Is Everything Going Rotten? Logistic Turmoil and Observations

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So. As we’ve all been seeing the disruptions worldwide, in particular in the Gulf. The Houthis have pretty much made it a no-go zone in support of the Palestinians getting really ¡Genocided! by what seems to be a Rabid Zionist group running the show over there.


I hope the fucking Houthis shut the Izzies down but good. It’s so bad that we’ve been literally controlled by the IPAC and the ADL… what with now any and all questioning of “the narrative” is officially Anti-Semitic. This despite them acting like, you know, ackchual NAZIs

Now, Operation “Cover the Jews” as I call it, well, that coalition sort of kind of shit the bed harder than our current (p)Resident. Those depends got filled so damned quick, I can say I haven’t LOL’d about a foreign policy pantshitting that hard since the Emperor took a shit in front of the (anti)Pope.

For those unfamiliar, a LOT of folks, from the Frogs (French) to the Dots (Indians) decided that their bread is buttered on the opposite side of what the Globull Amerikan Empire-of-Lies wanted, and told everyone Adios! They essentially decided that the Izzies had gone “one Holohoax too far!” (can you say ‘burnt baby-brisket’ anyone?) in their overwhelmingly obnoxious approach, and Noped the Fuck Off. Guess everyone world wide is tired of the Jews…
Go fucking figure… for a group that’s soooo oppressed, they sure do seem to carry an awful amount of ‘pull’ worldwide.

So, either way, the other day, the Houthis made the tactical error of letting a couple of their speedboats get caught unawares by a couple or so of Seahawks, which in turn blew the three boats and the 10 dudes on board back to Allah with a quickness. The Houthis and Iranian response(s) was essentially: “Oh, so you wanna start sinking boats now do ya?”

This apparently led to Queueing up “Operation Cut N Run 3: Don’t Lose The Boat in an (s)Election Year”, with the first one having been “Operation Cut N Run: Iraq, Damn Them Hajiis!” and then followed by “Operation Cut N Run 2: Arm The Afghans”.

It’s going to be replaced by an amphibious assault ship, the USS Bataan, and the USS Carter Hall, a Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship. It’s going to meet up with the USS Mesa Verde, (already ‘on station’) which is a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock. Seems that if anything, it sounds like they’re getting ready for a MEU landing (Marine Expeditionary Unit), what with those resources.

God I hope they’re (our current Eee-leet Overlords and ‘Masters of the Analverse’) not that fucking stupid to think that they can “Land the Marines!!!” in Yemen and do anything other than have them die in a Glorious, Gory, Highly Military Manner… either that or the cost of the Bataan is significantly lower dollar wise so we can theoretically afford to lose it.

So, as the title said, “everything is rotten”.
When I say that, I mean it literally
Case in point:

Two Days Ago I bought a 3.5 pound rack of ground beef at Publix. I broke it down into ‘consumable’ sizes, of about 2x at a pound and a half, and then this ‘un here, at about a pound.

That nasty shit is only 48 hours out of the store plastic wrap!!!

I put the two larger ones in the freezer right then and there, and threw this in the fridge to make dinner last night. Things went a bit sideways planning wise as Sapper, coming home from work, picked us up McAllister’s Deli subs. Quick aside: OMFG, great subs… had me a 12 inch Italian w/the works. Unbelievably good. Anyways…

I figured that the meal planned for last night, I’d make tonight my Beef Stroganoff using the in-the-fridge ground beef… yeah, I know you purist out there’ll bitch, but top sirloin tips (nice n tender) is a bit above the $$$ budget right now, and the ground beef, IF prepped right is as good, if not better.

So tonight after I got off of work from People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206, I realized I didn’t have the cream of mushroom soup I use, and then when I checked on the beef?

The discoloration I expected. ALL beef is hit with a dash of carbon monoxide keep it all pink and fresh-looking. Which starts to wear off the second you break the ‘factory seal’ so to speak. So a bit o’the brown? OK… next step? The smell test.

Oh shit

The odor that hit me in that baggie flashed me back to when I first hit VBC in Baghdad. The 1st Armored Kids who took the base had apparently thrown a LOT of dead Haj into Saddam’s lakes and ponds rather than burying them. Those that didn’t get eaten by the big assed Carp or whatever the fuck them giant fishies were, well, some of them started being ‘floaters’ which reaaaaally stunk like a motherfucker. THAT is what this meat was stankin’ like.

