Wunderwaffen, a Prediction, Education and Slavery oh my!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yeah, yeah… I know I was AWOL yesterday however, good reason. Follow up appointment(s) with the Docs at the VA. One was the eye doc to check the new lens, which was the reason for the absence. She had to dialate me again which as I’ve mentioned before, the med they use hit me pretty harshly. SO I was out-of-action after that. Thankfully I had the primary care visit first.

Which was interesting in that they didn’t find anything wrong.
Shocking isn’t it?
What really surprised the hell out of me was the liver results. I’ve had a fatty liver like forever… part of it from being big, liking my groceries a little too much as well as stronk drink. So I had like ALL the tests. CAT Scan, Ultrasound, plus the usual bloodwork.

No scarring (cirrhosis) which to be quite honest shocked the hell out of me. I mean I’ve been trying to murder that damned organ for years and apparently to no avail. All that hard work and effort wasted… ah well…

Also the weight loss is going well, and it seems again, I’m no longer diabetic. It comes and goes with my weight. Get under 310, (like I am now) and everything stabilizes… Just have to watch the poundage.

So… what have we missed?
First off, another pic from the Kraine of one of our wunderwaffen post-action with the Russians:

That’s an M1126 Carrier/Scout model
I -don’t- think anyone got out of that.
Granted it’s only an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) HOWEVER, the way it was ‘sold’ by the MIC and to the Krainians that this was a vehicle that would be one of the keys to their success.

How’s that working out for them Aye?
That hole from my POV is a HEAT round that on the other side you’d find a much smaller hole and that’s the ‘blast through’… I’d say it got really fucked up.

Then, Reality is a Bitch:

Link is HERE
Seems ain’t in No How, No Way can anyone at this point ramp up ANY production of ANYTHING DotMil related to get shit to the Kraine in the near… oh Hell, even in the far future at this point. All this Copium and “Happy Smoke” out there that the Military Industrial Complex is drooling over too… the supposed “We’ll just do a treaty and sell the Krainians all sorts of shit for a few more years, let them rebuild, and then it’ll be wash, rinse, and repeat!”

Except it takes two sides to make a Ceasefire/Treaty
And right now?
Considering how many times Ivan has been bent the fuck over by the ZOG and the Euroweenies? News flash: The winner calls the shots on when and if the war is going to stop… not you fuckwits. In fact Unless there’s a bigger unknown variable, like Vlad is actually part of the NWO/WEF Soroswine, then nope, he’s going to keep on keepin’ on allll the way until they (The Imperial FedGov) have the (s)election, and the Dipshit DemoncRats steal it again to reinstall The Kidsniffer as (p)Resident-for-Life and all fucking hell breaks loose here stateside…

The reason I say(p)Resident-for-Life is that crusty motherfucker is ALREAD dead. He’s a corpse doing a “Weekend at Bidens”. He’ll be (p)Resident-for-Life, which means until they cut the strings and let him lay down dead like a good Kidsniffer. Any bets that we’re going to see Goblin Nuisance be picked as the Veep over Kamel Hoe?

You heard it here first.

The way that Boss Joe Chink, Winny The Pooh was met and received by Goblin in San FranFreakshow tells me I’m not too far off on this prediction. He can’t possibly declare and win, not with a record like his, what with utterly decimating Califruitopia the way he has… I mean how they gonna run that?

“Goblin Nuisance for President! Let Him Do To The Rest Of The Country What He Did For California! Make America Venezuela!!”

Yeah… only way to get him in there is to inherit it.
Kamel Hoe is about as popular with the People AND the rest of the world as far as I can tell as a bad case of herpes. I have no idea if they’ll ask her to step down, but I highly doubt it, as she is a loudmouthed brainless slore… she’s the type to rant and rave about being ‘pushed aside’ in favor of a Whyttegoy instead of going out quietly… They’ve already done a dry run with that tunnel ‘accident’ a’la Princess Diana a ways back, remember that?

