Those Army of Northern Virginia or DIA shooters, or SEALs or whatever? Suuuuuuuuuuure they’re loyal…. However long money is worth anything… then?

Unless you’ve utterly earned their loyalty, You’re fucking dead. End of Story.

Add on that IF they ARE actually loyal, well… those of us on the outside? You can gar-ron-damned-tee we’ll be looking for the air-intakes. With a cement mixer. Fill the intakes in, and y’all underground can fight over the last-gasp of O2… it matters not to me nor mine…

And then?

That’s all she wrote.
Except for the epitaph: “Here lies some seriously dumb rich motherfuckers who thought money could buy safety, and loyalty.”

SO… that’s all I got for tonight
More Later
Big Country

47 thoughts on “A Gretchen Update, M1A KIA’d in The Krain a Sad Passing, and a Possible July Collapse?”

  1. Radiation is one thing, chemo is another. My experience with the people I treated is that rads take the energy out of you. The effects are fairly local though. Chemo is a whole body experience with a lot of potentially obnoxious side effects. There’s a fair amount of support for folks getting those kinds of treatments and if you can, contact and prepare beforehand.

    1. Appreciate it man… yeah, fortunately w/ My Lung Cancer, I only had a ‘one and done’ Radiation hit…
      Gretchen apparently is facing the same thing b/c we caught it sooooo early.
      Chemo? Fuck that poisonous bullshit… it’s what took DocDad and turned him into DeadDad. Fucking Chemo is evil.

    2. Mom was smart. Stopped taking the chemo because it just made her feel worse. Then outlived all predictions (max 6 mos predication, lived 2 years and second surgery. Sounds bad by today’s expectations but it was brain cancer back around ’80.)

    3. Go to” The Medical Rebel” on line Dr.Lee Merritt See her thoughts on Cancer Treatments Another Option

  2. Howdy BCE, thanks for the hard work and sacrifice involved in the blog. Prayers outgoing for you and yours. Say, did you make the bear/poodle/piglet memes? I wonder if, as an academic exercise, one could request ai to do a meme like the poodle one, but with a piglet in a stahlhelm with a swastika tattooed on its rump and a leash leading back to washington, with the face of a prominent puppet called olaf? We could use such a picture to rail against regime deniers and doublepus ungood misdismalinformation thoughtcrimes.

  3. “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by him.”….Patton
    Zuck also has the problem of what to do with the guys who built it, they’ll want in, too.
    He’s merely building a fancy tomb, I’d rather take my chances on the surface with the ability to move around.
    Yeah, the fuckers who cause the shitshow think they can hide from the results of their actions. They are fools.

  4. “Just like Rittenhouse, the Enemedia and Ministries Of Lies and Propaganda will spin up every. single. self. defense. incident. and lay it at the feet of “Right Wing Death Squads” or some such shit, all to further the mass banning, if not outright confiscation of weapons.”

    They think they can, but all this will do is get them added to target lists, if they aren’t already on it. They are on my list, right up at the top.

  5. It must have felt datum good to write that screed, ’cause it sure felt good to read it. G-d bless Gretchen and you, and M. Emmet Walsh. Even if he’s about to shatter his orbital bone if he pulls the trigger in that photo (Hollyweird) really don’t know shit about real life physics! Anyhoo, off I go to start my day, with a smile on my face. Thanks BC.

  6. To the german tank crew:
    I heard such news but NEVER is this proved.
    If Russia had them, they should show the dogtags / military passports / pictures including full names.
    Then Berlin will have a problem, not before.

    The same applies to “The Powers will …shut down the internet…destroy the banking system” etc.

    Yesterday I watched Tom Cruise in “American Made” about the drug smugler Barry Seal. In the end he had a lot of evidence in his car. All together. And after he was shot the whatever agency could take it all and bring it to the nearest incinerator.
    Well done – NOT.

    1. IF Russia were to do that then Russians would DEMAND that Russia retaliate against Germany (or whatever NATO country is active there), if NATO were to admit it their populations would get very excited in trying to stop their country starting WWIII and as such EVERYONE officially STFU about it.