48 Hours… I wish I had checked the ‘best by’ date on the package before I tossed it… either way though, what with the sale on the 3+ pound packs, the norm is that you got at least a week before full on corpse-ification of yer meat.

That’s not the only thing however.
Bag of South Carolina Vidalia onions?
Shit started to go rotten and liquified after less than 7 days from date of purchase. And even worse?

A bag of baking potatoes.
You ever had taters go rotten on you?
Maaaan… Mc-Fuckin’-Nasty me Droogs… those were DOA after about two weeks. Used to be a bag of spuds would last like -forever-… grow some stalks and eyes? Sure… break ’em off, cook ’em up. But these? Pure Dee Bio-Warfare Stank.

As a trained Logistician in moving DotMil Bullets, Beans and Boots from one end of Iraq to the other, I have to say, something ain’t right. KBR, who I had the extreme displeasure of doing this job for, would have lost their ass if a shipment of grub showed up so late as to have like ZERO time left on the “Expiration Clock” so to speak.

Critical Party Elements, nay… Necessary Life Elements such as food/water and probably medical supplies are ALL experiencing exceptionally fucked up delivery times. Even when the roads in Iraq, like Route Irish and MSR Tampa were ‘black’, meaning no-fucking-go zones, we still had trucks ‘push thru’ to make sure #ourguys (and us) didn’t run out of fucking grub. Couple of times in late ’04, it was a near thing. Now the routes? Irish ran in and around BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) and to Downtown Baghdad in the Green Zone, while MSR Tampa (Main Supply Route) was like an Iraqi I-95 North to South.

That’s Tampa there, and as you might notice

That was a truck hauling a POL vehicle we followed to Irbil.

There was never any guardrail or roadside anything, because that would provide a nice hiding place for roadside bombs. The Army ran the M1A tanks with the mine plows down the edge of the road and tear ’em all the hell up out of the ground. Better safe than sorry IMO.

So, point being:
We’re seeing (leastways I’m seeing) a serious degradation in the timely moving of critical items absolutely needed to continue insuring the stability of our various locales. As it is, we’re strictly one EBT Card Failure away from a Chimpfestivus like they had a couple years ago, which looking back, appears to have been a ‘control test’ to see exactly what would happen when Shaniqua and Donterious’s various DotGov Gibs no longer functions. Reason I say that was there was ZERO accountability for the multi-state EBT failure(s) across the board, which leads me to believe it was intentional.

Add on the current State of the (dis)Union, and we’re a racially radicalized powder keg, sitting on cases and cases of nitro-soaked, sensitized TNT waiting for a match. 1.5 million Illegals (a standing army of epic proportions, no matter the level of training) in the wings who ALSO are now fully reliant on “The GAE System” for their bread and butter, and man, that’s a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Especially IF the theories being bantered about that they are actually an ‘army in the wings’ for the Globalist Fucktards,.

I mean without going into personal numbers, but even with my crew, we’d be hard pressed to stave off 100+ armed enemy combatants. I mean to –really– do some damage, I’d need a goodly long early warning, indirect fire like mortars, and at least 4 belt-feds, plus a copious amount of ammo for said-belt-feds. Hell, I don’t think that any current prep/local support groups can or are able to stop those kind of numbers, especially IF they have “official sanction” with potential ‘police support’… I know for a fact we’d do some serious damage


There’s only so much one can do.

So, Besides keeping your head on a swivel, also plan for the worst case scenario as I have as of late, i.e. bugging the fuck out IF it looks like the local scene is going to go ‘full retard’. Download and PRINT hardcopy maps, with primary, secondary and even tertiary escape routes, as well as areas surrounding your fallback positions.

Make sure you look at secondary non-common travel routes, like train tracks and the like. Old hiking trails in some areas, that a 4 wheeler can traverse. Be aware of physical obstacles, like rivers/streams and conditions pertaining to weather/seasons as well. Is that stream you plan on crossing going to be ankle deep, or is the winter run-off going to swell it to a waist-deep rager? Shit like that is Muy Importante IMO.

Also make sure you have multiple compasses to go with those maps. Make sure at least two of them are quality, like a tritium Cammenga like I have, and used in the DotMil:

I ‘stole’ one by not turning it in (paid the statement of charges) when I got out of the DotMil, and acquired another later on down the road. Remember, especially with gear like this, One is None.

