World Worn and Weary

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tired man… didn’t sleep last night for some reason or another. Just sort of -laid there-. Not a lot of fun, and then went straight into working at The People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206, which in itself this week is a complete shitshow in that the rest of the proletariat in our department took a bourgeoise vay-kay, leaving me and the Commissar of the Department to carry the load until Thursday.

So, not much more but Doc sent me an interesting article written by Andrew Anglin, the guy who did the “Daily Stormer”:

The link to the article is HERE

I find it utterly hilarious personally… Anglin went from being the “Ultimate Boogeyman” representing “Sooooper-Anti-Semitism” to being a “Meh” sort of guy. The ADL itself (another group of fucking nutjobs) supposedly labeled him as “the most prominent American anti-Semite.” (according to him of course). He’s crazier than a shithouse rat IMO… extremists of all types generally are.

The problem is when the nutbars start sounding rational?
That’s when you start to see that “We got real problems!”

The TL;DR of the article above is essentially:

  1. The official definition of “antisemitism” before October 7, 2023 was “hating Jews for no reason.”
  2. The post-7/10 definition of “antisemitism” is “saying Jews should stop killing babies.”

    Dunno about you, but that does sort of sound insane-ish doesn’t it? Just like the Star Wars meme of Alderaan being blown the fuck away for a rumor that there was a Hamas Operative on the planet, so Ergo, they were within their rights to exterminate billions of people, and to say otherwise makes you an eeeeevil Anti-Semite:

Crazy AF right?

Personally I’m in the camp of “Stop Killing Children You Godless Fucks!” I’ve seen some footage that’s being hidden by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda that’s made me physically ill… one stands out, a wounded lil Girl, in terror, crying, with shrapnel wounds, who is or maybe even -was- at this point… who the fuck knows, the same age as Adriana. When I see a lil Girl, same age as my Gran, hurt, terrified, confused, and alone?

“Killing Frenzy” comes leaping to mind…

I do NOT care whatever reason you use to excuse it…


They want to kill Hamas?
Have the fuck at it.
Let ’em slaughter each other.
They and theirs deserve every. single. thing. they got coming.

Killing Kids?

Zero Fucking Excuses EVER.
Both Fucking Sides.

The fucking IDF is as bad, if not worse than ALL of the SS/SD who performed the same. exact. type. of exterminations in World War Two. In fact, At least the Krauts had the balls to do it face-to-face, unlike the fucking cowards in the IDF who’re content to just blast them with bombs from afar.

What Inverse Fucking Insane Asylum are We living in when We have Ukrainian NAZIs fighting Russians, while being led by a Jew, and Israeli Forces ACTING like actual fucking NAZIs and performing genocide on the Palestinians!?!

Stop the motherfucking World.
I want off man…
SO, in light of THAT particular shit, lets have some bunnies Gretchen sent me to cheer me up:

As I said, she sent this to me to cheer me up, but also to ask:

“Can we get one???”

Oh Hells No!
Between the two cats, and the dog, lil itty-bitty Bunny would be Hassenpfeffer inside of an hour, tops. Go figure amiright?
So, More Later
Big Country

16 thoughts on “World Worn and Weary”

    1. My daughter suckered us into a bunny after our two dogs. They are not low maintenance by any stretch. Ask me how I know. And expect them to live 10 plus years if you keep them healthy. It is a long term commitment.
      We have 2 bunny’s now that are litter box trained and live in the house. We converted the mudroom to make a safe space when unattended. Otherwise they roam the family room as well. The types that are bred for pets like those in the video do not handle extreme temperatures (ie the outdoors) well. They handle cold better than heat. Can be actually scared to death by loud noises, etc. And can have a lot of dental and digestive problems if you are not careful.
      But to give them credit. While they can be expensive, they are fun and quiet. I like them more than I would ever have thought. Smart and trainable, but very skittish. They have lots.of personality surprisingly. Can be moody and temperamental at times. It can be entertaining when they get mad at you.
      Overall, good pets. A lot of life and environmental changes for a household. More than you’d think. Think baby proofing on steroids for miniature things that can get places you never thought of. They chew everything. Carpet, cords, furniture, and more if left unattended. You’ll need an exotic animal vet $$$. They need more than one rabbit to socialize or they have problems. We picked up the second one as a rescue when we figured that out. And you have to introduce them carefully over time. There is a chance they may not get along. They need to be fixed of course. And very specific dietary needs, mostly hay. Lots of hay. Lots of room to run multiple times daily and interaction. And more.

      It is not what many people say so be warned. But they have been good pets for us.

