Under Observation?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So lots of ‘good comments’ about my ‘observer’. TBH I have a hunch I have more than a few in the Area of Operations. And no, that’s not me being paranoid. The new neighbors across the street positively scream of being Federales or Law enforcement of some kind, and more on that in a minute.

Thing is, WAAAAY back in 1993/94, I was stationed at CMTC… call it the NTC of Europe. Combat Maneuver Training Center where I went thru a ‘terrorist course’ to fight the US DotMil, either as a state actor, or a terrorist. We were even told back then that we’d be added to a ‘list’….

Early Nineties… I wish I could tell myself back then what was coming…


Point is, I’ve always been on a list, if not “the list”.
Not sure how shit might have gone sideways as of late, that which means I’m deserving of ‘extra observation’ or whatever…

Thing of it is

Shit like this pisses me off
Shit like that?

Not cool man.

My personal fear is that they’re going to go for the Hollywood “Stupid” bust a’la Waco… come in, kick the front door or whatnot, thinking they’re all bad-asses, and they’ll look good on camera.

I’m not going to go into ‘things’ but I will give a few items up front:
1) The Sausage Princess: Yeah, she’s a pit bull, but she’s also completely the most non-violent dog in the universe. Worst. Guard. Dog. EVER. Sapper’s attitude is IF we have a raid here, and they shoot the doggo, he’s sworn to kill ALL the agents involved kids. (The Sausage Princess and Sapper are very close.. she sleeps with him nightly)
2)Man… really? I have a fucking flamethrower. Crispy Feds are a lesser tax burden IMO
3) My background: I’ll leave that alone here. Needless to say WHO and WHAT three letter agency I worked for FOR YEARS I leave to y’all to extrapolate. (Hint: It’s part of the reason I have such leeway here… my former bosses are with me.)

And considering that lack of communication between any FedGov Agencies? Yah. I’d say with a guy like me it’s better for them to stand the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, rather than face a psychopathic inventive genius level IQ’d motherfucker like me…

Jes’ Sayin’.

I mean when you got a guy who figures out how to make a flammenwerfer for fun and games, and then starts selling said flammenwerfers for a couple of grand, with the advisory that NOMEX doesn’t prevent flame injuries?


IMO, call it: File under “People We REALLY Don’t Want To Fuck With” (unless absolutely necessary)

I stone cold absolutely know I’m watched

Difference is: Do you want to piss me off?
OR: Do you want to survive whatever is coming?

Lots of weird shit out there, but those who choose ‘poorly’ don’t get a second chance, nor do their families, ‘cos as far as I can tell, ain’t no innocents out there.
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24 thoughts on “Under Observation?”

  1. Good lol commentary, bro, and I’d like to know who you were with in 93-93 at CMTC…..cuz I was a 2/11 ACR buck private Cav Scout, crowded into a room at the beginning of training (though this was at Hammelburg) and had some nutcase dressed like a Yugopartisan bust the door and run down the middle aisle, jump up on state and yelling in what I think was Serbian and pointed his Draganov at all of us. Freaked. The. F. Out. As. A. Private. I had more clue of what was happening on the dark side o’ the moon than what they were trying to teach us there.

    Was that you?

    Anyway, appreciate your commentary and agree with your thinking and am probably with you on that list, though I may be flattering myself.

    Take care, bro

  2. We’re ALL on a list, dontchaknow?
    I remember one time a lawyer friend of mine giving me some good advice: Never post anything online you wouldn’t like to have read against you in a court of law.
    I just don’t post much online. Got nipped once in a work-related type situation. Head down, eyes forward. You never really know who your enemy is.

    1. Fed poster, Tree Mike here. ALWAYS use as many “trigger” words as possible. That will run yer posting up through the algo’s and AI to a Meat Sack that has to do some work, instead of sitting on his ass watching porn. DO IT! It’s the right thing to do, you know, fill up their files with useless filler. FOR THE CAUSE! Pick yer own cause.

