Random Stuff… Worn Out and Tired Still

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Great comments all around TBH about being under surveillance Thing of it is?

I no longer give two fucks.

54. Old. Sorry. Sore.

Not much of a physical threat anymore. That being said, what’s inside Ye Olde Thinking Meat… THAT is where I’m a genuinely dangerous motherfucker. As Jack Burton once said: “I can see things no one else can see. Do things no one else can do.”

Damned skippy.
Learn’t an awful lot from the Hajiis what with IEDs and whatnot… Being friends with the hottie JEFF chicks helped too. That was the Joint Expeditionary Forensic Forces. That was a bunch of Fed that did the forensic breakdown after various shootings, bombing etc. We used to party with them ‘cos, well, hawt ‘Murican Chicks.

I never got anywhere with them as A) Married and B) Because they were hawt, they deemed theyselves too good to get with the BCE when he was still overweight and a ‘massive fatbody’ as R. Lee Ermey would have said… A true “Red Pill Moment” happened about 6 months later with me, specifically AFTER I had lost ALL the fat and gotten ripped. I didn’t go and party with ANYONE as I was pretty much clinically depressed, and the at the time wife was treating me horribly. Then, finally, Ranger Jay literally dragged me to a party with them…. which led to:

“All of a sudden” I had ALL the hawt chicks suddenly wanting me… I wasn’t Red/Black pilled at that point… I was a good married blue pill simp. Once I started getting hit on (and truthfully Ye Olde Marriage wasn’t doing so hot at the time) I did a bit of a dive in to men’s rights/manosphere. Guess how that worked out for them right? Didn’t do shit with any iof them but led them ALL on and then kicked ’em to the curb.
Like a complete asshole
Fuck them bitches.
Serves ’em right.

The manosphere saved my life, no joke. Black Poison Soul, 1SGT Terrance Popp… all them guys kept me from self-deletion when my life blew up. Thankfully I was able to recover.

Now, no news politically speaking tonight.

For long term readers I -did- get a phone call tonight from Serbian War Criminal. I texted him “Merry Christmas” as he’s Serb/Orthodox. He called me all happy as hell I remembered. We had a great talk, and I think if and when Gretchen’s parents finally cash in, (as cold as it sounds) we’ll sell everything and migrate.

I love Florida, but ‘too many ants on the anthill’ as DeadDad used to describe the NorthEast. I’d be curious how he’d see things these days but eh… he’s dead, I’m here. Either way, too many New Yawkers here now. Time to GTFO IMO.

Not sure where.
The town Miss Daisy is in has it’s plusses… not too many people headed into that A.O. and hell, it’s a beautiful place. About an hour outside of Ashville (a negative IMO but Gretchen loves that libtard location) and two hours from Adriana, which means that when it’s time to get her back, well, she’s that much closer. When being determined as a further breakdown of the rule of law. Game on motherfuckers.

Did I say that out loud?
Appoly-olly-geez there… sometimes the fingers typing runs ahead of the brain. “Ignore that to all my FedBros!!!!”

Anyways, I’ll have more tomorrow. We have to go up to see Gretchen’s ‘rents, return the Kia Soul (Dad’s car) that they loaned us for the duration of the Hyundai having the engine replaced, and fixing some computer issues that Dad came up with. God knows I love ’em both but man… geriatrics and computers do not fucking mix.

<Le Sigh>

Telling you, the reason I do so fucking much for them is that unlike my last in laws? These folks actually love and give a fuck about me. Told Sapper last night at dinner that I’m sort of baffled by it… the explanation is that I’m sort of kind of like a junkyard dog that was kicked for 20 years, and NOW I have a loving (genuine, not the bullshit they played on me while hating me/robbing me) set of in-laws, and well… I’m a bit confused.


I wish it was easier
More Later
Big Country

24 thoughts on “Random Stuff… Worn Out and Tired Still”

  1. Do you want to throw a real monkey wrench in their machine? Wait till the traffic dies down, then go over to play “welcome wagon”. Fuck with their mind. They would KNOW you had a big set of clankers then. Just a thought.

  2. uphill, amount of rain/snow fall per year, amount of small local farms. how many people in the area
    and how many churches too. say what you will about the bible belt, but once things break down
    it should be safer than others. and how far to the local VA medical center.
    there are a lot of vets in this area. something I found out after moving here.
    and they all want to be left alone. funny, as it takes a while for the locals to warm up to you
    but once that does happen, life is lot better than other places by far.
    wife wasn’t so sure about moving here. hills of pa. but now, she loves it here.
    life is better in the hills and hallows.

    1. E TN regular folks are friendly as all get out. Just met and they’ll tell you the whole family history. Lots of vets round about but not always obvious. Civvies are all “thanks for your service” just because you put on a camo hat with the Flag on it. Sheesh. Not me, and I don’t think I’m mil look/act, but then I’ve gotten a few nods and “hey bro” along the way. SMH.