  1. During the linked video, I immediately heard the voice of evil.
    The energy we call ‘evil’ uses her to speak.

  2. I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

    Hunter S. Thompson

  3. Lops get mean when they get older. Had one that scratched the hell out of my kids and it got to the point where I was the only one who could transfer the animal between cages because I would backhand that fucker whenever he reared up on his hind legs to try to claw.

  4. Let’s see: special diet, check; digestive problems,check; special doctors, check; socialization issues, check; gets mean when older, check; territorial, check; chews on stuff, check; expensive up keep, check. I’m sorry but that sounds like my spousal unit. No thanks, I’m one over the limit now.


  5. Two things – 1) not necessarily disagreeing with your mental assessment of him, but Mr. Wang Lin is well informed and is almost always an enjoyable read, and 2) anyone who raises rabbits for pets is retarded. We raise rabbit for meat and other than the breeders, they have an intentionally short life span. Both of my kids learned early that cute= delicious and now every one of them has the same name – Roger.

  6. Serious question, BCE:

    When one side fucks up your kids first, and then hides their bunkers under hospitals and schools, are they hands off, or do you just say “Fuck it, shit happens”, chalk it up to “collateral damage”, and bomb the shit out of them anyways?

    I’ma go with “Fuck it, shit happens.”
    And I note that if Hamas is worried about their “innocent” kids and humanitarian concerns, they probably shouldn’t be using their own people as human shields, should they?

    We can play back the tapes from Dresden and Tokyo and see how we answered that question circa 1945.

    Just saying: it’s a little different for people with skin in the game, and FAFO is still a thing. And should be.

    1. Hamas absolutely is going to fight the Izzies to the last woman and child, but carpet bombing Gaza and smoking their fellow Tribals as collateral damage had definitely blown the victim narrative. All those yentas casually expecting the IDF to execute the Final Solution in every interview isn’t doing much to bring back the sympathy vote either. At this point the most common attitude I hear is along the lines of F..k them, let them do their own dirty work for a change.
      Can both sides lose?

  7. Cold Soldier & Get Freight – Beat you Worse – a Pureblood Dutch Warmblood (1100 Kg. Panzerpferd/Draft Horse) and 7 “Retired” Polo Ponies… Specialty Vet, Check. Lives a Long Time (last Pony I had to ‘send off’, 42.) Check. Eats Hay in the Winter (400 Bales of Alfalfa x $14/Bale) Check. Intestinal Problems, Check. Buying NDC 30798-835-81 (Hooman Approved) Ivermectin at the Pet Store, Check. Not having any ‘issues’ with the Bioweapon “COVID-19”, Check. Sinus Infections, Check. Buying NDC 68180-160-11 Azithromycin in 500-Pill Bottles at the Pet Store, Check. Not suffering Sinus Infections, Check. Abscesed Hoof (A.K.A. Toenail Infection) but you CANNOT Sit Down with the Pain) NDC 65162-272-10 Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprin, 50 Pills a Day for 2 Weeks, and Medicated Bandage wrapped with Mil-Spec Duct Tape every Day, Check.

    Horses that can’t move about with the Herd get Abandoned as potential victims of Predators. Abandoned by the Herd Horses have Suicidal Thoughts. Stringing a Tarp between Trees on the Leeward Side of the Shed and Sleeping on a Cot while that Good Horse Breathes on your Throat on a Cold, Sleeting January Night = Priceless.

    Rabbits? We don’t Need no Stinkin’ Rabbits.. they Dig Holes that a Horse might Break a Leg Off in. The Winchester Model 77 .22 Rifle, the Mirro-Matic Pressure Pan, and Grandma Hollenbach’s Hassenpfeffer Recipe deals with the Bunnies…

  8. The narrative is falling apart and like the boy who cried wolf too many times shlomo’s anti semite slander has lost its sting. I see ol’ slop has graced your place to parrot the propaganda. Killing innocent children is wrong and it’s evil slop, idgaf how you justify it. It’s not like hymie is facing a kid with a rifle, in most cases they’re droned at distance just like O’bammy and Big Mike do it. Calm, cold, push button slaughter, brought to you by Raytheon!!! We bring death to life!!! Btw did my missive regarding your confusion in the name of the MI character not meet party standards? Did you learn the difference between Ethan and Nathan Hunt or just double down as per your usual routine?

    Thanks again BCE for your space here and your work. You never disappoint and usually always make me laugh. Merry Christmas to you, your family and everyone else. May God bless you all and keep you safe in the future. Even ol’ slop 😆

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