A HIGHLY Recommended “Must See”

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

If you do one thing this week/weekend/month, you ABSOLUTELY must go check out the new Godzilla Movie “Godzilla Minus One”.

Let me tell you… Sapper decided today I needed a much deserved and needed break from reality. I’ve been putting in 10 hour days at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206 as of late, and I’m not authorized O.T. as I’m still a mere prole. So because of the 10 hour days, at the end of the pay period I generally get the majority of Tuesdays off.

Considering how life has been lately, I’ll take the small victories when I can… a 2 hour workday and fucking off on my various projects and whatnot? Suits me. So we did the 1:45 show. Place was empty as I expected, so we had the best seats in the house.

The movie was an absolute, stunning success on every level in my view. Music score, character development… I mean it helps I’m a Godzilla Geek, having ALL the Toho 60th Anniversary DVDs and I still watch them frequently… What’s not to love about a guy is a rubber suit curbstomping Tokyo? Only way a remake would be better is if he got sidetracked to the Med, and took out Tel Aviv…

Jes’ Sayin’…

In fact if someone had the balls to make that right, every. single. Muj on the fucking Planet would pay to watch that in theaters…

But yeah, fucking unreal. Also, in the movie the airplane they use is a Kyushu J7W Shinden. I’m a bit of an airplane geek (actually anything DotMil, for ALL nations, to include aircraft) and the Shiden was a really cool plane.

It was a late-in-the-war “Pusher” canard wing oddball, which there were only two prototypes ever built. One got snagged by the Navy at the end of the war, and it’s remains are at the Dulles Air and Space annex, where I’ve seen it myself… Now according to the research I’ve done tonight, Toho built a fully functional 1:1 replica (the only one in existence) and used it in the movie. They then after shooting was completed donated it to the Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum in Fukuoka, and didn’t let anyone know until after the movie came out:

The reason I went ‘all in’ on researching it was the scene when the hero is taking off in it, I realized that it was a real plane doing the taxi, and some of the aerial footage looked just too legit… especially in light of the fact this movie uses absolute minimal CGI.

As they say, proof is in the puddin’

It even had every. single. Japanese. Kajiu. trope imaginable. Kaiju is Japanese for “Strange Beast” which is the giant rubber suited Monster movie… The standard trope(s) for the characters are also, like the Monsters themselves right on point. Kajiu movies have 5 Major roles besides the Monster itself
1) The Tormented Hero: Usually the main player, who all the action and story revolve around. Usually this guy is out for revenge for his father/sister/brother or haunted by a past misdeed or failure on his part that he’s having trouble overcoming.

2) The Heroes Love Interest (but no sex!): Usually a chick who’s in the Heroes life, staying by her mans side, throughout his “Heroes Journey” Has her own issues but tries to keep them secondary to supporting the Hero. Doesn’t want to burden the Hero, but has that whole love thing going on…

3) The Scientist: This’s the brains of the outfit. Usually either wearing a suit, puffing a pipe, or wild Einstein looking hair, he’s the guy who’s usually plotting just how to take down the Monster with complex plans that usually fail, giving way to the Hero saving everyone’s ass.

4) The Salty Captain/Crusty Veteran Older Guy: This guy in part with the last guy on the list (the Comic Relief) provides bits of comedy, as well as dispensing wisdom from his experiences from a jaded point of view. Drinks a lot too.

and last
5) The Fool or Comic Relief: This guy is second fiddle to the Crusty Vet Older guy. Usually a subordinate. Usually younger and naïve. Used for comic relief by stating stupid shit, sort of worships the Hero despite the Hero being down on himself… a Squire to the Knight so to speak, and usually comes through in the crunch.

ALL the Kajiu movies, hell, even Anime have these same exact characters. Star Blazers ( a personal favorite) Tranzor Z, The Spaceketeers… yeah, tell me I didn’t grow up in the early eighties amiright? This one does NOT disappoint.

So yeah, spend the $10-15 to see it.
Well worth it. For me it was like a palette cleanser from allt he bullshit I’ve been suffering through. You need to watch a great movie and enjoy about an hour-45 without being bugged by “the message” then get thee down to the movie house gang. You’ll thank me.

