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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wow… just… wow.
I can’t thank everyone enough. 10k in 48 hours. Contact and setting things up with Dr. Samizdat to get Gretchen the treatment she needs. Finding out her BFF from High School is a professional medical advocate, who’s taken on the case to help navigate and beat the metaphorical shit out of the recalcitrant insurance company…

All and all, so far, the past 48 have been awesome in no small part to you all. I’m feeling better about the whole thing. Thank God for small miracles and large.

Funniest part of the day was Doc Samizdat needed a picture of Gretchens ta-tas. I mean he -is- going to be the breast oncologist so sure? Why not? Beside, TBH I’m not a guy who gets all bent about his woman being nekkid anyways. SO she send him a pic and apparently he was pretty impressed and told her “I can work with those!”

So that’s great news there.

Otherwise, the only fly in the ointment was DumbC found out (probably from Fecesbook) and called up all dramatic like, wanting to ‘come back into her (Gretchens) life’ after –I– had very specifically made sure that the permanent line in the sand had been drawn: Her or Me.

So, she can beg to come back here allllll day long.
I ain’t budging.

So, with the drama out of the way, onward!

Now, more info has come out about the new General of the Krain, General Syrsky, or as I’ll refer to him as “Sleazy.” Seems that Sleazy is actually a ethnic Russian. He’s from a small ville named Vladimir 200 kliks outside of Moscow.

He barely speaks Ukrainian apparently, and is purely hated by the troops. His track record as a commander is less than sub-par. In fact this shitheel couldn’t lead a pack of cub scouts IMO. He was responsible for the absolute devastation at Bahkmut, and from what I’ve heard already, he’s planning on “Bahkmut 2: Complete Annihilation” in Andeevka.

Andeevka has been a lost cause for a while.
The Russians, doing what they do best, started by sloooowly forming what they call a “fire sack” by maneuvering around the outskirts and sloooowly pinching off the exit behind them. Simplicius had a map from 5 days ago showing the current (at that time) sit-rep:

Even more up-to-date intel said that they’ve cut off the Main LOG train road, which means now the Krainians are trapped. No ammo/food in, no troops/wounded out. This’s essentially the same thing the Russians did against the Germans at Kursk in World War 2. There’s an insanely small window IF the Krainians wanted to save what is left of their troops there

Sleazy, rather than call for a fall back, has decided to go ‘all in’ and reinforce defeat in depth so to speak. This’s because Krainfeld, just like in Bahkmut, wants what is going to be another pyrrhic “victory”.


According to BOTH sides, the Krainians lost 6000+ troops KIA last week alone. Supposedly, some number cruncher said that if another 250,000 Krainians get KIA’d, the Krain is absolutely done as a viable ethic demographic. No great loss IMO. I guess this fight -is- going to continue to the Last Krainian Standing.

And on the home front

Hey Assholes!
Yeah, you, you Ivy League Morons!
It’s either he’s too old, frail, and demented to be in charge
He’s too old frail and demented to be running the fucking country!!!

Considering the Gin Hag Pelousy kept screaming “25th Amendment!!!” over supposed issues with OrangeManBad (more on that in a second) and now?

ZOMG!!! It’s a partisan attack and ageist to be calling it what it is.

Hey Pot, this’s the Kettle you’re a Nigger!

Jesus Wept.
As far as the Gin Hag wanting to invoke the 25th, it, in her alcohol-soaked mind at least, the concept was legit. In that anyone who stood in the way of their plans, criminality, and shenanigans had to be certifiably insane. Hence why she wanted (as well as anyone else) on “Team Retard” wanted him relieved of duty. It’s the old Soviet trick of declaring the opposing side insane, and for their own good lock them away in a nut house, as anyone who would oppose The State™ just had to be nuts.

Karmas a bitch ain’t it?

So, the Stuporbowl is up on Sunday?
No idea. Don’t know, don’t care. My call on the spread stands.
Again, Thanks for the support, and just being here.
More Later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “Updates and Stuff all Over the Board”

  1. I think Anonymous got it pretty straight on, except the D卐mon☭rats will flush Joey Shitshispants for either Gruesome Newsom aka Governor Hair Gel, or Moochelle “Big Mike” the Wookie.

