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My new-ish car had An oil and filter change yesterday at ‘Take-5’ oil change place… Gretchen had a bridal gig this AM.

Coming home the engine blew da fuck up then seized DRT

I am SO Over this week

More Later (provided I don’t lose my shit completely)


25 thoughts on “AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!”

  1. Make sure those fuckers put in/tightened the oil plug.
    Walfart did that to me a couple of decades ago. That’s why I do the shit myself now.

    1. ^^^What he said. Had a gal in our outfit–she bought a new BUICK-under factory warranty, but needed an oil change. Went to the “Spiffy-Lube” at lunch. Driving back to the orifice–whole ‘effing V-6 seized up. Shit-faced punk who drained the oil “forgot” to torque-tighten the oil drain plus. Took months hassling the culprits to make good–meantime, she’s outta a ride.

      Like Sedition said: “Do the oil change pro se.” Yeah–it’s a minor PITA, but get unner dat beast, unscrew the oil filter and plug, re-assemble, and pout in the new oil. Plus–while your carcass is unner-neath, eyeball the suspension, ball joints, drive shaft, brake lines and such.

      Plus–no add-on charges for” SHOP SUPPLIES (holy Hell–rags? or taking the used oil to a re-cycle outfit.) PS–a gal at our farm took her Taco P/U to the local “AUTHORIZED DEALER” in town for an quickie oil change. Red ‘n Black uniformed Dealer Techie comes back into the waiting room, wiping down his greasy hands and tells her: “You really need a brake job and ball joints; vehicle is dangerous to drive.”

      (CLASSIC) “Is dat so?” she answers. “Got me the paid invoices for a four wheel brake job and a ball joint replacement in my console. Wanna see them?”

      Techie blanches, almost fudges his drawers, and beats a hasty retreat. Only oil change done PLUS they washed her beast gratis.

      The XX chromosome-crowd usually gets taken advantage of; not our farm hired help–she’s 6’1’, 160 lbs–all muscle–tosses hundreds of square hay bales all day. Gets in the ring with Arab stallions and they’re putty in her hands. She’s pretty good with a rifle to boot. A keeper!

      1. “A keeper!” Hell, I think I’m in love with her. Reckon she wants me to make her a sammich…and fetch her a cold beer? Have Ford…will travel… 😀

        Used to do my own FIRST Echelon maintaining after a dumbass didn’t tighten the oil filter on my Chevelle decades ago. Took it about 500 miles to vibrate loose enough to lose the oil and eat some pistons. Couldn’t prove it to the responsible party but ended up selling the ride for more than I had in it so said f*ck it and moved on. Got lucky about 20 years ago and developed a trusting relationship with a local independent and a dealer both. Able to observe the good work they do while it’s in process and their pricing to me is reasonable. Hard to be a shade tree mechanic on any of the modern things we use today, be it vehicles, HVAC, appliances, ect. Doing your job right and being honest with customers is a dying art.

        1. You aren’t fucking whistling Dixie on that man….
          Fucking incompetence is what’s going to kill THIS empire methinks… I’ll blogg about that later after I recover from this shitshow

  2. Mom had her little Dodge turbo sedan over to Jiffy Lube _once_. They put in one quart of 6 necessary. She got another 200 miles out of it before it needed a new engine and turbo…
    Good luck and I will be praying for you.

  3. Got my brakes done at Firestone last week.. Brake light came on next day,, opened hood and no brake fluid cap on the reservoir and the fluid was black as coal. Even though the bill stated fluid drained and replaced. (brake fluid is not black when new). Cheats and liars and imbeciles. But I am too old to do it myself at this point.

  4. My KW has been “almost fixed… should be good tomorrow” for over a month with Emissions troubles. Wife hit a deer with her car. Ford pickup sent me a “I’m fucked” email when my dad took it to get a tree.

    Midway has seconds’ bullets on sale for DOUBLE what I paid for good stuff!!!!

    I’ll spit a few extra curses of displeasure at our situations, with hopes to celebrate some good news in the future.

    1. Mongo,
      I went to a 15 minute oil change place, and the gasket on my Chevy blew, with a massive oil leak
      Fools at the oil change place
      God bless, and good luck

  5. If you do need reliable transpo, hit up the reading community. I sold our low low mile volvo wagon to a single mom who needed a car. Gave it to her 3000 under retail. Im sure there is a reader with a decent spare vehicle who could help a fellow American who’s down on his luck.

