Tanks and a Theory on That SK Opposition Guy Who got Stabby-Stabbed

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So couple points of interest. One is Belgium found a HUGE stockpile of Leopard 1 tanks. They’re older, been in storage, and need a full refurbishment, but guess it’s looking like Krainfeld might be on the receiving end of 200 to 300 Leo 1A3s.

That’s a shitpot of Heavy Metal.
(Pic is NOT the tanks-in-question but a representation to give you an idea of -how many- tanks they found… those are Leo 1 Mark One Mod Zero)

Now, couple of key points to this however.

The Leo 1A3, well there’s two types. One is the variant above, but has a large-ish amount of ‘strapped on armor’ bolted to the turret, glacis and other areas that needed uparmoring, due to the lack of armor so to speak.

That’s an upgraded A3 with the applique mounted armor…

As you can see, the bolted on upgrade is on the sides and front glacis of the turret. That’s the Bovington Tank Museum’s A3 being run around at TankFest, a yearly Armor Showcase in England, which is like the ONE place in England that I want to go see. I’ve done everything else there, having lived there for 3 months a ways back. London was still London back then, before it became Londonistan.

So, the problem here is that the Leo 1s are running the old main gun, the L7/L52 105mm tht predated the current 125mm main gun found on all NATO MBTs these days. Now, for those of you who may remember, I broke it down in a waaay earlier blegg that the BIGGEST problem with the 105mm is we ain’t got any more of them rounds to give to anyone. More on that in a second ‘cos that’s the ‘tinfoil hat side’ of things in regards to the ammo…

The 105mm rounds are scarce. Currently, the only large supply is in South Korea. The reason being is the South Koreans are still running the venerable-but-mostly retired (worldwide) M48s that we left with them back in the 50s. They’ve been systematically upgraded over the years, and are now either M48A5 (275 of them) or M48A5K1s (195 of them) and lastly, M48A5K2s (210 of them). ALL 680 of them are -still- using the M48 and it’s 105mm Main Gun.

Now… since the 105mm is sort of kind of -scarce- and South Korea has been very quietly supplying Krainfeld with ammo, mostly via ‘selling it’ to Poland, well… this’s where I break out the tinfoil. According to an article from July of this past year on the Beeb (BBC) Link HERE the SKs have been hesitant to publically support the Krain:

“A recent poll suggested that 56% of South Koreans oppose such assistance, with 42% in support. With elections next year, the government does not want to give the opposition any metaphorical ammunition.”

Guess what happened in South Korea recently?

Now, granted violence in South Korean politics isn’t too uncommon, however. The perp was a 67 year old man, and no motive has been released.

Every. Single. News article I read ALL say “the motive is unclear/unknown” My posit on this is that this guy on the record is against being involved in the Krain. Which, to me, makes me think that IF or maybe WHEN the Krainians get the refurbished Leo 1A3s, well, the only source of ammunition is South Korea, and the guy who if elected would more than likely put the kibosh on any sales/transfers of the aforementioned 105mm tank ammo?

I’d call that a potential motive.

I mean who’s to say Krainfeld and his Kokaine Kronies didn’t offer up some disgruntled 67 year old dude to ‘off’ the guy? I mean from MY perspective is that Krainfeld has been more than willing to use extrajudicial means to kill folks outside of the Krain (very Jewish of him innit?). “Ice this guy and we’ll take care of you/your family” or some such thing.

I wouldn’t put anything past Krainfeld.
I mean he’s got to be feeling a bit panicked by now

So, yeah, all in all, the Leo 1?
Not very impressive by todays standards. Designed in 1956, first fielded in 1965. Literally old/OG AF and with armor that by todays standards? Hell a Bradley or Stryker, hell, even a MaxxPro has heavier, more robust armor.

And we saw how well THOSE lasted this past summer


Thing of it is however, as we’ve said all along, with credit to Stalin: “Quantity has a quality all its own.” and in this case? 200-300 fresh armor, even if it’s ultimately disposable?

It’ll keep Krainfeld from dangling from a meathook juuuust a leetle bit longer, and maybe allow him to grift a few more mil here and there that allows him to retire to a non-extraditable country.

Have to see.
More Later
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17 thoughts on “Tanks and a Theory on That SK Opposition Guy Who got Stabby-Stabbed”

  1. “That’s a shitpot of Heavy Metal.” Or, as we use to say in the Arty…Targets of opportunity. Odd how these mobile arty platforms were “found”. Now (IF and WHEN), these are refurbed, equipped, shipped to the “Front” (who’s paying that cost? hmmmm), not only who is gonna crew them and dahell they gonna shoot from the tubes? Don’t blame the ROKs for not wanting to gib away their boolitts…they may need them against the Norks. Last I saw/heard, Ivan still got a shitpot full of arty rounds and are making more. And if “modern” MBTs aren’t holding up/doing well on the “modern” battlefield, who dahell thinks these 50+ yo castoffs are gonna do more than add to the scrap pile that this shit show has become? Phuque ’em. I’m more concerned about the invasion that’s happening here than I am about Kraines or the never ending ME Wars.

  2. They are useless without spares and ammo and the whole logistic tale to support them. It flat out doesn’t exist.

    The M48s the Koreans have would be better.

