Short Poast, Some Good News, and Some Bad, and Death to the Heretics.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Good news:

The test that tells us that Gretchen has to get a masectomy? Nope.

No tit choppin’ here thank God.

The bad news?

She –might- lose a half to a cup to a full cup in size. The lumpectomy is going to suck, purely. Problem is, in order to keep symmetry, the other tit needs to get hit and reduced.

Which is a stone bitch as naturally, the tit with teh cancer in it is the smaller of the two boobs by half a cup.

That means overall, a potential full cup ‘chop’

For a chick that’s like the Kiss of Death.
Gretchen as “The Hair Diva” is a kick-ass six foot amazon with some huge assed-titties. For sake of clarity, for those of you who have donated, with her permission, this is what we’re fighting for men!

That’s a pic she sent me when she was dating me… 49 years old.

DAYUUUUUM! is all I can say.
Despite giving birth to the ‘Spawn of Satan’ AKA DumbCunt, for a fifty-ish woman, she’s got no drag nor sag, and no stretch marks. Fuckin’ unreal and I’m the luckiest sumbitch out there.


I totally dig her emotional breakdown. I’m trying to be better about handling this, but to be honest, my bedside manner was along the lines of “slap a band-aid on it, it’ll be fine.”

We’ll get through it.

And as far as the fucker(s) talking shit about me?
Well, fuck it. I sent this to JimmyPX a great commenter and awesome dood who’s DM’d me some support and shit… he had a pretty good explanation of the haters, namely Jealousy.

One of the Seven Deadly Sins
Which in this case has potentially fatal outcomes. My response to him:

Thanks for the kind thoughts Jim.
I will state this, at the risk of FeadPoasting: If my wife suffers ANY deleterious effects from these fucksticks trying to sabotage my fundraiser, I swear to you that I will hunt every. single. one. of. them. down. and have my revenge. I’ve killed better men in Iraq.

These cowardly know-nothing basement dwelling morons have NO IDEA what wrath I am capable of. As stated, IF Gretchen suffers, I will make it my end-of-life mission to UTTERLY ERASE those who interfered, to the point their families become fair game. If I have to s-q-u-e-e-z-e Torba personally to get their IRL info, I will…gleefully.

FAFO indeed.
Notice formally give, no quarter asked, nor given

Ball is in their court.
Please, continue to be assholes.
I haven’t killed anyone since late 2006.
I’m behind on my quota of fuckwits, lackbrains and douchecanoes.

So More Later and My continued THANKS and LOYALTY to you ALL!
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Short Poast, Some Good News, and Some Bad, and Death to the Heretics.”

  1. That is good news. Wife went through similar stuff some 4 years ago. She was able to keep the girls which are plenty IMO.

    Glad you have good news.

  2. My wife had her’s preemptively cut off due to having the gene for it and all women in her family get the the big C. I feel ya man, but also just an fyi they can do reconstruction with belly fat, and that’s what my wife did, she was happy she got a skinnier belly at least. But I still miss the nips.
    Good luck to you both sir! I’ve been praying for ya

  3. Did the cancer two step scare with the Pretty Wife a few years ago. They spots ended up being micro calcification and were removed and biopsied. Longest three days of our lives. I’m glad there was some good news for once for you and yours. Please review the 5 year survival numbers on lumpectomy versus mastectomy. Prayers as always.


  4. This has to be terrifying for Wifey.
    For a woman, her breasts are signs of her womanhood and it’s rough to face what she is.
    But, it is amazing what plastic surgeons can do with breasts and once the cancer is gone she could have new and improved breasts.

    I swear that I and I know many reading this will give more money to help cover what the insurance doesn’t if it comes to that

  5. Check your provider but often if you only get a lump taken out of 1 they will pay to get an implant in that one to bring it back to same as the OEM one. I’d check if its an option.

    1. This.

      A friend’s wife had a double mastectomy, and she was nearly flat as a board to begin with. She ended up with an upgrade to some fine looking B cups and is mighty proud of them after the fact.

  6. Losing a bit of a boob in exchange for one’s life is a small price to pay. Seems she has plenty to spare anyway you lucky turd. Don’t let the idiots control your emotions, that’s what they want. Be cool.

  7. She has plenty to spare.
    Foobies can be rebuilt better than most parts.
    I know it’s hitting a female right in the “These are mine!” feels but there are much worse things that can happen to any of us.

    Continued prayers for your sweetheart. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  8. Not to put down Gretchen’s wonderful assets, but a little reduction might not be a bad thing. As she ages (God willing), less strain on the back, and less sag. Just something to consider.

  9. so, not such a small club, unfortunately. my bride was diagnosed about 6 years ago, and just recently passed the 5 years without / done with tamoxifen daily routine.

    she is small woman, with a nice handful, so the lumpectomy was mercifully small. made no difference in her appearance at all. the only thing the tamoxifen did was tamp down her interest in fun times a bit, and glad to report that’s in the rearview.

    the thing that kept me sane was simply getting a bead on the enemy, and going all-in on research to really understand exactly what was happening and what to expect as the diagnosis progressed. it made a huge difference in avoiding the situation becoming a helpless panic, which I’ve seen happen – not pretty.

    i know you both will get thru this, but be patient. sometimes it all seems to be like a chinese water torture slow, and sometimes the opposite. you’re a great husband – there really should be more.

    alt comms sent other means. prayers and thoughts for now.

  10. I understand your need not to FedPost, but so many keyboard warriors don’t understand their own deeds can, and will, have consequences. Good Luck not burning down the forest around them, but keyboarders don’t deserve your mercy, imao…

  11. 2nd to the woodman. Pretty woman down the street had to have hers reduced due to the load on the back. Bra straps were actually cutting into her shoulder She’s pain free and much happier now without the constant backache. She was very open about having it done. Side note: docs found a precancerous growth and took care of that at same time. It did not show up on the mammogram

  12. Wow, spectactular…shame that they might get smaller, but as others have posted, there are options to restore their greatness.

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