Selective Service Saturday or Just How Screwed Are You?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Happy Veterans Day!

My, I was a dapper Young Troop…
Speaking of which

HUGE rumblings about the possible upcoming draft.

Lots of “Oh Hells No!” from Veterans, especially from the latest group to get buttfucked raw by our “Lords and Masters” (Iraq and Affy). Not for nothing, there IS a very strong possibility that Israel is, depending on your age(s), need you to go and die for them, so the terrorists don’t win. Or something…

Now, as you know, I’ve got an eclectic background as do a lot of the family members. FedBro was a fed, per his handle, and DeadDad was a really well respected Collège Professor who was best known for his specialization in Children’s Lit, as well as being renowned expert on Conrad and “Heart of Darkness” MomUnit was an elementary school teacher for like 40 years which tells you about her ability to put up with ‘teh stoopidz’. One other interesting thing she used to do?

She was at first a member of the Draft Board, and finally when she retired was the Head of the Selective Service Board for the state. She did this because at the time, Draft Board members kids were exempt from the draft due to a potential conflict of interest. She did it to keep FebBro and I out of the clutches of the DotMil IF the draft ever came up. Being 18-19 and seeing all her classmates get drafted and going to the Nam really impacted her especially when a LOT of them either didn’t come back, or were broken physically/mentally. She didn’t want us to experience that.

So of course I volunteered.
She’s never forgiven me for that.
Sorry Mom! Can’t blame her… she didn’t get paid for it, and she did a lot of weekend training, as, little known fact: The Draft is (theoretically) ready from the time the (p)Resident signs the law into “Activate Mode” to get 100000 kids into “The Loop” within one fucking week

Which is why -I- think they’re getting the 400 recruiters up and running, as the Draftees would have to report to a MEPS station where a recruiter would be needed to get the process rolling.

Next move will be to start moving metric fuckloads of NCOs to Drill School, and the un-mothballing of Training Starbases at Benning… like my old Training Battalion 2-54 Infantry on Sand Hill which was mothballed years ago…

So with that background ‘prep’ I went into the latest and greatest regulations, The MILITARY SELECTIVE SERVICE ACT of 2003:

Link to the PDF online is HERE

So tonight, I’m hella-not going to do a full page-by-page breakdown, but hit the important bits that the majority of folks DO NOT KNOW. As MomUnit used to say, “This ain’t your Grandfather or Fathers Draft anymore!”

Lots of left hooks in here so to speak…
I’m going to do my best to ‘translate’ Poli-Bureaucratspeak so if I get some stuff wrong, hey, My Bad. I’m neither a Politician, nor a Bureaucrat, Thank The Fucking God-of-Your-Choice for that. I just remember how MomUnit was constantly amazed how much it has changed since Nam.

Hold onto your hats… this’s the deep end of the pool:

The NEW Draft Regulations calls military service the “National Security Training Corps”. ALL MALES FROM AGE 18/6 TO 19 -MUST- be registered before their 19th B-Day OR be subject to punishment. Punishments come later here in the listing.

ALL MEN Between the ages of 18 and 6 months to 26. Still ALL only men, NO women (yet) and ALL Trannys (M-2-F) STILL must register for the draft. If you were born with a dick, you’re still a dude as far as the draft is concerned so shut the fuck up you fucking headcases. Gays too.

ALL draftees, once pulled in must be able to pass the same physical from January 1945 unless a formally declared war is established, or a Presidential Finding of a State of Emergency declared. This means IF the SpongeBrained Pantshitter calls it a war AND a draft, then even a fat, psycho out of shape
MUST do 12 weeks of Basic Training.

It’s an automatic 2 Year Tour Unless you are already in the Guard/Reserveor a Coastie. IF you volunteer BEFORE you get your notice, then you get Preferred Choices of Duty, i.e. Admin instead of Infantry. They’ll take 17 Year old men who can volunteer w/Parental Consent.
Now, after the initial 2 years of Drafted Active Duty if you do less than 3 years on Active Duty, you do have an ADDITIONAL 5 year Reserve/National Guard commitment (which to my way of thought is it may as well BE active as the Reserve a Guard are always getting called up).

