Rockets, Dinner and a Pause In Gaza (For Now)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Telling y’all… keeping an AD-HD Nookular Powered Redhead busy and entertained is a mite strenuous to say the least… to say I’m tired has to be the understatement of the year…

Coloring, crafts, baking cookies and rocketry today of all things. Got me a three-pack of Estes Model Rockets off the Zon for about $25+/-

FedBro and I had a rocket launching set when we were kids and had a hell of a good time playing with it. It was another $10 at Hobby Lobby for the rockets, and I already have all the ‘other’ needed equipment that I use for fireworks and whatnot… wasn’t hard to convert one of the igniter to shoot a 9v ‘squirt’ to the flameless initiator that Estes engines use…

I let her ‘decorate’ the rockets themselves after we had put them together. This was HER fav:

Now, when we launched it, and mind you it’s been 40 years since I’ve done a ‘recoverable’ model rokkit, Ye Olde Memory still ‘had it’ and we set everything up quite nicely in a HUGE field up the road from here. Unfortunately, Gretchen didn’t get it on video, despite that being her one job.

It’s better that we didn’t though. Had a “Challenger Moment” so to speak… I’m still not sure if the engine was faulty or what, but it launched, got about 25 feet in the air and blew the fuck up.

As you can see, that’s the top part, with the parachute and all still packed in the rocket itself. Took a few minutes to find the ass end of it, which was all melted and blown out:

Bad Engine?
Not sure…
I managed to put it all back together again so’s she can take it home to put on her bookshelf if she wants… I mean it is her first rocket amiright?

Hell we got two more available for tomorrow if she wants to try Round Two. Afterwards, we did dinner on my Birthday Gift:

Gretchen, Sapper and her ‘Rents all contributed to get me a Weber Grill. Been needing a new grill for quite a spell. Been cooking the ‘grillables’ on the Ninja XL Air Grill or the Forman grill… which has been great. However

Nothing beats a real charbroiled piece of dead animal flesh.

Like ab-so-fucking-loot-lee nuthin’

As such, Point Proven:

Best Hamburger I’ve had in a looong minute.

So we drop off Gran#1 later tomorrow IF I haven’t died of exhaustion. Either way, it’s been a blast but I sure could use the rest.

Lets do a broad overview of “Things in the World That We Have NO Say In”… Time to get it stuck in Aye?

The Gaza Slaughter is still kicking, although Nutjobyayhoo is talking about some form of ceasefire to exchange hostages or something… which strikes me as odd because the whole “We never negotiate with Terrorists” started with the Israelis… And because of this willingness to call a pause in the ¡Genociding! tells me that there’s one of two things going on here:

1) They’re calling for a ceasefire as public opinion is getting waaay beyond their ‘normal narrative control’ methods. I mean when the fucking Rwandans come out and start saying that “You’ve gone too far!“, you got issues that the ‘normal’ Jewspin of “Muh Holocaust” and Kvetching just ain’t going to stop… I mean when a coalition of Hutus and Tutsis are saying you’ve literally worse than Hitler? Yeah, you ain’t coming back from that one anytime soon bro…

And then there is, what in MY opinion is the real reason that BadBibi wants to cop a rest, is

2) That the IDF has been getting their kosher asses handed to them, one fat chunk of asscheek at a time. What few vidyas I have seen show a very large body of work of Hamas kids (and I do mean kids… we’re talking 12-16 year old flip-flop wearing kids toting RPGs) coming out of a disguised tunnel, and firing off what appears to be some newer model RPG round(s) into Merkavas…
Namely one, introduced in 1988, the PG-7VR:

Anyone want to guess who currently has a metric fuckton of these and has been using them since February of 2022? A country who’s >ahem< moral character is somewhat less than stellar?

That and one of the Doctors from Docs Without Borders let it slip that he, personally, had counted over 400 dead IDF kids where HE worked… that was in one week. Both the interview and story have been scrubbed, and for that matter, according to Le Monde (he was a Frog) the Doc himself is currently listed as MIA… “Whereabouts unknown.” Which is Mossad/Spook-Speak for ‘dead in a shallow grave and we’ll blame Hamas later IF they find his stiff….’

Like ALL of the NATO equipment, and ALL the hype of the superiority of the training, the weapons, the support and the all-around mythos of the Invincibility of both the JewArmy and the US DotMil, the hubris that was gained by essentially beating on smaller, weaker opponents that ‘burnished the reputations’ of the fighting prowess of the aforementioned folks, when in reality?

