So If I -Wasn’t- on “The List” I Sure As Hell Am Now For Sure…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So… got a wee bit crocked last night…

T’was well past due as I hadn’t had -anything- for a few weeks… not a lot mind you, but just a wee bit, which considering this’s St. Patty’s Day tomorrow, and my former ‘usual adventures’ were usually along the lines of “Epically Hammered” to “Downright Comatose” for the duration of said Holiday…

Lets face it, I earned it this week.

Now, as I am when I’m a wee bit on the blitzed side, I went surfing and found out that there’s a place where you can write the Leader of the Russian Federation itself, Vladimir Putin himself. No shit… The website is set up for complaints, comments, and general inquiries for the citizens of the Russian Federation to ask Mr. Putin to look into certain things.

Historically, this whole premise dates back to Stalin, who allowed people to show up to the Kremlin to petition and ask him ‘stuff’… not for nothing in Stalin’s day it might not go well, but at least the man had a way of having the Vox Populi address him directly… and it seems that VodkaManBad, i.e. President Putin has a modern website set up to allow the common folks to ‘hit him up’ so to speak.

Now granted, it’ll be a flunky or bureaucrat who probably reads and either ignores it, or, on rare occasion, elevates it (the message/inquiry) ‘up the Chain’ so to speak… Maybe to “The Man” himself. This being something that is pretty much non-existent/non-starter in our supposed ‘participatory Representative Republic’… Us ask our Betters and Leadershit a question? The audacity!!!

Reason I know is that when I had an unfortunate run in with the Kuwaiti Authorities back in the day over a Visa issue, and as I was facing a possible lockdown in a Kuwaiti Jail, the now X-Wife contacted our reps at the time… Senate AND CONgresscritter(s)…

Literally it was like 3 months later (after my shit had been LOOOONG straightened out, FedBro being the one who yanked some strings to save my ass…) did we get ONE FUCKING LETTER from the CONgresscreature stating they “…understood our concerns…” and that they’d “…look into it…” All the while when I was looking at being locked up in a Kuwaiti Jail…

No follow up
ZERO Calls or Assistance
Fucking COCKSUCKERS, one and all.

Anyway, finding this, I decided it’d be cool to see ‘what happens’ if I send the Leader of The Russian Federation a note… This’s What I wrote in it’s entirety:

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.

My name is Big Country Expat, a married 54 year old US Citizen and 14 tour combat veteran (as a contractor) of Iraq and Afghanistan.  I served the United States Army as an Infantryman and M1A2 Abrams Tanker. 

I wish to congratulate you on your standing firm against the insanity that NATO and my current government is perpetrating against both you personally, and Russia itself.  I spent a little less than ten years in the US Army (1990 to 1999, Gulf War One) and was medically retired due to injuries in line of duty.  After, I could not stay away, so when 9/11 happened, and my country needed me, I went back into action as a contractor, and did 14+ tours in Iraq,  Afghanistan, as well as working at Guantanamo Bay as well.  I served roughly from 2004 to 2014 +/-.  Some of my positions were like Wagner, and I will say I loved serving and supporting my fellow soldiers.

This was before I became completely disillusioned with the evil that my current Government became, and the evil that is now being perpetrated against both Russia AND the Ukraine.

Both countries, Russia and the Ukraine have a long history, and by all rights should be brothers/partners.

Unfortunately, ‘other groups’ that cannot be publically named have taken control in order to avenge whatever slights that they feel were put against them in the past.  It’s a tragedy for all concerned.  They are intentionally having Orthodox Christians kill each other for their amusement/revenge.

My reason for reaching out to you is that daily, I grow more concerned, not by your actions, but by actions taken and not-yet taken by various other Governments.  The ramping up of hostile rhetoric has me plainly afraid.  The French (cheese eating surrender monkeys, how I loathe those people) seemed to not have taken a lesson when Your Rodina utterly crushed Napoleon back in the day.  The Germans also seem to have forgotten their lessons as well…  You’d think that Kursk might have taught them a lesson, and the utter failure of the Leopard 2 in combat must have Guderian rolling in his grave… (Unlike most Americans, I’m highly educated on the realities regarding who did the ‘heavy lifting’ in what you call “The Great Patriotic War Against Fascism”.)

