Mom, BBQ and The Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I never catch a break. Took one night off on Wednesday, and then last night as I was settling in to give you the ‘Usual Harangue’ and try to get caught up on current events, the phone started ringing.

Like immediately after Jeopardy…
No Star Trek for me I guess.

Mom took a header. The LifeAlert folks were calling to tell us. It took a good 45 minutes before we finally got ahold of Dad to get the skinny. Now, we weren’t just sitting around during this… I started calling around to various EMS Call Centers to find out which Station took the call, and if they’d transported her and where… After 30 minutes of being bounced around, I got a guy who told me Yes, they had transported her to the hospital BUT

Due to HIPAA, no info would be provided.

Mother FUCKER.

I tried nicely to explain Dad is a cripple for the most part, and he didn’t know which hospital she went to, nor what the status was overall. Fucker on the phone wouldn’t budge.


By 20:30 I’ve loaded the car, and we’re doing a Thunder Run to The Villages (98 miles one way) to see WTF is going on. I only made ONE quicky-stop on the way at Lowes as Dad’s shitter has a bad flapper valve, and I figured since we leave next week for Doc up in Mississippi for Gretchen’s treatment/surgery, I’d knock out fixing the shitter while I was there. I was supposed to fix it on our last run, but we ran out of time… I mean it needs to be done before we leave for a month or so amiright ?

Then, we got there and the neighbors had all gathered at the ‘rents house, as they do when an Ambulance and Fire Truck show up. The whole neighborhood is made up of 70-80 year old Boomers and Leftover Greatest Gen kids like Dad (born in 1932? I think). They’d showed up, and we found out that not only did she get transported, but she had raised so much Hell they discharged her with Prejudice.

Put her in a wheelchair and left her at the ER entrance…

Seems the reason Mom fell to begin with was mixing a Big Ole Glass of Vino with her pain meds and she dumped herself on her ass. When the medics showed, they did the standard eval. As she also wasn’t making sense and couldn’t answer simple questions, they took her in. Now the problem is Mom hasn’t been doing well in Ye Olde Mental Department since her second ClotShot. Severe degradation of her Mental, especially later at night, and after a glass of wine or 4.

Mind you she’s been forbidden from drinking, but ignores us.


Soooo since they were probably going to give her a mental eval (which we’ve been practically begging her to get and she flat-the-fuck-out refuses to do) she raised Hell ’til they threw her the fuck out. They’d (Dad and the neighbors) had just gotten the call to come get her ornery ass, when we showed up, literally as they were getting prepped to drive and get her. I made the executive decision to send the nosey Parker Neighbors all home, had Gretchen get prepped to fetch Mom, whil I grabbed all my shit and gear out of the car. I then went in and laid it out to Dad that –something– was going to have to fucking change.

I mean I got enough shit on my fucking plate to deal w/my Woman having fucking cancer y’know? This shit will not stand man… I got too many ‘things’ to juggle. Mom has been forbidden from drinking and yet she still did so… In fact the last trip up there I told them both to be on their ‘best behavior’ and be exceptionally careful as we’re leaving town, and ain’t nobody gonna be there to assist if things drop in the pot.

In fact Gretchen called her younger brother in North Carolina to tell him, and let him know that HE needs to step up in our absence… to which he said “Well, I gotta work…” i.e. AGAIN he ain’t doing shit…

Again: Mother FUCKER!

Same thing happened when we were living in Tennessee… Her oldest brother, Fuckstain has been completely disowned due to being a fuckstain, and I got a hunch Lil Brother is going to be looking like he too, is headed in that direction. The last time he came for a visit, like almost 15 days, he spent a total of 2 days, maybe three visiting with them, the rest partying with his friends in Clearwater, and didn’t do shit around the house to fucking help out…

And there’s always something that needs to be fixed… fucking light bulbs needing changing, the aforementioned toilet, hell… I have a LOOOOONG list that I chisel away at when we go up there… hell, besides the shitter, I also had to change the batteries in the fucking doorbell as Dad was getting irritated that every time Amazon or -someone- rang the bell, as the computer voice would start bitching about the batteries being low…

Side Note: To do that particular job, I raced to CVS to get 4 D sized batteries at like 22:45… Fucking things were no shit, $14.00 plus tax!!! Not even like the good ones, just plain ole Duracells!!!!

SO I managed to get everything done
By 0100.
We got home at 0230.

And I then went into Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #624 two hours fucking late because of it. Normally I start at 0700… It Pisses me off b/c I’ve been working 10+ hours a day lately to get ‘ahead’ on my hours, as I don’t want to burn any vacation time. Bad enough I had to use 16 hours when we had the plague around this here bitch Aye?