Well, as they say, in many cases, it’s been “Fucked Around, Found Out” on a near continual basis. The US DotMil got its ass beat in and chased out, tail betwixt legs from Affy, and the IDF has been pretty only been a slightly better armed police force for the past 20 years. Both outfits are Best Known for (metaphorically speaking that is) ‘rousting the neighborhood drunks’ and acting like badged overblown bullies that 99% of our cops have become… It’s a whole different ball game when the heavy hitters come out to start swinging…

It’s one thing when Barney Fife arrests and pushed around good ole Otis Campbell in Mayberry… it’s an entirely different situation when Barney decides to -try- and intimidate a just-released-from San Quentin Prison inmate who did a stretch for murder, and then decide that he’s going to arrest said-killer because he can…

Somehow I -don’t think said-con is going to put up with Barney’s shit, one bullet or not.

Hamas has been very quietly building up over the past ten or so years. And because of The Kraine, they timed this Op perfectly. It left Krainfeld completely in the wind, with ZERO chance of getting any money and/or weapons. Mainly because our “true masters” have spoken:

Hell, Krainfeld is ALSO in the wind in the respect that someone in his chain of command was the one who authorized the sale and transfer of allll them tank killing RPG rounds. (The PG-7 variant round I’m talking about and have seen in the vids are designed to take out tanks like the Merkava with Reactive Armor specifically)

Got me a hunch his fellow (((co-religionists))) aren’t too happy with his ass right now. I know -I- sure AF wouldn’t be, profit or no profit…

Then on the home front, well… truthfully not a hell of a lot going on….
…………………..(pause ‘cos I literally fell asleep)…………………
OK… I got to go to bed… no joke my head went off the KB and just woke me up. I am officially worn the fuck over and out.
More Later
Big Country

30 thoughts on “Rockets, Dinner and a Pause In Gaza (For Now)”

    1. The last Estes kit I remember buying was a Mercury Atlas, probably around 1/35-1/32 as that’s the approximate size of their Mercury capsule castings. It was a pretty complicated affair as Estes kits go, with vacuum-formed side pieces and that weird 3 engine Atlas arrangement. They included self-adhesive “aluminum” sheets to cover the completed airframe in lieu of paint.

      I only dabbled in the shallow end of the rocket hobby, some people I know got bit HARD. As in, supersonic, altitude measured in kilometers, onboard computer, explosive user permit and ATF-approved propellant magazine tier rocketry.

      1. ATF can suck my rocket fuel coated balls. Repeatedly, for eternity. Fuck them, and the rocket they sucked penis on!


  1. We used to hammer one end, lay them in the gutter, then watch them fly and then explode. I still have most of my fingers.

  2. Rockets on the battlefield never goes out of style.
    Scuttlebutt online (LJ) is that the rest of the government has grown tired of the bad optics of kill em all in a heavily populated area of mostly children and heavy metal losses piling up thanks to fearless RPG jockeys.
    No way in hell all of those people were in on it or knew about it if it was real and not a falsie flag.
    The good old High Explosive Anti-Tank!
    Old school makes the grade, just like the Weber, nice.
    Protein, get your protein from meat, YO, before Klaus outlaws it and comrade kommissar Gates uses cancer cells to make mystery meat. (not tin foil hat)

    1. Like HeLa immortal (and highly prolific) cancer cells? THAT would check so many “elite” boxes, the leading ones being:
      1. Cannibalism*
      2. Negro worship**
      3. Daily ritual humiliation (based on #1 and 2)

      * Is eating cancer cells truly cannibalism, even if the cells came from a human? (Probably, but a curious ethical question.) I will not entertain remarks about how eating black people is not cannibalism. Hah!

      ** Just imagine the propaganda (add parentheses to taste). “We literally owe our daily sustenance, and therefore our lives, to a Strong Black Womyn. Bow down and give thanks, you bigot!”

  3. If I recall… you have to have a real loose fit to the nose-cone top in order for it to pop off at apogee. Not too too loose, but if it’s stuffed in there too snug, the motor will blow the bottom out. It’s an issue of force – which end is able to resist better? The top most have been more snug than the bottom in this case. A touch of sandpaper on the plastic part, half a piece of tape on the inside of the tube if it’s too loose.

  4. I guess we blog consumers will have to take your word on the Kraine and Gaza updates, as a certain nurse’s blog has been strangely silent on giving updates on said issues ( and mask wearing ).
    Very strange indeed.
    One doesn’t try to memory hole their own blog main issues do they?

    1. Oh, that nurse absolutely memory holes his positions when they’re proven wrong. Seen it over and over.
      It’s not hard to have some humility. Folks actually respect you for it. It’s a lesson he never learned.

  5. Man i havent played with those since high school. I am 1/2 surpised the ATF hasn’t banned them yet.

    The other story is how much of the weaponry we left in Affy is starting to show up here and there. There is zero chance that that will be reported on.

    1. Oh those bastards have tried. Especially on the high powered end. Dealing with our mindless fucks took years off my life.

