Oh, And Another Thing. Predictive Programming Anyone?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So yepper, Gojira is the shit man. I forgot however in my post-cinema hype to mention a preview that they showed that kind of caught both me and Sapper.

It’s for a movie coming out shortly called “I.S.S.”. It stars some female that I’ve never heard of, (nor do I have any interest in the “stronk, diverse female heroic lead” trope) and written by a guy named Nick Shafir (yep… you guessed (((it))).

This’s the trailer (if you want to skip it, read below for the synopsis):

So, if you wisely skipped it, it’s essentially “stronk, diverse female heroic lead” Astronaught Kween and useless Whytte Astronaught got to join the crew of the I.S.S.

Of course the other half of the crew are Russian, but they all do the whole “kumbaya” shit of “We’re Scientists and sheee-it!” until the Earth below becomes a festering molten nuclear hellscape.

And it seems that the orders from Da Erf is dat Astronaught “Slay” Kween has to take over the I.S.S. at all costs, if eben dey dey havta gibs dey own lifes because ‘reasons and sheee-it’

Cue tense duel-in-space against Godless Russians who 20 minutes earlier were their BFFs… because Godless Russians and Sheee-it…

And yeah, the misspelling of ‘astronaut’ is quite intentional.

This movie looks like a floating mass of hot garbage, except in orbit. Not for nothing, despite that astronauts are generally pulled from the ranks of the DotMil, N.A.S.A is theoretically a civvie-run diversity shitshow, hence why it can’t do anything anymore.. the how and why they’d take over an unarmed Space Station, possibly damaging oh like the last refuge where the war isn’t going on is just fucking farcical. Great job! You’ve damaged your only means of getting home (what’s left of it anyways) and the only thing keeping your monkey-ass alive!!!

Telling ya, Drinker is purely going to stroke out when he sees this fucking mess.

Now, as to MY take?
I’ve commented on it before, and I’ll say it again, and a lot of /ourguys/ tend to agree with me. The “Powers That Be”, be it called Leviathan, the GAE, the ZOG, hell now the WEF and what have you… Deep State yadda-yadda. One thing that can be said is that almost every. single. time. they’re planning –something– they tend to let the ‘cat out of the bag’ before it actually gets ‘activated’ or put into play…

Someone told me it’s Luciferian. As in the Devil has to tell you beforehand what his plans are so that when you fail to stop him, his hands are metaphorically ‘clean’ as “You can’t say I didn’t warn you!!!”

Others call it Predictive Programming.

If this’s part of the “P.P” then we might be in a whole heap of trouble. Not being a “Doomer” but here we are, 2 years into the Failed Krainian Plan, Russia’s purely kicking ass, our economy is in tatters, illegal immigration is insane, the country is broke-as-a-joke and now they come out with a movie showing the planet getting roasty-toastie in a Nukular War with fucking Russia!?!

We might just be completely and utterly fucked.

I sure as hell hope not, but man, it’s truly becoming “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” kind of thing. 1984, between the panopticon surveillance police state that started after 9-11 and the financial regulation of a permanent electronic bank coin system that they’re sooooo desperate to roll out? Add the social credit/vaxx card/permitting that they’re pushing?

Shit like this makes me hope that they have at least 3-4 Satan-2s aimed at McDill… I wouldn’t even feel a thing… just a flash and -poof- Via-Con-Dios Motherfuckers!

Too many things going on… the mass shooting in Vegas, I’m waiting on a followup on that… the one is Austin Texas yesterday OF COURSE went full ‘memory hole’ as soon as it came out that said-perp was a member of Muh Diversity! Reparations Club. Guess blaq lives don’t matter worth a shit when they’re slaughtering each other, per usual.

Correction: The Austin killer is one Shane James, 34, who previously served as a U.S. Army infantry officer before he was discharged in August 2015…white dood that I can tell from his pic:

That’s a thug-looking motherfucker if I ever seen one…

Huh… not much more than that… interesting they haven’t been pushing this one harder then…

Guess we’ll find out if it’s still headlies in the A.M. if it was a eeee-vil whytte dood with three names… ‘cos again the Feebles were johnnie-on-the-spot again with coming out of the woodwork… Which shows to me? This’s probably –another– wind up toy, as the Muh Diversity shooter in Austin with 4-6 dead didn’t have the feds show.

It also begs the question:

Why are the Feds always showing up to these rando-shootings?

Answer: They need to make sure “The Narrative” of their programmed MK-Ultra killer is put out ‘correctly’…can’t have ‘the message’ being interpreted incorrectly, namely “Whytte Peepul Bad, AR Black Rifle Bad, OrangeManBad’s Fault This Happened” because “Ray-cism” or “Reasons”

God we live in such a Fourth World Shithole…
Damned shame TBH.
SO gotta cook the Dinner
More Later
Big Country

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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/shooting-spree-texas-austin-san-antonio-rcna128283

    “James served as an Army infantry officer from February 2013 to August 2015, an Army spokesperson said. He had no deployments and “separated from service” on Aug. 17, 2015. James’ last rank was first lieutenant, the spokesperson said.”

    Two and a half years? Awfully short time for an officer to be in.

    “after speaking to James’ family, they indicated he had mental health issues”
    “was naked and in the midst of a mental health crisis.”

    Ahhh. I see.

    Broken brain = easy programming but also bigger chance of going off the rails.

