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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Appreciate all the nice sentiments and whatnot on our current shit-show here at Casa El Grande Campesino… been a loooong curse filled weekend that’s for damned sure…

As in “What Mummy’s Tomb did I piss on when I was in Egypt? I was sure didn’t pee on anything critical!!!” I mean I went out of my way to only piss in what I (thought) were/was ‘safe’ spots, meaning no curse laden A.O.s that could possibly come back to haunt me…

<Le Sigh>

Anyways… Time to get back in the groove….

Wisco Dave sends me a daily dump of memes and ‘other’ things… we got a pretty good email chain happening with Me, Wirecutter and a few others… one of the things he sent me was a link to this… watch it and then I’ll discuss:

Holy. Shit.

OK… now… according to Leadslinger, this isn’t ‘sped up’ nor is it Hollyweird Special Effects… those are for-real racing drones…

Of course I had to verify, so I found this from NBC on YouToob:

DAMN x2!!!!
So, I’ve already linked a bunch of the Russian and Krainian Drone attacks where individual troops on both sides have become ‘drone meat’… Now mind you, these are C.O.T.S. Drones… which means “Commercial Off The Shelf” drones bough by both DotMils because there wasn’t a significant analog in any DotMil, to include the US…

We have drones… have had them quite a spell, however, none of them had offensive capabilities like we’ve now seen. Not sure if it was the Russians who did it first, or the Krainians… I know I’m biased, as the Krain is nothing but a 70+/- IQ’d semi-retarded bunch of grifting morons who’s never had an original idea in their collective lives… Whereas Ivan tends to act stupidly to begin with, and then “adapt, improvise, and overcome” like pure-dee motherfuckers.

I’d hanker it was Russia who done dood it first.

Maybe I’m wrong… let me know in the comments. Reason I say it was them, was they supplied Armenia drones during the Nagorno-Karabakh war(s). It helped them to dump accurate Artillery Fire onto oncoming Azerbaijani grunts… the vidyas from that are out there if you look…

At some point, someone realized they could add bombs, even as simple as an F1 Soviet Era Frag onto a drone, and drop them with pretty good accuracy and take out individual grunts on the ground. As time went on, the Russians then added larger drones to the matrix, and rigged many of them with RPG Warheads… and when that worked, they graduated to substituting the RPG round with what essentially were ‘airborne claymore’ fragmentation mines. They’d take a foot long, lightweight plastic cylinder, put another smaller one inside it, the smaller one being packed with Semtex, and then, they’d fill the ‘gap’ between the two with a kilo and a half of ball bearings…

And man, effective? No shit Aye?

So, of course the usual “I kin shewt one of them there down!” morons (actually quite a few) started piping in, that “They shoot doves on the reg!” which apparently are supposedly harder to hit than a 90+ MPH drone…

Pull the other one Jethro.

Thing of it is?
The current Guinness World Record for “Fastest Drone”?

AVERAGE speed of 165.2MPH
Top End? Flat-The-Fuck-Balls-Out? 179.78 MPH

My ass you can shoot that down.

Think about it.
It’s fucking terrifying.

A small drone, like the Drone Racing Leagues Racer Mark 4:

0-90MPH in slightly less than a second
Ninety Fucking Miles Per Hour.

So of course “But Big Country, these are small sports drones, they’re tiny, and have no lift capability!!!”

No shit Sherlock, it doesn’t fucking need one.

It’s called Commotio Cordis, which sounds like a Harry Potter spell. It’s a result of impact to the chest. It can compress your ribcage a bit, essentially bouncing your ribs off your heart in such a way as to interrupt the hearts natural rhythm. Imagine the heart tries to expand in the moment of impact and is unable to do so because of the compression of the ribs. This is pretty rare, cause the blow would need to be struck with that exact timing and would need to hit almost dead center of the left ventricle of the heart. Still, it basically kills you outright. Breathing will stop and the heart will be in V-fib. With that perfect blow, in that perfect moment, an otherwise completely healthy person is now having a heart attack. They are likely to die without immediate CPR and AED treatment.

Now mind you, that’s a punch that can cause Commotio Cordis… sometimes ball players have had it happen getting hit with a fastball to the chest… very rare, however

What if you have a swarm of these drones. ALL programmed to seek a thermal imaged human sized target? Launch and release 40 of them before you storm an objective. Each one closes with the target so fucking quickly the hit would be instantly either fatal or completely incapacitating… you wouldn’t even need to worry about Ye Olde Heart Pump… a drone doing 90 MPH impacting a limb I’m sure is going to tear that fucker clean the fuck off Aye?

Telling you, I have seen the future, and it’s Lethal Combat Drones… In fact when you go to the Drone Racing League website (look for the link yourself you filthy animals, I can’t always do all the heavy lifting as I’m writing this while making dinner…) the website has a LOT of links to the US Chair Farce…

Tells you where and what they’re thinking amiright?

So, thoughts in the comments
More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “Now That ‘Stuff’ is on The Backburner, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled ‘Stuff’”

  1. I have done shitloads of dove hunting and the pile of empty 12-gauge hulls exceeds the number of doves bagged by a factor of SHITLOADS. For the guys who shoot better than I do I will load whatever shot gun I own for you to use, I doubt I will need to reload it for you. Drones have scared the shit out of me since I saw the first one with a 9mm aboard about 5-6 years ago.

    1. yup. the best dove/quail hunting I ever did was down south with a good old boy who had a pickup trained dog. we ride the power lines with the dog out in front. in low and no foot on the gas.
      about 3-4 miles per hour speed. the dog would point, we got out and get ready to shoot. he say
      go and the dog would flush them. I got 5 that DAY. and that was with a box of shells.
      and back then I used to shoot clays 2-3 times a month. if you hit a drone with a shotgun, you either damn lucky or the drone wasn’t moving at all.
      as for the Russians, whenever I hear some clown say they stupid. I just say t-34 to them.
      sloped armor is nothing new now, but they thought of it first. a really simple idea too
      but it does increase the protection while saving weight. and shells tended to bounce off it too.