I have no idea what the future holds with Gretchen and her treatments, so better to keep as much vay-kay time on hand, rather than waste it. Thankfully my Boss is Da Bomb.

Now… to get back in the groove so to speak, just a few items that caught my eye this past couple that I haven’t added my 2 cents on. One that had me LMAO on is the whole “Haitian Cannibal/Riots” thing going on…

Haitians Gonna Haiti I guess…

Now I did spot one thing in a pic of Ole BBQ and His Bois:

Guy on the left?

Zoomed in…
An M-14A w/the Giggle Switch. And TBH it’s not in bad shape actually. Full Auto M-14? Yeah… utterly uncontrollable according to “Gun Jesus” Ian McCollum. His video on it:

It’s only a 5 minute vid, but Ian pretty much calls it uncontrollable. Fucker climbs to the sky with the felt recoil. Considering the average IQ of a Haitian is lower than Forrest Gump, got a hunch that M-14 is more of a noisemaker than a serious defensive/offensive weapon.

Reminds me of a story I read about some guy who fought the Simbas in the Congo in the early 60s. Seems the savages put the sights at Max Elevation on their AKs (1000 meters) thinking “Higher Number = Better” so the few that were actually using the sights were in no way capable of hitting the broad side of a barn, never mind their intended target. They might have hit a Sputnik or two…

I think it was Kim DuToit who says regularly “Africa Wins Again.” Fucking Rhodes scholars amiright?

And the whole ‘eating each other’ thing?

I believe it was one of the members of the British House of Lords back in the day (1800s +/-) who said something to the effect: “The Black Man will never achieve Equality in the eyes of the White Man until they (the Blacks) learn to stop eating one another.”

No shit right?

Word is they (the Coast Guard) –might– try and intercept any boats filled with Edible Refugees and send them to Gitmo. TBH it’d be a pretty good plan, as there literally is blocks and blocks and huge amounts of shuttered and unused housing and barracks there. When I was working there, I lived in a hurricane proof bunker-style house with thick assed walls, reinforced windows… hell, I think it would have shrugged off a nuke honestly. The guy I shared the house with, we were the only guys living in that particular neighborhood. Like 100 suburban hardened houses, and not another person in sight…

VERY Creepy… had us some “Walking Dead” vibes going on with like no one else in the immediate area…

Plus there’s already a lot of Haitians there that are already part of the ‘local work force’ so to speak. Between them and the Jamaicans, they’d fit right in…

Of course if they can restrain their urges to kill all the Whites and/or eat them all. Jes’ Sayin’.

Then, on other things, The Krainians did a border crossing, or at least that’s what THEY said they did. The end result being over 300 KIA, 3-4 tanks and 3 M2A2 Brads taken out, a Caesar Self Propelled Arty Piece, and a pile of “technicals” all smoked for a bad P.R. stunt gone wrong. Technicals being a regular pickup or civilian vehicle that people arm up with (usually) a Heavy Machine Gun, or in more radical cases, a rocket pod:

That’s a Soviet/Russian MI-8/MI-24 UB-32 rocket pod that fires 32-2.2inch S-5 rockets mounted on a Toyota Hilux, the preferred Insurgent Mode of Transportation/Improvised Weapons Platform. It’s also utterly retarded.

So they went, mostly to bolster whatever P.R. bullshit they could, and per usual, got their heads both physically and metaphorically handed to them.

The latest intel I’m also gathering regarding the Krain is about France wanting to re-enact Napoleon’s Dumbasshattery, i.e. go up against Russia, on Russia’s terms. Word is that big missile strike on the Airport Hotel wiped out a LOT of “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys” and hence, the imaginary and nonexistent ‘Honor of France’ is at stake. Considering Frog President Maricon is no where even 1/100th of the man or tactician that Napoleon was, I’d say they’re only going to get their collective asses kicked. Again.

I mean for real…
Fucking France!?!
The above A.I. Pic is rather appropriate isn’t it?

Then, other intel is that out of the 14 Challenger 2 Tanks that the Brits gave to the Krainians, there’s only 7 left operational. Parts and repairs are apparently not readily available, and at least three of them have been flat-out smoked like cheap cigars.

There’s also a pretty embarrassing video on the Brit news ‘The Sun’

…where the Krainians get a Challenger completely stuck like Chuck in the mud… The link is HERE. The Platoon? Company? Commander of the tanks states that the Challenger is “…overly heavy and underpowered” for the terrain.