If you extend for a year after the first two years of Active Duty you were drafted for, you are exempt from the Reserves or Guard after those 3 years. Meaning you serve 3, survive and done UNLESS recalled as critical-to-needs.

If you are in college and part of ROTC, you do 4 years active duty after unless “time of war” or a “national emergency” declared by the Congress, and or the (p)Resident. As an Reserve Occifer, you get the same pay as a ‘professional Active Duty Occifer.
Interestingly, IF you’re working, say for an IT company or such, or as a Doctor who the hospital wants to keep you on the payroll, you can keep getting paid by civvies if they want to continue (gig worker? IT? Inquiring minds Aye?)
ANd now, the question everyone has
DEFEREMENTS (or how do I not die for my country taht hates me?):
Deferments are given rarely. Mostly for needed professionals (rare skillsets) and scientific personnel and those engaged in, and preparing for, critical skills and other essential occupations. Draft commitment CAN be shrunk (meaning less than 2yrs for enlisted and 4yrs for occifers) IF the war ends early by Congress (but even if the war ends, and you get drafted, you still HAVE to do basic) Doctors/Dentists do 24 months AD but are reserve officers.


Literally.. Not a joke.

DEFERMENTS FOR PRE-EXISTING COMMITMENTS (folks already in uniform and suchlike):
ALL “Commissioned officers, warrant officers, pay clerks, enlisted men, and aviation cadets of the Regular Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and the Environmental Science Services Administration; cadets, United States Military Academy; midshipmen, United States Naval Academy; cadets, United States Air Force Academy; cadets,
United States Coast Guard Academy; midshipmen, Merchant Marine Reserve, United States Naval Reserves; students enrolled in an officer procurement program at military colleges the curriculum of which is approved by the Secretary of Defense; members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard, while on active duty; and foreign
diplomatic representatives, technical attacheAE1s of foreign embassies and legations, consuls general, consuls, vice consuls and other consular agents of foreign countries who are not citizens of the United States, and members of their families, and persons in other categories to be specified by the
President who are not citizens of the United States”

Now we get to the interesting part:
Green Card holders get drafted too if they applied for a green cards. If you have one or are waiting on one you HAVE to 1) register for the Selective Service if you are between the ages of 18 and 26, and 2) IF you get ‘the notice’ then you HAVE to show up. Essentially

“aliens admitted for permanent residence in the United States shall not be so exempted: Provided, That any alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence as defined in paragraph (20) of section 101(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (66 Stat. 163, 8 U.S.C. 1101)”

Now, If an alien from a country with a mutual defense act w/the United States (like the Philippines in WW2 and even today) and they serve 12 months on Active Duty, They earn their citizenship.

Surprising absolutely no one, ALL Fucking FedGov Bureaucrats are exempt (of course) from the draft. Guess when the draft comes out, we know who the targets of folks Ire is really going to be aimed at. I’d say the Deep Bureaucrat state will cease to exist functionally within six months once word gets out…

Now, guys who are already Vets w/a Year of AD get a pass. That does not apply to PT Failures and ELS kids (entry level separation kids… the shmucks who couldn’t ‘hang’ through Basic/AIT) pre-war CAN be Drafted IF war is declared. Back in Boots Losers… Uncle Sam needs even your weak worthless asses now.

Anyone currently in the Reserve/NG get the same deal.
ROTC get a deferment for one year if they already did basic. (Lots of ROTC guys go through Basic during a summer while still in College). Then they (ROTC Kids) go in if qualified and serve either the aforementioned 2/8 or 4/4 year splits. Interestingly, ALL Aviation ROTC get a pass (guess that pilot training is too $$$ and they’re going to need pilots…

And fucking again Surprising absolutely no one AGAIN, All POLITICIANS (of course) get a pass.

Priests and Religious Students get a pass unless needed (and if they start calling up the Padres, you know we’re in serious trouble.)

