I’m Sick as a Dog Everyone

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
That Midget Wrasslin’ I went to? The crowd? Someone there was a plague carrier methinks. I started a bit of coughing on Monday, but the pollen was so out of control, (the car is green right now as we speak) I figured it was the allergies kicking in.

Tuesday, I got to hacking, and started feeling achy.

Today I punched out from Glorious Tractor Factory #206 ‘cos I was puking and hacking so much… Even the soles of my feet hurt. I’m even taking the day off tomorrow

So some memes to keep y’all entertained:

More Later

10 thoughts on “I’m Sick as a Dog Everyone”

  1. Pollen is hellacious in south Louisiana and has been for a few months. I got shit that won’t get out of my lungs for a month and a half now. Hit the inhaler 4 times a day. Mucinex helps.

  2. Flu strain B tore through our house in ETN last week. Had me on the couch for a week, still recovering!
    The diarrhea was the end, but it lasted 48 hours!
    Hang in there Brother. Motrin and Campbells soup….

  3. I get to go see that midget wrasslin’ in 6 weeks way up on the Iron Range here, the wife just got ring-side tickets.

    Hope there’s no Typhoid Marys at the venue.

    And the world doesn’t end first, she also got tickets at the casino in May for a midget comedian.

    She knows I’m always tickled-pink to see them little fellers…

  4. Unacceptable, Tiny. You are getting too many of these. I was too but I am back on Grandma Filthie’s Highballs: 2 vitamin C’s, 1 D, one E… and you’ll get your immune system back up on par.

    I just had one damned flu/cold after another up here and it was really pishing me off. I think it’s because of all these turd world monkeys that are swarming in. They have no immunity, most have the hygiene habits of a gibbon, and who knows what they spread when they chit on the streets. It pays to be prepared with a fortified immune system these days unfortunately…

  5. Ghost pepper spicy, Hmmm. Someone around here gonna do anything about it?
    After reflecting on past ghost pepper spicy events,,,,,,I doubt it!

    I love all of you, sadly I have zero faith in any of you to engage in other than tough talk, swagger.

    Yea, me to

    BCE, I’m not jamming you, but all of us pissed off Americans who will take their freedoms given by uncle sugar while raising only our vouv s, nothing else.

    I’ll close with this you all are am good men. You already know the rest


  6. Sorry I wrote this while at a Jefferson Starship concert, Marshall Tuckers up nest, I’m hoping the music gets good, 600.00 for killer seats., starship absolutely sucked.

    I’m not holding out, last summer MT, was pathetic.

    This is my wife and me’s 40th wedding anniversary


    1. Happy anniversary to you and the missus, Dirk. Maybe I’ll gift you a membership in the “Jedburgh Academy”… sorry, sometimes i can’t help it…

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