There’s also RUMINT that the company that produces this turd, Vickers Defence Systems has come out behind the scenes practically ordering/begging the Krainians to stop publicly discussing the tanks shortcomings, as “…it’s bad for sales.”

Things being how they are, at this point it’s pretty obvious the entirety of the war was to line the pockets of the various DotMil Arms Manufacturers and Contract Companies (per usual), allow the DotGov scum to launder all that sweet, sweet foreign aid and kickbacks, and let the Jews have their revenge on both the Russians and Krainians for various ‘slights’ dating back a couple of hundred years or so…

I mean for real… why people don’t wake up and look at the main players involved behind ALL the shenanigans… Jews one and all, and it’s Orthodox Christians slaughtering each other at the behest of the Big-Nose-Small-Hat Tribalists…

Goy Versus Goy, just they way they like it.

And for stating that rather obvious lil factoid, I’m an evil Nazi, as opposed to the real Krainian Nazis?

No wonder things are fucked.

And lastly, word has come out that the Boeing Quality Control Manager who blew the whistle and then rather conveniently ‘committed suicide’ the day before he was supposed to give even MOAR damning testimony to the Corrupt Corporate Greedhead Culture where Boeing put profits over safety?


Seems that he stated to a bunch of friends “If I get found with a bad case of the ‘deads’, Know that I did not kill myself.” Shades of Epstein methinks. Worst part is, they’re not even trying to hide the blatant bullshit that they keep getting away with…

And they will continue to do whatever the hell they want to for the interim as the majority of people just don’t care anymore. They’ve managed to beat us down to being flat out Apathetic. As long as –MY– ricebowl isn’t being fucked with, and I got food on the table and the Grans are taken care of, I just want, like everyone else, to be left the fuck alone.

Until it’s no longer like that.
THEN shit starts getting, shall we say? interesting?

So, sorry for Missing a Day or Two.
I’m Back now, so More Later
Big Country

47 thoughts on “Mom, BBQ and The Krain”

  1. You are likely eligible for intermittent FMLA. Query your HR folks. Take it if you are eligible.

    1. Appreciate it… already set it up, but my understanding is FMLA doesn’t kick in until AFTER you use up all your Vay Kay time…

      1. Not quite true. FMLA protects your job, but the company CAN make you use PTO if available. After that, it’s unpaid, but up to 12 weeks job protection. You would probably need medical certification from your Mom and Dad’s doc.

  2. BCE, Sorry about the in laws, I know how that is. My MIL is a pain in the ass who has MS and even though she has a mint in the bank refused to have a caregiver. She kept falling down, hurting herself and tried to hide it. We got her an Apple Watch that will auto dial for help if she falls and doesn’t click the button in a minute. Well she always clicked the button. She also was too weak to fix herself meals and was very under weight.
    After the 5th time EMS was called, my wife, her sister and me had a sit down with her. She was told either she got a caregiver or we were going to get her declared incompetent and she was going to a nursing home. She finally relented and my sister in law forced her to interview 4 candidates and she had to pick one. She did and since then she’s been eating well, no falls and she is a lot happier and healthier.

    I told her during that conversation “I get that you want your freedom and you are an adult and can make your own decisions. However if those decisions effect OUR lives, then we get a say. In addition if you can’t care for yourself then you either have to get a care giver or move to an assisted living place”.

    I know you don’t want to and can’t deal with the BS of it all BUT you can petition a court to have them declared incompetent. That’s the “nuclear option” and there will be forever hard feelings if you have to but it took that threat for my MIL to finally accept getting a caregiver and you guys may be forced down that road.
    Good Luck and I’m praying for Wifey.

    1. Thanks Jimmy…
      Yeah, I’ll be putting moar out there later, but the latest now is they want US to move in and become the caretakers for them… Told Dad that Gretch would probably kill Mom within two weeks… can you say “Night of the Pillow?” It’s unfortunate and I really dunno if I have the mental strength to become the full time caretaker… I mean I worked in a nursing home as a CNA when I was 15 on the ‘terminal ward’ as in -I- was a male, and therefore had to ‘bag and tag’ people and take ’em to the fridge until the fam could claim the carcass… these were some folks I had gotten to know -really well- and sure as fuck put the ‘zap’ on my head at a young age…

      1. No, just no, on you taking more responsibility on you and Gretchen, for now.

        Not until Gretchen is totally recovered from the boobectomy and the reconstruction, which will be over a year from now. No, I’m not kidding. Unlike strippers and porn stars, real reconstruction of the titties is a royal bitch, involving inflatable funbags to stretch the tissue after it’s healed from the core removal. Unless they’re doing the rebuild at the same time as the removal, which probably won’t happen.

