Busy Weekend For Sure and Say WHAT!?!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

And of course in the words of The Critical Drinker:

Who had Gay Anal Sex in the Senate Chambers for December?

Annnnnnnnd a quick minute after the usual (((suspects))) came jumping to the defense of this fucking twink:

That would be from the LGTBQRSTUVWXY and Z online mag the “Washington Blade” as in The Gay Blade… seems the culprit is (currently is that is, as I expect this guy to be a ‘was’ shortly and self-delete) a now-former Senate Staffer and/or AID(s) Aidan Maese-Czeropski.

OF COURSE his immediate action was to post on Every. Single. Social Media site he’s part of (to include LinkedIn) a denial, with counter accusations, and a threat of ‘legal action’:

Which was, quite surprisingly, NOT taken very well by the Gay Community. On LinkedIn, the comments are fucking brutal and utterly dripping with contempt and scorn, (hence my belief he’ll self-delete). The two I’m throwing up here are just two quick examples:

There are a LOT more, but the general consensus is that this Twink is now a marked man by the Gay Community. The Fag Mafia ain’t no joke either… this clown really fucked up by A) doing it, and then B) doubling down on ‘teh stoopid’ thinking he’s Bill (or maybe even Hilliroid) in the standard DemoncRat move of “Deny Everything, Make Counter Accusations”, and adding the latest move “Threaten Legal Action”.

Plus… Putting this all up on fucking LinkedIn????

This fucker is toast
Good Luck there getting a job like anywhere ever again…

And the follow up on it is apparently the guy “dooking him in the glutes” is a German National named Georg Gauger. He’s the guy who poasted this up on whatever fag-porn site it was discovered on, said-Kraut poasted the vidya (disgusting AF BTW, do not look for it if you want to keep dinner down) But as I was saying, his comment on the fagsite was bragging FFS:

“In this very room: Sonia Sotomayor had her confirmation hearing. James Comey testified on Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Aiden got some thick German sausage and a jager sauce finish.”


Gross me the fuck out… as Moon Unit Zappa said in the 1982 classic movie “Valley Girl”: “Gag me with a spoon fer sure!”

Now, couple of oddities:
Seems the ‘bottom’ here, ole Aidan, was working for DemoncRatic Maryland Senator Ben Cardin. Cardin is known for having spoken at length regarding the sanctity and violation of said-sanctity by the J6 Political Prisoners. Wonder if he’ll call for the same level of punishment for the two faggots?

Of course not silly
They’re faggots AND one at least is a DemoncRat, which means they’ll get a bye on this one. Now mind you, he may get away with it, if only so that the Deep State Leviathan can again rub our faces in the two-teir Just-Us System, however

Methinks that this kid is done as the gay community are really pissed off and as I said, the Gay Mafia doesn’t play by the normal rules that us straights play with. THAT is why I think this kid is on the self-delete track… may not be now, may not even be soon, but I’d say he’s a dead man walking. There’s also another reason I think this’s the case, and I’ll hit that as we go along….

The other oddity of which I spoke is that Aidan is registered as a foreign agent under the FARA act. According to Laura Loomer, he was registered as

The purpose of his registration pertains to the US-Dominican Republic Bilateral Relationship.”

Now, lots of folks have to register as part and parcel of the job. HOWEVER what –I– find interesting is that Twinkie-the-Kid worked on Immigration Issues for Senator Dianne Feinstein as an Intern before going to work for Cardin.

You do know that the next-door-neighbor to the D.R. is Haiti right? Raise your hand if you remember the tie-in to Haiti, hell the whole area in general regarding child trafficking back in 2010? That was when Laura Silsby, whith very strong ties to the Clinton Foundation was ARRESTED by Haitian Authorities for kidnapping children after that massive earthquake back then, and moving them into the child trafficking network via THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


To be honest, I think I’m the first to make the connection. Back then, fucking NPR (National Pubic Radio” did an article and in it, stated

“Silsby has said publicly that she had permission and paperwork from the Dominican Republic to bring the Haitian children into that country from Haiti.”

