The Redhead, Rifles, The Kraine and Vaporware. Happy New Year!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took a few days off as I’m plum run down. The Redhead Nuke has been going full speed since her feetz hit the ground on Christmas Day “…It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!

That’s rather appropo IMO.

I’m getting too old for this shit.
Truthfully, it’s been fun, but maaan… a highly energetic 5 about to be 6 year old? I’ve literally been trying to run her ragged around the pond in the back yard. She like to chase the ‘poke-poke’ birds as we call them (they’re some sort of small crane that ‘poke’ at the itty-bitty fishies in the pond) around the pond…

It barely scratches the ‘energy coefficient’ so to speak… she’s always red-lining. And Me? Worn the fuck out.

So, as of late couple of good frens asked me to upgrade some of their rifles, as I do a side hustle of building/gunsmithing on the side. Not enough to require licensing, but IF the need came up, any needed FFL transfers were done thru GunGirl’s shop to keep everything copacetic on the Law side. So it’s been a while, but my buddy Cowboy, who owns the ranch that we occasionally visit (horses…absolutely gorgeous horses) got himself an AR in 300BLK.

A pretty standard 16in barreled 300BLK. M-16 BCG and some sort of ‘tacticool’ rear stock…

Now, I started the disassembly, and when I pulled out the front upper receiver retaining pin, it >popped< right out…

No detent pin, no spring.
The pin itself came out completely.
The ones you see in the pic above are there because I replaced? or should I say “installed for the very first time”? the proper detent pin/spring combo, PLUS I also had to replace the upper receiver retaining pin as well, as the pin?

Made of fucking plastic man!
And nope, I wasn’t ‘off’ on this… to the point, we subjected it to the burn test:

Yeah, it’s on fire.
Bit blurry ‘cos it’s hard to get the shot with one hand holding the now-on-fire retaining pin, and I edited out Wirecutters email in the background so anyways…

I decided to do a full check and damn…

Every. Single. Lower. Part. is made of plastic.
Trigger Assembly:

Who the fuck makes a sear out of fucking plastic!?!
Oh. My. God.

My first AR I built waaaaaaay back in the day I went ‘cheap’ and got some used parts, to include the sear… I was stationed at Fort Hood and went to the range, specifically the civvie/rod and gun club range when the Army still had such things… About 4 mags in, the ‘tooth’ on the sear broke off and I ‘rode the lightening’ for the last 10-12 rounds… Range control –totally– lost its shit on me thinking I had an illegal machine gun, until they inspected (with me) and I lern’t a valuable lesson about what you stuff into the guts of your rifle.

In this case? Cowboy got it for $500, about $40 off of retail:

The guilty party to this is American Tactical

They’re known for polymer/metal lowers. It’s not a bad lower TBH as I did have one. Bought it and used it for a while, but just didn’t think it’d be a good long-term thing to have a poly-lower so I sold it loooong ago.

My problem with ATI on -this- particular model is that nowhere in the description of the rifle on their web page mentions anything about the lower internals being made of plastic!!! It’d be one thing to tell people but nope… even in the full description of the specifications (in detail):

Forgive a bit of awkward formatting, it’s hard to snip all of that and keep it all in line. But yeah

If you know anyone who’s got one of these, tell ’em to either upgrade the guts, and that means ALL of them, to include even the mag release and the mag release button (no shit!) or go get a Palmetto State “Poors” which at this point IMO would be a safer, longer lasting bet than this thing. I mean the lower itself IS metal… maybe T-7075…..

BUT considering the fact they don’t mention what the is made of in the spec sheet?

I wouldn’t count on this thing necessarily if the chips were down and it’s gone to “full retard”. ESPECIALLY if it’s still got the factory ‘fantastic plastic’ garbage-parts. I mean IF it’s all you’ve got, then use it to kill someone to get their weapon, as it’s got to be better IMO, YMMV.

I’ll update you all after I get done with the rebuild on it, and after it’s had a couple hunnerd rounds thru it and we see if it’s worth a shit or not.

Now on ‘other things’
The fuckin’ Kraine man…
Buncha fuckin ‘bastards man.
I really hope Vlad decides that he’s sick and fucking tired of their shit, and gasses the whole rotten fucking country… like seriously. Krainfeld needs to be gassed like his ancestors, as he deserves nothing less. Bad enough that he’s allowed the slaughter of over what I think is probably half a million ‘real’ Krainians, thereby utterly destroying the country demographically but now? A new low… this pic is from a vidya shot by Russian troops who took a trench… they found one guy still alive and just chilling:

A Downs Syndrome kid…
Holy. Fucking. Hell.
They. recruited. a. Downs. Syndrome. kid.
Let that sink in.