        Gretch will feel, physically and mentally, like complete shit over the removal of any of her boobs. She doesn’t need to be in the same county as her decompensating mother.

        If, and only if, you and her are both totally healthy mentally and physically should you even contemplate said move, and only if the house has separated quarters, like a mother-in-law or servant’s suite that is separated the fuck away from the main chaos.

        Trust me on this one. This shit will ruin a marriage and your health quicker than anything.

        Especially if the ‘rents are of the type to play you and Gretchen against each other for shits and giggles. And guess what, mentally hosed old people get crafty as fuck in the ways they play little mental fucking games that just fucking ruin your life.

        Been there, done that, we and our marriage only survived because the olders became deaders before they could totally destroy us.

        And, hint, watch out for ‘promises’ that the oldies want Gretchen to make as to daily, weekly, monthy and final preparations. Because those ‘promises’ will mentally fuck her up and she’ll go crazy from it, and you being strong man will be the one to catch all the shit.

        Dude, stay sane and stay away as much as possible.

        There should be caretaker services available around The Villages, maybe with their own weather balloon capture systems (every time I hear “The Villages” I get reminded of the tv show “The Prisoner.”) Talk to their primary care physician’s office to get some recommendations. And then check them out. Be better for all involved until things on your end stabilize.

        You. Don’t. Need. This. Shit. Right. Now.

        Godspeed and good luck.

      2. Pillow therapy. It’s a thing 😀
        Oh, and regarding those Duracells? Helped dau with 5th grade science fair project years ago. Duracells won by a mile.

        1. No Shytte Aye? Vox Day’s “Night of the Pillow” cometh sooner, rather than later…

    2. Man. Sounds like gretchen is the only one worthwhile in that whole clan. Sorry you got stuck with a shit sandwich BCE.

  3. I have to say, BCE – you are indeed cursed to live in interesting times.

    I’ve learned to appreciate the boring relative calm between times of frantic panic in my world. I pray that some day (hopefully, well before you achieve room temperature) you get a chance to get bored for a while. It does a body good every now and then. At least, that’s what I try for. 😉

    Keeping you and yours, especially your lovely wife – in my daily prayers. Every little bit helps.

    It may be a while, but I’ll be hitting the ‘Donate’ button, at least after I get last year’s taxes paid off and can pay down the CC’s used in the most recent couple of bulk freedom seed purchases. Prayers will be ongoing regardless. At least they aren’t paid for on a ‘per use’ plan. 😉

    1. Thanks Brian…. I really appreciate it… Boredom? OMFG I’d kill just to have some time for myself… I haven’t hit the range in going on 8? 10? months right now because something ALWAYS comes up to fuck things up. Only good thing is that Sapper has a Mantis Training system we’ve been using… 9mm and 5.56mm… I’ll probably do a review on it shortly… problem is it’s just NOT the same as live fire…

      1. Bro, BCE–Mantis ain’t as good as live fire, for sure, BUT: you’ve got heavy incoming 24/7 seems like. Clear the headgear out first–get the caregiver stuff squared away–practice shooty later. Your aim and trigger squeezins are GTG even 8 months out.

        PS Been thru all you’re navigatin’.

        Tip: once the better half gets the “Big C” conquered and her front-end reshaped, chances are good that the Oncologists and Docs will recommend that she gets her estrogen levels like down to near zero–since this prevents reoccurrence. Her meds and diet will do this.

        Like my post-Big C breast cancer VICTOR did, her estrogen levels are low. It’s a whole new ballgame then–personality changes drastically.

        Jest remember that covenant: “…for better or worse…for richer or poorer….”

        Been with her 56 years and ain’t giving up on my VICTOR yet.

  4. Sounds like life is giving you some lemons. Parents can be hard to deal with. Lucky mine passed before they became to befuddled. I am sure you will be able to deal with it. As to the Haitians, not sure how that will play out. I will say that the odds of Trump actually getting elected are very long, not that I want the other outcome, I just don’t think we can vote our way out. The deep state exists and they really do not want us to be able to affect anything they do not allow.

  5. Old friend was a Vietnam vet said he learned to turn the M14 sideways and let the ‘rise’ pull the shots along the treeline.