  3. geez, i wonder if ol tfA-t is on their list? from what i have seen, i’m not too worried about the sissyboy/gurl feds..

    and i’d like to know where all these so-called SF “pipehitters” have been for the last 10 years or so? i’ve been waiting for them superdooper troopers to actually start being the “Defender of Liberty” badasses they all think they are. BUELLER? BUELLER? BUELLER?

    fucking losers all went to work for the rotten as fuck Fusa gubbermint. fuck them piles of dog dung- fucking traitors!

    find ’em
    fix ’em
    and fuck ’em

    1. “i’d like to know where all these so-called SF “pipehitters” have been for the last 10 years or so? i’ve been waiting for them superdooper troopers to actually start being the “Defender of Liberty” badasses they all think they are. ”

      From what I can see, they were over in A-Stan filling out falsified reports about how many ANA troops were actually in uniform, and how they had all been trained to a high standard. My old Battalion back in the day used to fake the rifle range qualifications for the cooks, because they could not shoot anyway on the one hand, and everyone wanted hot meals all the time on the other. The line troops all had to shoot and qualify though. It looks like our SF guys “trained” an army of Afghan “cooks” at the bargain price of a bazillion dollars.

      1. The real Afghan men joined the Taliban. The Afghan army was an absolute joke of “men” “recruited” through forced conscription, many of whom deserted at the first opportunity.
        And their DFACs were fucking disgusting.

  4. I know we always make fun of fed bois, but some of them are likely deadly good at their jobs. Have you considered they wanted you to see them? If so, Why? A warning? A friendly warning from one of them who does his job but secretly thinks you are right? Did you name a name somehow in recent posts that wasn’t supposed to be known? Just a thought.

  5. For info about the surveillance system, techniques and personnel you need to read:

    He sounds crazy as a loon the first one hundred times you read him. But you will start noticing . . .

    1. And it is never to late to reinforce the doors. At a remote family cabin we had a door kicked in and burglarized. I inlet a 5′ piece of 1.5 inch angle iron, set with long timbertech screws. I had to custom drill and cut the holes for the striker and deadbolt but, an elephant can’t kick that door.
      Don’t forget to reinforce your hinges. And for extra protection switch to four hinges, very high, very low and evenly spaced for the other two. Breach teams have special shotgun rounds for blasting hinges, but they have to know where the hinges are. They assume a standard three hinge setup and fire accordingly.

      And watch for the Post Office van of death posted across from your front door.

      1. Continuous hinge is what I deploy for piece of mind. Shredders are useless against them!

    2. Yeah, I was going to bring up AC, too. Not everything he believes is necessarily true but he has a lot of good, and interesting, information there if you spend a little time.

    3. I stop
      by his site here and there. Just as a “News Headline” stop.

      I just spent 2.5 hrs tooling around there.
      I must say, you are correct on ALL accts.

      As is said, “just cause your paranoid…..”
      I gound this article Interesting. Very. Even though it’s 2019.
      I’ll be reading it again and again… and dissecting. Makes you look at folks, a wee bit different.

      “’Shattered’: Inside the secret
      battle to save America’s
      undercover spies in the digital age”

  6. Your government might be needing your services. There’s a Chinese gymnastics coach with back problems due to her big ol’ tiddys that is key to a HUGE spy ring but she’s got a weakness for huge guys with Tasmanian devil size legs. They just don’t know how to get you on board with the program.

  7. TBH, I’m surprised they haven’t locked you in a psycho ward already. They could easily use your past and your posts to justify it. Could be one reason you were denied custody. Their tentacles are far-reaching.

  8. If your observers do decide to go kinetic the best you can hope for is to have enough warning to get anyone not up to speed somewhere safe and to get prepared to respond adequately. Because they will show up in significant numbers. The best you can realistically hope for is to take 2 or 3 with you. Odds are you are on a list…. probably several. Once you are there’s no getting off the list(s). Plan accordingly, have as much warning they are coming as feasible and accept the fact that your survival would be a miraculous accident. Then go to work on the invaders. It’s really just a matter of time before the lefts FBI/Gestapo start doing their “rounding up the Jews” imitation. Then a lot of us will need to be prepared and willing to take a couple with us.

    1. It SOUNDS hopeless but as Michael Savage said long ago “what if every jew in Europe had a colt 45, plenty of ammo and knew how to use it” ?
      Every time the Gestapo banged on a door, a couple of them were picked off. Sure they’d get the first group but there would be fewer and fewer Gestapo bastards over time and who would want to join them if there is a great chance you won’t live long ?

      It’s similar if you ask any cops you know about gun confiscation. Any of them with brains will say “**** that” because they know the same thing will happen.

      1. That’d be the Solzenitsyn Bargain right there…..every time State security shows up, a few of them go to the morgue….soon, those State boys will be very very shy about going to the next house…

  9. You realize my man they usually run a few fake interactions/ incidents to test how you react or fail to react. I think I’d have my party poppers hot right now and the flammenwerfer gassed the fuck up. When the red head is home, better be on extra high alert since you’d be worn out and distracted.

