Good News, Lots of Shooz, and Humorous Christmas Vids

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Thank you Jesus for delivering at least that particular cup of suffering away from my unworthy ass. Got the call today that the car?

Total Engine Failure under warranty!!!


Maaaaaan I was stressing like a mad dog over that. The very last thing I wanted was to be out of pocket or have to ask for help. Y’all were dead on about the Rod Failure… engine ate that sucker and ka-boomie-boom. Part of the reason I love y’all is that everyone has each other’s backs and have intel that we can all share to help each other out when needed.

That’s about 10k I now don’t have to sweat. Christmas was looking like “Hey Sapper, here’s a bottle of Gatorade man, Merry Merry and all that… Gretchen, I got you, not one, but two boxes of Nilla Wafers (Publix had a BOGO)!” I mean I know it’s the thought, but we’ve had some seriously lean Christmases in the past around here… not that we’re going all out, but still you feel me amiright?

BTW: The Raffle is now extended due to new readership, and mailing in of entries to December 15th. If’n you want to re-enter, those who’ve already done one, I’m doubling it to 2x for the one, and $50 will get you 10 entries. I’ve got 1-2 who did $50 already, so I’m giving them the extra 5 too. Happy Hanukkah everyone!

Speaking of that, the Israelis, doing their ‘usual thing’ opened a Nova Festival Display commemorating the October 7th bushwhack at the Tel Aviv Expo? I didn’t read the article too closely as we who live in reality have found out the majority of casualties at that Rave were caused by the Hebrew Helicopters laying waste to anyone who moved. Thing of it that struck me was this:

Just what in the fuck is the Jewish near obsession with shoes and shitters!?! “Look Goyim, here are the pile of shoes of the victims!!!”

And shot up shithouses???

Seriously… they got some serious mental issues to contend with… and if THAT wasn’t bad enough, to try and pull at the heartstrings a bit more:

A coloring book and crayons? I -think- the intent was to show that there may have been lil kids there… There’s a problem with this concept however…

It was a RAVE

Techno-Drug Addled Teens and a LOT of overage MILFs who should have known better. Thing of those folks who go to Raves? They do things like using coloring books and all the other weird child-like things… Especially since the Nova Rave was ostensibly a Peace Rave to protest the lockdown and treatment of the Gazans!!!

Any wonder why the Izzy DotGov and DotMil didn’t step up and stop it/warn them? According to the latest, they knew this was going to happen. Take for example that German chick, Shani Louk who refused to do her mandatory DotMil service with the IDF and was able to get away with it due to being a dual citizen… I mean when you put into THAT perspective just who the IDF was shooting at, as well as the Muj, well then, file under “things that make you go hmmn”…

So, yeah, More Shooz for the Goyim to look at…
Thing of it is…

Sums it up nicely.
Look, I don’t deny bad things happened.
Problem is when you photoshop what essentially is a burnt brisket and/or a meatloaf, and say it’s a Baby they stuffed in an oven (Oy Vey!)? You lose all credibility and that is why the world is starting to Seriously Notice

There’s only so many times you can roll out a pile of shoes before people go “Meh, so fucking what? There’s piles of shoes like that at the local Goodwill.” It also doesn’t help that your own people tried to warn you explicitly that this particular shitstorm is coming, and you did nothing to prevent it so as to gain political traction and avoid discussing your “Dear Leader” Nutjobyayhoo’s corruption.

Like I said, we got no dog in the hunt per se.
Like the Kraine.

Either way, WE, the Untied Staaz should not be involved in any way shape and or form with any of this shit. ESPECIALLY when we have the most Brain Dead Third Rate Leadershit Board running the Clown Car into the metaphoric Bridge Abutment,. peddle to the metal, at 100mph+, with a trunk full of Gasoline and Thermite.

In fact ALL of our current choices, every. last. one. of. them, to include OrangeManBad should in no way ever be allowed to take control of the Clown Car. Unfortunately, ‘We The People’ don’t get a say anymore apparently…

This will not end well.
Makes me long for the Days of Noninterventionism. I mean right now, we’re being told that we need to pay the Kraine an additional 600 BILLION USD because Putin is going to take over ALL of Europe, and yet, Rheinmetall just announced they plan on building a tank factory in the Kraine?

Which the fuck is it?

Even they can’t make up their minds
Mainly because there’s no brains in any of ’em.

Now, let’s get upbeat. Gretchen found some TikTok Vids (I know, I know… tried explaining it to her, but “….female and reasons!”) and showed me them to me because she knows the “A Year without Santa Claus” is one of my favorite Christmas Specials, and mainly because of these two:

Yeeeeah Baby… Heat Mizer and Snow Mizer…
LOVE those guys… they crack me the fuck up to this day…
So, she found this guy on the Tok, and you can download the clips (who knew?) No idea what I may or may not have infected my rig with, but seeings I’m already on ALL the “lists”, let’em make of it what they will of these… The kid’s name is Chris Matesevac and maaan, kid’s got some talent IMO. These cracked me the fuck up too, so I figured I’d share.
First Up: Snow Mizer:

Funny right?
Then, Heat Mizer:

Put a smile on my grill. Hope they did for you as well.