See, I studied Art Education, and at one point did some student teaching, specifically with mentally challenged kids. I dealt a lot with Downs Kids… most of whom don’t have a mean bone in their body… all they want is to love and be loved from my experience(s).

The fact that Krainfeld is snatching up DKs and other folks who should never be anywhere near a battlefield? FUUUUUCK.

There’s a special Hell for Krainfeld and his Enablers and Ilk.

May God bring true Biblical level Justice down on him AND his entire family… every. single. last. one. of. them. May they suffer the agony of Hellfire and Damnation for all eternity.

Didn’t mean to get all Old Testament on y’all… shit like that’s been a burr under my saddle for a week or so since I saw it…

For a last note on the “Condition of Empire” and whatnot, Simplicius had an extremely valid point in regards to the current shit show in the Persian Gulf (h/t WiscoDave):

No kidding.

Now, for homework, I’m sure what’d be interesting is to go back over the past what? Month, Month and a half since they launched “Operation Protect the Jew”? Figure ALLLLL them stories about them shooting down the missiles and drones?

See, for each one brought down, figure 3x that number of interceptors that were used to bring down that one drone/missile. Which means that you can pretty quickly figure out how many rounds they’ve supposedly used on each ship, and, as I mentioned in an earlier blegg, how many rounds would/should they have left?

I mean one commenter said that max, they had 90 warshots for each ship before they needed RTB to get reloaded. Pretty sure some slick-math-kid out there could tell us how many have been shot, how many should be left onboard, and then, well…

My hunch is Simplicius is onto something
As we’ve found out, almost every single weapons system we have is pretty much vaporware, unless we’re using it against sandal-wearing goatherds (who BTW still kicked our asses).

Have to see. Also, word from the Kraine is that the retaliatory strike for the Krainian strike earlier on Belgrod, well the Russians hit the “…Kharkiv Palace Hotel at 2 Independence Avenue. It turned out that a meeting of American generals and in particular US security and intelligence expert Robert McCreery was planned there. This hotel is generally very popular among traveling SBU officers and high ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “

Have to watch if we see any fatal car/aircraft accidents in the next couple of weeks where we’ve lost some Generals/Colonels and the assorted piss-boys that usually accompany such luminaries.

So, as the Year Closes, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and Pray we all make it to the next one, Insh’Allah or God Willing as it were… My absolute thanks to you all for all your kind words, thoughts and support, both financial and other to you from Gretchen, Myself, Red, and Adriana.

More Later
Big Country

52 thoughts on “The Redhead, Rifles, The Kraine and Vaporware. Happy New Year!”

  1. Remember that US Destroyers still have 5″/45, and a slow flying intel drone doesn’t need a $300k ESSM to down it when the five inch is perfectly capable of doing the same thing. We shot down lots of Japanese planes with 5″/38 mounts in WWII, thanks to VT fuses, so I expect the shells we use today are just as capable.

    1. Yeah, that -is- true!
      However, Back then Shaniqua and Quaverrious and Hemorrhoidus wasn’t manning the guns nor the radar…

      1. Yeah… And start some map studies… On how to detect and where and how… And physics matters and is a bitch…

        They probably went to missiles because find didn’t work… Duh

    2. The huns, ammo, and firecontrol are better.

      The differance is that they have only 1.

      That said, if the 5″ can hit it it should be used more.

      1. Bare in mind they have “usually” 1 … ONE 5″ gun! When I was running fire control radar over in Nam ’72 we had 12 5″/38. I guess the taxpayer get to make up for the loss of guns and limited number of missiles you can carry. We would shoot up most of that ammo sometimes in 3 or 4 days on the gun line and rearm at sea… repeat ! I remember tracking the steel cable after shooting down the towed target with my Mk25 mod 3 radar. Although I do admit a 1970’s Mig would have made short work of my Heavy Cruiser ship. The US Navy doesn’t care to much for guns since projectiles are hundreds of times cheaper.

  2. Happy New Year Big Country!

    Let’s hope for an absence of fireballs!

    ATI. American Tactical something or other. Made in chinkistan, dontcha kno… Facepalm!

    Non illegitimi carborundum!

  3. I saw the video with the Down’s syndrome kid and his trenchmates were mocking and fucking with him. So the Kranians deserve Old Testement justice, good and fucking hard.