Currently, My fears are that you may be forced to take extreme action.  Like as in “Glow In The Dark” Satan Level Action…   And if so, well… as we in the Infantry would say, and pardon the language, but “Shit Happens.” but I’d REALLY prefer for this NOT to happen.  This email itself will probably have me hit as a traitor as the Retard-in-Chief, our “Theoretical (p)Resident” or rather the people pulling the puppet’s strings have no tolerance for going against them or speaking out against their agenda…. to them?  I’m a bug to be squished.  You, however have to do what is best for you and yours… 

That being said

Please find attached a picture of my two Grandchildren: 

The oldest is Kylie Rose, now age 6, holding a picture of her newly born sister Adriana Grace, now 2.  Addy was born that morning, and Kylie got to see her for the first time via the tablet she is holding… the purity and love on her face says it all….  They are My World, and I would literally do ANYTHING to keep them safe.  -I- would destroy anything or anyone who would bring harm to them…

I beg of you Vladimir Vladimirovich, that IF you have to go to ‘extreme measures’ to stop the Metastasizing Cancerous Evil that NATO is currently involved in, Please just make sure you go after the people at the top… as the old maxim states: “When the Elephants fight, the Grass suffers.”  Unfortunately, myself and my Granddaughters are the grass…

Do what you have to do, but if you can, leave folks like me and my Grandbabies out of it.  Turn D.C. or Paris into a glowing gopher hole of a crater… it matters not to me nor mine…  I and a lot of us in the states are good with that… we utterly despise what this country and its “leadershit” has unfortunately become.  We just want to be left ALONE.  What’s even worse?  I gave the largest part of my life for a lie and an ungrateful bunch of greedhead scumbags who should be hung, rather than dictating things that could get me and mine killed…  That’s what really hurts….

Again, I thank you for your kind attention, and wish you well.

Best Regards

Big Country Expat
United States Army (med. ret.)

Nothing yet.
Neither from the Russians, and I figure IF I’m going to have a Q&A with the Feds, it’ll be on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Which hey, Nothing I said is false amiright? Might be some shit about ‘aid and comfort’ but man, considering the amount of legit terrorists our current leadershit has been ‘assisting’ getting INTO the country en masse, they got nothing to hit me with.

Now the funny thing about the website.
First, I used my real name. A lot of you know it, but still, I changed it out for whatever lil OPSEC is left out there, and two, when I -did- put my name in the boxes (patronymic and regular name) it wouldn’t take it until I translated it to Cyrillic, which was pretty wild.

If you’re feeling a bit frisky with the whisky like I did last night, the webpage is:

Like I said, it may or may not be ignored, but Hell…
As the song goes “Shake the Foundations” whenever, and however you can.

More Later
Big Country

33 thoughts on “So If I -Wasn’t- on “The List” I Sure As Hell Am Now For Sure…”

  1. I wonder what the fall out would be if say a couple thousands or hundred of thousands of American citizen did just that? Would our disesteemed non-betters’ take notice? Would we be fighting over who gets to sleep closer to the coal burning stove in our disciplinary barracks? Do we even get a tread bare cotton blanket? I am giving it some thought about also submitting a query to Vlad. Hell, what’s one more list to populate?

    1. I have done some weird/epic things while drunk but this is right up there with me own events.

      I will first give it some thought but feel why not write,perhaps we can get through this insanity with minimal damage,heck,DC gone actually just a win.

      I will say we are living in “interesting times”.

    2. I suspect they would IP block anyone else submitting a letter after the first few thousand.
      I snore , and i prefer the top bunk… So i wont hold it against you if kick my bunk from below.

  2. Darn it Big, we that visit here are now on the list too!! In for an Penny in for an Pound I reckon.

  3. Well Patriot Thank God We Live In A Democracy And Not A Communist Dystopian State Like The Russians And Chinese Do!!!1!!1!1!11!!!

