Oh Dark Late and Buzzed.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep…. had me a bunchabeerz tonight.
Who can blame me?

“And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

Matthew 23:39 New Testament English Standard Version

I really need a break
Anyways… enough whining

Earlier I talked with Mike from Cold Fury. I had missed a call from him a couple of days ago, as, well… reasons right? I gave him a call back. He was looking for a sit-rep as Gretchen is one of his favorite people. (I personally think it’s the titties) He knows I’ve been busy/fucked up by what’s happening, so he proceeded to chew my ear off and kept me laughing a bit in light of the situation… Mike’s damned good people, and I’m proud to call him friend.

In fact I got a lot of good friends out there in the Intarwhebz, some of whom I’ve faced-to-faced with. Some I haven’t but would LOVE to see IRL and if I have my way, I’ma going to make an effort to do so, if only to look them in the eye, shake their respective hand, and thank them for having Gretchen’s back.

It’s a pretty distinguished list of a ‘Whos-Who’ of r/ourguys bloggs… Wirecutter, DiveMedic, Borepatch, Dio, Concerned American, Normal American, Art Sido, Phil and Cederq from BustedKnuckles, WendyWorn… and Mike from Cold Fury as I mentioned before…

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition

from Henry V, spoken by King Henry, William Shakespeare

These are my people

I’m not sure if some of them understand the depth of my gratitude, but to use an old line:

A good friend helps you hide a body
A great friend brings a shovel and doesn’t ask questions

I lean towards the second side.
It’s a honor thing.

That and We’re all in the same fight.
The world has gotten waaay further gone in such a short period of time that even I in my most pessimistic didn’t expect this particular shit show, what with a barely-sentient Alzheimers Patient theoretically ‘running the country’ for ‘fun and profit’ (10% for the Big Guy donchaknow?) I mean it’s so obvious now that even DemoncRats are saying they’re going to have to 25th his pantshitting ass.

And hate to say I told you so, but I did. They’re saying the best candidate out there is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Hairgel of Califrutopia. I called that if you remember a ways back… Now this I personally find hilarious as that fucktard is even stupider than the Veep, Kamel Toe “Cumguzzler” Harris. No wonder Putin isn’t worried for shit about shit, as we’re not fielding our best.

I’m just a broken old bastard who screams into the ethers.

30 or 40 years ago, Pre-Internet I might be doing it on a street corner, and being called a derelict. Boston used to have quite a few of them… in college there was one I knew as Crazy Tommy who I used to give spare change to… he was always polite, lived in an alley up the street from my apartment in Murderpan… err sorry Mattapan. Homeless, whytte, schizophrenic, but content, and occasionally when I’d be walking home stoned out of my mind, I’d buy an entire pizza from Cappy’s, and as I walked home, Tommy’d invariably show up, (guy had ‘pizza radar I swear) and walk with me, sharing the pizza. Kept me from getting mugged by having the two of us, one being a known ‘crazy street person’ with me… I hope he’s ok, or at peace…

Good Memories.

But all my fellow bloggers I’ve mentioned, and a few others, well… these are people I’d go the distance for. Like I said, haven’t met all of them F2F yet but I’ll be damned if I don’t make the time to in the very near future.

Got a hunch Phil and Cederq’ll take that as a threat LOL.

But as I was saying, those of us, the happy few I mentioned, are all those who have decided to stand up and be counted. As stated in the Constitution “…(we) Pledge Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” to continue to expose the lies and propaganda set out by the enemy.

By doing so these days there is the distinct potential to have our lives fucked up because of the intolerance of the Left. Despite these threats and hazards, we band of brothers continue to chip away at the foundation of Lies and Propaganda set forth under the growing intolerance of our supposed “betters”.

They know they’re losing.
We just have to stand tall and fast.
A lesser known verse, Nehemiah 4:14

“And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”

New Testament, Standard English Version

That’s us.
And if you’re here, That’s you too
Fighting for your family, your homes, your way of life
One Step/Action/Meme at a time

So yes, I’m allllll over the place… been studying the Bible… as one in wont to do when you’ve got some heavy shit to deal with… reading favorite passages as you can see… bet y’all didn’t know I have a Masters in Comparative Religion did ya? Yep. Love me some religion/philosophy and the various “why” of it all…

So, I’ma gonna go crash… Gretchen just came out ‘cos I wasn’t in bed yet. To all who’ve donated, all I can say is two things: One HOLY SHIT! and Two, Thank you from the bottom of my blackened heart. This is going to help enormously. The prayers also offered are exceptionally welcome, as every voice lifted in prayer is a force multiplier.

