I’m Sort Of ALL Over The Place On This, OrangeManBad and Adriana and The Like

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ok… so the past two-three days was a stone cold nasty. NO IDEA what it was (although I’ve heard thru the grapevine there’s a nasty stomach bug oot and aboot) but after publishing the poast on Tuesday? Night? I ended up in the latrine every. single. hour. on. the. hour.

Like “set your watch to it” sort of thing…

Needless to say, didn’t get a whole lot of rest that night. Wednesday I pretty much got up, and did the barest minimum to qualify the day as a “work day” as truthfully, I was a mess. The nice thing about The People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206 is that IF you are so fortunate as to be ahead in production, one can slack a bit on days like this, just as long as when the end of the work-call you’ve done enough for ‘spec’ so to speak… “They Pretend to Pay Us, While We Pretend to Work” I think is the applicable phrase… Anyways…

Managed to stave off dehydration via the BritMRE Hydration packets… I have a boatload of them, and they’re really good, never mind actually tasty… the Raspberry being exceptionally good… two or three of those kept me from needing a trip to the ER for dehydration as I was in a bit of a state of bother as the Brits would have said.

So, ‘came to’ today, relatively operational, but still…

Been working too hard and all that rot. Have to get a bit of a better balance. The great news is that my membership to the YMCA via the VA Move Program came through. That’s the fatbody program where they have you go through alllll sorts of fiery hoops in order to get a 3 month membership paid for via Uncle Sugar at the “Y”. It’s renewable after the initial 3 months… which I intend on making sure as joining the “Y”?

OMFG expensive
To join as a ‘single’ at 30+, is a $29 joining fee, and $56 a month. Not for nothing, but that’s pricey for a DotGov subsidized program. I belonged to the “Y” under the “Lance ‘One-Nut’ Armstrong” Foundation when I had Cancer that time, however, it was luike for 2 months only which to me? Seemed a bit paltry considering the amount of bux that One Nut had been gathering for his foundation.

The Grift is apparently Universal, and Everywhere.

So, a BIG reason I’m so pumped tho is the one in question that I joined? It has a pool… Lap pool no less, plus exercise plans for the pool. All Low Impact which is what I need at my stage of the game. Lets face it… I’m no longer 30… hell 40? Shiiiiiit… 50 is now in the fucking rear view as well, so I need to realize and adjust. I start tomorrow as that’s also the beginning of the days off we’ve been given.

Now, other things besides the obvious ‘stuff’ we got going on… Colorado? Don’t know, don’t care. They’re retarded in that by tipping their hand this early it’s going to make it uglier than they can even imagine… Art Sido did a GREAT Writeup HERE

This shit’s going to happen ALLLLL over the place
Up til motherfuckers start getting shot.

Leviathan, for ALL it’s power, has no idea the level of shit they’re playing with. Personally, I’m content to let it all burn, as Myself? OrangeManBad didn’t do shit to stop anything because of the (((influence))) of his worthless Son-In-Law… let him and theirs rot.

However, there’s a LOT of folks who aren’t as forgiving as me…

I’d say they’re the ones to watch out for
Jes’ Sayin’ as I’m wont to do.

Otherwise, It’s Christmas!
Gretchen and I did a couple of Gifties for Gran#1, Big K as I’ll call her as OtherGrans don’t want me putting too much info out there, which I can respect. She’s got a MAJOR mermaid thing going on… so one of the ‘we made this gifties’ we did was Gretchen found a set of “Whale Tail” clothes hangers on Amazon:

Now, those are very very “Cape Cod-ish” if you… I will grew up with that sort of ‘decoration’ in the relatives house(s), especially on and or ‘down on the Cape’…

Gretchen and I however, changed things up a bit:

According to OtherGrans, Gran#1 (5yrs old going on 6) has a bad habit of coming home from school and dropping her gear -wherever- as opposed to hanging it up/putting it away. Big K –might– be encouraged to hang up her shytte IF she’s got a “Mermaid Tail Hanger” to do it on, which is how we’re looking at it.

I did the color selection and initial design, Gretch did the scales and detail work as my pseudo-Parkinson’s has me shaking too much to do anything better…

Hopefully she likes them/it… OtherGrans think this might be the trick to getting her to hang up her shit when she gets home from school… we’ll have to see.

Otherwise, all our Gifts Via The Zon arrived to Adriana’s current residence, and of course we’ve gotten ZERO acknowledgement, despite having dropped more than we could realistically afford. I’m not sure how to approach this non-violently.

It’s killing me literally

So I’ll leave it at that, as I got enough ‘rocks in my ruck’ right now, and don’t need to double down on ‘teh stoopid’ of the Baby Daddy and the Crypt Keeper. I’m soooooooooo over it especially knowing there’s NO LEGAL RECOURSE as the entirety of the system there is corrupt as FUCK. Hell… we got a mocking message from Dumbcunt LAUGHING at us, as the woman who go appointed to the Juvenile Judge Position after OUR “Judge” got nailed for corruption?

