Happy Thanksgiving, Steak For Supper!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No joke, I woke up today at 15:00 after going to bed Tuesday night at about 23:00. I -only- got up to take a squirt or two, kiss Gran#1 goodbye when she left, and beyond that? Sleepy-Dreamland time.

When you’re tired at that level? Oh yeah…
Thankfully no one bugged me. That meant that when I -did- wake up, I had to get my diner prep on as we’ve been eating on the leftovers from Sunday alllll week, and well, it is the actual Thanksgiving Day, so….

Again I hit the new grill… this time with a thicc-assed boneless Ribeye. Smothered it in caramelized onions, with Tater tots as the side.

Damn if’n it wasn’t good.

No veggies this time as I was literally just throwing this thing together. I mean I think I’ve gone over and above the past week or two with the cooking…

Now tomorrow is MOAR cleanup… the floors around here are so sticky from Gran#1 spilling ‘stuff’ and not telling us or not cleaning it up correctly… I swear some parts of the tile in the living room feel like a movie theater floor… mad ‘ik’ factor there.

Now, on alt-news ‘stuff’…
As expected “The Marvels” totally shit the bed. New records for lows… Lowest Opening Weekend, and then it did do a ‘highest’ score of sorts, The Highest Drop Off week-to-week from it’s opening… meaning say it opened at 100 million total for the opening weekend… (it didn’t… just work with me on these numbers) then the next weekend? There’s one of two ways it can go… if it’s a ‘sleeper’ the second weekend makes more than the first, OR more commonly it drops… usually juuust a bit.

In this case it was a cliff dive… like say from 100 mil the first weekend to less than 10 mil the second weekend. And this on a movie that they spent over a half a billion dollars on making and advertising it… Fucking Go Woke, Go Broke indeed.

Not that I’m a big follower of anything out of the Hollyweird side of things. I -do- watch it for the laughs (shytte like this in particular) as well as the intel bits one can gather from successes and failures…

So seeing that this’s like the 4th or 5th major flop that’s lost money over the past 6 months, I’d say that the money laundering out of Hollyweird has gotten to the point where it’s no longer working. Just like the Kraine, it’s reached the end of it’s useful lifespan. And like the majority of ‘things’ like that, well, depending on who’s really in charge, that means it’s time for the ‘insurance claims’ to begin… i.e. the “Jewish Lightening” that always seemed to happen in my old home town after a bad beach season…

Believe it or not, t’was MomUnit who first used that term… “Jewish Lightening” was something that happened to a business that had consistently underperformed, and was losing the owner money… the place was usually very well insured, and as soon as the season was over, “Oh my gosh! A bolt of lightening hit, and started a fire and burned the place to the ground!” The term “Jewish Lightening” came from the fact that invariably, said-business seemed to always be owned by a member of the Tribe…

Talk about a “Cohencidence” Aye?

In fact, some of the ‘burns’ were so professional, so damned precise… you had to admire it. One memory in particular stands out… Up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire we had a Chinese Restaurant, “Moe’s Asia”. Everyone knew or went to Moe’s… The Asia was the Chinese sit-down restaurant to go to throughout the 80’s.

Then hard economic times hit, there were newer and better, less expensive choices, and Moe’s fell to the wayside. It was just sort of ‘there’ for a few years until a bad storm… well, Moe’s caught a hit of lightening and burned to the foundation. Thing of it was, there was ZERO evidence of arson, but even in the local news, it was joked about how well the burn had been done, as the little decorative trees that lined the front of the building? Like right up against the wall?

Not even scorched.

Hell, a few weeks after the fire, one could drive by and see the lil bushes thriving, outlining where the front of the building used to be. Talk about a professional bit of Arson there Aye?

So I’m watching to see where and what happens next… so many of the projects out there have the wheels coming off. Jewish Supremacy is now being called into question. The very fact that they’ve turned the ENTIRITY of the slaughter of innocent Gazan Children into a Binary “If you don’t support us killing two year old babies, then you are an Antisemite!!!” is backfiring spectacularly.

Which it should.

The whole story of “Babies Baked In The Ovens” has backfired as well, and is now leading to “What else have the Jews lied to us about as well?” That’s where they’re getting terrified, as well they should be… The very fact of the “Six Gorrillion Kil’t” has always been dubious in nature as the reality of the technology at the time has now proven that it was probably not done in the fashion that they have claimed it was. I mean when the German DotGov starts complaining that even with their very best cremation machinery That they were wholly unable to keep up with the COVID Deaths.

The very legitimacy of their “Higher Moral Purpose” of “Never Again”, by all rights should extend to ALL of humanity, and not just them… in fact, the very claim of “Never Again” needs the addendum added “Not to Us Anyways” as a fact. Their very actions show them and have now exposed them and their supporters as nothing more than the hypocrites they are.

