Change 6,523.4 and WHAT Did They Say!?! Plus Sexual Harassment!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No poast last night as we were doing laundry, packing up, whittling down the load… getting ready to punch tomorrow at Oh-Dark Early to beat the traffic and make our way to the Mighty Mississip.

Then about 16:00 today we got a call that was essentially -why- were we coming so early and no, we didn’t need to head up there right now, and that no, this particular appointment could be handled by Tele-Appointment and who told you this? asked the Doc…

Come to find out, MegaThunderBitch Receptionist told Gretch that we had to be there in person. Now this wasn’t one of Docs people, but someone else who assists in the whole co-ordination… I overheard the call, and quite frankly, she was a bitch. Told Gretchen in a rather condescending tone that we had to positively be there for a face-2-face, hence our prepping for a Movement to Contact mission. Once this info was relayed, well Doc went “Doctor Mode” and called up the other Doctor in Question who apparently several knots will be being yanked rather abruptly through the incompetent MegaThunderBitch’s anus in the A.M.

Rather violently from what I understand.

Couldn’t happen to a more worthless festering cuntbag IMO.
Well fucking done Doc.
She deserves everything she gets

So, now we plan on leaving over the weekend. Which means we can meander, rather than torque up there. Just as long as Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #642 gets what it needs, then we’re good to go. I already spoke the boss, and I think he’s actually a bit relieved to -not- have to cover for me, as the majority of the customers I deal with are functionally fucking retarded.

Have a puppy for shits n’grins…

Courtesy of Wirecutter. Link to the story HERE

Now, moving on
Our Current Regime, Leviathan on the Potomac, the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, or leastway those who are manipulating that Dead Motherfucker has condemned the Russian Presidential Election!!!!

Surely you can’t be serious!
Stop calling me Shirley!

“Pot, this’s the Kettle, You’re Black FFS!!!”

Tone deaf much? I am absolutely serious when I say I want whatever drugs those psychopathic lunatics are taking… I’ve dropped ‘cid, hell Grew Shrooms, damned good ones too I might add, Shmoked some outstanding Herb, but whatever this shit that our Self-Anointed Elites are on makes everything else pale by comparision.

IF they sold it or gave it to us mere Plebes, got me a hunch we’d be moar than willing to accept their shenanigans. BUT since they appear to be Bogarting that Shit, fuck ’em. Rotten pricks, one and all.

Then, on the Sexual Harassment Front:

Link HERE to the story
Seems that the First Femal BatCom for the 5th Brigade Engineer Battalion at Joint Base Lewis McChord got shitcanned for being a fucking slut/whore/serial sexual harasser. Now, this story is just now really being heard, but it was published on Jan 25th of the Current Year, and had been under investigation for some time before… almost a full year before… April specifically, and she was ‘fired’ in October of LAST YEAR…

Anyone who’s ever been around a 15-6 Investigation in the Army knows that usually in the cases of Sexual Harassment, it’s a case of the one under the investigation is done. As in “Here’s your blindfold, and last cigarette” done. For those of you who don’t know, a ’15-6′ is Army Regulation 15 dash 6, which is a guide for Officers who’re assigned to root out heresy… err… Investigate possible criminal behavior… Stated as: “AR 15-6 sets forth procedures for the conduct of informal and formal investigations.”

Now, in THIS case, they took their sweet damned time from what I can tell. Mainly, if I had to guess is the “Stunning and Brave Female First” being the one engaging in groping dudes junk and forcing herself on subordinates is a place they didn’t want to go… Looks bad for the home team so to speak…

Just like that first Female Naval Aviator who was the first to be Carrier Qualified, LT Kara Hultgreen was not in any way, shape or form realistically qualified to land her plane on a Carrier, but because “First Female Doing ‘X’ ” she got the top slot…

She subsequently augered in and died while trying to land.
“On October 25, 1994, Hultgreen died when her F-14A-95-GR, BuNo 160390, coded “NH 103,” crashed on approach to USS Abraham Lincoln. Hultgreen was (also) the first female fighter pilot in the U.S. military to die in a crash.”

According to sources: “…that Hultgreen and her fellow promoted female pilot, Carey Dunai Lohrenz, were repeatedly continued through training despite unusually low scores and mistakes that would have washed out male trainees.”