GPS and coolio whizz-bang gear is fun and neat, but also they need (unless it’s sooper-high end solar powered) batteries. Like the Garmin HERE Also, Hi-Tech tends to be a lil bit less resilient than old tech. Throw your Garmin at a brick wall, see how it works, as opposed to a solidly built compass capiche?

So, that’s the lesson(s)/observation(s) for today. One last thing I would suggest is take advantage of ANY food sales on canned goods that you can, while you can. 3 months ago, Chef-Boy-R-Dee was 10 cans for $10, or a buck-a-can. Gross, but food is food amiright? Goyslop, but it’ll last a looong time.

Today it was 4 cans for $5, or $1.25 a can.

Like I said, start stocking DEEP(er) if you haven’t already.
Ain’t no time like today, ‘cos there sure as shit might NOT be a tomorrow.

More Later
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38 thoughts on “Is Everything Going Rotten? Logistic Turmoil and Observations”

  1. Socking away 5 gal buckets of macaroni is also a cheap way to sock back food that will keep forever. Put dessicant packs in, and it should be good for many years.

    You will need water to it cook with, of course, but you should be able to boil/filter water already, right? RIGHT?

    1. Sealed Food-Grade Buckets of Pasta, Rice, and Beans. I’ve been Stocking (and rotating) those for 7 Years now, and 5-Year ‘pulled’ items are all still Good. Don’t Forget to Stock a LOT of Spices… all sorts of ’em, because ‘Meal Fatigue’ is a real thing. And Spices on Pressure-Cooker Roadkill is Essential… (You have a Pressure Cooker, right?)

  2. BCE, I live a few hours north of you and I’ve found that the quality of meat and veggies in the grocery stores SUCK and the stuff is expensive.
    For meat, a local couple opened their own butcher shop just down the road from me in High Springs and the meat is incredible and they price their stuff $1/pound CHEAPER than the grocery store.
    Like the butcher said except for the steaks which are aged, that beef was mooing 2 weeks ago and you sure can tell.
    Try to find out in the country near you a local butcher shop and produce shop and buy your stuff there.
    My wife and I won’t buy or eat the grocery store stuff anymore, it is either meh or nasty.

    1. Amen on the ‘locally supplied’ meats. We found a local rancher that sells 1/4, 1/2, and whole steers and/or hogs – butchered to your specifications (if desired – otherwise as the butcher sees fit). Reasonable price, incredible quality, AND – bonus is that we’re supporting locals – not national/international companies. Freezing most of it – canning some (stew meat, and ground meat both spiced w/taco seasoning and ‘plain’), making jerky/biltong of some, and with plans to can most of the rest in the event of a long term ‘power interruption’. Only have a couple of weeks worth of generator fuel to keep the freezers cold – so, gotta have a ‘Plan B’. 😉

  3. after looking at land/houses for close to 4 years. we move here to the hills of pa. nothing worth blasting with a nuke for miles. and clear of the drift paths. good land/water. this area get between 120 and 140 inches of rain/snow per year. in the hills. people hate to walk up hill.
    the local store has it own butcher shop. the meats are fresh and taste way better than any meat I bought in the city (philly) closest big town is 45 minutes away at 60 mph. downhill.
    again, the meat is local, price is a bit higher. but the other stuff, canned goods, soap, towels
    are cheaper than the local supermarket near us (6 miles away ) a lot of smaller farms, under 100 acres in size. even some Amish nearby too. there are a LOT of hunters and vets in this neck of the woods. lots of small churches and they are packed on Sundays.
    good people here. but there has been a number of out of state plates in the last 2 years.
    people (assholes) moving here from NYC and other shit holes. they have a lot of “toys” but I always wonder how much food they have stocked away. we unload the truck behind the house and bring in everything thru the basement door. out of sight with the road.
    moved here 8 years ago and built shelves in the basement, I have been stocking them ever since. after moving in here, put 2 wood stoves in. my neighbors thought I was nuts.
    after fuel oil went over 3 bucks a gallon and the power went out for 4 days. they don’t anymore.
    funny how that works ? anyway, I always said that stuff was better than money. if it is the right stuff. canned foods, tools and whatnot. ammo, spare parts for just about everything.
    oil and filters. NON corn gas with Stabil , propane tanks. the list is endless really.
    not sure what is going to happen, but I do know something bad is coming here soon.
    and most people will not be ready for it either. stay frosty, it is coming.