  6. Big win with the Weber. I have two of them; one set up for regular grilling and one fitted with a Smokenator smoker attachment. With that bad Larry, I’ve been making the best ribs I’ve had anywhere (and I spent nearly a decade traveling the country for work, looking for great ribs the whole time) and some amazing pulled pork. I’ve also smoked Thanksgiving Turkey and a couple of our pasture raised chickens here at the homestead. I got mine nearly 15 years ago when they were a small company bending stainless in their garage. Looks like were bought by PizzaKettle are selling on the ‘Zon. If you like smoked meats–and who doesn’t–you should investigate. No affiliation with them, it’s just a great product.

  7. I was really butt hurt as a kid in the 1960’s when I tried to get going with Estes rockets. Got a notice that the Oregon State Fire Marshall would not let us get the engines for them; called them “fireworks” or some such nonsense.
    Many years later I worked with an ER doc who was a serious pyromaniac. He showed us that, yes, it’s illegal, but UPS will bring fireworks right to your door. Nothing to prevent the Fire Marshall from following right behind and busting your ass, but as it was, it worked like a charm. I still have the big cardboard box I got labeled: “Danger, Class C Explosives!” all over it. One word of caution though. I thought “bottle rockets” were to be launched from the beer bottle in your hand. Until one time the rocket motor failed, but the warhead did not. It was most of the next day before I could hear anything again.

    1. We always used long metal pipes to fire off our bottle rockets out in my uncle’s cow pasture found Christmas and New Year’s.

  8. imo…
    The way The Epstein Gov’t prosecuted the Ham-ass Attack..

    Not only will they Not Eradicate Ham-ass.

    They have grown then 5 fold….and “Globally”
    And it’s Obvious even to Stevie and Helen, They are ALL Learning.

    Time will tell.

  9. Minor possibility 3-They’re ready to use the pause that refreshes to monitor movements and comms. Hopefully better than last time.

    Rocket stuff-that looks like it might be a motor cato. Catastrophic failure. If the propellant grain becomes de-bonded from the case, the burning area can increase greatly. Maybe those are Covid motors.

    1. Holy chit! Turkey’s going all in!

      I’m calling this one right now: if the jewry gets stupid and starts a Final Solution on the Palestinkians… they won’t outlive them long. An end to Israel might be a good thing too…

      1. My Turkey is going all in about 8 AM tomorrow morning. Hopefully there won’t be a crematorium involved when it comes out.

  10. I want to see more rocket launches!!! I was going to make some out house sugar rockets but hell’s bells…I’ve got so much other mischief to get into that I don’t have time! 😡 Try it if The Nuke wants to get deeper into it, it’s much cheaper and maybe even more fun for the kid…

    We really need to RPG’s vs tank scenarios BC. I’ve been watching most of the same videeyahs you have and it seems yo me that to take one of those monsters out… you are going to need multiple hits to do it. If I had to pull a number out of my arse it “LOOKS” like you need to hit them two or three times to kill them…? I’ve seen RPG’s and Javelins alike just bounce off sometimes… have you seen any merkava losses yet?

  11. For your culinary delight, and to add to your recipe list, I highly encourage you to acquire the Webber Grill recipe book. You quickly realize that your spice pantry isn’t as stocked as one would like.
    Besides that, It’s a great addition to any grill and those who love to cook on the grill.
    Well worth the investment…they’re usually around 20 bucks or so…the zon will have them for the best price.

  12. If the sausage princess is eating a lot of turkey, you might catch a diarrheic mess as a result. Some of my dogs have been a little intolerant of poultry. Some were not. I had a Great Dane who went off like a shit filled IED after a meal of chicken-based food.
    My current dog, a bird hunting Labrador, loves chicken and turkey, but they give her a slight case of the squirts.
    Keep up the good work with the grandkids. As adults, they will regale their friends with stories of their adventures at grandpa’s house. It is your joy today, and your immortality tomorrow.

  13. Whatever you do, don’t start watching The BBQ Pit Boys videos on the jewtube. You’ll wear out that Weber in no time, if you do.

  14. Just a logistics report. Early last week I heard joint base Lewis popping off artillery again. They set off 20 or so rounds. Then a week later there was a report of more artillery delivered to Ukraine. I would guess they found something so far back in a dark and damp corner and had to fire some to see if it even worked.

    1. We have had a noticeable increase in helo traffic between elsewhere and specops command in Tampa. Also more of the “special birds” training in our sawgrass swamps. Obviously a helo from the lights and flying pattern but no rotor noise.

  15. re — ‘IDF’
    Some pundit re-named those intolerant militants in ‘our only friend in the Clown World mid-east’.
    Israelite Occupation Force…. ‘IOF’.
    Seems appropriate considering their only job.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving BCE and family and all the dissidents who sty by this corner of the internet.

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