The State of The Union

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

‘Nuff said.

Still sick, Moar tomorrow I hope. Not as achy, but now got the bubble guts goping… sinus pressure is down too. Problem is, both Gretchen and Sapper got it now and are pissed at me over it…

Hey man, can’t help it.

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9 thoughts on “The State of The Union”

  1. He’s got the totally black reptile eyes tonight. This has all the makings of a dumpster fire. We’ll see. I wonder if the speech will get ripped up tonight? As they say, politics is theater for ugly people.


    PS: Get well.

  2. Not watching SotU at all. Watch Jeopardy, then turn the TV off and watch my wife crochet.

  3. If you really got sick at the midget games, it shouldn’t be a big deal and you’ll get over it in a little while with just a small amount of inconvenience. I know you’ll rise above it.

  4. The state of the union is pretty much like your life has been for the last several years. One constant shit show and donors money being used to fund the show for who knows how much longer.

  5. I watched the sotu till he started railing against free market success stories. They had him juiced to the gills. His wife looked like a lizard as did he. Took a page from Hitler pounding on the podium. Little froth at the mouth. Keep repeating mainly due to mush mouth. Hear him tell it he is the savior of all of us. Pshaw. Was hoping he would bust a blood vessel. No such luck. Maybe next time. We are not voting our way out of this.

  6. Dude! You’ve been out too long! You better not die on us! Mo Fo, worrying me like this…
    AND I hope you, Gretchen and Sapper are getting better. Reluctantly, I add, take yer time getting well, but do get well.

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