Burned Out Tonight, Not Much Going On

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
NGL, that one from yesterday? Yeah, Worn out. Add on that we had a minor emergency here with OtherGran, Nona. Seems she picked up a virus and tried to gut it out all week long. Ended up needing to go to the E.R. so we took Gran#1 over again and kept her from getting too worried…

Least we -tried-.
She’s 5.5 years now, growing like a weed, and was pretty freaked out. So, no sleep, and a bit of attitude per the way ONLY a redheaded five year old Nookular Generated Stubborn-as-a-Mule digging her heels in over everything could be.

I’m fucking done man.

What was that ad when we were kids? “Calgon, take me the fuck away?”

Something like that.
I ended up on the couch as she wanted to stick close to GiGi (Gretchen) and having experience Miss “Wiggly Worm” while she sleeps, I figured to get any ZZZs I ‘d grab the poncho liner, AKA my woobie and couch it. It was working well, up until the Sausage Princess decided it was time to ‘cuddle’ with Daddy, so’s I ended up with a fat ole Pittie on my chest.

Didn’t have the heart to throw the bum out.
She left I don’t know when by her own volition and went and spent the rest of the night with Sapper, the whore.

So, too tired to think, and waaaay over “it” all R/N
LOVE the discussion on the possibility of the Draft.

Spicey Times/Interesting Times Aye?

So More < YAWN! > Later
Big Country

3 thoughts on “Burned Out Tonight, Not Much Going On”

  1. Farts in jars? Spencer Gifts used to have those.
    Found a killer Slayer-Ghosts of WAR video with the ghost of gunny sarge Hartman, at the end he says disappear scumbag, LMFAO!
    I am the demoralizer psyop…everywhere I go.

  2. So fucking happy to be prior service/too old. I’m 38 with a desirable MOS. TPTB don’t haven enough bonus money to drag my ass back.

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