    1. WORD. I never trusted that draft-dodging blowhard. His (((son-in-law))) is calling the shots. NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US! Stay prepped. Stay vigilant. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Blue helmets are gonna make xlent targets! Now is the time to update your list.

  8. Bezos was building something underground in West Texas. We were told it was some kind of clock. Yeah, whatever. I didn’t sign the NDA. We found some interesting underground geologic formations that might have screwed up what he was building, which was well underway. The earth doesn’t give a damn about your underground bunkers. Fault lines are plentiful.

  9. Something is going to happen and no one on Reddit knows what is coming. There are plenty of ticking timebombs in the financial markets, all held up by bullshit “money” printing so something will likely cause it to collapse.

  10. BC it is a mission but you have to take care of yourself as well so you can take care of her.

    Been on three of those missions myself. Mom, then Dad then older brother. It ain’t easy. All you can do is expect the worst and pray for the best. You all are in my prayers for Grace, Mercy, Love and Healing among other things

    1. ps my gut is sorta telling me they will put OMB in the top spot to take the fall while the rats abandone ship so nothing big till just before or after the (S)election.

  11. RE: billionaires’ bunkers, their security forces will push the men and boys out the door, then have their way with the wives and daughters (at least, the hot ones)

      1. Ein Volk wasn’t such a bad thing, look where we are now……
        the world is envious of our perfect multicultural society.

  12. Ya know, when the shooting goes down, I’ll be right there with you shooting the pedo/commie basturds, but for the life of me, I cant figure out why you admire our historical commie enemy, the ruskies. I get hating on the money laundering 3rd world krainians and the various sandnigger tribes that hail from the mideast, but why so much love for Putin? That fucker would love to buttfuck the US into oblivion.

    1. He’s case? Seriously?
      HER case..
      Ain’t no dammo edit button,,

      Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.
      Which I clicked on less than two MINNITTS ago..

    2. I’m not sure that folks love Russia and Putin, however it’s pretty easy to see that they’re not wrong in this war, nor in the events leading up to it.
      It’s also been great to see the media caught lying about it, over and over again. “Ghost of KEEEEV,” Snake Island, gold teeth, mobile incinerators, two weeks of fuel left, etc.
      It’s also hard to fathom that Russia is, or needs to be, an enemy of the US. Most of us are now well aware that the USSR wasn’t Russian (((at all.)))

  13. A free fifty and a cupola.
    Ivan is making the new T-100 because he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pronouns or diversity.
    Ol’ Vlad is slowly coming around to the realization of what satanic assholes he is dealing with in the steaming fourth world turd FUSA.
    He has an 8 megaton SARMAT or SATAN II ICBM up his sleeve to burn it all down the best.

  14. We watch a lot of YouTube shows about architecture, house designs, etc. Last night we watched what they were calling the Californication house. This multi million dollar home was in the Hollywood hills and you could wake up in the bedroom looking at Los Angeles.

    Beautiful weather, beautiful view, beautiful home. LA was just ten miles away. The home was for sale and I go the impression they were having trouble selling it. That was just the impression I got.

    Certain kinds of people live in places like that. People that like to rub elbows, people that like to be seen, flashy people. So I said to my wife what would motivate the seller to sell.

    Can you imagine the power out for a month in a place like that. A super wealthy neighborhood ten miles from downtown LA. Maybe the LA area getting only 1/4 of their normal monthly food shipments. Or maybe every three days the water gets shut off for a week and this repeats for a month or two.

    You don’t just build the home of your dreams then just decide to up and sell it. And about the forced seizure of personal weapons. I’m actually surprised they haven’t decided to try that because that would create all kinds of chaos. Maybe they chose not to do that because they can’t realistically game out what would happen if they tried it.