Any bets another ‘mechanical failure’ opens up the Veep Slot?

Like I said, you heard it here first.
Of course I’m more often wrong than I am right, BUT, it’s that 40% success rate that keeps me at the whole analysis thing.

Also on the home front
I finally figured out another reason our public education system is so utterly fucked. Randy Weingarten;

besides being a member of the tribe, well, I found out today (maybe the rest of y’all knew it, but I didn’t) maybe the why of “Why are they pushing so much degenerate faggotry on our exceptionally young kids?” I mean I can see the older ones to a point, but it just didn’t make sense until today’s article in this link HERE. The money quote was:

“Her wife is a progressive LGBT-focused rabbi,” political commentator Chad Felix Greene wrote.”

OK, all together class:

And a dyke as well as we now know

<Le Sigh>

And then let’s finish off with the humorous side of things, Africa, Slavery and Chutzpah:

Ehhh Yo, Kunta Kinte, Y’all -might- want to start looking at your own folks about that… seeings since they were paid for the first time around, money FROM the Jewish Slave traders TO the Africans who sold their own people to the Eeee-vil Whypeepo to begin with… Why don’t you start there and then get back to us.

And also, any repreparations?

Well, tell you what, we’re going to account ALL the DotGov Aid we’ve been flooding you worthless thieving fucks with for the past 100 or so years, calling it a loan, and maybe AFTER you repay that Then maybe we’ll be open to talking about slave-reparations. Better yet, why don’t you go hit up “our Greatest Ally EVVAR” and see where THAT gets you? After all, Jews were in charge of 90% of the slave Trade

Jes’ Sayin’

I swear we need to do this with teh Blaqs here in the US… account for ALL minority welfare for the past 50-75 years, present a bill, and tell ’em to get completely and utterly FUCKED.

That and add in ALLLLL the damage done by them to OUR people. They want an ‘accounting?’ Well then, By God, we can give them an accounting. That ought to shut them the fuck up IF they have even the remotest scintilla of brainpower outside of “Muh Dick”.

Whew… hard being a Nazi this late in the day.
Tellin’ y’all, the goose-stepping alone really takes it out of you…

Now, Lastly… I’m getting a raffle together. Just a heads up, as for whatever reason, the shipping is taking a LONG minute. One of the items I’m going to go over tomorrow as a gearpoast. So I’ll see you then tomorrow, Insh’Allah.
More Later
Big Country

25 thoughts on “Wunderwaffen, a Prediction, Education and Slavery oh my!”

  1. Here in Cincinnati, the local dindus wanted the voters to reject a proposition selling some railroad stuff to Norfolk-Southern, saying that the rail system was built on slavery. There was the usual huffing and puffing by the local revruns, that if this measure was approved there were going to be riots and violence, as if that wasn’t happening on a daily basis here.

    I don’t live in the city, so I couldn’t vote on it, but the measure passed, and we only had our regular run of the mill chimp-outs, despite what the revruns were ooking and gooking to the local media.

    I am so fu(king tired of the antics of our so-called (((elites))) and their simian stooges; I’d like to see a real conservative president win the election, and announce that all statues of MLK are coming down, to be replaced by Nathan Bedford Forrest. TND, baby!

    I’d also like a pet Rat Ogre that I could take with me when I go walking downtown…

  2. Drinking alcohol is an aerobic workout for the liver.
    It gets fatty from not enough exercise.

  3. Xi for preezy of the steezy!
    At least the trains will run on time.
    You know captain Hair Gel had to bow down to his comrade.
    Conquered without firing a single shot, thanks to internal quisling traitor shit slime subhumans.
    Uniparty must be destroyed.
    BTW-Hamas prints up how to destroy Merkhava tank with the shaped RPG charge that gets in and turns the crew to spaghetti.

  4. “Any bets another ‘mechanical failure’ opens up the Veep Slot?”

    They could always use a wind up toy. “Ebil rayciss YT done killed the first (half)black woman VP.”

