A Brother From The Past and Reconnecting and Gaza

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Still a bit burned out after dealing with a recalcitrant 5 year old. I mean man, there’s stubborn, then red-head stubborn. Tell you what I know where she gets it from…

Unmalleable I swear…
Like trying to punch a hole in Tungsten with your knuckles…
Leaves you sorry n’sore.
Tonight’s Title sort-of-kind of runs into the current unpleasant bullshit wee seem to be getting drawn into deeper and deeper, courtesy of the small-hat-big-nose Grifters. I was digging around in some other boxes yet again uncovered whe I found two small books:

These were gifted to my DeadDad by one of his students back in the day. Said-Student was a Palestinian. Now, college Professors ‘collect people’ so to speak… some they mentor, other, well… there are a ‘favored few’ and one of them was a guy we’ll call PLO.

PLO was a Palestinian student at DeadDad’s college, and don’t know the behind the scenes thing, but he sort of came for one of the rager parties that we had on the regular at the house in those day, and well, he stayed on, becoming a Big Brother to me and FedBro.

Mind you these rager parties back then were so insane… it’s where I learned at a very young age from “Uncle Fred” how to set up a M18A1 Claymore Landmine in the kitchen, with, what I figured out later was a real fucking live Claymore. The picture MomUnit sent me was what gave it away…

No blue M33 Training Device… oh no…

A Green “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” Fucking Mine with Yellow Markings. Yellow being the indication of a live war-shot round… No wonder “Uncle Fred” insisted we NOT unhook the clacker test device and “try it out”

THAT would have been a bitch to clean up.

Anyway, PLO lived with us for a year plus. Great guy. Lots of stories about “Our Greatest Ally EVER” and the oppression of his people. He left those books when he moved on, and over the years he’d come up in conversation like “I wonder what ever happened to PLO?” We had met his Mom, who was awesome and cooked up a to-this-day the fucking best Arabic feast I’ve ever had while visiting in the states… she’s probably passed, so may she rest easy.

Anyways… so since I’ve been digging out a lot of the past lately, I realized I could see if there was anything out there on the web regarding PLO? I’m pretty fucking good at shit like this. I mean it’d been like 30+ years…

Sure enough I got a address, a workplace and a Facebook Page I -thought- might be him, but hadn’t been updated in a looooong minute. The LinkedIn referenced company, I tried the phone number to them, and asked for “Mister PLO” and they transferred me to his VM, where I essentially said “Not sure if this’s the right PLO< but if it is, or even if it isn’t This’s BigCountryExpat… give me a holler and let me know if I struck gold!”

Sonofabitch… I get a call Sunday Afternoon…his accent is no long quite as Arabic as it was back in the day, as I found out he’s gone “native” living in Texas. Married like me, a Granddad like me, and “..Oh Holy Shit you’re a grandfather too!?!”

Yeah… kind of blew his mind that I got old.
He’s feeling mighty old now LOL.
See, he’s about 10-12 years older than I, and NO ONE sees theyselves at their true age
Just ask any whamen

So, had a good talk, seems he got back here shortly after LiveDad changed status to DeadDad. Which means he was probably still in Kuwait when -I- was there for that two year tour… which kind of sucks to a point… not that I ever had time to socialize… what with a 12×6 day, and the 7th day I did nothing but laundry and sleep… but still…he tried to find us, but MomUnit had ‘hatted up’ and moved, so the trail was cold on his end. He seemed exceptionally pleased to have gotten in contact again.

In my experience, guys like PLO and some of my other Palestinian brothers, they take relationships like this really fucking seriously. Family and Honor all tied in, which to a point is why I do like the Arab World…

So, yeah… good to re-establish contact.
Which now means that probably Mossad is now adding me to their list as a PalSymp. Fuck ’em. Goddamned Yehuds.

Eat me you Tower Dancing Fuckers….

Speaking of which, have you noticed the loss of the ability of the Pantshitters coterie of criminals to control the narrative? No matter how hard they try to control the news, shit slips out faster n’faster.

Initially, that plane that went down in the Med?
FIRST it was a refueler with 5 on board.
THEN it was possible an antisubmarine P-8 off a carrier with 5 on board.
Jesus on a fucking pogo stick, it’s NOW a Blackhawk with SF kids on board… which makes absolutely no fucking sense.

Go with me on this.

They’re saying it was a bird from the 160th S.O.A.R. (Special Operations Aviation Regiment). As follows from the New York Slimes:

“The troops were crew members of an MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that was on a refueling training mission late Friday when the aircraft crashed off the coast of Cyprus, three U.S. officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss operational details”

Which, to me? That’s some Grade A bullshit. MH-60? “refueling training mission”? Refueling how? By who? Where exactly? I mean to be honest, most Blackhawks stay close to land. That’s why we have Seahawks.

It reeks of coverup.