    1. sssshhhh, Jeff. …while true, don’t fuckin’ tell everyone. shit.
      And, Big – prayers for you and yours everyday as always. Be safe, brother. When you can, a couple beers and big pot of chili will help you fix you. Stay strong.

  6. Dayaaamn! We all have a full plate now and then, but dayaaamn, you’re REALLY pushing that metaphor. There’s good advice in comments above, good luck. My 89 year old MIL lives with us, broke her hip doing prohibited, stupid physical maneuver, it’s hard to be kind and sympathetic when they KNOW BETTER and do it anyway. We’re kind and honest realists, that’s good enough, she understands. We joke and laugh everyday.

    1. We got one with us, she is 86. A handful to say the least. Holds a grudge for every thing we have done for her, knowing full damn well she can no longer do for herself.

  7. hang in there. I shepherded my parents through the medical mainframe to their great reward: dad with bile duct cancer (2018); mom with temporal lobe dementia (2020)

    you’ll find out who in your family is a fuckwad and who’s an angel

    I did my best to make their last days as dignified and comfortable as possible

    big pharma did as much as possible to inflict suffering on them. i can’t imagine anyone facing off against modern medicine with nobody (unhospitalized) advocating for them

    1. The suffering is inconsequential to them. What pharma/med world is trying to do is drain the bank account and estate before the patient dies.

  8. You have may utmost sympathy for your ongoing troubles. I went through this with mom over the last few years and just wrapped up her estate. One of the things that made life easier was being her Power of Attorney. Any time she needed a 911 trip first thing the EMS crew got was a list of current meds, Drs., Medicare #, a copy of the POA which included a HIPPA release letter and her declaration of DO NOT RESUSCITATE/ INTUBATE ! (she had this in caps, double underlined and highlighted). This saved a lot of time and aggravation. We made up multiple copies of these and updated as needed. The most important thing though was the HIPPA release. You need to make sure that not only you ,but also Gretchen and Sapper are on it along with your contact info. Still praying for you.

  9. You guys seem to be trapped in a negative energy vortex. Knew a guy in college like that. He and his family were constantly jumping from one crises to another. We called it a black cloud back then.

  10. The Ukraine cross-border attack was very odd. Supposedly it was a UKR SOF op. One story says it was to sow fear and discontent on the eve of the Russkie presidential election. That sounds dumb and there are many non-kinetic options for doing that. Then there is another story that points to a high value “thingy” some distance away. In any case it went very badly for UKR. Sorry about all the stressful events you have to deal with. Keep on keepin’ on. When you are going through hell, KEEP GOING.

    1. The only victory the Ukes can get are fairly useless PR victories. Sink a shp, blast a dam, shell a nuke plant. These are all showy successes, but won’t do anything to help win the war. They are designed to keep morale and funding high.

      1. And as seen, what’s now being called “The Tik-Tok Assault” resulted in 500+ irreplaceably trained Special Forces troops plus a bunch of Polish and US Mercs who got wasted too. And the Polacks and US guys? Probably sheep-dipped “Army of Northern Virginia” (ANV as I call ’em) guys or whatever Langley is calling their ‘off the books’ gunsels.

        Then, add on all irreplaceable gear, to include ANOTHER M1 Based Engineering Vehicle (ABV I think it’s called… the Assault Breaching Vehicle) as well as one of the last Leopard 2 Based Tank Recovery Vehicles??? Never mind the 4-6 T-64/72s and 4 M2A2 Brads that got smoked.

        They literally crossed the border to film Tik-Tok vids, uploaded them, and then got positively obliterated/slaughtered to a man by the Russian
        Home Guard… Krainfeld is going to end up doing the “Ceausescu Carioca” if’n he doesn’t step away from the Brazilian Dancing Dust…

        What a fucking waste, pure and simple

  11. They’d (Dad and the neighbors) had just gotten the call to come get her ornery ass,

    Suddenly that privacy stuff just didn’t matter..

  12. You were right to read the riot act, BC. Some old folks will walk all over you with their BS if you let them. Pull your brothers in too. Remember:



  13. BCE, to be honest I am of course worried about Gretchen and her surgery but I am also worried about YOU !
    Being under constant stress like that is horrible for your health and can cause cancer or stress.
    You catching every bug that comes by is a sign that your immune system isn’t that strong these days.
    I know that all of your focus has to be on Gretchen and taking care of her but try to take care of yourself too. Take some vitamins and keep an eye on your blood pressure.

    My sister is married to a real asshole and she is under constant stress between him and a high stress job. Her cancer keeps coming back.. she seems to beat it then it comes back. It’s the damn stress she’s constantly under that is doing it and I’m worried that that will happen to YOU !

