Light Poasting for a Few Days

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had and have an ongoing family emergency happening. This time it was Mom who fell and broke her hip.

Always a fun time around here!
More Later Tonight

9 thoughts on “Light Poasting for a Few Days”

  1. Sorry BCE, once this crisis is over it is time to either move them into an assisted living place near you guys or get a caregiver.

    I get they want their “freedom” but there comes a time when they have to stop with the denial and face reality. I have a MIL with MS and it is the same boat, it took my wife and her sister and multiple falls to insist that she get a caregiver. Oh she wines and cries about spending the money but is doing much better now with the caregiver and no falls or EMS calls.

  2. Good on ya for standing with family.
    No one else has your back and vice versa.
    Clown World will still be there with LULZ…for now.
    Looking into teen who got FIB raided for memes posting story.
    Interesting with comrade commissar Jack Smith of the Hague asking for all devices metadata from MAGA supporters around Trump.

  3. you are a good man. I stayed in that shithole philly because of my parents. didn’t leave until they where both passed on. before we put my dad into a home, used to get there at 4 am.
    get him up. cleaned up and feed his stubborn ass. I think he thought I was nuts or something
    I told him life as I see it is a circle, you start out not being able to do shit for yourself, then you can and that goes on for a while until you need help doing things again.
    do what you think you should. most people today couldn’t care less. but at least you can look at yourself in the mirror. most people can’t do that. god speed and good luck talking to them
    try to find a home close to you. so you can keep a eye on them ( the care workers) we went everyday to check on pop until he pass on. I have found that the “staff” does better when they know you coming in everyday to check on them. also I used to bring some snack/treats for the staff every now and then too. it does help. wish you well on this as I know the battle before you.
    one thing this does show, is how tight you family is. there are some in my family I don’t speak to and have not since because of this. again, good luck with this.

  4. Best to you looking out for fam.
    #2 on the priority list (self is #1)
    Take yer time, make it right, we’ll wait.

  5. Damn! When it rains in your AO… Do what ya gotta do, but take care of you 1st, so you can take care of others. Prayers and good fortune to you and yours.

  6. Sorry to hear about Mom unit. Hopefully she heals up quickly.
    You’re going to have your hands full. Post as you need to vent, knowing you have a following praying and pulling for you.

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