Which the Dominican Republic’s Consul General in Port Au Prince said “Bullshit!” and things sort of kind of faded as most things involving the Clinton Criminal Cabal are wont to do…

Jes’ Sayin’

Personally, one thing I’m pretty sure of is that this particular ‘ratline’ feeding young innocents into the Maw of Ba’al is still ongoing. Child Rapists gonna Rape, until the MorBark gets involved, so I’m pretty sure that Twinkie-the-Kid’s role as a Immigration assistant or whatever… any bets that if you did a FOIA request as to what paperwork this kid pushed might have something to do with moving young ‘orphans’ to the states?

I don’t take sucker bets…
I will say however, the standard MorBark, well, as much as I love it, (and the name) the reality is as it’s been exposed… well….

Which brings me to introduce to y’all
The Magnum Force CBI 8400 Industrial Chipper:

Now that is a thing of beauty.
700 cubic meters per hour of Pedos?
Dayum Son!
Now that’s a chipper baby.

I mean realistically, I know my tie-in points are thin… like really thin… but then again, Riggs and Murtaugh’s links with Dixie were pretty fucking thin too.

And these days, one’s tinfoil can never be too tight, nor enough in the depravity department we have out there now.

Who knows?
Now IF he turns up with a bad case of the “deads” vis “suicide by being shot in the back, 14 times while self-decapitating with a chainsaw” well then, guess you can make of it what you will. I -do know- however, as I stated, or rather the tweet that Mike Collins said at the top… well this kid done really fucked up… I mean

About that…

So, that’s all I got on this particular shytteshow. Spent the majority of the day doing the kitchen floor… like serious in depth cleaning. Like a 15% or 20% Acid Based Grout cleaner, and then scrubbing the fuck out of it with a brush… the floor hasn’t been this clean in like forever… didn’t get done until like 8pm… whew…

And last night I didn’t get a chance to do Ye Olde Blegg as I got a $50 gift card from my Direct Commissar as a Christmas gift, so Gretchen and I did the Carrabbas thing. Had me the Shrimp and Scallops in a Vodka sauce… OMFG good A -mite- light on the scallops (4 of them in the whole plate) but understandable as currently fresh?

Like $38 a pound, which is a bloody shame as I love me some of those buggers. I could eat two pounds on my own… have in fact back in the day when I used to go a harvest my own up in New England during summers on the Cape… my Favorite is to do the Baked/Stuffed mode… a dollop of dressing on top, butter, lemon juice and braise them in the oven at high heat…

God, I’m drooling as I type this…

Anyways… what do you think of my theory on this? Plausible or not? Let me know in the comments

More Later
Big Country

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  2. Clams you still might be able to find cheap by the pound; plenty of things to do with those.

    As for Carraba’s, here’s a decent lentil and sausage soup.
    Just go with your gut with the herbs/spices, more red pepper flakes if you like a bite to it.

    The thing about the staffer is this is just the time someone was caught because they posted it themselves online. It probably goes on all the time and not just with dems, looking at some of those fag rinos. The whole city needs to be purged.
    As a start.

    1. No worries re: mussels and clams… LOVE me some clams.. used to harvest those motherfuckers too… FedBro and I would gather up like 2 bushels worth (the size of our clam basket) and go up to the dock from the shallows we were working, and sell the whole shebang for $50 USD to the Canuck Touristias. $50 in 1983 was a FUCKTON of cash, but then we’d go right back out, catch us another 2 bushels, and take ’em hope for MomUnit to steam the fuck outta then for dipping in butter with a nice french baguette to go with it…

      1. Just bought some mussels in garlic butter sauce to add to my killer shrimp stew for Christmas Eve. 3.79 for a pound, seemed too good not to try. Farmed from Chile I think. Definitely not from china. 🤮

        Planning to throw in some bay scallops and cod too.

  3. They don’t call it the GAE for nothing.
    Found some Jiffy butt lube on the after supper patrol and put it in the trash, it was by the incongruent industrial park entrance in the middle of the last crop field.
    This just in from Marx-BF’ers of the world unite, to each according to his lube.