    Please try to find some stress relief for yourself. One man can only take so much.

  14. The variety of weapons the Haitians are toting around is dizzying. I saw a guy the other day with a Ruger Mini-14 and that Barbeque dude with what looked like a Galil with two mags not taped back to back but held together with shrink wrap. WTF.

  15. 1) Haiti is cursed by God to continue to be exactly as it is today. Shouldna et all the missionaries and their evil messages of salvation and not shitting in your water supply. The brits in the 1600’s said “Island of gaunt small black men prone to killing and eating any who visit. Do not land here.”
    I’ve been twice, both pre-earthquake and Pre-UN. It’s worse now. It was horrifical before.

    2) I had a perfectly good brother suddenly get allergic to visiting my parents when they got sick and started the decline one at a time. He about was ready to hang himself out of guilt after, but that’s his goddamned problem, IMO, sympathy being somewhere between Shit and Syphilis in Webster’s… I have another brother got his spine mashed, ended up my parents’ caretakers for their last 10 years, all of which were in the decline phase for first one and then the other. By the time it was done, my brother, who was a rock, had destroyed his career, had a nervous breakdown and then went to rehab shortly after the last funeral.
    3). My wife’s an Alzheimer’s nurse, and has that weird gift where she can get through to those 7-foot tall retard strong severe autists, too. Some people have the caregiver gene, and many of us don’t. Those without pay in blood and spirit to do the work.

    4). Dude, you have so much on your plate, and your wife too. I know, everyone knows, you need to focus on yourselves more right now more than ever. Might be good to talk to someone about strategies to get family off their ass more, to take the load off yourselves… to that end, I’m 100% sure that The Tractor Factory has an Employee Assistance Program as part of the insurance benny package. The twinks at the insurance company jizz their jeans when someone actually uses it, but one of my guys out here did it after his life absolutely went in the toilet at home and he got into a small argument about crew change which turned into him seriously considering to jump in the ocean and try to swim 4 miles ashore in 34 degree water. The EAP exists for a reason and even if it’s just getting a social worker you don’t have to pay to make some phone calls and think of ways to get shit done for your parents that don’t involve your time or money, it can really be a decent resource.

  16. Take good care of yourself as Gretchen is going to really need you. Take it from someone who has gone through this, she is going to have some really big emotional swings. Just be there and be her support, the rest of the shit will straighten itself out.

  17. Brother, am I understanding this correctly, you’re expecting a brother in law to go house sit your people? That’s bold.

    That’s off the charts bold.

    M 14. Believe that’s an M14 E model, zipper switch still installed.

    Rumor has it I own some where’s between 6 and 13 of those. Haven’t seen em in awhile, they’re in an airtight in a semi trailer on one or more ranch’s.

    Mind you the selectors are removed, not a big fan but their 3083 are battle field accurate and we’re cheap when I got them back in the 70s, out of the back of Shotgun News.

    Went to the BM 59s and BM 62s, shoot much better Italy used em as their alpine troop rifles, compact mine are fixed stock, not the folders.

    Right behind the FN my fav vintage 308

    Regarding the M 14 I could be wrong I’ve literally NOT looked at my pile in many years. Call em a rainy day surprise for a f group a commie knuckleheads

    1. The Brother in Law is Gretchen’s brother, and the parents are THEIR parents. Mom and Dad are NOT mine by blood.

      So, YEAH I full fucking expect these douchecanoes to step the fuck up

      I’ve been carrying all the water for them… hence my fury at the situation, as I know when M&D cash in, the Two Lazy Brothers are going to show up FULLY expecting a full cut of the boodle. Me? I DGAF. No idea if there is anything to be had, however…

      It’s just fucking WRONG on soooooooooooo many levels for ME to be expected to do all of this. Bad enough Gretchen would have been utterly fucked if I hadn’t come along…

      I just can’t leave them to rot away, no matter how fucking ignorant and stubborn they get… compared to my X-Demon-In-Laws, these people are gold and treat me with respect and love, despite my blatant and obvious fucking retardation and flaws.

      1. Copy, and ok, your world, your call.

        I guess that’s where we differ, I don’t expect anything from anybody.
        If I didn’t earn it, I’m not expecting it.

        Keep the money keep the beach house or the mountain cabin. It’s just “ stuff”.

        What’s truly important is your wife your kids, the littles.

        I’m getting up there in age,,,, closer to 70 than 60. I do not expect my children my grand children to drop their lives their kids for my needs.