  5. Le Sigh indeed.
    Like maggots to a deadbody.

    Children and The U.S. Dept of Ed. Mandatory Deviance Education.

    Well aint that a Interesting find.
    ….perhaps, but Highly Highly Doubtful. All the Perverts were put in place to push the Faggotry Pedo Agenda.

  6. Hi Bubba!!
    How do you figure that ham-ass has now has more people with combat jump experience than the 82nd Airborne div.?????????????????? from the above post… I am curious???
    “Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!!,
    Blue Skyz,
    BLACK DEATH!!!!!!!!,
    USPA Double Diamond Wings, 3,000 skydives.. #451, 60 Hour Free Fall Badge # 230, SCR-2034, SCS-680

    1. Yo SkyBill!
      Well Since when? The Eighty Deuce hasn’t done any combat drops since Panama in 1989. All the drops in Iraq were either 75th Rangers or the 173rd. Don’t think -anyone- is still in boots from back then… Jes’ Sayin’


  7. Hey BCE,

    Have you ever seen (or used) this type of LBV before?


    I’ve been scribbling a comic with a late 80s to early 90s setting. I’m researching gear from that era. SOMAV is the coolest I’ve run across so far. Unfortunately I’m not finding a whole lot of information on it. Tried looking on eBay for some hands on research. It’s vaporware. There are a couple vids on YouTube I’m checking it out next.

    You can shoot me an email or respond in the comments. I know you’re a busy dude. So it’s no big deal if you can’t.

      1. Thanks a bunch. It’s killing me that I can’t find it for sale anywhere. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to scale and fine detail in art. So the more pictures I can go the better.

  8. So are those African ‘Reparations” people going to go after the Arabs who ran most of the slave trade in that part of Africa for almost 1000 years before the first white folk turned up?

    The Atlantic Slave trade was a mostly minor business sideline for the African and Arab slave traders at the time. All the local African states had a slave population of between 30% to 70%. So of course the Africans kept the best slaves for themselves. The best of what was left was bough by the Arab slave traders and shipped to North Africa and the Middle East. By land routes. With a death rate higher than on the Atlantic slave ships.

    And the ones the African slave owners did not want or the Arabs would not buy – thats what got sold to the white folk waiting in ships at the coast. So what was shipped to the Americas was the TJ Maxx stock of the West African slave trade. The slaves no one else wanted to buy.

    Which explains a lot.

  9. I’m presently banned from commenting on the ‘gram for saying that I support any and every measure to supress Islam, as it’s antithetical to western civilization, and I’m cool with allying with Israel if they make it happen.
    The whole thing stems from some trashbag ayrab calling me racist, and I told the dingleberry I was a religious extremist, not a racist, and get it right when you label me, as I don’t give a shit about race or color, but the Holy Land belongs to Jesus and nobody else.

    The west’s leftists, including leftist jews, Christians, atheists, bohunks, pissheads, charlies, immigrants etc, are a separate and equally dangerous enemy, but one problem at a time, is my thinking. We’ll need a mirror as a culture, if we want to see who let that happen.
    Anyhow, I am using my time off for self reflection and reading sci-fi on the toilet instead of insulting people. Namaste.

  10. Ah, the memories! Weingarten was a local San Fernando Valley Jewess, who “promised” to save education, reform education, etc. blah blah. Nobody knew she was a lezzie then. Well, true to her word, she has reformed education; it is now not worth having. She still thinks she is going against white folks and dindus in the Democrat tradition. Wait until Jose’s son Juan comes home at 12 and announces that he is transgender! We all gonna see a whole new version of dead folks and parental rage. And that will be before Mamacita gets involved. Hispanic folks still regard queerness as just that. You’re queer in all things and the family doesn’t love the rainbow flag. True story: a Mexican girl that I work with who is very pretty, vivacious, and curvy. She went out at 6am to get into her car and some jackass on the street came over and started making the obvious comments. She went back inside and told her father. Said dad came out with a machete and chased the jackass 3 blocks before he caught him. The pervert got the living SHXT beat out of him-I guess dad didn’t need the machete after all. It was all okay cuz it is a Hispanic neighborhood. The girl picked her dad up in her car and went back home. A white neighborhood? Karens would be calling the police and reporting “violence” in the street. All of the farm hands, gardeners, etc applauded and felt it was a great start to their day. Moral of the story; white folks need to find their inner Viking.

