Well I wasn’t Too Far Off in My Prediction…and Some Funnies

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So the Stuporbowl finally finished… I mean man, the hype this year was far beyond anything I can remember in the past. My call, if you remember was:

Chiefs 42, Other (I don’t even know who they’re playing) 38, with some oh so close calls and a last minute WIN!

Big Country’s Prognostication, January 31st

I was a wee bit off…
Chiefs 25, 49’ers 22.
One point off the spread that I guessed.

Thankfully that particular shitshow is over.

Now that all the ‘current thing’ i.e. the finale of the National Felons League for this season. Not sure what’s next? Is it baseball? Not even sure these days as I just DGAF.

Never been into any of the sportsball.
Initially it was because I was a D&D geek.
Then, as I grew up (literally) and started getting fuckin’ swole, the Foozball Coach wanted me to play. MomUnit forbid it, as her concern was potential lifelong issues from physical damage.

She sure as shit had no idea what the Infantry was going to do to me 5 years later. Pretty sure she was right though. If I had dinged myself up doing Foozball, I wouldn’t have been able to go Army. Hell, the only reason even entertained the idea was to get the social cred I so desperately wanted.

Fat lot i knew back then. In fact, we all entertain ourselves with “if we could go back in time, and tell ourselves something” believe it or not, it wouldn’t have been anything regarding social issues/whammenz.

I would have told my young PFC ass not to party, and use te money to buy a franchise.

What franchise you ask?

If you were a smart young Private in 1990/1991, you would have bought in on a Self-Storage franchise. You want to talk about a license to print money? Imagine setting this up at your first duty station, letting it start building revenue, and then when you PCS, you expand.

By the time you get done?
Twenty years? 4-5 PCS’s?
Yeah. You’d be a rich motherfucker

I myself in 10 years, was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Hood, and Germany. The time at Knox doesn’t really count… and I don’t count OSUT either. But at least two locations? And then after getting out with 10 years? Roll the $$$ over and head to another DotMil post (maybe Bragg?) and wash, rinse, repeat.

I got a fren who’s retired from the Navy. Full on Chief of the Boat. He did 25+ years and then retired. HE went and every place he was stationed at, HE bought the house he was living in. He invited me to his second retirement party/Christmas party(we met working together at a call center). It was a great time.

Small aside. I took Sapper with me, as Gretchen had a mad migraine. We got there, and I think I wrote about this in the previous blogg, I got hit on by some chick. She got to asking me about my politics, and since I’m married, and she was an obnoxious liberal (she let me know that early on), I decided to kind of obfuscate, as she was a fren of Chiefs. She unfortunately wasn’t having any of it, especially after both Chief AND Sapper let her know I was a pretty well known blogger… she just had to et to the bottom of it.

So, I gave her what she wanted:

Her: “So what are your politics? They must be interesting as if you have that large a following…” (at the time I was at 20k a day readership)
Me: “OK… well… To be honest, I’m a NAZI.”
Her: “Whhhut!?!”
(Sapper who was present, choked on his drink… double nostril shot… blew Mai-Tai all over the table…)
Me: “Yep. Full on NAZI. Sieg Heil everyone!” (Mimes Roman Salute.)

You’d think that would’ve ended it.
Fucking Whammez these days…
Sapper said he could (metaphorically speaking) hear her ‘sploosh’ with the ‘want the bad boy’ monkeybranching.

I had to tell Chief not to give her my number.

Chief? He had sold off all his properties (at the height of the market bubble) and then had his dream house built. I’d say it was ANYONES Dream House. Like the garage has an underground Motorcycle parking area with his Harley Collection. It also has an elevator to put his wife’s Porsche 718 convertible coupe up towards the roof so her SUV (Range Rover) could park below it.

No hate, just wish I had his foresight and mad financial skills.

Fell asleep mid writing last night.
Now, where was I?
Ah another prediction looks like it may be coming true:

Next thing we’ll hear is that he’s “retiring due to health issues” and then quietly announce a few weeks (six at the most is my call) that he’s died ‘unexpectedly after a long illness’.

Then, they’re still melting down over the Tucker interview with VodkaManBad. Talk of not letting him back in the US. Personally if -I- were him, I’d be good with that, and ask Putin for asylum. THEN start actively working against the narrative in a far more abrasive manner. Of course word is Tucker is ‘controlled opposition’ but TBH I don’t care either way.