My main reason for my current disgust is seeing the pics of alll them hurt/dead kids… So far, the ‘free press’, all of which have been called ‘Propaganda arms of Hamas’ mind you, have shown the actual cost of this war vis-a-vis the lil lives being lost…

Whereas the Enemedia here? The Ministries of Lies and Propaganda HERE? The only picture we’ve seen so far, turned out to be a heavily photoshopped pic of what had been a puppy, and then turned into one of the ‘supposed baked babies’ that looked more like an overdone fucking brisket experiment.

At this point, I trust Al Jazeera and Russia Times faaar more than any of the ‘usual sources’ here. Fuck them murderous motherfuckers… every. last. one. of them.

So, gotta go… I got Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips in the oven.
More Later
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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Steak For Supper!”

  1. Marvel, DC?
    Why not G.I. Combat and Sargent Rock you comic SOBs.
    That stuff is for the lil’ shavers like anime.
    There was an early 80s G.I. Combat that predicted this time with a subcomic in the back, it is worth big shekels.
    Feastivus wrapped up and now bird salad, bird sandwiches, bird casserole, bird pizza, for the next week, oh well it has protein and is KETO.
    Enjoy feasty snacks for those of us who can’t and a sniper worth his salt can hit with an SKS he just picked up off the battlefield with a subpar scope on it.

  2. GI Combat featured the Haunted Tank. An M3 Stuart commanded by Sgt Jeb Stuart who could see and hear the ghost of the Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart who was his Spirit Guide (I guess that’s why that little 37mms gun could take out Tigers). They couldn’t make that one today.

  3. Dayam and WTF! AM Patrol excitement.
    Walk to corner strip mall and back, tonight a squad of Poleece pulled into to house next door to engineer bud’s old house that moved away to Pineland.
    Kept on walkin’ as they didn’t stop me and on the return a local sheriff asked for ID and it was immediate sir yes sir mode while he checked it and asked if I had seen anyone.
    Walking through the Sack-N-Save parking lot I saw a young black kid standing on the Red Box!
    Just spotted his shoes and jeans while scanning visually as Airborne Ranger Pappy taught me, he was deep into texting.
    That is slick AF and the kind of people we need in Army and on a squad.
    @ STW, The Haunted Tank issues are the big shekels such a great comic and certainly couldn’t be made today.
    I like the Grant with two turrets but it wasn’t a match for 75mm upgraded Panzer IV & Panther or Tiger 88mm either.

  4. Yup. I see my old pal, General Aesop – is all in with the Happy Merchants, HAR HAR HAR! They tell the media who to hate, and their legions of mouth breathers jeer and heckle and hiss right on cue. The good news is that if Israel gets stupid about the Palestinkians – they won’t outlive them for long. Turkey and Iran and to a lesser extent, Russia and China are fed up with their shit too. If they FAFO… they will end up in even worse shape than the ‘Kraine… and they’ll deserve it too.

    I have to take exception and even umbrage at that last meme. I just came up after a deep dive on a looming gun purchase… and ugggggh. I went on JooToob to look at reviews. Did you know that a $600.00 Ruger Raunch Rifle with an econo-chink scope will outshoot the precision rifles favoured by the F Class guys? No need for $12,000.00 guns and $3500.00 scopes!!! There are any number of old retarded stubfarts and fat, pasty faced kids driving tacks with their bargain basement guns! At first it’s funny, but after a half dozen, I am ready to start shouting and screaming at the morons! “Oh sure, Cletus – you sure CAN shoot one-hole groups off a rickety picnic table that is about to collapse! Good shooting, Bubba!!! Nah – you don’t need to bag up to wring out a rifle! A $50.00 bipod and shooting off your elbows at the bench is the way to go! First and second focal plane?!?!? What’s dat??? Crazy talk!!!”

    1. Shit Filthie, you’re describing me and my 1st gen Compact Ruger American, 308, with fancy Nikon Prostaff, 3×9. 1st gen means feeding issues, but it’s hella accurate for the 1st 3 rounds then heating n shit, point of impact starts climbing. I bought it so long ago it was about $349+$120? for scope. AND IT IS LIGHT! Important for a crippled geezer like me. It’s not a rickety picnic table, it’s a recycled, “improved”, dead BBQ grill and I can’t afford a bipod, it’s a disintegrating sand bag of chert gravel, from my driveway. ADAPT, OVERCOME, and…you know…the thing.

  5. ” I’d say that the money laundering out of Hollyweird has gotten to the point where it’s no longer working. ”

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”― Frank Zappa

    300 million was a rounding error- it’s more closer to 3 BILLION +
    according to uncle Deagel most maybe have 1 more trip around the sun if they’re lucky


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