        Although my daughter has volunteered to take care of me later she tells me I get my own dog house, she will feed me with a sling shot, provide a water spicket for my daily cold water hose bath.

        While I’m amused, I absolutely believe she will follow thru with her plan on caring for ol dad.

        End of the day, might not be a bad set up for me.

      2. My bad, I did not grasp these were wifeys people, my brain read it as your people.

        BCE, relax you have what’s important already, a wonderful wife! Money means nothing. You have it you spend it, you don’t you focus on the really important life’s issues.

        I’ve walked in similar shoes, if I didn’t have it, I made it. The absolute reality is “ stuff” can be gained later.

        The love the exceptance of your wife’s family is truly a blessing. Embrace that not the extra work.

        My experience is people, relationships are always a lot of time and extra effort. Just how it is sometimes!

        I truly enjoy the twists and turns thrown at each of us.

        Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself that I truly am retarded and I laugh. What else is their

  18. you have way too much family drama. we all got our shit going on. and, no murikan is gonna do fuck all about this country and the mess its in. ya get wat ya fuckin deserve as the joker sez. we are too fat too lazy too stupid and gettin too much free shit from uncle schmuel. quit bitchin about niggers and kykes. get off yer obese ass and show us how its done. you mil types can take a flyin fuck. not one of you saved my freedom. it wasnt lost anywhere in the world but here. give yerselves a parade. that Esop fuck can be the bandmaster. Tfat was right.

  19. The one thing I spotted right away about BBQ picture was not the rifle but he had the appearance to be the Haitian version of Zelensky. Then I started looking at the photo closer. I’m not a graphic artist or computer nerd but is the picture even real? Just wondering.

  20. BCE, Sorry to hear the bad news.
    I had cancer surgery Dec 18th at Huntsman Cancer Center in SLC, UT for a radical tonsillectomy. Went kayaking in Oct in the Tetons, had a sore throat and went to the ER, they told me I had HPV throat cancer. Hit me overnight, and grew a lot in the next weeks. They removed my right tonsil, partial upper palate and back of my tongue, 2 hours of robotic surgery in my throat, then 2 more hours to make an incision under my jawline and remove 30 lymph nodes, all negative for cancer. The next 2 weeks were a living hell, I spent 4 days at Huntsman, then came home and thought I was going to die choking to death with slime in my throat, I literally could not breathe and my O2 plunged down to 160 the first night home, got an O2 machine and bounced back. Spent 4 weeks with a feeding tube up my nose, was feeding myself Boost and Ensure with a large syringe. Lost 30 lbs, from 170 to 140. I’m now back to 160. My younger sister (former RN and cancer survivor) came over from ID and took care of me for a month, she fed me food and meds every couple of hours all thru the night and saved my life, I couldn’t have done it on my own, I was trashed from the pain meds for the first 2 weeks, totally out of it. She went home and I had to take over the process, still groggy but pulled thru. Aside from a new malformed throat, I’m doing well and cancer free, will get another scan in July to confirm. I was walking 2 miles out in the badlands not long after surgery, am hoping to go backpacking in July for my 70th birthday. Getting my kayaks ready for paddling in May.
    The reason I’m telling you this is because you need to get rid of all the extemporaneous shit in your life and dedicate every moment to taking care of your wife when she comes home from surgery. There will be no interruptions or sloppy preps tolerated, she needs 100% perfection from her caregiver. And you have to be ready to do that. From feeding, to pain meds and helping her get to the bathroom and Dr. appt’s, etc, etc. Having just been thru this, I can’t emphasize this enough, a friend went thru the same operation I had a month later, he spent 2 weeks at Huntsman, crashed twice and then he had 2 crazy Karens looking after him when he got home, I’ve heard nothing from him, hope he’s alive.
    I wish you all the best of luck and hope everything turns out positive, I wake up every day and know I was one of the lucky ones. Want to hear the same from you.

    1. Semper Fi, you’re on my prayer list brother. And being a Marine, I have no doubt you’ll live a long and angry life, like me…
      Big, I could not agree more with what SF321 said. Brother, your love for your missus warms my cold, bitter heart. I understand your “affection for her girls” – but… two things:
      1) she puts up with (o.k., tolerates) your retarded ass
      2) “girls” notwithstanding, she is a beautiful lady… you are batting way the fuck over your average…
      That said – and please hear me clearly – there is absolutely nothing that takes priority over her in your life right now; and the sooner absolutely everyone around you – family, friends, assholes like me who read your scribbling – fucking everyone – can fuck right off until you and your lady are out the other side and doing well.
      Still, always in my prayers, brother. At this point in America, I pray for all of us. Even Dirk. …ha ha
      Except for tfAt. Oh, fuck it, praying for tfAt too, what the hell.