Got enough on my plate.

Although I did get a chuckle on this which was the headlie from this morning’s Faux News:

The twatter in question:

THIS from a Jew representing Tennessee
Link is HERE
The best is to head over there and read the absolute dragging he’s been taking. To the point of him blocking his own constituents. Which according to some recent court cases (specifically against Trump) is illegal.

Doubt he’ll feel any pain for it though.

One last thing. The Montana National Guard is under a bit of fire:

You’ll know when you see it…

So again, SO sorry for the miss last night. I’m either not sleeping, or sleeping too much. My whole pattern is off right now. Again I do want to thank everyone for all the support. Gretchen has really appreciated it, and we’re still positive and maintaining our outlook.

So More Later
Big Country

30 thoughts on “Well I wasn’t Too Far Off in My Prediction…and Some Funnies”

  1. Assignment: Prove Tucker Carlson is controlled opposition.

    Proof: Kabbalah bracelet in many pictures on line. Some also say that implies kiddie diddling.

    If so, Morbark hungers. In ya go Carlson … feet first! Shrieks as he is converted into pink mist and bone chips.

    Me – maniacal laughter

        1. Nazi Germany was not the place that Steven Speilberg tells us it was.
          Thank God we helped the communists win the war and subjugate Eastern Europe for another 45 years.

          1. Yea for sure Brother but you would think with their lies pretty much out in the open with Covid and Trump they could correlate that with being lied to about everything…

  2. The Wehrmact wasn’t so bad Herr Wolf came up with the Lebensraum in the east and they just followed orders.
    Added those Hitler stamps and Hakenkreuz (Swastika) to wallet.
    I had a defend Normandy & the July 44 Plot D&D style game as a Lil’ Shaver and pappy exposed me to the universal soldier and MERC mags about that time.
    Of course TC is Criminals In Action all of Mockingbird is but I want to hear what the KGB colonel for life says just to mock the retarded noggers of the fourth world turd muh demockcracy the Kwanstain which has zero to do with vintage Legacy America.
    Be of good cheer the Tranny Swifty Pfizer boy bowl is over and the Queefs and the house (Vegas) have won as usual.

  3. can somebody cluebat me on why they would ditch austin now? he has been an unmitigated libtard success….there’s good news in that even black people largely remained seated for the bna. even most players ignored it and then were seen with a tear in their eye during the national anthem. and as usual the halftime show was a big flop. or so i’m told, i haved watched a foozball game in two decades.

    1. What Wilson said…
      Month or two back the Ruskie’s got a Sarmat to land on a whole lotta UN advisors having a pow-wow somewhere’s near the front. Whisper is Darth Stupid was in the crowd and got smoked.

    1. ROTFL. Thanks for that. My wife was looking over my shoulder when it started and called me an old perv. “Just wait” I said. She hadn’t heard about the Vatican flame dump LOL.

  4. Congressman Steve Cohen represents the 9th District in Tennessee which is dominated by Memphis. Wikipedia lists the “Ethnicity” of his district as being 65.7% Black and 24.3% White. So its no mystery why he was pimping the black national anthem.

    1. He’s a jew. He hates Whites. Especially Christians.

      That’s why he was pimping the nigger anthem.

  5. Damn it BC, I almost shit myself laughing when I finally saw those brave soldaten heading to defend the father land. Great ad for the state of us dot mil. Actually it’s an insult to the soldaten to be compared to the soy soldiers of today. Thanks for the belly laugh, and prayers of strength, peace and healing for Gretchen.

  6. Cohen doesn’t represent TN. He represents Memphis, which any Tennessean will tell you is NOT part of our state. It’s East Arkansas, or North Mississippi, or some shit.

  7. re — 2/14/2024 Chiefs parade murders.
    Too soon for biden to initiate new ‘laws’ about killers?
    According to ‘reports’, the parade had at least eight hundred (800) LawEnforcementOfficials mingling with the crowd.
    According to ‘reporting’, the killers were tackled and detained by regular folks.
    In a video, regular folks get crackin’ on some killer heads, while LawEnforcementOfficials wander aimlessly, rebounding off each other like bumper-cars.
    We have to do this and everything else, so why have the government agents?

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