Let’s Try That Again, Gretchen Has Started Treatment and More Dead Tanks

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bandwidth? Server Space limitations… something didn’t let me put up Pinky and her Lil Fren throwing down last night, so here’s try #2:

We’ll see… it’s less than 400 meg of data… the limit is theoretically 3 Gig, but it’s DiveMedic’s house, so it may be limited.

If it didn’t work, there is some stuff on YouTube you can pull up if you want. MicroWrestling… what a hoot. Then again, I figured it out… it kept getting stopped on the upload at 84%. So I edited it and trimmed about 45 seconds off it… not the cleanest job, but hey!

Now, Gretchen starts her initial treatment in the A.M. Just some meds and whatnot but she’s freaked out.

As they say, Shit just got for reely reelz.

Before the whole “I got Cancer” thing just hadn’t hit home so to speak. They’re starting her on tamoxifen, which is good to fight boobie cancer? She’s all upset ‘cos the side effect is weight gain and edema.

I remember when I went through my realization. Big difference is men are wired differently. For those of you who didn’t know, I went through Lung cancer back in 2011. Missing half of my left airbag. “Depleted Uranium has no deleterious side effects. It’s perfectly safe!” said the DotMil and Dot Gov…

“The battle damaged tanks are wrapped in heavy plastic so as to avoid possible radiological contamination IF there is ever any issues over this” they said.

This’s my ‘concerned face’…
And do those look ‘wrapped up’ to you?

Any wonder I have serious trust issues with EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING the fucking DotGov tells me!?!?!

Little did I know that there was a wee tumor forming.
Ah well… it’s now up to me to give aid and comfort to my woman. It’s what we do, or leastways should do.

The fundraiser is still up… hopefully we’ll be good… that fuck on Gab who put a dent in it by saying I am ‘grifting’ and that Gretchen doesn’t have cancer… I so want to know who he is IRL so’s I can make a personal attitude adjustment on him. Fucker claims to actually know me… fucking lying sack of shytte. His handle on Gab is (PureBlood)OverMountainMan with the @natsassafrass tag. Also known as “Miserable Cheetopenis Basement Dwelling Fuckwit SmoothBrain”

Gutless know-nothing fuck
Whew… sorry… Feel free to ask him just who in the fuck he is to make up shit about this, potentially endangering my wife’s life and our ability to insure she gets treatment. It pissed me off so bad, I sent Wirecutter and a couple of other bloggers Gretchen’s diagnosis paperwork. Fucker declared war? Yeah, I’ll give the fucker a war…

So yeah. https://www.givesendgo.com/helpthehairdiva
It is what it is. I do thank you all for everything and all the support. And for letting me vent… Gotta remember to NOT FedPoast.

One last Krainian Klowncar Update. We all saw the first M1A #1 that was made into roastie-toasties:

Now we got two more pics. This one here, M1a #2 is one that got a “mobility kill” and the crew abandoned it before the Ivans droned it to death:

Turret to the side, SOP for a “get the fuck out of Dodge” situation. Blow out panels intact. You can see ALL the hatches, to include the driver’s hatch open where he bailed. See… if the turret is directly over the front, it’s nigh impossible for the driver to bail, as the way it’s designed, the driver has to go out when the turret is locked to the rear in the ‘travel position’:

Another angle… also, NO reactive TUSK side armor panels like on M1A #1 up there… those are the big boxes on the side:

M1A #2 doesn’t have them as you can plainly see.

Now the other thing about M1A #1 is the Krainian Klown Kids Klaim that M1A #1 was recovered, and driven home… which I call absolute bullshit on. Which then makes me question this picture:

That is what I’m calling Kill #3.

Further out…
It’s another catastrophic kill.
That ammo bustle you can see that it totally blew the fuck up and out. In fact, you look closely, you can see that the blast door is open.

Bad luck there Aye?

The Krainian Cheerleaders have been saying that this’s the same tank as M1A #1. I call bullshit. Look at the sides… there’s no TUSK armor on it. And from experience, those who say they went and took it off? Again… first person experience from Kuwait. You. do. not. fuck. with. Toasty. Reactive. Armor.

There’s a reason I had E.O.D. on speed dial #1.

Lightly crispied exposed-to-fire reactive armor tends to be “grumpy”… just like some of the Battle Damaged Bradleys we had come in, with linked 25mm HEDP half cooked… shit was potentially nasty with attitude… so to say that they removed the TUSK package aftyer it got smokes? While still within range of Russian Drones/Arty and whathaveyou??

Pull the other one.
So by –MY– count, thats three Abrams smoked.