More Later
Big Country

31 thoughts on “Oh Dark Late and Buzzed.”

  1. If you find your way to Phil’s place, throw him in the car and head 2 hours west to the coast. We’ll barbecue some animal parts. I’ll have beer waiting and a pot or two of coffee for Phil.

        1. both of you are good men. Actually there are quite a few hereabouts.
          Big, continuing prayer for you for strength and peace of mind; and for your missus, for strength and healing. Lean on the Lord; and know He put you two together as one flesh.

          1. We need to do another Drone Strike Rendezvous sometime early this summer and get everyone together…You would all have to send me what your favorite drink is so I could have it on hand for ya…

  2. I’ve cut off proof cups and 30% THC handrolls for now but as grammaw said, anything that gets you through can’t be all bad.
    Gruesome and Big Mike will complete the burning it all down for CCP and it will make Barry’s turd term as Brandon’s asspuppet seem like Camelot.
    It only gets worse from here on out but be of good cheer with preps and make good commies equipment in hand and the Field Marshal of the Universe the King of all kings has already conquered this place while holding the keys to hell and death.
    Prepare with the good book and got your back squad.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout – I’m honored. I’m not really much of a commenter, but I stop by here everyday and continually pray for you, Gretchen and the granbabies.
    Praying for healing for all your family. Take care out there!

  4. Please do shitcan that thing that calls itself a Bible as there is only one: The King James. All others take liberty with His words.

    1. The KJV is nothing more than a copy of the Bishops Bible and the Geneva bible to remove the annotations that questioned the kings and bishops authority that King James didn’t like. It is not a direct translation of the Greek and Hebrew.

      1. Not so. You should do more reading on this. KJ funded an enormous undertaking that did directly translate from source documents. They worked in teams and cross-checked each others work. a very diligent effort.

      1. Lineman, Pete others, keep us posted on a “ Drone In”. Last one we attended was Cody Wyoming, great time, hell I didn’t even mind the ATF FBI the other FEDS, they’re for fellowship and a free burger.

        I’d kick in 50 pounds of beef to bbq.like Neman we’re coming thru your turf early next summer, let’s get the families together one evening, if you’re around.

        Did the boys go on to lineman school after all?


  5. Great post. A lot of wisdom and comfort to be had in the Bible. Prayers is all I can do for now but I have something on the near horizon that might change that.

    1. PS. I don’t see a way to email you on your site. WHEN you get a chance, shoot me an email if you’re comfortable with that. Kenny can vouch for me

  6. How about Resident Poopy Pants found to be not competent to stand trial for holding classified docutments, but apparently competent enough to be Resident?

    As you would say, Clownworld, indeed.

    We’re not going to make it, are we?

    Seriously, though, keep your shit squared and use us to vent and all that. I’m sure by now you are on your fourth or fifth three-letter-agency watcher as the rest have decided to turn themselves into body-farm pinatas. Hmmm, what a sight that would be…

  7. All good men same as you. Prayers flowing daily for all concerned.

    “ But as I was saying, those of us, the happy few”, there are thousands of us on here and elsewhere, shame we can’t all meet in th middle and fight our way out. Most of us to old but not unwilling, we will all be a Samuel Whittmore to our best ability when the time comes.

  8. I’ve not met any of you IRL although I’ve exchanged emails with Kenny and WiscoDave a time or two and have commented on many of your various blogs. I’d like to think we are all part of the same group, one which would come running to help in time of need. I’ll answer that call as well should the need arise. I may be nearly 60 but there are certainly ways and items with which I can contribute.

    Hang in there, BC, you have a lot of people on your side. Best to your better half.

  9. Ya big Shrek looking thing! I didn’t take it as a threat, I took it as a promise! Band of Brothers in deed! Wanted to ask you, did you get a second, independent diagnosis of breast CA? One completely independent, meaning you don’t tell the second doc about the first and no mention of your ever seeing one. Why, because doc offices, clinics and hospitals share info on unofficial basis. If you tell the second about the first’s diagnosis they will call and request those records and then backstop the original’s diagnosis. I have seen it repeatedly, I condone that, a second opinion is a right and will affirm or bring into question the first diagnosis. But, today is clown world, doctors, clinics, hospitals are compromised. Stage two cancer is survivable with a good prognosis. There may be some changes, physical and emotional, You have to work through them. You have my prayers, my belief in you and yours.


  10. Your BEST friend, after you’ve been arrested or killed, breaks into your house and erases your cache files.

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