Memes ‘Cos I’m Tired, Plastered, Pissed Off and Tell my Feds Watching Me to FUCK OFF

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes!
Memes for the night. I’m hammered, paranoid, and burned out.

Work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #206 was a stone bitch today… ALL sorts of new clients and bourgeoise thinking that “they’re special”

News Fucking Flash

Nope to the fucking nopes ad fucking infinitium.

Now, reason I’m paranoid?
Now, for those who don’t know I have about 8-9 cameras that have a live feed to the cloud, as well as my fon, AND PC. I have a camera hidden so well, that IF a FedGov ‘stack’ were to try to get into the “Full Retard” mode, I can A) Get alerted thru my phone but also B) I can see everything on my property.

Good News/Bad News
Good News: I get all the alerts
Bad News: I get all the alerts
So tonight?

That’s the screenshot of my east-to-west border/property line.

In this neighborhood? Where he’s parked is my fucking property
So, I confronted the fed…. err the guy behind the wheel.. said he’d just gotten off work and was having dinner

Bull-Fucking Shit.
So much so after I confronted him (with Sapper being my heavily guarded backup) with in 5 fucking minutes he boosted out of My A.O. My issue(s)? Problem is, this’s a deep residential neighborhood, and there’s a shit-pot of other areas to chill and eat dinner at.

And MY guess?
They’re feds.
Maybe? Maybe not…

Anyways again.
My point: I think it’s an absolute minimum that we back the current thing, despite what the intarhwhebz say… Opinions?

Like I said, done for the night.
More Later
Big Country

27 thoughts on “Memes ‘Cos I’m Tired, Plastered, Pissed Off and Tell my Feds Watching Me to FUCK OFF”

  1. What I always say: When life gives you feds, finagle a Daniel Defense.

    I’m as proud as the next guy, but I’ll tell a fed I’m questioning my gender if it’ll get me something with a 1:7 twist rate.

    1. My first thought was SeaEyeAy. This looks looks like some spook training right out of foggy bottom. Instructor picks a random dude and gives a situation and expectation to the watcher team and then analyzes how well the team did. Looks like some newbies and two leads. The oopsie moment was the chubby guy on the bicycle heading toward her. “Never make eye contact with the target.”

  2. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t following you. You have a big enough web presence that doesn’t parrot the approved bullshit and eventually the glowies will notice.

    1. SD: Oh noted and bookmarked
      Always good to get good, useful historical information
      Jes’ Sayin’

    2. Interesting historical info for more than one reason. Mr. Dahl is a Spanish Civil War officianato and has some good material on it on his substack. There is much that can be learned from how that civil war went down that might be useful in the coming unpleasantness. History may not exactly repeat itself – but it surely rhymes…

      Also, see: Troubles, The (as in Ireland)


  3. Let me know when you try to access your online Vid cams and the web app says you can’t because all NAT streams are currently in use… LOL
    As a backup the Spypoint cell game cams are quite useful. They send photos to your app in near realtime..
    And on the newer ones you can trigger a shot for immediate view.. instantly.
    This can be quite useful if you’re “off site” and want to take a look around.
    As an aside, when entities are deciding who and where to hit, heavy IR cammed sites are moved to the bottom of the list.

  4. I assume you have the local LE channels dialed in on the scanner. Make a “Suspicious Vehicle” call and see what transpires. I hear one or two of these a day in my AO, its a thing. You might be able to get feedback from the responding officer after he talks to the driver as he reports back to dispatch, like maybe a 10 c0de for undercover officer or something. Maybe you will get lucky and he will say as much in the clear over the radio. If you are really lucky and clever and get the TAG # of your stalker’s car before you call it in, the dispatch may run it and provide confirmation over the air to the officer before he responds that it is the ACE Tomato Company or another one of the franchises. He will certainly ask for it and will run the driver’s ID when he gets there. If they are not LE types, you will at least know who keeps parking in front of your place. You should have a handheld scanner so you can take up a good vantage point outside and perhaps hear the conversation between the cop and the driver and not miss anything being said on the radio. You can probably tell a lot by body language and reactions even if you cannot quite hear everything.
    That tree overhanging the road would be good place to mount a video camera with a good microphone. You could probably see down into the vehicle and see if they are armed, using radios, talking on phones, looking through optics, taking pictures, etc. You should be monitoring the State Police TAC channels as well as any FED LE channels for your state listed on Radio Ref as well. Just some thoughts. Maybe they are undercover DEA or something and are interested in someone 3 houses down.

    1. Not sure what area he’s in, but I know most of Florida’s LE channels are encrypted, been that way awhile at state level and increasing at county and local level. Fed usually will run unencrypted if they have issues, but even if the channels are scrambled the level of activity and proximity can still determine if there’s activity close-in to his location…YMMV.

  5. Man, BCE you done missed a golden opportunity to unlimber the Flammenwerfer right next to the said vehicle. A-hole would have sucked in the car seat, foam and frame. Hit the juice a second time and said seat would have made a reappearance. If he was a Fed LEO a call to the locals would have produced a “yes we know he has a Flamenwerfer but he’s a good guy and try not to get your eyebrows burnt off.” This would be epic but it would be double epic if Sapper gets video.

    BTW, Say her name, Ashli. RIP


  6. Election is coming. Just doing pre-event area of “interest” survey from the fedbois or capitol police.

    1. I like the way you think. You could easily palm one and place it on the roof of the car without being noticed.

  7. I see more and more noticing of this stuff in various videos. The next step is to start doxxing them. Are you listening 4chan? Most of them, I would guess, are of the loony left Marxist persuasion. Truly patriotic,Constitution loving Americans would not do this.

    1. You think that, but… Just doin muh job.. need pension.
      That’s what they always say, just following orders, nothing personal.

  8. Playing the Devil’s Advocate, as I’m oft known to do at times, there is the stark possibility that what you encountered could well have been a P.I. running surveillance on a target some distance away and completely unrelated to you.

    I mean, sure it ‘could’ have been fedbois, but parking your surveillance vehicle right in front of your target’s house? That’s fucking amateur hour, bro.

    I know the talent some of these agencies are bringing in lately aren’t as top shelf as they used to be, but I don’t think they’re that bad….yet.

  9. You no doubt are familiar with the meme’s about manequins and dogs packed with tannerite and ball bearings. I’d have those all over the house! Outside, too!

  10. Need to live out in the sticks Brother that way they have no excuses for being there…

  11. Off topic but. An interesting exercise would be to start looking for tunnels under every Jewish building in America. Wonder what you would find?

  12. How MUCH cream do you add to the potato soup? I’ve got Aleppo pepper coming (from your link) and my wife wants to try this on Saturday. Sounds awful good, though….

    1. I use about a cup, cup and a half… whatever the smaller cardboard one is? Pint maybe?

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