      1. Really wish people would stop advertising. It’s getting crowded with out of state plates…

        1. no shit. getting tired of seeing out of state plates around here too.
          land/home prices have jumped by a lot more than elsewhere too.
          used to be under 2 grand a acre here. now, they want 10 grand for a half ?
          one good thing is if we have a cold/hard winter. that does make the move out come spring. see that a few times already.

  3. Tried your tater soup recipe. It was awesome and a big hit with everybody. Had to switch the Aleppo pepper for some Morrocan pepper but still delicious. It’s going in my winter weekend dinner rotation.

    Western NC is full of Yankees and real estate developers trying to sell property to the snowbirds in Florida as summer places to cool off when the humidity and heat in Dade and Broward get too bad. There are a few hamlets where the developers haven’t arrived. Hopefully miss Daisy is in one of those.

    I was living here in the sticks but Charlotte is starting to encroach on us. The woods hereabouts are being chopped down and replaced with subdivisions. It may be time to move soon.

  4. I think Sapper’s analogy of the junk yard dog is right on. After enough abuse, being treated well is, ” WTF is this!?”, while your cog dis reorients.
    Have you thought about putting on a full court press on your newby neighbors across the street with “Hi frens, wanna be besties and awkwardly close?”. Smoke ’em out, get a feel for them, see how they react under pressure. Or not. Do what’s best for your mental health.

    1. Anonymous Conservative says if you mention the surveillance that you see occasionally following you they freeze up for a moment.

  5. Find a place with low population per square mile or more four legged friends than two…

  6. In the Hollywood version of your life, Sapper or your wife would be Feds assigned to keep an eye on you. It’s always whom you least suspect. lol No need to worry about things you can’t change.

  7. worn out at only 54?

    from my observations, it’s the whammen and children that drain a man out both physically and mentally.. they also have a way of draining your resource$- which makes you feel even more old and tired.. i see the masses of damaged men every time i leave my comfy island abode… they think they are in love with miss wonderful and then BAM!

    most never had a chance…..

    snap out of it brah, you’ll have plenty of time to rest when you’re dead.. now get crackin. pip pip

  8. Lived 40 years (1966-2006) in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, FL but could no longer stand the amount of people, so we moved to the “Hill O’ Brown”, Brown County, IN. Have small acreage, mostly wooded, few neighbors, lots of wild assed animals, most of which can’t hurt us. We mind our bidnit and expect others to do the same. We like it here. Could use a little more snow though.
    –Winter Soldier 12B10, AKA, the Raging Patriot

  9. Big, I get it with the ‘rents in the area, as well as Adriana… if shit goes south (a nod to Dixie from an ol’ north Georgia boy) – we could maybe find room for you up here. Maybe. We’ll discuss, ha ha. Ask Kenny and he’ll let you know whereabouts we are.
    No, it’s not Tennessee.

    1. p.s. if you think 54 is bad, wait until 70 – when your body reminds you of what a fuckin’ retard you were when you were young, invincible, and immortal.
      tfAt, you too. You motherfuckers ain’t seen shit about old, yet.
      ha fucking ha

      1. I resemble that remark. “If I’da known I was gonna live this long…”
        I was pretty sure I was gonna die from a velocity, inertial, ballistic event/events. Everything happened except the death. Now my morning routine is get up sore, drink coffee, be sore. After I loosen up and get motivating, be sore. Other than that, I’m sore.

  10. Storming in SC right now, took the day off and made your potato soup recipe.
    Was fucking amazing.
    Thank you for all you do. BTY Vidalia onions are only from Vidalia GA.

  11. Feeling the same about FL. They built a whole town out in the Loxahatchee swamp in my part of FL. from scratch. So now I live in a small high end suburb of Palm Beach, with 40,000 more people within 10 miles of me than we had 5 years ago.

    I won’t go back to Boston. Really, as much as I loved downeast Maine, they can suck a dick too, with the assbag government that they insist on having.

    I REALLY like it about 2 hrs north and west of Asheville, myself. We go there every year. I was there a couple of months ago with Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife, at a local take-out place (the only restaurant within a 30 min drive, and a perfect hometown spot, and with her Brazilian accent and exotic look and outfit, the local girls mobbed her and I ended up talking with a couple of guys who also got abandoned by their women. I was grateful that they didn’t hold my wicked strong Boston accent against me, but I also made it clear that as much as I enjoyed the area and wish to relocate from FL, I didn’t want to do to them what is getting done to me. That seemed to go over well.

  12. I’ve been considering your potato soup recipe, as well as buying some of the Aleppo pepper. What specific kind of diced ham did you use? Or anyone else here who made his own version? Chopped up a whole, pre-chopped, smoked, etc.? Would appreciate anyone’s suggestions.

  13. > About an hour outside of Ashville

    Oh yeah, that’s gorgeous territory, assuming you mean the NC one.
    Easley farther south and Boone farther north are even better.

    > geriatrics and computers do not fucking mix.

    One word: Linux.

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