    1. You have called it. There are plenty of straws in the wind throughout LA County. The Exodus has been going on for a long time. I saw it in the 1990’s when I was still a working Peace Officer. And the Hoi-Polloi who stay are surrounded by tatted-up, ‘roided-out, head-shaved “Operators” who won their spurs fighting the Bankster’s wars or graduating from Blackwater. One only has to look at the post on Infowars showing some Venezuelan “refugee” shouting how he and the rest of the Dreck are going to just squat in vacant houses. That should give any suburbanite food for thought.
      Plan accordingly. The invasion has not reached my A/O. But the spike in crime reports from Spokane and the bedroom/farm communities east of there is prima facie evidence that things are starting to go sideways. With the increase in tourism around Lake Coeur d’Alene this summer, the local criminal element and the “refugees” from Inslee Land will have ample opportunities to interact with the clueless Sheeple. Film at eleven.

  15. Great post! Only quibble is you left out the White supremacist “did it” narrative.

  16. Dr. Fallout is doubly applicable in Great he’s case. Fallout is what
    Wonderfully Luscious Boobies DO!
    Real question..
    I keep hearing that Low on ammo refrain.
    With the money We spend on DEfense,, how is that even possible?
    Is the claim of Low inventory for the ammo that would be used to fight from a distance? So boots on the ground is not absolutely necessary?
    Are they Trying to justify an escalation in tactics by saying
    We don’t have a choice?
    I’m thinking that if we keep injecting money and materiel, supporting Ukraine, Putin is gonna get enough and hit Us with, if not a nuke or three, at least some EMP stuff and put America back into the Pre electricity/refrigeration/ transportation days.
    I just hope he understands that the People are not the bad guys and just smashes DC into the smoking pit it deserves to be.

  17. I hope the crisis with the wife works out will for you and here. And to mention Bill Maher and other media/Hollywood shit-skid-marks out there. I was playing poker out in Montana with a table full of shit-kicking cowboys last year. It was asked what do I do (or did) in California–and I replied I worked in the film industry. One of them asked ‘how much money do these actors and TV personalities make?’ I told him straight out–most of the popular personalities (per person) you see regularly on TV and in films “make more than everyone sitting at this table right now–several lifetimes over.” This caused a long pause in the game. I told him that I knew one comedy writer for Johnny Carson who made over $70,000 per week for many years. Another long pause and contemplation. So it comes as no surprise when I see a photo of Bill Maher’s home (a literal Shangri-La with an ocean view). Does a shit-skid-mark like Maher care if his steaks (cooked by personal chefs BTW) cost an extra 50% a pop? Does he give a fuck if he has to pay over $5.00 per gallon to fill his top-of-the-line Mercedes? Does he actually give one fuck if he pays $1o,000.oo a month in property taxes? (probably more than that) You’d be delusional if you think that he did. These shit-stains make more money than God–and they are actually REWARDED with opportunities (acting jobs, book deals, series contracts and so forth if they tow the leftist-propaganda lines (as in dumping on Donald Trump at every opportunity–see Jimmy Kimmel on the latest Oscar trade show). All of this is an industry which is a self-feeding input loop at present. Now some actors are richer than the Holy-Trinity combined (see Kevin Costner and his ilk) and they can (despite being very conservative) call whatever shots they wish still–but this is slowly shrinking.

    Moving on to SHTF…. yeah, the fuck-nuts will do anything to prevent, hinder or completely eliminate the possibility of Trump taking charge in DC once again. This shit-show in NYC and the potential siezing of his assets is being coordinated by the shit-stain behind the scenes controlling president poopy-pants BTW. Its consequences are having effect–in that it is crippling or hindering Trump financially. They don’t give a shit if cripples NYC financially. They don’t give a shit if it causes and asteroid to hit NYC–as long as Trump is thrown into chaos and consternation. All of these legal cases are well coordinated with the identical goals… and that is throw his campaign into chaos and… also shave off a small percentage of ass-wipe-type Republicans who actually still believe are are influenced by the MSM still. It’s a numbers game pure and simple. A slight tilt in the percentages can throw any numbers game (see Kennedy versus Nixon and the dodgy shit the Democrats pulled in Chicago in 1960).