  21. Hey BCE, sorry to hear about your troubles. BTDT. Lost both parents, Father-in-Law and almost lost my wife in a 14 month span that started 2 months after we married. That period ended 14 years ago but has never really ended. I have the same but different kinda jacked up family dynamics on one side too.

    I know you’re gonna do what you gotta do with regards to taking care of your people. No arguments there. Real men do that. However, remind your hard headed ass that sometimes you gotta take a breather. I’m not talking a two week vacation if your nose gets outta joint because the Tard in the drive-thru through didn’t give you the right jelly for your biscuit. I’m talking about 30-seconds of staring out a hospital window and not thinking of anything before you go back to the CICU waiting room where you can hear your prescription druggie sister chimping out at everyone from 100 feet down the hall because she’s over stressed and doped outta her mind right now. This is immediately after you, alone, walked back for the neurology doc consult to sign the paperwork to take your mom off life support.

    Sometimes it’s just a pause long enough to talk to a complete stranger. It takes your mind off the fresh Hell you are in. Sometimes you meet some unknowing Angels along the way. I’ve had people tell me stuff that, even though they had no idea how much whatever they said helped me, it gave me the fortitude and energy to get on my feet and take that next step when all I really wanted to do was run for the hills and hide in a damned cave. Sometimes it was just to hear someone else’s story that made me think, “Damn! My troubles are nothing compared to what this poor person is going through. If they can hang, ain’t no damned way I’m going to puss out.”

    Do what you can to help. Know where to draw the line and stop. Never be afraid to walk away. You can NEVER reason with irrational people. If you have to deal with parasitic toxic people who aren’t helping and are only in it to gain something, break it off in their asses as quickly and brutally as possible. I find it to be one of the joys of life when I get to go all unrestricted warfare on some deserving scumbag. If your gut tells you to set their head on a spike at the city gates, listen. If you don’t, I guarantee you, they will try to put yours on that same spike sooner or later.

    On a practical self care note, look at getting you some MAGTEIN (aka. Magnesium L-Threonate) and Lithium Orotate. I have found they help immensely with coping under stress. They don’t come with all the weird messed up side effects of SSRI’s, Benzos, or other prescription dope your doc will try to put you on. They’re both OTC nutritional supplements. You don’t get high or feel numbed or have brain fog. They simply make you feel with less stressed so you’re able to function without getting torqued around the axle of futile stressed overthinking. I like the NOW Foods brand for Magtein and Advanced Research for the Orotate. Before some idiot pops off about the lithium, yes I know that the prescription form of lithium is dangerous and cumulative high doses are toxic. This isn’t the same compound and it’s not at anywhere near a big of dose.

    I wish you and yours well. I’m praying for you all.

  22. Great points, the truth is I don’t see these communist fucks getting thru the next election.

    WW III, will kick off in an official capacity their is no way the communist admin scum can allow Trump to spend on day in office, he will flip the narrative, the EU the left simply can’t allow that.

    I read just this morning that MUSK has stated out loud that if team Trump isn’t elect, we as a nation are finished. He clearly states this is a pre meditated move, and I agree.

    Where I’m headed with this is the following, get your health your legal affairs your family important stuff squared away now,

    Once this bullshit tees off, the responsibility to prove what you own, what your family gets is and will be your responsibility.

    My wife’s headed to Norway to personally tell her aunts uncles cousins, the family they have places in the US to weather the war.

    Their going to need a reasonable safe heaven to hold up, the EU is about to experience a third world war on steroids I believe we here in the US will also

    Then to Scotland to invite the rest of our family.

    Make sure you shits in one sock, teeth other needed medical work needed, get it done.

    Isn’t it obvious exactly whom We The People SHALL be fighting.
    These wetbacks other shut birds will be the fighting arm of the dem party, with the blessings of DC.

    Tic Toc friends, Tic Toc!

    I’m volunteering at the Reno Nv Veteans Guest House 500 vets thru here every month, More often than not the conversation flips to exactly the direction the time table of this nation. Frankly the topic is fascinating to chat with from WWII vets to sand box guys.

    Th we men all have a plan.

    What’s interesting is zero chatter regarding their groups and friends, most have mentioned time and again that if one is in an organized group you already have five snitch’s and five more real feds.

    I find that observation by guys 100, down to 18 to be fascinating

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