    I guess… something is better than nothing.

  3. How do you “find” 300 tanks? This implies that they “misplaced” 300 tanks. I mean Belgium doesn’t really have a lot of wide open space to lose 300 tanks in do they? I just don’t get the concept here that they “found them”?

    1. Agreed.

      I think they were mothballed, and sat around for so long that they became part of the scenery. My question is, ‘what kinda shape are they in?’. And maybe, ‘how were they stored?’

      Getting machines moving again after years of neglect is a big problem. Just storing machines like that in any state of readiness is a capital cost. Europe has been liquidating their militaries and armouries and downloading their security on the US. That they are still doing so is lunacy.

      This is how stupid those guys are. With the fustercluck going on in the ‘Kraine…a normal Belgian would want those tanks refurbed, repaired, and the spares and ammo situation ironed out. That Russian Bear isn’t hibernating anymore.

      In point of fact NOBODY in Europe has any tanks to “give away”! If they were smart they’d keep everything they have, and be hammering out more like mad! But…madness is the way of the world for now I guess…

      1. Remember those articles from last Year, making Fun of Ivan for putting old T-55’s back into service, as Defensive Artillery, and Remote Bombs?
        There were pics of thousands of them, with Weeds and Trees growing around them; the Pics that mattered got less Attention – that the Bear has Depot-Rebuild Factories up and Running, putting Hundreds a Month back into service, with rebuilt Powerpacks, New Wiring, Fire Control and Comms Gear. This in addition to the Factories (and supporting supply chain for Parts) that are turning out hundreds of NEW Tanks, the latest versions of the T-90 and T-14 ‘Armata’ types.

        This is how Clownworld(tm) will Lose, big-time. Chances of those nazi Tanks getting the overhaul treatment before the Red Army is at the Polish Border are reeeely small.

    2. I do agree with you.
      Everybody knew how many tanks there were back in the 1990 – you know satellites, dis-armarment treaties.
      Hell, if I am right: When we Germans had to de-mobilize our army from 470.000(West) + 170.000 (East) to 200.000 (combined) we had to park every tank, APC, artillery, plane, etc that was to be de-mobilized in the OPEN, so that spy satellites could see them any time of the day. And there were random inspections and when tanks were cut apart, there were observers from all four Allies watching, recording etc just to make sure we Germans kept our side of the treaty down to the last letter.
      So, did Belgium betray those dis-armarment rules/treaties?
      Another point for the Russians not to trust us.

      And BCE, the current gun of the West is not the 125mm, because thats russian calibre. The west uses 120mm.

      1. Danke Mein Freund! No shit… not enough sleep…
        As far as the Belgians? Well -they- weren’t the country that rampaged across Europe back int he day (no offense) and considering die verdammten Juden were in charge of making Deutschland completely neutered, I can believe the Belgians ‘lost’ a warehouse full of tanks.

        Shit… in the 80s/early 90s, the US DotMil lost track of some POMCUS Nukes/gear/whatnot. Had a buddy of mine in Iraq who was in charge back in 10th Group SF who did the recovery of a couple of stay-behind SADM and MADM (mini-nukes) so I don’t find it unreasonable that a ‘we don’t give a shit’ Belgians lost track of a bunch of tracks so to speak…

        1. part of the story that I heard was after “ronnie” got it. they shipped like 1-200 of them over there. complete with H-912’s . but that was in the early 1980’s and almost everyone
          like to shit themselves when that cargo arrived. God , that was a long time ago.
          say what you will, Ronnie did give us a 14% pay jump. but that was after 60 minutes did
          the red, white and broke show too. it helped out a lot, unless you lived off post.
          they just upped the rent by 14% or more, the fuckers !

  4. I agree BC. Far too much of a coincidence that the guy who would block sale of ammo needed by the Ukronazis gets stabbed. I guess the MIC needs to clear out old stock and spread around some bribe money. That way (((they))) can soak the taxpayers for more money to buy new, overpriced, and useless hardware. Russian artillery operators will be top notch by the end of this one. And Putin will be so stocked up by that time he could roll over NATO and be at the English Channel faster than Herr Hitler.

  5. Knew an ol’ boy that was a tanker in the late Warsaw Pact Bulgarian military. Told of massive underground depots with well maintained and ready to go T-(Freaking)34s.! Needless to say he had no answer when I asked what the anticipated survivability was should the flag have dropped. The Abrams might be overrated, but I’m pretty sure that T-34s would have been little more than motorized speed bumps at that time. Doubt if the water table in Belgium would support much in the way of underground facilities, but surely the powerz dat beez found some warehouse space. Doubt that proper maintenance was part of the program though. Sure the refurb contracts will be lucrative, with 10% to the Big Goy

    1. Just remember: First the high-tech tanks meet and kill each other.
      Then you have to go to the warehouse.
      We destroyed our old tanks.
      The russians did not.
      So, who will have the last tanks in Europe?

      Lesson: You never ever destroy something completely. You always keep some in reserve. Just in case.
      Or as the poem goes: Because of a nail (they didnt have), the kingdom was lost.

  6. I wonder who will operate those tanks? Maybe the midget company? Now, that would be cool! A company of tanks crewed by midgets.

    They won’t last long if they keep insisting on frontal charges across mine fields, though.

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