  4. Interesting. Good sentiment. I too would like it best to be left alone. I pay as much in local taxes as in federal taxes. And the bill is much too high for the paltry amounts I use.

    Not sure what to do about it. But something needs to be done and I am sure we cannot change anything at the ballot box.

  5. Somewhere near half a century ago, when we were being urged to “Write our congresscritters”, my brother made the point that whether you wrote one sentence or a manuscript, what you’d get for your effort was a checkmark on a tally sheet made by some office flunky. And that was the best you could hope for. It is obviously so much worse now in these end times.
    As for your getting a “visit” by the gestapo, maybe, maybe not. Can’t be any worse than your post on how to build the flamenwerfer. None of it is like trying to blow a whistle on Boeing now, is it?

    1. Some years ago, during one of the Obama Regime’s attempt to get an amnesty bill past I wrote to my Congressman Ric Keller and he personally got back to me by email and told me that he would never ever vote for amnesty.
      A decent guy, who then lost re election to Alan Grayson, one of the worst cretins to serve in Congress.

  6. I have begged Vlad to Sarmat the next joint meeting for years… never answers my prayers.
    Don’t sweat the feds, they already KNOW we want them dead. The roads always been two-ways.

  7. You did that Drunk? That is some good writing.
    You said
    Nothing I said is false amiright?

    Well, thank Gawd we haven’t seen the truth fail as a defense,so, you’re Obviously safe.

    Side note,, let’s say rather than firing off a few bombs, they opt for some high altitude EMPs.. And just drop kick us back to the early 1900s and watch what happens.
    What would happen to Bitcoin,et al?

    If someone did launch a nuke and didn’t aim it at DC, I would be wondering why. It doesn’t make sense to poke a needle in your foot if you’re trying to lance a boil on yerAss..

  8. You Sir, are a wordsmith. It must have been fun as hell to serve alongside you on deployments.

  9. I am of the opinion that if Vlad carved out a chunk of his largely empty country for Whites who were fed up with the bullshit in America, they could get a bunch of people to move there. I would consider learning Russian to get away from the hordes of colored folks that are rapidly taking over what used to be our country.

    1. There was a one shot (ie memory holed) article back around 2022 that Vlad did just that. Picked part of Russia and said they were open to white Christian immigrants that were fed up with their own country.

    2. If you aren’t already aware, look up the Volga Germans. Eventually the same thing happened to them as most other non-assimilating minorities.

      1. Lost my grandmother’s relatives who lived on the Volga…they all got “shipped” to Turkmenistan in 1941.
        While the idea is tempting, I’m not Russian and can never be Russian. We can’t run forever.

      2. Ironically, the people most responsible for fucking the Volga Germans were from the ultimate non-assimilating minority.

    3. Arthur, It’s not a bad idea at all and another group would be just as welcome in Russia.
      What country was the “test bed” decades ago for all of this “multiculturism” BS ?

      South Africa and the whites desperately need a home and they are AWESOME farmers.
      The country soon to be formerly known as Ukraine has some of the best farm land in the World.
      Need farmers, bring them in but Vlad must insist that everyone has to integrate and learn Russian (No press 1 for English BS like here).

      Also someone asked “ehh what are the Feds gonna do if you speak out” ?
      Umm poor souls in DC on Jan 6th anyone ?

    4. There’s a you tube channel by a Canadian farmer who moved to Russia.
      Apparently he’s not the only one.

      I suspect that after the 2024 election is stolen, and the Biden Regime goes balls to the wall tyranny, that a lot of people would do so. And that Putin will provide political refuge to Americans who would benefit his country in some way. He’ll accept the makers but not the takers. And it will also most likely be restricted to those of European descent.
      Russia actually has a demographic problem, and it needs to up its population in the far east especially, Red China has their eyes on all that.
      Imagine if all the conservatives left, the people who actually work in private industry and pay for all the government employees and free shit for the migrants, right out of Atlas Shrugged, but in the millions. And we all moved to the new Gaults Fully autonomous zone.
      The US would be Zimbabwean less than five years.
      A fellow can dream.

  10. Very eloquent BC thank you for doing that for all of us. Some of us will join you in that activity. Still praying for you and yours may every day be Blessed for all of you.