    1. Better than any meat bought at either The Reading Terminal Market or down on the Italian Market?

      Amish neighbors are a great thing to have but can be hard to get to know. Thinking that we may know some of the same people from around 45 to 50 years back.

    2. The main targets in PA are around Philly (mainly the old Navy Yard and the depots that are still there), Carlisle, Tobyhanna, and Altoona + all the rail and links that run though PA.

      Were abouts (broadly) in PA? Lancaster? I am from Bucks and currently live in very northern DE (spit)

    3. Dave in PA, have you started making Biltong yet?

      Pretty handy non-electric way to keep lean meats stored away in cool, dry areas.

      I’ve been cooking with it. Makes great beef for stroganoff and spaghetti.

      Bulky Jerky but I find it better to cook with than jerky.

      Between that and pemmican to use up the fat and berries keeps my non-electric storage full. Pemmican mixed into oatmeal is a nice way to start the day.

  4. Saw today that the Iranians just moved one of their destroyer into the Red Sea in response to our recent self defense action. China also has an asset there. As the Ike is still on station , how many boomers are normally part of this strike group? Anyone have ship collision on their bingo card?

    1. Tough to beat a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer, I used to get these for a delivery job before the internet. Not as detailed as a topo, but covers the whole state. Every road, dirt roads, trails, boat launches. Really isn’t anything else like them.

  5. Keep in mind for epic conditions black beans and white rice. Good ol Costco. Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. You won’t like it but you will live. Love your writing, wish you were my neighbor.

  6. Been noticing the lack of shelf life on produce for a while, now. Limes won’t last a week after purchase. Bananas? From green in the store to brown in 4 days. Onions? Same experience as you. If you see the “Apeel” label on anything, don’t even touch it. It is a toxic preservative that will allow the fruit or vegetable to rot from the inside out. You can thank Bill Gates for that little “invention”. Kroger has taken to putting labels over the Apeel stickers to hide them.

    I’ve been pretty fortunate on meat. There are some local suppliers around here, but it’s difficult to just buy a few things from them, as they prefer to sell 1/2 to a whole beef at a time. A couple of them were selling out of a freezer in feed stores, and that worked out good, but there was too much of a markup – guess the store figured they needed to make something, too.

    Taters still last a little longer. I had some sprouted eyes and were half rotten, so stuck them in a planter on the back porch and watered them. They were thriving until my turkeys discovered they liked the taste of the greenery. I still harvested some immature potatoes off them, despite the birds (which coyotes killed and ate).

      1. We have been seeing it with stawberries – they have been bad on the store shelves. This time of year they are coming from Mexico or CA and are semi frozin for the trip 1/2 the time. This is a problem as my Daughter loves stawberries. At least in latebspring early summer we can get local fresh berries.

        Meat down here has been medocre at best, though I have gotten in the habit of freezing anything I am not using in two days.

        A little microcosim of part of the problem: We are 20 min from the “mushroom capitol”, 10 min from a few mushroom farms. 80%+ of the time all of the mushrooms in the local store are from CA. WTF.

    1. We’ve been seeing early spoilage at our local Walmart (15 mi.) and Costco (60 mi.) on potatoes, onions, bananas, avocados, lettuce and all types of meat, since the covidiusy.
      Like Arthur Sido said, “Make it bad enough and people will accept anything as an alternative. All part of the plan.”
      BC, I’ve been worried about the military aged men for 30 years. I had friends with border property in So. Cal., talked with Border Patrol when they still did their job. The invaders have been infiltrating OVER 30 years. Now there’s more of them than the population of PENNSYLVANIA! Too late to freak out. I figure the best I can do is take as many, with me, as I can, AND PLAN on dying like a man. BEST case scenario, my farmer, rancher, hunter, redneck, hillbilly neighbors have enough resources to hold them off, with my help.
      Anybody have a line on Bitter Centurion? His site disappeared yesterday or the day before. Has the Purge begun?

  7. I guess I’m fairly fortunate out here in he DRY Intermountain West (vs the WET East Coast).
    I read an article about “foods you don’t need to put in the refrigerator”, basically potatoes and onions. So I tried that for awhile, storing them in my cool, dry basement. Uhhhh, nope. They would rot too quickly.
    So, buy a bag, into the refrigerator they go as soon as I get ’em home. Last a hell of a lot longer.