HER fucking Public Lawyer assigned to her by the courts as she was indigent and broke as a joke. Apparently, said “New Judge” (according to DumbCunt) told her that she’d be getting Addy back shortly as now that she’s the Judge, she can do whatever she wants to insure Addy “…gets back to her Mama where she belongs…”

I’m not even going to go that deep into it except to call “Bullshit”… DumbCunt at best is a bit of a fantasist, and I think this’s part of it. Hell, recently, it’s come to light that DumbCunt is an actual prostitute as well as a cam-whore. She’s soooo far gone it’s insane… her BF (10 years younger than her!) of the current timeframe is also a Big-Time Weed Dealer in Western Virginia, and tied into some bad people from what I’m getting, so I have a hunch her ‘shelf life’ is in the double digits month-wise…

Right now I’m banking on the Crypt Keeper to cash in as no one else in that Family (Baby Daddy Side) is capable, either physically, legally or financially of taking care of Addy long term. We’ll have to see.

I gotta cut this off… Getting angry AF here.
More Later (Objectively Speaking)
Big Country\

15 thoughts on “I’m Sort Of ALL Over The Place On This, OrangeManBad and Adriana and The Like”

  1. Patrick Bateman, F’ yea!
    This just in from S.D. Plissken…I don’t give a fvck about your war or your president.
    A steaming peanutty corn studded fourth world turd in three years.
    How historic!
    Thanks O’Brandon and Bolshevik CPUSA.
    Si se puede.

  2. Try not to let the Gran #2 drama ruin your Christmas.

    I hate to mention it but DF may do what my Ex did the Christmas after our divorce. She refused to let me see the kids just to be a bitch and the court hearing where the judge slapped her wrist wasn’t until after New Years (if I had kept HER from the kids they would have thrown my ass in jail).

    She intercepted the box with presents and then changed all of the tags so that her affair partner (who was living in MY house with her and the kids) was the “from” and I supposedly “didn’t give them shit”.
    Sorry, still pisses me off 11 years later.

    BCE, you, Wifey, Sapper and your whole family have a very Merry Christmas !!
    You’ve had a ROUGH damn year and you all deserve it.

  3. I don’t know how you guys who have been fucked over by family court haven’t gone Law Abiding Citizen yet.

    I’ve seen videos of guys getting thrown into jail for failing to pay child support, how desperate they are, and seeing it on their face when they realize that a tyrant of a judge is deliberately putting them into a situation where they will never be able to get caught up on child support payments.

    Anyway, I better cut it off here, I’m getting too angry thinking about it, too.

    1. Appreciate it UNKS… I started thinking about just -how fucked up- our sitrep is….
      If it wasn’t for the basic ROL and my respect for it, nevermind that for RN, she’s OK where she is?
      Otherwise, as the old cadence in Infantry Skool (pre-neutering) is “All I ever wanna see is BODIES BODIES BODIES! STINKING NASTY ROTTEN BODIES!”
      Any question(s)?

    2. As BCE said, “it was tempting oh so tempting” to go totally Medieval on some SOBs starting with the ex wife and her affair partner (now husband).
      The problem is that I had 3 kids and if I killed the bitch I’d end up dead or in jail and my kids would be a mess, I couldn’t do that to them.
      After the youngest hit 18, I have since remarried to an awesome woman and have a great life and revenge against el bitcho and lover boy just isn’t worth ruining that life over.

      People talk about your “red pill moment”. Mine was when I realized to my horror that like most of the rest of the .gov, most courts are hopelessly corrupt and you will find no justice there.

      Look at BCE’s case with Gran #2. Her parents are both proven POS’s with drug and criminal records and any judge with any sense would have given Gran #2 to her stable loving grand parents (ie BCE and Wifey) to raise and not the drug addict criminal parents.
      NOPE and not only not gave them custody bust stretched it out so the legal fees were super high so the judge and her lawyer buddies all got PAID and poor BCE and Wifey spent a fortune and are tight on money.
      I feel so bad for BCE, Wifey and Gran #2, that kid should be with them all excited for Christmas and Santa instead of living in squalor with the Crypt Keeper and DF.

  4. There’s a lesson for everyone to learn & apply from your end-of-post meme….The Four Esses:
    Shut Up

    Like that latest Waffle House shooting. The shooter made sure he hit & downed the threatening perp & that everyone inside was safe……then just walked away. Didn’t wait to talk to the po-po & get his crank yanked through the Two Tier (in)Justice system. Sounds like a righteous shoot. I hope he’s never ID’d or ratted out and (MOST IMPORTANT) KEEPS HIS OWN PIE HOLE SHUT! (that’s the biggest security leak, the one between nose & chin).
    BCE, you may want to see how this might apply to your own situation.

  5. The Brits also say, “keep your pecker up.” That might be one of those double entendrees but what the hell do I know.

  6. things are bad…

    “The mandating of this technological experiment in the form of a vaccine that increases sterility and causes untimely death is a criminal enterprise by organizations and individuals who have failed to recognize the compartmentalized development of weapon systems required for the control and planned depopulation agenda. The mass depopulation intelligence was confirmed in defence circles as early as 2017 by the Deagel weapons hardware intelligence group, which predicted many millions of casualties occurring in countries across the West by 2025.”


  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Don’t let circumstances steal your joy. We’re praying for y’all.

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