Just like Ranger School.

The First Female to “Graduate” Ranger School was a 34 year old Apache Pilot and a mother of two. She was also a fucking Reservist. Now not bashing the Reserves, but let me tell you, -I- tried to make it through Ranger School while I was on active duty. I was in the Rakkasans and let me tell you, I was in the best shape of my life. I regularly did the “Rakkasan Sprint” which was a Brigade Run done every other week it seemed. ‘Sprint’ was a four mile motherfucker of a run. Brigade Standard was 95% of the Unit at Company Level had to finish across the finish line in 32 minutes, meaning 4 consecutive 8 minute miles.

-I- never fell out of a Sprint.
Reservists, no matter how hardcore they may think they are, are no way in Hell in shape as compared to a 22 Year Old Male Rakkasan.
Ranger School?

Oh yeah, I fell the fuck out. Bet your ass I quit. I know when I’ve been beat. Too tired, not enough food, not enough rest. Literally rained on me nonstop from the time I got there to the day I left. When I quit, and they put me on the chow truck headed to the rear, the rain stopped for the first time in weeks…

No joke, the Sun came out, and a beam of warming, almost loving Sun came down on me and the other two dudes who called it, and started warming us up… it was like God said “Thou shall NOT be a Ranger, and it is good My Son.” Read somewhere a few years after that Big Guys like me hardly ever get through Ranger School… never regretted it either.

But you sure as fuck ain’t telling me some 30 something split made the fucking grade. Ain’t no how, no way, no where.

So, yeah, they finally relieved the slut.
Notice that there’s no mention of punishment?
Probably won’t be, whereas a Male would be making Large Rocks into Small Rocks at Leavenworth.

Jes’ Sayin’

Other than that, like I said, a minor hiccup, but we got it covered. I really appreciate all the feedback and whatnot… The comment that I “drunk dialed Putin” cracked me and Sapper the fuck up… totally great comments. Much appreciated as said.

More Later
Big Country

7 thoughts on “Change 6,523.4 and WHAT Did They Say!?! Plus Sexual Harassment!”

  1. Regarding your final meme-the one thing I really liked about “Man in the High Castle” was how clean the Reich was. And all the people were well-dressed and polite. They shockingly hit the nail on the head there.

    1. Dude that’s so funny I was thinking the same thing!

      Except…she’s had cattle-car loads of dick. And burned the coal too.

  2. Read some of the link. She was transferred to I core. Number 2,male was suspended go figger.

    Read wire cutters story. Yes all customer service should be like that, I to would seek it out.

  3. Another article I saw about the Election in Russia said that when Tsar Vladimir had the post-election Presser, all four of the minor-party Candidates, including the Communist, were with him and pledged to support his government, and Russia in general. None of those guys got more than 4% of the Vote, but they showed that the Election was Real and Fair. Also, in the four Oblasts (Counties) in the Ukraine that are now part of Russia proper, turnout at the Polls was 85-92% – this in areas that are still Under Fire from the ukronazi/Natostan Military.

  4. When I was in Germany, there was a young female Lt. who, when she was brigade officer of the day, would give motor pool guards a through “inspection” anywhere between 0200-o300. You had to make sure you were on your toes during that time, so you didn’t miss the “inspection”.

    I never caught one of her “inspections”, but I did catch some dude taking pictures outside the wire once, during that time frame. Called it in on the radio, and I bet it wasn’t more than 5 minutes later, the Polizei and MPs were on his ass.

  5. The Russians you so admire had female fighter and bomber pilots in WW 2. They did a pretty good job. I actually met one in California in the late 1980’s; a little elderly blonde woman. There were I think 95 Russian women snipers, combat pilots, machine gunners and tank drivers, etc. in WW 2 that got Hero of the Soviet Union during WW 2; one female sniper named Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko killed 309 Germans. Female tank operator Alexandra Samusenko was a T-34 tank commander and the only woman deputy commander of the tank battalion. Here’s one for you; the most senior female sniper, Nina Petrova was 46 when the Great Patriotic War started. She voluntarily joined the army and managed to eliminate 122 enemy soldiers during the whole period. The Soviets had quite a few female fighter pilot aces in WW2. Most of them died in combat, but they didn’t float shit about them afterwards, as far as I know, like we do here.

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