An Animal Update and an Anniversary of Acquittal

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, I think it’s going to take another month to work our way through the leftovers. Been ‘grazing’ for 2 days now… so to speak… just picking a lil bit here, and a lil bit there… the cake has been getting hit pretty hard, what with a 5 Year Old Redhead who’s addicted to chocolate cake as far as I can tell…

Thankfully, she’s in a sugar coma right now.

She’s been watching the “Home Alone” movies with her Gigi…
Which means IF I want to sleep in my own bed tonight, I’m going to have to pick her up like a sack o’taters and –hopefully– she doesn’t wake up. Otherwise, it’s me and the Sausage Princess on the couch again.

Speaking of which:

She hasn’t moved, except to got out and pee n’poop.
And she’s been pooping like NO Tomorrow… as far as we can tell, she’s -still- in the turkey coma… she’s active and all, nothing wrong, just gorged and dead to the world.

The Sausage Princess and Gran#1 waaay back in the day… about 4 years ago… They’re still besties…

Plumb forgot to update y’all!
“Penis the Cat” AKA Beans. He’s doing great and after alllll the medical trauma, he seems a lot more mellow around the house and positively LOVES cuddling up with ME which is something he never did before… before he seemed to be scared of me, but now? Guess he knows I’m the one who saved his furry lil butt.

Cat Gratitude… that’s a first for me…

His fur is till growing back where the IV was in… and there? He’s decided that Gretchen’s craft-jewels are his dammit!

Only thing I’m going to hit on today is it’s the two year Anniversary of Saint Kyle of Kenosha’s Acquittal.

The meltdowns by the NPCs on the Twatter have been epic

Talk about a bastion of DSM/V-5 and the ICD-11 codes…
Fucking nutters… flat the fuck out bugshit nuts.

Seems he’s got a book “Acquitted” coming out, or leastways was announced today, which I got a hunch was intentional… After all, it gives the morons the chance to shoot their mouths off again which in turn allows him to sue the ever living fuck out of they who’re too stupid to learn from history.

Shit, Nick Sandmann? The kid from Covington High School who went toe-to-tow with that snaggletoothed meth head Injun? Yeah, last I heard he’s settled with CNN and CBS in the subsequent lawsuits, and the rest were thrown out by some activist FedGov Judge… either way, he’s still got a pile of suits going up against a lot of worthless wastes of skin like Whoopie “NotaJew” Goldberg and her fellow hosts of the View…

Why they haven’t cancelled that fucking nightmare of a show is beyond me… I figure it’s got to be the whole “JQ” thing, i.e. the Jewish led deconstruction of White Society and they, the members of The View, are the main proponents of the brainwashing propaganda that’s used to abuse those mid-wit housewives and single cat/wine aunts who are the only viewershit that remains…

St. Kyle has a bunch of lawfare suits ‘on deck’ as well… Lawfare and Administrative Violence folks… use their own tools against them. We all know what “lawfare” is, which is war by legal means, however, “Administrative Violence” is a term which often describes the methods used to achieve coercive and inequitable results through entirely legal methods.

To paraphrase: “To use Administrative Violence, is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their paralegals”.

1Sgt Terrance Popp over at has webinars on how to use this highly effective tactic. No take or $$$ for me, I just love Popp and his message.

So, yeah, it’s great to see the Mental Illness on full display again over on the Twat… go fucking figure Aye?

So, still tired… might be the Turkey this time around…
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later
Big Country

12 thoughts on “An Animal Update and an Anniversary of Acquittal”

  1. Read that 8 soldiers who got canned for passing on the experimental gene therapy have returned.
    Seven percent of Uke army is womens now.
    Xi is sending six vessels to Israel to guard their port, no US Navy there.
    Brandon says war with Iran is coming.
    The popcorn? So delicious and add a little parmesan cheese to it for best results.
    Animals rock with the unconditional love.
    The quote about you can judge a man’s character by what he will do for those he can get nothing from is spot on regarding animals and other people.

  2. Lawfare, or Administrative Violence is only a viable option for the side that owns the legal system. With rare exception the left owns almost all the prosecutors and judges. Kyle was extremely fortunate he got a fair and honest trial before an honest jury. Most people do not. He was also lucky to have had a competent legal team. The notoriety of the trial drew competent legal help even though he had no money. Again…most people can’t afford competent legal representation. The system is HEAVILY stacked against the average citizen. I am glad he was acquitted and I hope he bankrupts many of the talking heads who attacked him and lied about the incident.

    1. This.
      It’s not a fair or just system, hasn’t been for longer than I have been alive.
      Same shit as with voting.

      1. Agree with both of you…..
        The problem, as it were, is this is our last option, last stand before the soap box is turned into a bipod.
        I know there’s a lot of people sick and tired of watching and waiting, but the fact is, it all changes after that moment, and we all know that. So we’re all trying to do anything and everything we can before the inevitable stage is set.

    2. Kyle was lucky to have a good jury, an arrogent/fool for a persicutor, and a court that was terrified of the massive spotlight and thus kept the railroading shinannigans out.

      Pointing a rifle at the jury….. brilliant.

      I do think that jury pool was done with the antifa/blm violence.

  3. The View is pure propaganda, so They don’t care if it loses money or not. Middle class suburban White women eat that shit up with a shovel and it shows when they go to the polls and vote against the interests of their own children year after year. The 19th Amendment is going to be the death of America.

  4. Elon is using Lawfare to go after Media Mutters. If you’ve got the cash you can go after them. Those boys on the Duke LaCrosse team had the money to prove their innocence, otherwise Niphong would be Attorney General right now.

  5. After a $4,000 surgery and a month of home care my cat stays glued to me. He’s waiting to see me off every morning for work and greets me at the door every evening after. Eternally grateful indeed.

    Saw your totally awesome wall in the last post. I am reminded that I need a boat spear and replica mini-nuke. I’m working on my helmet and Civil Defense collection. Currently I’ve got an M1, ACH, and as of an hour ago: some sort of kevlar helmet with M1 liner/chin strap.

    Your blog posts are awesome sources of information on old school stuff. I’m going to be working in trying to get done more ALICE gear to go with my M1 helmet. I am curious about the body armor you were wearing in that picture you posted not too long ago. I think you said it was a training exercise in the 90s.

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