They also got the Abrams Chassis Based M1150 Assaults Breacher Vehicle:

From the look of it -something- penetrated the left front where a BIG fuel tank is… the trail of fire behind it says to my eye that it got breached by -whatever- they -tried- to put it out, but oops. “You are a No Go at this station”, and scratch one very expensive state of the art Engineering track.

Going to be interesting too know that the Krauts got completely caught out planning missile shenanigans, and also exposed the Frog Troops and Brit Troops actively engaging in combat when they ain’t supposed to…

Got a hunch about that and I’ll do a write up tomorrow.
More Later
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13 thoughts on “Let’s Try That Again, Gretchen Has Started Treatment and More Dead Tanks”

    1. OK DM! Thanks for the heads up. I ended up editing the size of the file, and it seems to have worked… no biggie! Appreciate you!!!

  1. It sounds like there is concern that the latest loss is going to open the floodgates come spring and Zelenskyy is worried about hanging from a lamppost, as he should. We can only hope.

    1. No dude Russia is losing gorillions of men, they only have two weeks of fuel left, and the sanctions have destroyed their economy.
      The Ukes will be brunching in the Kremlin any day now after the Ghost of KEEEEEEEV sweeps the skies of the last Russian COTS drone!

    2. What i have learned from watching the war is:
      1) tanks look cool and give you a false sense of security. Good for showing off your might to frightened civies.
      2) tanks burn really hot, you don’t want to be in one when that happens.
      3) drones and missiles turn tanks into crematoriums.
      4) if a 20k missile or 10k drone can kill a 10M tank thats a good return on investment, even if it takes you 10 missiles its still a good investment.

    3. The Russians won’t hang Zelensky, they will use him to hang USA neo-cons, deep state Pobah’s, politicians and high level administration and congressional figures.

      As to your dick head doubter? The dogs bark but the caravan rolls on! Let your many great friends fight this one, focus on the important fight and keep your spirits up!

  2. According to General Aesop this is all unpossible and you’re all a bunch a Putler choad chuggers!!!! 😂👍

    Tell G to have courage and keep on truckin’! 👍

  3. Just some positive info about Tamoxifen, First the bad news, my Mom had stage 3 breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes, She went on to have a full mastectomy of both her breast, Now for the REALLY GOOD news, her doctors placed her on Tamoxifen and it killed ALL her cancer, She has now been cancer free for over 30 years, Do all you can to support your wife, and let her know that Tamoxifen can work wonders!!! PS, don’t forget the power of prayer, when things look the darkest having a belief in the the Lord can work miracles!

  4. I think these assholes on Gab are jelly of BCE.

    Before the “BCE is a grifter” these same assholes were saying “BCE is a poser who wasn’t even IN the military, all of his stories are BS”.
    Then BCE posted pictures of himself proving what he said was true and those assholes said nothing, no “sorry bud I was wrong” and crawled back under their rocks until Wifey got sick and then started up the “BCE is a grifter” bullshit.

    I think that they have lived their lives in their Mom’s basement and if they ever were in the .mil were clerks pushing paper in the S1 shop. BCE being in the Army and later working in the Middle East as a contractor combined to being married to a pretty sweet woman is too much for them hence jelly.
    I just say that they are cowardly assholes and we should ignore them.

    1. BC, my wife just finished up chemo in the beginning of November. They went all in and gave her Rituxan plus 4 chemo drugs. She got hit every 3 weeks for 9 months. It was rough but the week before Christmas the Doc told us “no sign of cancer anywhere”. Tell her to listen to the nurses in the infusion center. Eat right, sleep, avoid stress as much as possible. Most importantly keep a positive attitude. Got to have a Rocky Balboa mindset.
      As for you you’re gonna be her corner man. Your attitude will be just as important.
      Gonna have to help her with everything. You guys will make it.
      It will bring you even closer together.

    2. Thanks for the kind thoughts Jim.
      I will state this, at the risk of FeadPoasting: If my wife suffers ANY deleterious effects from these fucksticks trying to sabotage my fundraiser, I swear to you that I will hunt every. single. one. of. them. down. and have my revenge. I’ve killed better men in Iraq.

      These cowardly know-nothing basement dwelling morons have NO IDEA what wrath I am capable of. As stated, IF Gretchen suffers, I will make it my end-of-life mission to UTTERLY ERASE those who interfered, to the point their families become fair game. If I have to s-q-u-e-e-z-e Torba personally to get their IRL info, I will…gleefully.

      FAFO indeed.
      Notice formally give, no quarter asked, nor given.

  5. On other topic. Read the book you had a couple of days ago. Better than I expected. What I would expect from a nerd who only half believe shit was sideways.
    Another good one, not like this, was The Very Last War. On Amazon written by a guy who designs weapon systems. Would we had someone like his fictional president. But good read. Wm. Hawthorne is the writer. Grab a copy as it will make you happy.

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