  2. 1. Glad things are looking up for you.
    2. They’re throwing him under the bus. After years of his handlers scruulously hiding and protecting him, they’ve suddenly changed direction: his own DOJ now comes out and declares him an ‘elderly man with memory problems,’ and then they allow him to hold that nail-in-coffin demented disaster of a press conference.
    Why now, and who’s next? Hairgel? Big Mike? Certainly not Kneepads.

    1. My money is on Hairgel… he’s like a nephew of the Gin Hag, so it’ll ‘keep it all in the family’

      1. You’re not wrong Biggie, hairgel is a huge part of their future plans. Why he keeps going overseas…

        The thing to remember in all of this, what we are seeing was planned, gamed out, and put in motion. These outward actions we can see, they are the results. Think “palace intrigue, mystery, and in-fighting.” There are power factions within each group fighting each other.
        Hunter will have an accident, he’s too much of a liability. That’s when you know slow jo is getting the heave-ho. Kackles is the problem they haven’t figured out how to solve….

  3. DumbC has A LOT of frigging nerve considering SHE and HER BS is what made Wifey sick in the first place !!

    Ask any doctor and they will tell you that being totally stressed for long periods of time is horrible for your health and leads to cancer or heart disease.

    I take it nothing came of her suing you guys for a cut of the money you raised to try and get custody of HER kid ?
    Wifey needs peace and calm and rest so that she can heal. The last frigging thing she needs is the crazy train to come to town with DC driving the train and bringing with her endless drama and BS.

    1. Bingo Jimmy. BTW: I really appreciate the donation and the defense over at DiveMedic’s House. That guy was a fucking know-nothing asshole. “People said…” Yeah? People said that Jim Jones was the Second Coming of Jesus and look how that turned out… the fucking nerve of some “people”

  4. I still suspect that depopulating Ukraine and leaving only women and children for a second Jewish homeland/pedo-playground is part of the driving motivation for this whole thing in the first place.

    1. That sounds more and more (((reasonable))) every day.
      “OY VEY look at this genetics study from the Hebrew University in 1990 showing that we Ashkenazi jews are from ancient Khazaria most of which was in the modern Ukraine! Mozaltoff it was our land all along!!!”

    2. re — only orphans/females in the Ukraine [hollywood east?]
      Meanwhile, maps and globes are re-scripted.
      No more ‘Black Sea’, reserve your mansion in an exclusive walled community on the pro-simite* shores of lovely Schvartze Sea… because you deserve a homeland!
      And six million.
      * I know, those people want to be called ‘semites’, but I think ‘simites’ sounds vaguely simian.

  5. Glad the fundraising working out and again,kill that little bugger!

    Tis a shame we can’t go sci-fi,miniaturize you with your flamethrower and you could head in and clean house on the bad stuff!

    Us Boston boys (deservedly!)have a bad rep,we got to stick together eh?!

  6. The new meatgrinder master is a disco boots Zelensky rump ranger and a high butcher’s bill is a feature to him.
    Lucky for the Krain Vlad considers them as part of Russia so it will be a slow grind.
    The Heavenly Jerusalem depopulate the Krain plan has been scrubbed from webbernett tubes but I have it on the Samizdat box and backed up on external media.
    Mutant cancer resistant wolves found in the Chernobyl area, these need to be studied.
    Kursk is one of the most EPIC battles in human history and most westerners don’t even know.
    The Germans took the Frenchie Henschel HS-129 twin engine plane and put a 75mm on it for tankbuster to work with the Stuka Ju-87G variant with twin 37mm autocannons.
    It if ain’t WAR it ain’t sh1t.

    1. “ Kursk is one of the most EPIC battles in human history and most westerners don’t even know.”