    1. It is the same wity the Former Soviet Bloc that is tye Somerton and Busleton sections of NE Philly. The urban stupid is kept out.

      Let me just say that: They are more subtle in their methods, but very clear in the message. Also, if the riots of 2020 made there way to said areas the would make the roof Koreans look like pikers

  11. Whine-garten president of AFT I did not read the link, she was also appointed to some bulshit thing by Bidet in the last year she blocks replies on twatter. But you can still blast her on her re-twatts ask me how I know. I doubt she sees them but it riles up her fanbois

  12. Demands for “reparations” only works if the people they demand the cash from feel guilty and cave in to demands. And there’s no shortage of brain dead anti white whites who buy into the bullshit. We are, without a doubt, our own worst enemy. Otherwise the demand for reparations would be answered with a couple of MOABs.

  13. So the only way MIC gets paid: “We’ll just do a treaty and sell the Krainians all sorts of shit” is the money printer continues to run at warp speed. Besides, what tiny percentage of the billions has actually reached them from the Graft Offices of the xUSA? (Plus 10% of everything to the Big Guy) With those numbers, he’s the cheapest part.

  14. BCE….

    I’m not taking that bet on camel toe ho harris..

    I am going to comment about your health, obviously been following, per your posts, and thought i’d chime in on something that LITERALLY changed my life.

    I dropped 70lbs in a year by two things only.

    Getting my hormones and testosterone checked, low, and getting onto pellet therapy in buttocks, every 6 mos, i went from a robust 270, down to 200-205 ish…Very lean mass now, low body fat %

    I also added delta8 cbd tincture for day usage, and d8-thc for nightime use.

    Sleep like a baby, all night, cept to piss once, but then i am dead until 0630-700 and i’m good to go.

    Could not exercise due to knee procedure to repair torn tendons and such, courtesy of being a Para attached to 1st SOCOM when it was at the JFKSWC, in the 80’s, some bad PLF’s and of course humping that large bitch ALICE for miles on end in jungle boots…

    Also we did not change food plan, i did not stop drinking either, drank 2x more water, but the weight started to just shed towards the end, some folks thought i was sick…

    So, if you are curious, email me and i’ll send info..

    Wishing you and the clan the best Thanksgiving…


  15. BCE, Governor Hairgel has done a lot worse than to ‘decimate” the Cereal State. Decimation, after all, only kills 10%.

  16. I am reminded of the quote from Richard Burton : ” there’s a separate clause in my contract that says my liver is to be buried separately with honors”

  17. Big Buddy- something for you to dig on?
    What usage of such party favors as Saiga 12 in the Ukraine trenches?
    Ya, torso armor, but a load of #4 buck to hips and heads is an easy shot from some of the ranges I see in live action drama. Riffing on Ye Olde Model 97 Winchester Trench Broome of yon Bigge First World Bange Bange Shoot ‘Em Uppe era of circa 1917 for firste appearances…

    I’d think handy to dump a Mavic with too…

    Also, WTF?? Heard Netanyahu went to high school in Philly and was in THE Reggie Jackson’s class, graduated from MIT before becoming a diplomat to US upon return to the homeland? MFer sounds like a full on CIA spook pResident, just sayin’ if it’s true lies….

  18. re : randy weingarten
    For Halloween 2023, I wore her mask.
    Same as last year and the year before.
    For printing onto plastic, I adjusted her portrait’s color to a clearish green.
    I made the tongue — red, split, slithering — with craft paper and a battery-operated fan.

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