    1. Saw a RUSS vid with one of their hard chargin’ one-ones clear out a frontline ‘Kraine trench and a suited up soldier starts yelling in ‘Krainian: “Don’t shoot me! Don’t shoot me–I’m pregnant!” Her own male UKR trench mate kept calling her “Bitch” and “Whore.”

      Even big-bellied wimmen in ‘Krain front lines….press gang, I reckon. Talk ’bout scraping the barrel’s bottom….

      At least the Rooskie didn’t smoke either of ’em.

    2. Perhaps,but the insanity at this point,all seem to be losing their shit.

      That said,please bring the kid home safely despite what happens to his trench mates/tis not his battle by a long shot if this is true.

      While a long shot may the world bring us some peace in 2024.

      1. That is a good rule.

        I probably din’t consider it because I never thought to do it. I am not that cruel for no damn reason.

      2. That’s very well said (probably impious to some, but fuck ‘em), and I agree with the sentiment. I wish it was basic HUMAN decency, but it’s Western at best, and maybe only American.

        Some time ago when I was a med student I became friends with a guy from [redacted Muslim country]. He was completing his cardiology fellowship (typically the 6th year of training AFTER the MD). He was in his 50’s, almost two decades older than usual, a short, soft-spoken balding guy who was known to be quietly competent. After a particularly bad day he stopped by my office to chat briefly (I was doing a paid research year off from school — otherwise no lowly med student has an office) and slumped in my shabby visitor’s chair next to my desk.

        “Abdul, I heard you’re a qualified surgeon back in [redacted]. Why are you here taking this shit?” Abdul sighed. “I’m actually an Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of [Redacted] and I still have a very nice house in [capital of Redacted].”

        “So I ask again, why are you here taking this shit?”

        Abdul looked around (reflexively, since it was 7pm, the other research staff had fucked off home two hours ago, and the door of my windowless little broom closet was closed) and leaned toward me. “My son has Down syndrome. Back home we can’t take him out, because people laugh, and stare, and make mockery of him, even while we are present. It’s just how things are there. I had the money that he could live well enough, but being caged up inside my house is no life for a boy. I knew from traveling that people like my son are not treated like freaks or monsters here in the US. So my wife and I decided to move our family here. And that’s why I’m here taking this shit.” Abdul looked down at his hands, lost in some private thought.

        I didn’t know what to say. Then Abdul looked up and gave me a smile. “Here, no one cares that my son has Down’s. We go out to the park for walks, and people are not just tolerant, they’re friendly. The cashier at our grocery makes jokes with him. It is the best possible life we can provide for him, so it’s worth everything we’ve given up. It’s been maybe harder for my wife than me, you know. New language, new country; back home she was the wife of ‘an important surgeon’ and here she’s the wife of a nobody trainee. But she is also grateful to be here. […] And now I need to be getting home to them. Thanks for listening.”

        Last I heard, Abdul and his family were in the upper Midwest. He was in private practice at a good hospital, and they were doing well.

        Anyway, point is that many places folks would consider a Down’s person as less than human. And I’m not even getting into what happens with people who consider ALL of us non-Chosen as mere talking animals that happen to “be in the shape of a human”.

        1. Dude
          The Haj think that retardation/downs/’x’ are all signs of Allah laying a ‘curse’ on the kid in question AND the fam. Nevermind that due to all the inbreeding (gotta keep the money ‘in the fam’) that there’s a HUGE number of seriously genetically fucked up Ay-Rabs out there, they’re still some of the cruelest motherfuckers towards them in the world…

          AIQ once sent a kid wearing a suicide vest to our gate in Baghdad at the Contractor Gate on VBC… the gate guards knew the kid, and were VERY friendly to him… the AIQ pricks were counting on that allowing him to get in close to nuke our troops… thankfully our guys figured out -something- was -off- and stopped the kid w/out hurting him, AND they managed to capture the triggerman (cell phone remote detonation). Needless to say by the time the AIQ prick made it to the DIF (Detention/Interrogation Facility) he was a stretcher case, and they had trouble questioning him b/c lo and behold! He didn’t have no more toofuses! (Yah, the guards Reeeeeeeeeeally put the hurt on the fucker, as well they should)

          1. I have often thought they used kids like that for that shit. there are not many people
            with both oars in the water willing to blow themselves like that.
            did the “guards” get a beer or two after fucking up that asshole ?
            they did good. but why was he still alive ?