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17 thoughts on “A HIGHLY Recommended “Must See””

  1. I have a Godzilla on the porch.
    Pineland run for some wood splitting was a relief from Bolshevik REV 2.0.
    Hydraulic splitter saves hours and it goes by fast.
    Found some killer ammo deals at the super hardware, it is like a Wal-Mart but for country folks.
    The Jap plane looks influenced by the Deutsch Dornier 335 Pfeil (Arrow) which was also push pull.
    Unsere Luftwaffe was taking on five air forces and no one has time for that.
    P-51 Mustang, FW-190 Wurger (Butcher Bird) are my faves from vintage WWII era.
    Nice Godfather meme as Don Vito Jr. makes offers that no one can refuse.

    1. Communist (‘BOLSHEVICS’) ‘revolution’ beginning in:
      * Russia 1911
      * fUSA 1913
      * Russia 1930
      * China 1928
      * Afrika 1936
      * France, then Europe 1926.
      The Brits and Australians went to pot starting about 1918.
      Who resists the perpetual NextBestRevolution™?
      Rural and rustic Latin Americans in Central and South America.
      City-folk, the centralized concentrated power-mad, overlook the fact of most of them and their supporters/followers will starve while the natural world continues to ignore them.
      An aside:
      Looking at their list, I see a long series of attempts at doing the same thing… while expecting different results.
      Bless their hearts, they try so doggarn hard.

  2. I was gonna see it on my Day off yesterday but my son was literally green around the gills with stomach flu. Went back and forth from doctor to pharmacy to walk Mart all day. I’ll see it Saturday.

    I love some Star Blazers. I even have the live action on DVD with sub titles. They made it a bit like Battlestar Galactica 2004 effects wise. They really messed up the Gamilons and the princess. In this version they are entities with no bodies. They also made Nova/Yuki a fighter pilot like Wildstar/Kodai. I enjoyed it even so.

  3. It has to be better than that piece of crap Godzilla movie I saw with Mathew Broderick and a Gila monster from 1998. That is the last movie I ever watched in an indoor theater. I wasted my money. At least the two kids my wife and I took to see it enjoyed it.

    1. Dad and I took the afternoon off to go watch that movie, in 1998. It was the last movie we ever watched together in a theater. He died a month later. Stinker or not, it brings back a pleasant memory for me.

  4. I will probably wait for it to hit the torrent sites but it looks good, much better than the pink Godzilla plus Kong abomination I saw the trailer for yesterday.

  5. Nice breakdown of the kaiju characters. That’s some Drinker-level shit right there.

    So a long time ago I had an electromagnetic fields class, basically on RADAR, with a lab where they’d test out radar cross-sections of various aircraft (models). We were encouraged to bring in our own models, which would be covered in metallic paint. Of course normal people brought in various Testors planes, a tank or two, sensible stuff. I brought in my 10” Godzilla model. Turns out the Big Guy’s reflectivity has a notable drop in X-band. Stealthy to old police radar! Who knew?

    Found metallicized Godzilla at my parents’ house a few years ago. Still looking good, except he’s missing his right thumb. Because it snapped off when I tried to get him to hold one of those “saber” cocktail skewers for olives. Because apparently to an 8-yo Godzilla wielding a sword is cooler than plain old Godzilla.

  6. Does it have Mothra and the Twins? I have Mothra hanging from fishing line over my desk at the office.

  7. The Plague Nun and I just got back from seeing Godzilla-1 and a lunch/dinner afterwards. Fan-fu&-ing-tastic! This is the second movie we’ve gone to in the last year(Honor Among Thieves being the other), and as with HAT, we’ll be going again early next week. Thank you for the recommendation, BCE!

    One question regarding Godzilla-1? The Zero(?) at the beginning of the movie, that the hero flies and doesn’t do the kamikaze run; was that a real/restored Zero or an R/C model (or CGI)?

    I thought that it was real, but I could be wrong on it; the bomb below seemed awfully small.

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