A Day Off Ain’t Even a Day Off Anymore! Queue the Horror-daze

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Busy-Busy up ’round here yonder… Gift Wrapping and cleaning, and setting up Gran#1 New Bed over the past two days. She’s outgrown the toddler bed… actually has been for a while. Budgetary concerns also was part of the equation until Gretchen had a multi-chick gig that paid out $550 for the Bride, Maid of Honor and Mother of the Bride.

And unlike some past clients she’s had, they were great, left a great review as well as a $100 tip on top. That was about $200 an hour +/- for about 3 hours work. Great if you can get it. She’s now also booked solid for the New Year… before, during and after. So post-gig, she sprung for a new Queen sized bed:

Again, the bane of Modern Man:
“Some Assembly Required”

We already had a mattress for it, a Caspar no less from when we (Gretch and Me) upgraded from a Queen to a Cali-King as we’re both needing the space I’m BIG and she’s an Amazon… As far as assembly? All 10,000 pieces-parts? Sapper and I got it done, and then Gretchen busted out the other ‘things’ that she got (the comforter as you can see) and matching sheets, shams, pillows, all the girly-girl stuff you can imagine. You can’t really tell, but the walls have a ton of silver glitter mixed into the paint as well, so the place ‘shimmers’ when the fairy-lights on the back wall start running through the program…

Hey man, I just live here amiright?

Other things: Concerned American put it up as a favor as I was talking to my Man G, who runs Dissident Rags, who’s got a spot over on the sidebar.

I don’t make any commission, in fact HE just gifted me a coffee mug one time as a “Thank You” for the writing and laughs. He did it custom as seen here:

My name and the Regimental (Rakkasan) Motto “Ne Desit Vitus” or “Let Valor Not Fail”. It was really decent of him to do this, and so I threw him up on the sidebar. Unfortunately, he let me know thibngs have been tough (as they are everywhere) lately and he might have to shut down.

So give him a hit and see if you like any of his gear. He’s got some great designs IMO. Hopefully we can help one of /ourguys over a hump right? Besides, I don’t have anyone to fill that spot if he closes down…

Other biddness: Lots of ‘Muh Diversity’ fun and games going on out there. Art Sido has been innudated with so many Monkeyshines, I swear he’s going to need another writer just to keep up. His house is “Dissident Thoughts” where he’s got some good writing going on as of late.

I also got ‘in’ on a deal to test out some new Ammunition. Sapper found a request for Bloggers and Social Media folks to test out some new PMC Defense Ammunition. The company that asked is Bulk Munitions and he sent me a link that had me put in my pertinent info. Wasn’t sure if this was a scam, but what the hell?

I got an “Approval” email and instructions on how to get my BeeBees. Less than 5 days later:

100 Rounds of the new PMC SFX 124gn Hollow points.

It’s selling on Bulk Munitions for $34.00 a box. It’s a Jacketed Hollow point, supposed to be waterproof, and meets FBI/Law Enforcement standards for duty requirements. After Christmas, I plan on doing some Range Therapy, and I’ll do a review then.

I’ll probably only use one box tho, as 124gn JHP “cop rounds” are expensive and keeping the additional 50 available for spicy times is recommended. Either way, we’ll see. I don’t have access to any ballistic gel or the like (I wish!) but I have seen some recibes on YewToob so maybe?

Have to see what the ingredients are.

It would be stellar if I could home-brew it. Got me some stuff I’d like to test personally. I mean the majority of munitions out there, if there’s a bullet, I’m sure somewhere someone did a vidya of it being used into some BG.

As far as the rest of the world? Meh.
Let. It. All. Burn.
Selfish I know, but if’n it’s not affecting me and mine directly?

Leave me alone, just to enjoy the Season. We did a ‘mini-tree’ today, as opposed to the usual large one, as we don’t know how Beans AKA Penis the Cat would be. Last thing I want is a tree with allllll sorts of heirloom and nice decorations to get put up, and at 0300, hear the crash and smash, followed by Gretchen crying b/c her Great Grandma’s heirloom crystal decoration bit the big ‘un. AT which point I have to make mittens out of the kittah. So we went teeny-tiny, but still pretty.

So Merry Christmas if’n I slow down on Ye Olde Poastage. I’m probably still going to keep throwing ‘stuff’ up and keep following the usual suspects. Otherwise it’s time for Netflix and Chill with Gretch, and some Nog with Rum.

More Later
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  1. When we had cats, we put a hook into the roof and then ran heavy test monofilament from upper tree to said hook. And then wired the ornaments onto the branches (not hooked, actually wrapped the hook around the branch, sure for ornaments not to come off.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours BC. Hopefully ’24 will only be more fukd up outside of your AO.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and the whole family. Hoping Murphy gives you a decent break. Doing the chill sounds like good therapy.

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