    As for meat? I haven’t had any problems with too short shelf life……yet.

  8. The CVN that left was the Ford. She isn’t fully worked up yet, nor does she have a full crew. I’ll bet that the crew in perticular was at its limit and would not have been able to sustain an operational tempo and she probably has a list of new ship problems to fix.

    Using the Marines as Marines? Nobody tell Berger

  9. I’ve noticed the veggies I buy have a short shelf life as well. Every now and then, I’d hit the Sprouts here to stock up. Their produce always seemed fresher, and lasted longer. No more. It goes bad the nanosecond you get it home. Oddly, there are a lot of empty shelves where veggies and fruit should be there. I heard it was that they can’t find warehouse help to load the trucks and whatnot, so the produce sits too long.

    In a perfect world, when the gibs run out, a warehouse job like that may start to look good. One can hope.

    Unless I have plans to cook what I bought that day, or the next, it goes in the freezer. You can’t do that with veggies though. I’m back to buying a lot of them frozen.

    I had to move this month (the old lady left), and I’m a bit further away from the vibrancy than I was. A cool side effect of that was my car insurance went down $150 or so. But when the gibs run out, watch out. Chimpfestivus is a great term for what will happen. Most of the vibrancy has an overblown sense of entitlement.

    I just need 6 months or so to find my fortress of solitude south of where I’m at. If I’m right, the real estate will drop sometime allowing me to pounce before the festivus begins.

    1. Added you to the list on the right man… don’t know whats up w/my comment (2nd poast on this)

  10. Have noticed the exact same thing with grocery store meat. Picked up 2lbs of 80/20 ground beef on Dec 28th with plans to make chili with it the next day. Label said packed on the 28th, sell by the 30th. Looked at it in the frig the next day and it was already turning brown despite no break in the package seal. Made the chili that night, the 29th, one day after purchase and the taste of the meat was just “off”. Pretty much ruined the whole batch of chili and ended up tossing about half of it. This is the 2nd or 3rd time something like this has happened (large Chicago area grocery chain) with either deli meat, fish, steaks or ground beef. On the fish, this chain is routinely selling frozen salmon with expiration dates six months ago. It’s still good (I hope) but definitely taking chances that some Somali in the supply chain did not let it “unfreeze” somewhere along the line. What a F*d up country we now live in.

  11. Matt sounds like your just a bit southwest of Bidenville towards the home of the Blue Hens. As for not having enough warehouse help mentioned by Himself, the many mushroom farms around here are always looking for pickers and packers. Worse yet when the kids sell the farm it seems to sprout 400k to start homes that are being occupied by those with cash looking to put just a little more space between them and Philly,Wilmington, or even Baltimore. Plus they change the area vote to favor Dems. and bitch about slow moving farm equipment, Amish horse drawn gear, farm smells and gunshots during hunting season. I doubt that they even have anything useful worth scavenging after it all goes south. Rant over.

  12. Smeat I don’t freeze right away is cooked well and fridged or eaten then and there. No time to bicker, its just going to get far worse from here on. Cold rice and rat meat gonna be filet mignon in a couple!

  13. Vidalia onions come from 17 counties in Georgia not South Carolina. That being said the onion is a yellow granex and has a pathogen causing rot in the southeast. For some reason the pathogen isn’t causing problems in Texas where the same onion is known as a texas sweet but it isn’t as sweet as the vidalia because of the soil.

  14. Store brand milk goes bad now at least 5 days before the “best by” date. Used to last 4 to 5 days LATER than that date. Something ain’t right. Maybe they don’t keep the temps low so as to save money on electric bills. Maybe some goon let em sit too long on the dock.

  15. The meat in your store is likely from Argentina via China. It’s literally years old. The carbon monoxide is used to give the illusion of safe meat. It’s not, as you have discovered.

    I raise grassfed Beefalo Beef. Its the heathiest Red Meat on the planet.

    Email or reach out on Gab if you’re interested in actual food and not the goyslop in the american “stupormarkets”.

    1. Wife and I were just talking about beefalo, not too long ago. I remember when it was a big deal in Colorado in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and beefalo was going to sweep the nation as the new, preferred red meat.