  4. Excuse my language, but it is usually the American People getting fucked in the ass in that room.

  5. Prediction:

    The sodomite Congressional staffer will eventually be celebrated as a brave, avant-garde ‘performance artist’. That very room might bear his name one day. Because of his courage.

    We’re on the same path the ancient Greeks took. It ends in precipice.

      1. Heh. Why not, we are already stuck with lispy lindsey graham. And who could forget former senatorial shithead larry craig, and his game of footsie in the men’s room.

        Gah, all these fuckin’ faggots.

  6. The faggot desecrating the capitol building reminds me of the 16th century when the Catholic Church was selling indulgences, having orgies in the Vatican, and turning nunneries into whore houses. Then Martin Luther comes along and upsets the applecart. People could only tolerate so much degeneracy. After the Protestant genie was let out, it couldn’t be put back in.
    Also, the printing press was spreading ideas faster than they ever were before. Today, we have the Internet that does much the same thing.
    And today, the Catholic Church is but an empty shell of the power it once held. Things move much more quickly. The death of the Gay American Empire is moving in real time and young children will live in whatever comes after.
    Likewise I see that Jew, Inc. is losing its foothold and ability to shame goyim into compliance.

  7. ‘Fraid yer parting picture is gonna be a “thing” in two point oh.

  8. The thing to remember is that the Powers have known about this buttfucking video for a long time. They decided to NOTICE it now because the sodomite said something about (((Max Miller’s))) traitorous loyalties to Israel/Not-America.

  9. That POV there is the perfect”1000 yard stare”. To be followed by a DGAF fragging episode against command methinks.

    1. I loved that story! After insulting and abusing southern conservative Christians and siding with the twinks they find the twinks don’t love America, they just wanted a job that paid well. Military experts throughout history have said bad things about mercenary solders versus loyal Patriots. Looks like we just made that jump.

      Another step closer to SHTF, I may make it yet.

  10. The wood chipper is all wrong. After a few seconds there is just a pile of mush. Few people would even know what it is.
    Hanging from a light pole, a tree, an overpass, anywhere and everywhere. All over so that anyone out in public can’t walk a block or two without seeing a body hanging.
    And you don’t hang then cut down. You leave it up. Let it rot. Let it stink. Let it sink in for everyone to experience. Leave it up for however long it takes for the birds and bugs to do their thing. Let it be ugly. People need to remember why. Leave it until there is just a piece of rope tied to a tree limb.

    1. This is the right answer. Leaving them on the noose till it rots sends a message to any future traitor and all the passerby’s will remember what they have seen.

      But I do like the Morbark party though, String’em up and lower the crim/traitors in feet first slowly. Feet first to right about the knee caps and hold it for a few moments. Make them feel the pain. Then cut them loose and let Morbark spit their slush out instantly.

      1. The proper method is to stretch the carcass out in an oversized birdcage until the birds, etc pick the bones clean. Hang that bad boy over the city gate to remind travelers this is how we play. A large part of our English heritage. Right up there with Drawing and Quartering.
        Mountain oysters anyone?

  11. Didn’t this Twinkie insinuate that he enjoyed using the Senate Locker room with Lindsay Graham?

  12. I had the great good fortune to do engineering on Vermeer’s Big Ass grinder back in the aught’s. If you look at their website they still sell a 950hp, 3200lb-ft torque grinder that can swallow trees and houses whole. It’s the size of a semi trailer and weighs (depending on engine option of Cat C27) around 100,000 lb. There are a few interesting sidelights to using one of these as it will occasionally burp up a piece and launch it a 1/4 mile. They are usually used to reduce debris after a tornado or hurricane to garden mulch. Very good on pedos if you use a trebuchet to load them into the hopper from distance.


  13. The last Pic “POV”. I’m the Jet Mechanic, who knowing the Pilot had been Ordered to Attack the Citizens, Wired the Ejection-Seat Rocket to some Innocuous Circuit; the Pilot turned on the Map Light, and >BOOM< got shot overboard. Did I Forget to Wire in the Circuit that Ejects the Canopy first? Oooops..

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