And then a guy being interviewed by Al Jazeera TV:

Now, granted, a LOT of ‘Murican (((tribemembers))) flocked back to participate in the “Current Thing” A.K.A. Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, as (((they))) as seen by their actions in the Krain, can’t get enough Goyim blood to satisfy them… So it’s not out of the realm of a possibility that one of these “Americans” as Joe Ay-Rab is talking about is a American Jew doing his part…

I mean Representative Brian Mast, from Florida no less, wore his Israeli uniform onto the Congressional floor:

Divided loyalties much?
Nevermind he’s the congresscritter from the highest density of Hebrews outside of New Yawk Fucking City in the United States:

That WHOLE Area is infested.

I find it odd that a Blackhawk went down over the ocean/sea. And that there were –5– folks on that bird… a Special Ops MH-60 needs a crew of 4.
And the thing can be refueled in air, which means IF they were refueling, it still doesn’t explain 5 guys being on board. In fact the Two MH series of birds, the MH-60 and MH-47 have refueling probes to BE refueled with:

So, per our “Usual Suspects”
5 Families have lost their Brothers and/or Fathers.
AND they’re going to lie about it.
AND KEEP lying about it
Any wonder guys like me are pissed?
They have no honor
I’m going to stop now, as the rule is:

So, glad to have a “big brother” back in contact, and I’m gonna try to relax.
More Later
Big Country

18 thoughts on “A Brother From The Past and Reconnecting and Gaza”

  1. I looked over the names of the deceased.

    5 White dudes. Oldest was 38, was a CWO3, probably close to retirement.

    More white lives lost because of the (((tribe.))) That needs to stop.

    1. Yes, both MH birds normally crew of 3, but what if long duration flight with need for at least extra crew for change out mid flight after multiple mid air gas and go during covert op?

  2. See we don’t need no stinking gov and man made false idol delusions.
    You’re either on the side of the Star of Remphan or on the side of humanity.
    Turkey is claiming it was shot down is the scuttlebutt.
    The two wild cards to watch are Hezbollah and Turkey, where we have an airbase at Incirlik.

  3. Cwo3/2 pilot & co, senior Enlisted is crew chief, 2 door gunners? If they were going somewhere they would be getting shot at? Or does CC jump on a door?

    1. Crew chief runs a gun, too. 160 SOAR goes to all the shittiest places with the shittiest people shooting at them. They like all the firepower they can cart along. And I can’t remember if the MH-60 has another waist window on the port side with another weapon mounting point, but I think it does. It’s been a while since I was around one

  4. 160th S.O.A.R. is the BEST air unit in the Army with the best pilots and maintenance crews yet they sure have a lot of “accidents”.

    I can’t help but think that there were the stories that Biden sent in our Special Forces secretly into Gaza to rescue the Israeli hostages who also have American citizenship and they took heavy casualties.

    Instead of admitting what happened, have a few “training accidents” and explain their deaths that way ?

    1. Same thing I was thinking about the 160th. They were 2 compounds over from me in Kandahar. They are jam-up jellyroll tight. Had a friend I played ball with in high school and we went to basic training together. He was a Blackhawk pilot for them too and there are few individuals in this world I hold in that high of regard .

  5. I’m pretty sure that if that tail number ever existed, it was a non-economical repair that got pushed off the side of a ship into the drink. There was no “accident.”

  6. Jeez, you’re not kidding about that district, I work up that way. Most hilarious thing was when they put blue and yellow lenses in the street lights on the bridge into Palm Beach. I asked one of the locals in the park outside the marina why the town was supporting Nazis. They took that shit down the next week.

    1. As I learned how much control the jew exerts over, well, everything, I came to realize that the Nazis were RIGHT.

      1. Um, ekshully, the Nazis were “left”. Because they were National SOCIALISTS, and socialism is a left-wing ideology….

        Today’s episode of “Autistic or Asshole*” brought to you by the numbers 14 and 88, and the letter J.

        * A or A was a game I played daily at MIT. God, I hated that fucking place.

        And in my case, I’m definitely not autistic.

        1. “Sozialismus,” in the Prussian context, is not the same as the Marxist/English concept of “socialism.”
          Oswald Spengler wrote a fantastic essay called “Prussianism and Socialism” in 1919, before the NSDAP, that clears this up.

          1. The Nazis won when the second Comintern ordered all communists to vote only for the minority commie candidate in an effort to force the socialists to move to them. Instead it split the commie/socialist bloc and opened the door to Hitler.

        1. More of a case that he was trying to get them out of Europe with the Haavara Agreement and all, at least what I’ve read about it.
          Which, who knows, may be completely inaccurate.

  7. we had a place in Palm Beach- sold 10 years ago because there were too many jews moving in around us.. they are as bad as niggers on many ways……

    America Is Fully At War In Gaza – US Jets And Bombs
    Above – US Special Forces Fighting And Killing Below
    Eyewitness Meets An American At His Door – Rense Video


  8. 1918 Russian Bolsheviks = Communists.

    1933 National Socialist Party (Nazi) = the other fucking Communists.

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