An Update Plus a Belated Birfday Gift

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… lets see… Mom (ackchully Gretchen’s Mom) is now in the hospital… My thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers… tis much appreciated!

Now, as far as the croakers? They have no idea what the problem is but the pain is out of control… I mean the hip is jacked, we knew that… problem is that it’s the one she had replaced many years ago, so I’m thinking some nerve entanglement(?) pinching severely(?) or something…

To give you an idea, Gretchen first started off when we reported for duty (and found out she’d fallen, and didn’t fucking tell us again) that all we knew was she was in pain, so we had her chew 2x of my Oxys that the VA gives me… less for me by month end but hey?

Didn’t scratch the surface. So we gave her HER Vicodin, and between the two of those, me at 310 pounds currently, I -know- I’d have been in happy-la-la land. Her? Nothing… didn’t even scratch the surface of agony she was in… that was when we found out she’d fallen, and tried to hide it from us…

So the Ambulance showed, and she was screaming in pain when they loaded her up to the meatwagon. Bad enough they gave her a ‘taste’ of that emergency Fentanyl patch… I figured THAT would have done it…

I have no idea what the hell is going on, because nothing seemed to have worked. They gave her almost 1/2 a grain worth of the ‘pure quill’ (straight morphine) at the E.R. and NOW have her on a drip, which is finally getting shit under control.

I’m jealous… the local junkie is jealous… ANY dope fiend out there would be jealous… Right now I think if she donated blood, and you were the recipient of said-blood, you’d be high AF for a week…

Can’t imagine what’d happen to the mosquito that might decide to have lunch on her… jes’ sayin’… lil bug’d be triiiiiiiiiiiippin’…

So we’ll find out… Mad tests, MRIs CAT scans, ALL the tests…
We’ll update as we go…

So, I got a parcel; in the mail from one of my Brit Readers… for muh birfday. Seems he has a ‘line’ on the rations that the Kraine have been getting flooded with. Sent me the following as a Birfday Gift:

Menu #20, Beef and Veg Canuckistan Ration…

Ought to give JL (the Bitter Centurion) some bad/good maybe? Flashbacks from his time in boots with the Canuck Army… I’m….intrigued in that it’s a very small Ration… like half the weight of a normal US MRE. Looks like it’s light on ‘extras’ and we’ll see what we see in the near future…

The one that blew my mind?
THIS Dutch gorilla-sized motherfucker:

Dutch ration…
Fucking thing is GINORMOUS

That’s the other side when I flipped that heavyweight motherfucker over…
24 Hour Ration…
With ALL the ‘bells and whistles’

Pasta, Chili, Apple/Blueberry Granola and a slew of extra shit… to include swole-milk… AKA a protein energy drink powder like Muscle Milk that you’d have after a particularly hard steel throwing session… Not sure how or IF I’m going to review THAT big Bastard as it’s from what I can tell, enough to keep me in my ‘eat on’ for two/three days in a real emergency… date on it said it’s good til 2025…

Have to see..
What say you?
So, more later this weekend. I’ve got some tactical stuff to go over now that we’re back at the house, plus a gear review/suggestion or two.

More Later
Big Country

4 thoughts on “An Update Plus a Belated Birfday Gift”

  1. Beef and Veggie stew IMP? It was pretty good, IIRC. It was basically ‘Chunky’ canned stew…but in a foil baggie. Pretty much all the Canadian IMPs were decent, save for any of the ones made with fish. Those were bad ju ju and I’d sooner subsist on shitty coffee and beef jerky in the field than let that rumble around in my guts.

  2. Stock up on food…this is the way.
    A little excess weight might come in handy for the 2024 intentional wipeout as the CPUSA (D) goes for rule in perpetuity.
    The worthless feckless Grand Old Politburo (R) are okay with one party rule as they cash out with pots of gold…oh wait donor shekels are drying up under Ronna Romney.
    A bud had too many nerves in leg and that could lead to pain, it was tested with a gigantor needle, an elder got hip replaced and it was like a new lease.
    Got some early Christmas gifts of new camo puffer and it is keiler kylar killer!
    And a USB rechargeable spelunker light to mount on headwear along with a skull mask for the “white lung” plandemic LARP.
    It is not the face panty style with queef gusset, more like a bandit bandana with draw strings.
    See how family will do ya, they have your back like a spine.

  3. Damn, that Dutch ration sounds like a good one to stock up on. Prolly costs an arm and two legs though.

  4. BCE- Mom-in-Law’s Pain sounds like Nerve Damage – something got mashed, and it is sending ‘False Signal’ Pain, way beyond what Physical Damage caused it. I experienced this from an Injury ‘at work’ more than 20 Years ago, when I was running around ‘Freightering’ with some derelict DC-10 and L-1011 Airliners converted to ‘Deck Cargo’ Ships. Got my Left Foot hit between Rolling Cargo Pallets -fortunately Empty ones- and while the 18 or so Fractured Bones sort-of ‘Healed’ (the Doc (in France)) said that there could be a lot of Surgery and Pins and Screws and stuff, or wearing a Brace, keeping OFF of it for several Months, and then wearing a Brace while Walking, would pretty much get the same results over Time. I haven’t worn the Brace for 15 Years (still have it) I have a Constant, ‘fuzzy’ Pain in that Foot, that sometimes goes to “Pour Jet Fuel in that Boot and Light it” Pain that Percs and that Synthetic Heroin doesn’t Touch.
    She might have a similar condition, that may become a “Pain Management Issue” long-term.

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