          2. From what I heard from one of the guys on the scene, one troop got ‘in close’ and when the Downy kid gave him a hug, dude grabbed and ripped ALL the wires out of the vest (no tamper-proofing thank Crom) and when triggerman started pushing the ‘blow it up’ buttons, and it didn’t, he panicked and ran, which allowed the guys to “snatch and bash” the puke.

            Of course, That ain’t shit compared to what they did to the guy they caught selling child-rape-porn on DVDs at the same gate… THAT fucker they beat him soooo fucking badly, they then dragged his broken, non-operational near-corpse outside the gate, and left him for the dogs, and they warned ALL the Haj to leave him there… it took him two, three days to die apparently, and NO ONE did or said shit about it… it was only when the local curs started eating the corpse did the have it dragged off… hard-the-fuck-core for really-reelz.

  4. Before I scrolled down I was going to post “ATI.” They’ve been doing that shit for a long time. My oldest son bought one way back and when I pulled it apart to put some yellow JP reduced pull springs in there I weighed the hammer. That was the clue. The body of the BCGs are ok but you need to replace the shit bolthead and firing pin (and gas seal). The clearance between the firing pin and the bolt face is too large and it will show cratering on super light loads. So, re-do all the parts on the BCG.

    The whole FTG was replaced with a NiBoronTeflon group from RTB (unbelievable “feel”; I put them in everything), the fucked up non floating barrel was floated with a Matrix Arms mLOK and it got a good set of glass. The barrel is not that great, buy my boy is not that great but he tries hard.

    You can get the yellow JP springs at for about 9 bucks and elsewhere for about the same. You’ll get about 3.5 lbs and you can reliably hammer hard primers all day long.

  5. “AND his entire family… every. single. last. one. of. them. May they suffer the agony of Hellfire and Damnation for all eternity. ”

    i shit you not. i sneek in those exact words before ending every supper time prayer..

  6. The other weapon the Navy ships have are the CIWS that can shoot down a missile or drone that gets close but they only have a range of 5000 yards so it’s a last resort weapon.

    It’s really too bad that the M247 Sergeant York anti-aircraft gun was a dud.
    That weapon system if it worked tied to modern electronics would be great to shoot down missiles and drones that got close.
    While the US gave up on anti-aircraft guns in the 1980s, the Russians had the good ole ZSU-23 Shilka and now the 2K22M1 Tunguska. I’ll bet THAT’S the system that has shot down many Kraine missiles and drones.

  7. I cant tell you how many of those guns I have had to work on at the shop I work at.

    THEY ARE CRAP every. last. one.
    Sadly I cant get my boss to stop ordering them amd selling them. They are nothing but trouble.

    Stay away unless you just wanna throw money away.

    1. Chris: How would you rate Windham Weaponry rifles? I just read they are back in business. Thanks for your time.

  8. Hey there BC and the rest of you bastids, I wanna wish you an target rich environ in two4 and long life!

  9. Ukraine sending Downs Syndrome soldiers to the front line. Who came up with this idea? The ghost of Robert S. McNamara?

    1. HAA!! NO SHIT! Probably have to be a Viet Nam era geezer to get that one!

  10. Happy New Year my dude. All awful current day shite asside, we’ve managed another trip around the sun.

    And on our current trak, gods help our enemies in 2024.

  11. An acquaintance (can’t call him a friend) sold me one of those plastic wonders after telling me it wasn’t plastic. Nice looking rifle! But close examination after I snuck it into the house showed what it was and I returned it. I’ve built a number of ARs. I didn’t want to *F* with that plastic POS!

  12. Well the next Current War in the Red Sea will be run by REMFs like General Aesop, and the story will be the same as it was for the ‘Kraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Viet Nam and every other battle they lost.

    “These people we fight are EVIL!!! They’re also stupid, incompetent, and weak! We must destroy them to protect our (((allies))) who – like us, are as pure and innocent as the driven snow!!!”

    Aaaaaaaand – when things go kinetic…Welp… those guys aren’t the people we thought they were. Turns out the Russians ARE formidable enemies, with good equipment, good discipline and effective weapons. And our rat faced (((allies))), on second thought… are actually shitbags, mass muderers, and lunatics. So it will go in the Middle East. But then – Aesop and his retards will be rattling their toy swords at China and pushing away with them over Taiwan.

    At least those mouth breathing morons are finally losing power and influence.

  13. BC May this year be good to you and yours, thanks for what you do!

    Robert McCreery, security expert, ha he and the others never read Ole Remus.

  14. No one should be buying a $500 ATI AR in this day and age when you can get Palmetto State or Anderson for the same or less, esp if you buy the upper and lower separately, and get at least halfway decent internals. Hell for just a little more you can start to get into Aero or Ruger. No excuse for that poly crap.