  11. So when Boris and Karl from the Russian Mafioso arrive one evening fair, BE NICE, they may be there to do you a kindness. Of course, be cautious as well, but BE NICE FIRST!!!!
    LOL Hope he reads it, I posted a letter to him on my blog back when BEFORE the invasion of the Kraine, apologizing for the asshats we are currently encumbered with,,,, Of course never heard jack, who cares,,, I am sure if there is a post with his name in it, someone over there has read it and may have forwarded it to him.

  12. Pretty sure I could not have said it any better, would love to have a letter like that where everyone could sign onto it, kind of like a class action.

  13. Well done and well said sir! I hope your message rings some bells in the Kremlin. I also hope you receive a reply even if not from President Putin that your voice was heard.

  14. Sir that may be considered as Expert Level FedPoasting!! Sadly it’s the way many of us feel. If DC were nuked tomorrow the majority of US citizens probably would not only not give a shit, we would feel relieved. I’d laugh my ass off if VodkaManBad decided to publicly read excerpts of letters he received from Americans. It would drive the Blob and our “leadershit” nuts. We need to make this a viral campaign of Americans writing “sorry about the fucktards in DC, please don’t nuke us. But if you have to, make it DC only.” And to the Feds snooping here. Fuck you, we consider YOU to be the traitors against the people and the people’s Constitution!!!

  15. Fear not, oh literary genius you! There is a lot of vodka to be passed around. There is a website, written by a guy from Texas, who became an Orthodox priest. He gives explicit instructions on immigrating to Russia-and yes, white folks is welcome.

    Many Europeans have moved to Russia with their families to escape LGBTQ/Trans-whatever, etc. Lots of people from Norway, France, Sweden, Germany, England have simply said enough to insanity and moved. The Russians under Vlad have taken in South African farmers and their families who do very well. The priest does write about what it takes to immigrate, the process, money requirements, language, and you can’t push the homosexual agenda. He immigrated with his wife and 8 kids because of the insanity we all experience. He was diagnosed with cancer 2 months after they moved, and the Russian government took care of his medical needs. He also covers various areas, has some film shorts on how places look, and talks about small towns versus Moscow or other large cities. It sounds a lot like the US in the 1950’s. Anyway, have a look.

  16. I have to say, BCE – you write more eloquently when drunk off ‘yer ass than most of us do stone cold sober! I’d also like to compliment you on how well you captured the feeling that far too many of us have, that is cringing at what this country has become, versus what we believe it should be.

    As for worrying that this will get ‘ya on a list? Hell, either you’re naïve enough to believe that you’re not on a list already, or as I tell those around me that worry about such things: If you’re not on a list already, you’re just not trying hard enough. 😇

    That said: this might have gotten you onto one of the shorter ‘special’ lists. 😉

    When it comes to it – be the reason that *they* can’t sleep at night. 😈

    There will come a day when such achievements will be a Badge of Honor… …probably sometime after the last Commie within our borders is made good, and stories of patriot’s exploits are recounted in awe around campfires. Such is how one achieves immortality the old fashioned way: by earning it.

    It’s a shame that there isn’t a FOIA request that would give you info on exactly which lists you *are* on. Now that could get interesting…

  17. P.S. – as someone that lives *just* outside the blast radius, I still say: Go for it!

  18. BCE – Excellent Letter, My Thoughts exactly- but what I have hopes for, is that Tsar Vladimir the Bad will ‘Follow Through’ on a comment He made last Year, to the effect that if it comes to the point where Russia has to ‘Clean Up the Mess’, that the “people who are Responsible” will be taken out. He didn’t use the ((( ))) around ‘people’, but I and a lot of others have Noticed (‘Noticing Intensifies, yo’) that if one Reads Into what the Russians have been saying, they are Very Aware of (((who))) the Problem is. And (((who))) is directing the HaTe at them, and ‘in Control of’ The ukraine (borderlands).

  19. Dear Vlad,
    Khinzal, Poseidon and Sarmat Satan II ICBM.
    Let them know what fear really is.
    Shaken and stirred.

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