Overall a good day… Nay, a great day which have been few and far between as of late. Now tomorrow I’ll be out until Saturday as I have to do an all day-overnight Biddness trip for People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206, so I may not have a Friday Poast unless something goes sideways and I do an emergency update.

Otherwise More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Good News, Lots of Shooz, and Humorous Christmas Vids”

  1. I will admit freely that the Misers are my favs out of all the stop action xmas puppet shows.

  2. Hopefully the replacement engine isn’t a 2-3 month ordeal. Buddy of mines mom waited 10 weeks for the engine in her 2019 to arrive and be installed. Unless they’re supplying you with a rental, then who gives a flip. Drive that sum beach to the Keys for supper.

    1. I a happy that the whole situarion looks like it is getting resloved.

      Israel protests too much and Netyahoo is arrogent. All they had to do was go to the UN and milk the good will. Instead they decided that scorched Earth was the way to go. The problem is that the operate under the assumption that they can guilt trip the West through anything. The problem are:

      1) They have over played there hand for decades. I know that I am tired of every mildly negitive comment causing people to be called names and having the past beaten over everyones’ heads

      2) The Ds have a problem in (see no 1) and in the Marxist power dinamic they are the opressor and therefore evil. Most of todays college kids obly view through that lense and the older generation that had any standing to temper that are not even a memory to them.

      3) The west as a whole is weak and loosing influance

      4) Everyone North, East, South, and South West of them doesn’t have the history to be shamed with (like 1), are default Marxist (2)/religuously hostile, and because of (3) are harder to keep in line.

      They seem to have a fairly thin playbook, and itvhas been seen by everyone and completely played out.

      When I see emotionally manipulative displays I now tune them out and am insulted by the propaganda. I find it tedious and exhausting.

      The Palistinans ar barbarians but I am done caring at this point and a pox on both houses. We have our own problems and the Middle East isn’t one of them. I am more interested in the current South American shinanaggans at this point or the Ukrainian game thrones than the yearly Isrealie Palistinian bull shit.

        1. Well said despite the lack of spell check.

          I found it in the flavor of BCE’s style and appreciate the follow-up, it doesn’t take away from the message, you’re on point.

          God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and BCE. Glad to hear the POS worked out BCE!

  3. Hah. I immediately thought the same thing upon seeing the “pile of shoes”. Not fucking again. Prolly no pathetic box of wedding rings ☹️ this time around. Maybe a display of IUDs instead? (No, not IED, I meant what I wrote.)

    I’m on the train. The woman behind me has yammered on with her horrid vocal fry from Stamford, CT all the way to Providence, RI. I’ve learned all about the doings of her kin in Israel (not making this up). The cherry topping this shit Saturdae (I’m being culturally sensitive!) is that she’s been making plinking noises with the tab of a soda can (as if it were a g-d damn thumb piano) whenever words aren’t coming out of her pie hole. I’ve had five hours of sleep over the last two days and I do not need this.

  4. Awesome good news about the car warranty!
    Hope it goes smoothly, though I bet the assholes slow walk it because they’re paying for it.
    I hope you’ll get break and they will try to get it out of their hair ASAP. {{fingers crossed}}
    Take the goodness as it comes, not how we wish it was.

    I’m so burned out from all things Middle East. If just once some dickhead in DC would crack open a history book they could easily see that it’s always been a shithole, still is a shithole and until it glows for a hundred years will always be a shithole.
    Why the FUSA should do dick about savages that have been killing and maiming each other for 4000+ fucking years is beyond me.
    The MSM shows palestinian kids playing kill da joo…I’m sure it NEVER happens that jooish kids do the reverse. Na-Uhh!

  5. Same thing happened in 2022 and the parts were unavailable with only three in the entire clown car economic zone FUSA.
    Die Hard, Where Eagles Dare, Rambo First Blood are my fave Christmas movies.
    Comrade commissar Austin and Brandon got testy with the Grand Old Politburo about funding for the 51st Uniparty state the Kraine, with Austin saying we’ll have your uncles, brothers, cousins, fighting Russia in Europe.
    They really do live in a bubble of delusion while coasting on the fumes from victories of 80 years ago.
    What a convenient distraction for Nutty Yahoo but the corruption trial has resumed.
    While cleaning the nest found one of those probably not safe for eating green bag ham slices still in the outer box.

  6. Yeah, the shoe thing. I don’t understand it, but it is one of their “tells”.
    Love the mizers, kind of got choked up a bit there.

  7. I notice that coloring books for alleged grodeups are now a thing.
    Also, “The Long Kiss Goodnight” is totally a Christmas movie.

  8. Behind Notre Dame (of the Paris variety) resides a Holocaust museum that has a room that you can walk by and look down into that is full of shoes from the camps. Saw it in 1997 with two Jewish brothers. Went back in 2009 and had them light candles and say a small prayer to our dead mothers in Notre Dame. It was especially dusty in there that day.

    Spin Drift

  9. Funny how no one mentions the Jewish mosk protest that happened before the festivities began on the 7nth

  10. IIRC, your car was a KIA. Those 2.0 Theta engines are notorious for ‘sploding in spectacular fashion. Recommend trading as soon as is practical before the new motor bLows up.

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