      Here’s a brief history of WWII according to the West:
      Hitler takes over Europe, wants to take over the world!
      America does bombing a lot.
      D-Day happens; Americans take on the entire might of the German war machine and liberate six million death camps. The end.
      Zero clue about the Eastern Front, and 85% of German combat forces fighting the Soviets out that way.
      Muh publik eddekayshun

      1. Berglander, EXACTLY !!

        It’s why Putin when he talked to Tucker Carlson (and all of us) last week for 1/2 hour gave a quick Russian history lesson. Americans and Westerners don’t understand the Russians AT ALL and WHY they do what they do.

        If you study Operation Barbarossa and the horror of it, we’d see why the Russians literally went nuts when we put Nazis in charge in the Ukraine. Every single family in Russia lost family members in WWII fighting the Nazis and to say that have extremely strong feelings about that is an understatement. If I was in the US Army fighting in WWII and was captured, except for a few isolated incidents, I’d be taken to a POW camp which followed the Geneva convention.

        In the East, it was a fight to the death. If captured you would pray for a quick bullet otherwise you’d be starved to death, worked to death or sent to Auschwitz (fyi the red triangle on inmates there was for Russian POWs). There is a story where the Germans came across an ice road the Russians built. They looked down into the ice and saw 100s of German POWs with screams frozen. The Russians led them into a gully and backed up water trucks and flooded the gully with water which flash froze in the ice cold. Brutal beyond measure. For example, at Stalingrad around 600,000 Germans surrendered. Thirteen years later 57,000 returned from Siberian gulags and the Russians felt they were merciful to them.

        1. Yep. The war in the East was bigger than the rest of the war combined.
          The Soviets and (((bankers))) won that war, and have shaped the world’s future towards the degenerate dystopia we are now stuck with. People smugly say that history is written by the victors without any real reflection on what that actually means.

  7. The Ashkenazi (Kahzars) are not real Jews, not a drop of Semitic blood. They adopted the religion as cover for their criminal schemes. These are the people that run and own the Federal Reserve and other central banks. Organizations such as the WEF are their puppets and foot soldiers. Don’t get distracted by the front men. The people behind them are the ones we have to expose and defeat.

    1. I strongly recommend SUPERMOB by Russo.
      Although the size of this book can be intimidating, about half of it is footnotes and documentation:
      * everything out of hollywood, everything on televisionprogramming requires their approval.
      * those people wanted to steal the factories and farms of Americans of Japan heritage, so they manufactured WW2… with the added benefit of killing a lot of Caucasian folk.

  8. I don’t doubt the fix is in for the ToiletBowl, but I’d be entirely convinced if (((they))) had matched Swift with some nigger.

    1. Heath – I read an article a few Weeks ago (didn’t save it) where the writer pointed out that the (((taylor swift))) play is to try and repair the damage to the ‘NFL Brand’ done since they allowed the apefricans they employ to openly Disrespect their (mostly) White Customers. Setting up a ‘popular’ white Slore with a White f-Ball player let their ‘media’ hype a ‘normal’ Heterosexual ‘relationship’. There were even rumors that said f-Ball player is being Paid million$ of $hekel$ to be in the ‘relationship’.
      If they had continued with the anti-White ‘narrative’, and had the white Slore hooked up with an ape, it would have ‘doubled down’ on what has cost them a lot of $hekel$ already.

      1. That could make sense, not sure if (((they’re))) that self aware, but with Bud Lite desperately backpedaling it makes a sort of sense.

        Also kind of aligns with the “let Trump win” theory. They know they’ve screwed the pooch. Let Orange Man win and it’s a pressure relief valve for a quite a few pissed off normies.

  9. The actions of the ukrop (((commanders))) make Perfect Sense when you understand what (((their))) Real Objective is – Genocide Whites and re-take “Khazaria” from the Rus. General Z. was removed because he was beginning to come to the realization of what is happening to the Army that he was in charge of. Hopefully, he may still be able to organize a Rebellion/Coup by the Military, and extirpate the (((parasites))).
    And Good Luck to you and Gretchen, having Doc Samzidat on your side is great.

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