    2. NORAD released a video a couple years back of a c130 with a very large pod inside of it that is capable of releasing theses drones in huge numbers. Thinks multiple hundreds of drones at a time. The slow down at altitude drop the drones and let AI take over. They have been used in combat already and are extremely effective.

  2. There is a video out of University of Texas I believe where they are on a football field and takeover a drone to change its course and make it land using jamming frequencies.
    About 100 years ago there was a doctor (Royal Rife) who claimed the same thing about treating illnesses and he was destroyed.
    Word is spreading about this CPUSA (D) productions fake and GAE St. Floyd of Fentanyl in The Fall of Minneapolis documentary, good, good.
    There is always a way around or a countermeasure and if not then make your own.

  3. I have been studying a number of drone-strike videos lately. The ones that attack individual soldiers are alarming. There is one of a Ukr girl soldier standing in the entrance of a dugout; she goes back in, followed by a drone, big explosion ensues, smoke and blast exits thru openings nearby. I’m trying to think of simple countermeasures. In this particular case, maybe a barrier, even a piece of corrugated metal covering the entrance prevents the drone from getting INSIDE (where effects are amplified). This drone, in the milliseconds it was visible on video, looked a little like a small bird, not a quadcopter. I’ve seen soldiers in trenches attacked by quads, gruesome. The Russian “cope cages” sometimes work. I am eager to see what the “community” can propose , in terms of countermeasures and defenses, since drone weapons are not going away and will only get worse.

    1. Camo nets off the top of my head would work best. Keep in mind these are small drones that just need to be slightly repelled for a successful defense. They are available at most army surplus stores for cheap.

  4. Those Rooski’s are very good with their missile tech. I have seen the next generation of the Lancet loitering drone promoted on Telegram and they are planned to be launched in coordinated salvos. They claim the latest one has longer range and now has AI target acquisition.

    Their anti-ship missiles already swarm in flight – sea skimming with one in ‘pop up’ mode to guide the others.

    As a countermeasure they are fitting the Volnorez anti-drone jammer system on their vehicles such as T80 and T90

    I loved the drone attack in Gerard Butler’s ‘Angel has Fallen’. Also good video from Coelacanth.

  5. Point of order: it was the Azeries using Isrealie and Turkish drones against the Armenians.

    Oil money bough them

  6. Being that the effective range of a shotgun and the drone claymore is probably about the same, shooting at something that can unleash a kilo or so of ball bearings does not sound like a good idea.

  7. Just smashing that thing into someones CPU seems like it would…remove them for at least the immediate moment.
    Now imagine a number of them smashing your cpu from numerous angles.

    Yeah…there gonna be a issue.

  8. The new military problem to solve will be… can robot soldiers fight off killer drones…Gonna be a very tough one to solve..

    1. Randy- a Year or two ago, I saw an article about someone getting a Patent for a 40-MM Grenade Shell that threw a fine, nylon Fishnet to Tangle and down a Drone. It seems likely that you could make a ‘Launcher’ similar to a Potato Gun, to throw a Net. Of Course, now you need a dedicated Operator or three, and still have the problem of Detection/Response Time to solve.

  9. Mexican cartels have been using drones to drop bad things on the POPO or other enemies for some time.

  10. Commotio cordis is not about the heart being unable to “expand” during sudden external compression. CC is an electrical “glitch” during a very short (about 30ms, IIRC) period of the cardiac cycle, specifically during repolarization, which corresponds to the upstroke of the T-wave on the ECG. You’re right that CC puts you into V-fib, which is a bad and often fatal thing. But Reader above is correct — you’d have a better incapacitation (and probably kill) rate by smashing your fast drone into someone’s face than trying to cause CC.

    I called it a glitch because the mechanism of CC isn’t clear. The original paper on CC (by some guy named Link IIRC) described how they replicated/caused CC: they made an air cannon, synchronized (with “dial-able” delay from the QRS) to the ECG. They used this device to fire essentially croquet balls at the chest of pigs. Creating the experimental set up must have been fun. (Getting the study approved by the ethics committee was probably NOT fun.)

  11. Jamming the Drones is probably the better way to go for Defense – I’ve seen Russian Vehicles equipped with a small, integrated Transmitter/Antenna that plugs in to the Vehicle’s 24-Volt System, and makes them ‘Fall Down’ a safe distance away. If your opponent is using COTS Drones, the Frequencies are ‘published’ and the Power Levels allowed are Small. Like Jamming Cell Phones, it doesn’t take much Power or Signal Complexity to be effective.

    From what Vids I’ve seen published by the Rus MOD, I consider the Real Danger from Drones to be the Tactical Recon types, like the Orlan (Eagle) series, that can Fly at a good altitude, Loiter for a few Hours, and send back Video and Position Data to Fire Support Units. I think that for the average user, a Recon Drone that can send back Video from a Kilometer or two, for half an Hour, would be more valuable than ‘expendable’ Grenade Drones. You would have to set up to Drop Grenades, if you’re not on a .Mil Budget…

  12. I fly fpv racing drones. Small ones, cost a couple hundred apiece. 80mph top end. You cannot SEE it coming at you in time to shoot it.

    The problem is 2fold on my end:
    1) cargo weight is minimal and slows it down when added, and
    2) i have to electronically communicate with my drone making it possible for someone to pinpoint me and fuck up my day.

    But yeah, the future of this is very scary. Skynet and then some.

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