  2. yes there will be a nuclear exchange and it will take out the Fusa. right after ww2 israhell was created not as a homeland for jews, but to start ww3. what better way than stealing ancient biblical land from arabs and giving it to jews who are then surrounded by pissed off arabs?

    who could’ve seen that coming?

    1. Just curious about there being Jews in the area of modern Israel since before King David and King Solomon and his Temple. Since Jews were always there, including through Nebuchadnezzar’s reign and the Ottoman empire, I don’t see where it was Arab land. If so, they won in 1948 so there is the old conquered lands thing.

  3. Omni Consumer Products in Robocop, Soylent Green, Logan’s Run Batman/Dark Knight after 1989 and others.
    All the plans are in print and those authors like Eric Blair (G Orwell), A Huxley, they sat in with the Fabian Socialists and at least had the heart to warn us.
    The Fabians are a huge factor of communism in the west, courtesy of perfidious Albion.
    Made a Kraine viddys disc with the good, bad, and ugly.
    Faves are trench assault featuring daring Ivan with perfect grenade placement for Uke granatenwerfer in shower stall type personal bunker and the kamikaze drone that takes out a tank if it hits the right spot and the just in time leap in the bunker after hearing a drone coming in.
    Another kayfabe Smith-Mundt shooter?
    Feds Are Grooming Shooters. (FAGS)

  4. There is nothing new in HollyWeird. Same plot as Bruce Dern in Silent Running; 1972. We’ve been played for years.

  5. “dood with three names…”

    I don’t understand this whole theme.
    Don’t MOST people (especially in the US) have a first, middle and last name?
    Every swinging Richard and split tail I know does and I bet 99% of the folks you know do also.
    What is the point of saying this?

    1. It’s what’s called a Mnemonic Tool… it’s so you remember the shooter and what he did…
      James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald… the list goes on and on… it’s a ‘signature’ of the Leviathan, a Marker of sorts that shows “Hey we did this!”

      1. Thanks for the clearing that up for me.
        Another way to massage the message so Laimstream media guides us along the Proper Path.
        (Bless their hearts)

  6. As for the movie I.S.S. Thats not how The Biz works in LA.

    Check the producers and production company. And the credits history of the writer. If it was a big studio head honcho led production or from one of the usual suspects then I might see it as soft propaganda. Lots of that recently but not for much longer. The finance people just hate losing shit-loads of money. Even when it’s mostly laundered money.

    But the producers of ISS are a third tier independent production company who look like they bough a first time script that was being shopping around and who showcased the movie at a NYC film festival during the summer to try to pick up a major distributer. Which is not what you do if you want a high profile propaganda priming of the general pubic movie for a future fucktastic nuclear exchange.

    The good news is the Russian state TV has pretty much given up on priming the Russian public for nuclear war. Nothing serious for over a year. It was very high profile about 18 months ago. Mushroom clouds ever second TV programme. Now just the occasional news story about TOPOL M/YAR’s on maneuvers. Or yet another faked “Revenge Weapon” test.

    Watching Russian TV news programmes for the last 6 months is pure Groundhog Day. Same maps every day. Same talking heads taking about great victories. Same few video shots of a Leopard on fire and a few Bradleys going pop. And so on. But unlike the movie no one gets to learn to play the piano. Or learns anything in fact.

    Generally when you invade a country with the aim of wiping its government and people off the face of the earth a.k.a. “De Natzification” if you start the second summer with frontlines well behind were they were at the start of the first summer and at the end of the second summer fighting season you are exactly were you started on Victory Day that usually means you are losing.

    Look at the German strategy during the first part of the Battle of Verdun (before the OHL lost the plot) to bleed the French dry and the UA tactics make perfect sense. When the other side has a large numerical advantage how do you reduce that advantage.. The postings on Russian social media of photos of all the new graves all over southern and eastern Russia show just how successful it has been. Think Winter War level casualties for the Russians, month after month. The Finns lost a lot of people but the Russians lost multiple times more. The UA/RU casualty ratio is about the same as in the Winter War.

    It was very funny a few weeks ago when some high level Russian government guy made an explicit military threats against the Finns. Now they are in Nato. The Finnish response. Basically we have spent the last 80 years training to kill Russians. In very large numbers. We’d love if you gave us the opportunity to kill lots more Russians. The Russian government officials then went very quiet.

    I think I hear Sonny and Cher on the radio. Time to watch the daily episode of The Great Game – Большая игра. .

    do svidaniya

  7. As in the Devil has to tell you beforehand what his plans are so that when you fail to stop him.

    I had a doctor who told me about that. Interesting concept. If they tell us what they are planning and we Don’t stop them, we had it coming.
    The Georgia Guidestones, ConVeenYuntly damaged, and rather than bolstering it up, saving most of it, just scooped it up and hauled it away without the public having any say. One of the goals stated
    Maintain global population at 500,000,000.
    Even the average schmuck, watching the Suddenly Dead happening on TV and reading about the high school athletes dying in their sleep might connect those glow in the dark International Orange manhole cover sized dots.

  8. RulingParasites want everybody on surveillance?
    Every movement tracked by the pocket telephone?
    Every word, captured?
    Every friend and family relationship tracked through until the end?
    Digital electrons instead of money??
    Then, a few EMPs?
    All those tracking devices go dark, their monitors turn blank?
    The accounts dissolved, the ledger cleansed?

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