  15. Certainly not one to give our rulers the benefit of the doubt… I will say, the Navy boats have that one system, the phallanx gun or something that rattles off a bajillion rounds per second? Pretty impressive from the Oytubes. That’ll stop a drone easy peasy.

  16. OMFG!! I fucking cried from the impact of the down syndrome kid! WTF!?! Didn’t think I could be shocked anymore, naive me! Ok, calm down, moving on…
    OMG!! ATI, plastic FCG, no detent pins, springs, plastic pins! WTF!?! Didn’t think I could be shocked anymore, naive me! OK, calm down, moving on…
    Well thanks BC for the morning intel briefing (and heart BIG acceleration, gotta keep the pipes cleared out). Glad things are going well with the family, you deserve it.
    Now I need to do some working out and take my pooches for a walk in OUR woods. Blessings and good wishes to all my fellow “basket of Deplorable’s” going into the next installment of interesting times.

    1. At least that Downs kid got captured, and is certainly being held by nicer people than the Ukies…Could work out well for him…

  17. Hoping to see a post about the upgrades your friend what accomplished. Along with the other rifles of course. Probably will start a comment war about the upgrades though.

  18. Still recovering from massive flatulence and it should be a record setting year of methane emission.
    The Ukes could draft children and invalids on the way to the glorious victory over 12 time zones Russia?
    Don’t give them any ideas because stupid and evil can’t come up with anything original.
    A buddy has the opposite end of the spectrum with a one of a kind custom close to 20$k AR setup, no plastic parts on that one.
    I like the old 7.62 Russian platform for some reason.

    1. Happy New Year Brother and to all the rest of you old bastards😉 May this be the year we all get to share a campfire together…

  19. December 31 my neighbor that lives around the corner from me died. Was a good guy foster parented kids for years. Today New Years Day my wife got a call one of her co workers had a stroke. 2024 is when people really start to die suddenly then all at once. The Japanese just released a scientific paper indicating Covid will cause massive numbers of heart attacks and strokes this year(remember Covid was a respiratory disease not a heart/circulatory problem). It’s not Covid it’s the vaccine. All the test animals given the “vaccines” died. I hope 2024 isn’t the year but I think it will be.

  20. It wasn’t just the Downs kids the bastards are press ganging, but midgets, too.

    I’m kind of intrigued to see a platoon of midgets in battle rattle. NGL

    1. YOU’RE intrigued? Think of Kenny. He must be over the moon!

      In a moment of weakness I went to the local McDonald’s today. A Latino midget and his mom were there. What are the odds? While back the Pretty Korean Girl and I were driving back from dinner and saw two midgets on the sidewalk. A half-block after we passed them (she has good manners and doesn’t fuck with people God’s fucked with), PKG threw up her hands in delight and shouted “Kenny!” Which cracked me up because she doesn’t even read Wirecutter.

      1. Midgits … Kenny was my 1st thought. Get on the horn to WC. He needs to know.

        RE: rifle
        Robski AKOU was on fire in his latest video. I’m not one to be a follower but I do register expert advice. I am intrigued enough to consider this rifle.

  21. Regarding the action in the ‘kraine, it is Essential to read on a regular basis the Statements, Speeches and Meeting Transcripts, straight from the Kremlin Website because you get the (((unfiltered))) Truth of what the Russians are thinking… and it appears that The Bear has decided that ALL of “the Borderlands” will be Returned to Russia. No matter What it takes to do so.

    Tsar Vladimir the Bad has repeatedly said that ‘the West’ is Incapable of keeping to any ‘Agreement’ and therefor, Russia has No Reason to ‘negotiate’ anything. He has also expressed Disappointment that He’s been punk’d several Times now (see ‘Minsk Agreements’) and now, the Red Army won’t Stop until the ‘Japan Solution’ happens – Total Surrender, or Total Destruction.

    And that Down’s Syndrome dude is the best (worst) example yet of how Zelensky and the (((tribe))) are Evil Incarnate. The “gas chambers” are too good for them.

  22. Why on gods green earth would an old 11B spend money on a plastic rifle.

    Biggy, send me an address, I’ll send you a milled 80% lower, I’ll pitch in a mil spec parts kit. Upper and recoil systems out of your pocket.


    1. Dirk! C’mon man!, I didn’t buy it, it’s a buddy of mine who didn’t know better. I’m fixing it for him. Greatly appreciate the offer, but I currently have 3 80% on deck LOL.

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