  6. My local Take 5 cross-threaded my drain plug several years ago and caused my engine to seize. I brought them a quote for a replacement motor and they sent me a check.
    I hope it works out that way for you.

  7. When it rain it pours.

    Those quick lube places hire yhe inexperanced or the just bad. Any good kid starting out either lease as soon as he can or gets corrupted.

    Good luck and change your own oil. It is cheaper and takes less time.

  8. Dayam! At least that supply chain crap is over.
    Three months to repair a 2018 vehicle during summer of 2022.
    Luckily live within walking distance of grocery strip mall.
    Bro always goes to dealer even if costs a whole lot more because he doesn’t trust those quick change places that are everywhere in Palookaville, at least five on the main US highway.
    We can haez town, yes we can.
    Downgrade to an older model so they can’t turn it off or make everyone go the same speed.

    1. re : ‘older model’
      I hear rumors about insurance companies refusing to insure older vehicles.
      Apparently, that is a side-step to get everybody on government transportation or newer vehicles with hackable innerds.

      1. Yep – that’s how the C-nuts will force everyone to upgrade.

        In Australia our governments are trying to kill off our coal fired power stations despite the fact there is NOTHING in place to replace them. They are planning for it to fail, so they can step up & introduced nukes – to “save the planet ™ “.

        If you want to explore for coal, gas & oil, you need an exploration licence – which the government will be EXTREMELY happy to grant – provided you have INSURANCE AND FINANCE.

        Unfortunately the ESG policies of ALL our insurance and finance companies will not allow them to provide insurance or financial services for coal & petroleum exploration.

        So the coal & petroleum industries all going belly-up because they are ” dying-technologies™ ” that offend “Saint-Greta” and we MUST have solar, wind and most especially NUKES to save the future.

      2. Maybe for comprehensive and collateral, but bare minimum liability they’ll always offer because they pretty much have to. If you got an old beater it’s not worth much if it gets f’d up.

        Honestly, I’d be more concerned about big chain shops getting some kind of government reward for intentionally bricking older vehicle engines because the more they can kill, the less of them there will be.

        Avoid them, find an independent local mechanic. You’ll know whose good after the second time back. The first time they always treat you like royalty.

    2. I go to my dealer (Ford) for everything. They match prices with anyone & the reward points add up fast. Come trade-in time they can pull a printout to see what’s been done & can show the new buyer. Ain’t no dumb kids working there. Good luck!

  9. I had a Ford dealership leave the drain plug out of a 7.3L Powerstroke. Fortunately, the kid driving my truck was savvy enough to pull over before he blew the engine. He still got about 8 miles down the road, though. Ford sent out a service truck and a new drain plug without so much as an argument.

    Moral of the story – it’s not just the quick lube type joints that will screw up your engine if you don’t double check them.

  10. RTWT Morgan. Took my dealer sold Passat to the dealer every scheduled service. Got back from work one day and noticed some oil on garage floor where there should be none. That was about 3
    k miles from prior oil service. Called them up and told them it was coming in for checkup. Skid pan had a coating too, Turns out their tech had not torqued it to spec. They dodged a nasty lawsuit and loss, Got 2 free subsequent oil changes after that one. I do my own when vehicles are out of warranty. Only way to be sure it is done right.

    BC hope you took pictures of the oil pan and verified what was fucked up, then had your friendly family lawyer send the oil p;ace a letter. Worth it if it looks like their error. They ignore irate customers but not those with lawyers as opening gambit.

  11. Odds are very high the oil change monkeys fucked up the job, caused the engine to run out of oil and detonate. Hard part will be proving it. Those drive through oil jockeys don’t hire the brightest bulbs.

  12. I still do my own oil changes (cheap bastard that I am) on a 2000 Toyota 4Runner, over 250K miles.
    I got tired of either removing the two part skid plates, or squeezing my hand thru the skip plate hole to remove the oil pan nut.
    SOOOO… one of the oil changes, I installed a 90 degree turn locking ball valve. Now oil changes are a hell of a lot easier.

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