    1. All valid points… Much Appreciated… I think the red headed nuke would actually be a plus, in that killing the pitbull? OK. The cute whytte girl? Notsomucho.
      That and I am ALWAYS ready to defend home and hearth.

  10. Fed food! So two/ three years ago I got a call asking if I would come back and do pic’s of three bus loads of Antifa and BLM headed to my town from Portland Or. why not sounds like fun to me.

    I arrive and have a special parking spot saved for me by the local popo. I’m ooo forty fifty feet away from the Antifa shot callers got two very expensive cameras recording kit.

    And lots of memory sticks. Long story short I take thousands of pics. So many I ended up using my own telephone camera. When I was done I turned the cameras and recording kit back to my old agency.

    I did not turn over the pics on my phone. Was my intent to do so but I’m not computer Savie.

    Anyway two days later over at Pete’s Place, I mentioned I had like 200 pics of Antifa leadership from 40/50 ft away, that it was clear to me these were not Americans, but consistent with Northern Europeans.

    This was on one of Pete’s rare open line comments subject days. I ONLY mentioned this 200 pics at WRSA. A day later I’m looking to learn how to send the pics to my old agency and guess what.

    Every fucking Antifa pic on my phone was missing. Boys I have not a clue as to how to do something like scrub 200 pics from my phone. They’re just gone, none of my personal stuff gone just the Antifa pics.

    So I had an old friend who was a RAC atf agent who owed me a life from his young popo days. I shared this with him when he was in town elk hunting. Nothing honest was uttered from his lips, he acknowledged this was not the first time he had seen shit dissipated from personal phones.

    So I have another friend we’ll aqquointence who lives in the PI, is literally one of the guys who built the “ Cloud” older guy naval academy grad then into some very heavy duty scientific stuff for the govt.

    He’s so far left wing it’s amusing. Anyway we are visiting in Reno he asks to see my phone and the place the missing pics were. Does some stuff on my phone and says yes sir you were hacked by a group very very sophisticated only a few hundred people are capable of removing those pics by the means they used.

    My friend says he’s certain it was a foreign European govt who did this. I laugh and say you mean like the CIA, Micheal gets very serious tells me to never say that to anybody ever again.

    Who fucking knows. I do know that Mike and I are going to breakfast here in Reno in the morning.

    Back to are we being watched, Absolutley. Our fucking govt is scared shitless of We The People. When they spend 100s of millions on spying on local freedom related groups, there can be only one reason.

    They’re scared to death of what we will eventually end up doing to them.

    Theirs a purge coming these fucking people know they can run but they can’t hide!

  11. Every now and then I see something and the first thought that pops into my head turns out to be on the money. Long term. Right on the money.

    The last time this happened was reading a news story on Jan 2, 2020 about a “mystery pneumonia” at the HK border with PRC. First thing that popped into my head – a biological agent would be extremely convenient at the moment for the CCP considering that the political demonstrations in HK has started spreading over the border into Guangzhou the previous few weeks. And so it proved. Extremely convenient. End of problem.

    Then a few weeks ago was this very interesting prediction..


    ..and the first thing that popped into my head is – wouldn’t it be very very convenient for the DNC and friends is someone got Lincoln’ed. It would solve so many problems. So many.

    Look at the journos background. Not her current perch. Thats what makes the prediction so interesting. Then you start working back for the best time for the optimum outcome and you get to sometime mid summer. Too far away from the Finish Line and you risk losing control of the story line. Too close to the Finish Line and you cannot get all the right people in the right places in time. So everything would have to be locked down and in place before Labor Day.

    Then its going to be Hayes / Tilden Showtime. With a lot of LBJ Daisies thrown in.

    So planning on having all my ducks in a row by late spring and then its keep head down, hang on and ride out the rest of the year. Like in 2008.

    Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

  12. They’ve followed, or at least checked on, anyone that is a gun owner, is freedom leaning (via any comments on a blog like this or social media), or is ex mil with a “special” background (critical thinking non kool-aid drinker). Some are ” just doing their job”. Others are fully bought in fanatics that think they are the only “Real Americans”. Yes, unfortunately we have a whole Stasi inspired network in FUSA. Hell, at my condo complex we had people who allowed 2 of the board members to install internet cameras in their windows just to spy on anyone on the common areas of the property. What wouldn’t such people do for .gov? BTW those folks are at the top of my Purge List.

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