    And if this doesn’t work–yes they will in fact throw the entire country into absolute chaos. Riots. War with Russia. Limited nuclear strikes here in North America. Bank failures. Hoards of (suddenly armed) illegals rampaging on cue. Cyber attacks… you name it and it’s in the alphabet agencies playbook in some chapter now.

    But the sticky part of it is.. have the majority of conservatives (not ass-wipe-conservatives) wised up enough not to believe what the talking heads say (coordinated) on the tubes when it breaks?

  18. Sorry to hear about the illness, have some locals using fenbendazole with great success. If you can lookup “mycancerstory.rocks” about Joe Tippens and his battle with lung cancer, it’s very inspiring. Hope all goes well. God bless.

    1. Ivermectin and Fenbendazole, took it before and after my throat cancer surgery in Dec, no radiation for me, the surrounding tissue/lymph nodes was clean.
      And again, a big thanks to Berglander for visiting me in the hospital.

  19. Hunting Over Bait…
    She leaves college one morning, and sees signs gleefully announcing ‘Protests Ahead’… simultaneously, her telephone announces the potential for an ‘animated, yet mostly-peaceful’ rally.
    So, as a dutiful student, she joins the crowds heading toward the loudspeaker and stage.
    The End.

    1. “.. as she approached the rally, she insured that her hair, her pride and joy, was fully extended in it’s ‘display mode’. Normally she kept her blue colored mohawk, in, as she called it her ‘stowed position’, laying down to it’s side. As being so proud of it, and knowing that to have it in its fully, upright glory was a strike against the patriarchy, she made sure her multi-spawn bio-indexed demi-sexual friend hadn’t missed a detail on her Mohawk in getting it ready for display.

      “How grand a day it is! Fuck these micro-aggressing misogynist bastards. We’ll show them… ” she thought, stepping out, and grabbing a sign to join the protests. No thought was given about her grandfather, who, as an Irish indentured servant at 12 years of age, in the form of a miner in West Virginia, was the very reason and cause of her ability to attend such follies, and had financed her college education up to this point…

      The shot came as surprise. Authorities later stated that it was the 2 foot high, bright blue mohawk that drew the attention of the sniper.

      The .338 Lapua Magnum Hollow point on impact, LITERALLY removed, if not vaporized any and all flesh from the point of impact on her chin (on her neck,) as well as any and all bone, brain matter and skull upwards, towards the the beginning of her scalp.

      Literally, she had been completely decapitated and scalped… killed by a hyper-kinetic magnum weight hollow point bullet, that left no chance for the target in question to survive.

      Later, when he was asked about his Granddaughter’s demise at the hands of what the press started calling a “Right Wing Death Squad/Sniper”, he was said to have remarked “Well, she Fucked Around and She Found Out, Didn’t She!”

      1. This is a story that is about to be repeated all across the nation it seems. Hang in there and best wishes for your Missus full healing, recovery and many years for you two together. Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Hellboy: I said, Hey you, on the other side, let her go.
    Because for her I will cross over and then you’ll be sorry.

  21. Don’t really understand the cement, lets them off too easy, and besides these totalitarian motherfuckers deserve to experience direct democracy.

    So every evening, the good survivors of the shitshow bring over their gallons upon gallons of hot piss to pour down those Bunkerführer’s air intakes.

    Y’all down in your bunkers have a lovely evening, we’ll be back to do it again tomorrow …

    It’s not like they’re going anywhere, so why not make things more fun?

  22. We’re moving to Florida this year from the beautiful shithole Oregon, looking at the gulf side. Any place you recommend to stay or avoid? My old bones held together with numerous plates and screws need warmth and my soul needs more frickin freedom!

    1. Try Crystal River.

      Gets you away from the major cities but you’re still a reasonable run away for supplies.

      Citrus County does have business taxes to deal with, but the level of fuckery isn’t like being in Hillsborough, Orange, or Dade.

      The down side of being on the Gulf Coast? Well, take a look at Cedar Key, it’ll be obvious enough.

      Great place though if you don’t mind the insurance company rebuilding parts of your house every few years.

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