      We were visiting Charles Goodnight’s home site and museum near Amarillo, TX and learned he was the one who first bred beef cattle and buffalo – after he had single-handedly pretty much saved the American Bison from extinction. The Yellowstone herd originated from Charles Goodnight’s ranch.

  16. “Indirect fire like mortars” you say? Hmm… well, a homebrew mortar is certainly possible, but I think a simpler option might serve better – how about a catapult? The design has been rock (heh) solid for centuries, they’re easy to build, and modern materials like bungee cords makes ’em damn simple to power. Mount in a 4WD truck bed, chucks anything that fits in the bucket.

    They’d be a Hell of a lot of fun to play with using inert ammo, such as bottles painted blaze orange with a bit of fluorescent yellow caution tape tied around the neck for a streamer (easier to visually track in flight and recover to reuse afterwards)… bottles that coincidentally happen to weigh the same as glass longneck beer bottles filled with sticky accelerants. Think of it as golf for engineering nerds…

    Why are we precisely noting the distances launched at a given power, angle, wind direction and speed, and spread of multiple projectiles? It’s a historical experiment for medieval re-enactments. Of course we wouldn’t be preparing to incinerate zombie hordes with our off-road catapult while lurking behind a ridgeline overlooking a geographical choke point. That would be crazy! 🙂

    1. Saw photos of Syrian Rebels using what looked like a WHAM-O water balloon slingshot to launch a variety of both standard and improvised devices. Don’t cost much and can be used as training for younger support troops as summer time fun.( Balloons not included). Can cannons are another fun thing. I do not know about you but I am pretty sure that being hit by a 12 oz can of anything (cement?) is going to hurt. Can also be used with golf balls, which have a history of injuring people (President Ford anyone).

      1. I like the idea of using a water balloon slingshot for infantry to get a bit more power than can be generated by simply using one’s arm.

        I saw a vid once back during the ISIS crisis of a Kurdish rioter in Turkey standing (and halparke dancing!) while flipping the bird at Turkish riot cops, dodging tear gas grenades and chucking them back using a lacrosse stick. Context: the Kurds in Turkey were rioting because Erdogan was back-door supporting ISIS because the Daeshbags were attacking Kurds in Syria and Iraq…

        Dude needed a wheelbarrow to carry his balls… but it definitely showed that a lacrosse stick can be a bit like a modern atlatl (spear thrower) when it comes to hand-thrown projectiles…

    2. Tar… try this: several varieties of spirits are available in glass bottles, 1.75 liters. Once the spirits have “evaporated” out of the bottles, they can be refilled with… all sorts of things… styrofoam or crisco, kerosene or unleaded or diesel… or, use your imagination! Many come with a handle that can be quite helpful to… yeah, move them around… or, see how far you and the kids can throw them! It’s fun! …sort of, in a kind of destructive way. This is, of course, a thought experiment, or a science project; and in no way should be misconstrued as an incitement to do bad things. Ever.

      1. Ah yes, Grandpa… that evaporation can definitely reduce one’s supply of alcohol if one isn’t careful! Sticky accelerants are arguably the simplest area-effect destructive chemicals to DIY. As for other fun thought experiments…

        Another easy science project is smoke: pretty much any powder mix with a bunch of charcoal added to it will make a fuckload of smoke. Put it in a plastic container and the plastic will add to the smoke as it burns. Dry out some habaneros (or their ultra-spicy cousins Red Ghost, Carolina Reaper or Trinidad Scorpion peppers) and grind ’em up into powder (wear gloves and goggles please!) and add a bunch of that powder to your smoke mix, and you’ve got homemade spicy smoke… 😉

        Of course we would never use any of these things to do bad things! You never know when you might have an old rotted out wooden shed you’ve been meaning to demolish, only to find that there’s several cubic feet worth of yellow jacket nest (they can have many queens and thousands of wasps!) between the frame boards under the floor, and need to rapidly exterminate them. Spicy smoke is also a Hell of an effective deterrent when the deer are in your veggie garden, or the coyotes are after your chicken coop, and you don’t want to contaminate your soil or produce with lead supplements…

  17. Let’s get to what’s really important….

    Beef Stroganoff? Recipe or it didn’t happen.

  18. Yea it getting bad out there and going to get worse…Tribe Up or Die Brothers…Glad I’m in the mountains of MT…

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