Anyone who is in “industry, agriculture, or other occupations or employment, or whose continued service in an Office (other than an Office described in subsection (f)) under the United States or any State, territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, or whose activity in study, research, or medical, dental, veterinary, optometric, osteopathic, scientific, pharmaceutical, chiropractic, chiropodial, or other endeavors is found to be necessary to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest: Provided, That no person within any such category shall be deferred except upon the basis of his individual status: Provided further, That persons who are or may be deferred under the provisions of this section shall remain liable for training and service in the Armed Forces under the provisions of section 4(a) of this Act (section 454(a) of this Appendix) until the thirty-fifth anniversary of the date of their birth (which means Docs and others can still be called up to the age of 35 IF they desperately need the bodies, sort of like the Krain these days Aye?)

Armed Forces (1) of any or all categories of persons in a status with respect to persons (other than wives alone, except in cases of extreme hardship) dependent upon them for support which renders their deferment advisable, and (2) of any or all categories of those persons found to be physically, mentally, or morally deficient or defective. Which essentally means the nutjobs have to be evaluated before going to Basic, but any bets DSM10/11 is going to come back into style shortly after this starts? Now, interestingly SINGLE DADS PAYING CHILD SUPPORT GET DRAFTED.

STUDENT DEFERMENTS (this really changed A LOT):
High School: Until Graduation OR age 20 whichever comes first
College: End of semester (no loooong dragged out college exemption). One semester and BOOM! Your in the Army now!
Conscientious Objectors: You still get drafted but have to do “National Service Jobs” Nasty Jobs like nursing homes and such: “The Director shall be responsible for finding civilian work for persons exempted from training and service under this subsection and for the placement of such persons in appropriate civilian work contributing to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest.”
Criminals go too: “No person shall be relieved from training and service under this title (sections 451 to 471a of this Appendix) by reason of conviction of a criminal offense, except where the offense of which he has been convicted may be punished by death, or by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.”
Sounds a little like Wagner in Russia huh?

You can only do an appeal locally to YOUR draft board. Guess if you’re known as a local shitbag, you will probably not get one.

SURVIVING BROTHER AND/OR SON (The ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Thing)
For this exemption, you HAVE to be a Full Blood brother or son who’s dead brother/son had to have died in service to the country. No ‘single kids’ or step-kids…like I said, this time around, everyone goes.

Anyone who helps avoid the draft? “or who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to refuse or evade registration or service in the armed forces or any of the requirements of this title” (which means if you’re planning on helping a relative or anyone dodge the draft, be careful. They also have the “punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of not more than $10,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment [Fine increased to $250,000 by 18 U.S.C. 3571(b)(3)]” Nd if you try to help alter/forge a birth certificate, or use someone elses? Doing the Fake ID thing, “…having/making/helping: to be fined not to exceed $10,000 or be imprisoned for not more than five years, or both”
Also they get you for life IF you do a no call/no show… besides jail, you never can get student financial aid or Social Security in your old age. Failing to register means you can never get a FedGov job, and Social Security? Nope… No soup for you.


THAT was a pure dee slog. 8 hours of combined work.
Hope y’all find it useful
Repoast as those deem it Necessary
More Later, I’ma gonna have me another beer.
And Happy Veterans Day
Big Country

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  1. The enemy is already on our shores. No need to go abroad. The enemy has ALWAYS only truly been on our shores. Everything else has ALWAYS been about delivering profits to the big business cartel friends of the sitting president, his party, or the Deep State. Even Marine Corps General Smedley Butler had it figured out all the way back in the late 20s. Wonder why so many millions of men never bothered to pay attention to his honest and accurate assessment of our military or what they are truly used for.

    1. @Mr. Liberty

      General Butler’s small but potent book, “War is a Racket,” is still in print for those wishing to partake of its wisdom. It was first-published in 1935. Butler retired from the Marine Corps in 1931 as a major general, the highest-rank then attainable in the USMC (The Commandant was himself a major or two-star general at that time), after being passed over for commandant. He was at the time of his retirement, the senior Marine on duty in China.

      Butler’s subsequent pacifism and speaking tour against the war-making racket earned him harsh criticism in some quarters, but most of it didn’t stick since Butler’s military credentials and valor were above reproach. He was one of the few men to receive the Medal of Honor twice for bravery above-and-beyond the call of duty in combat, and he ended up being one of the most-decorated Marines of all time.

      After his devastatingly criticism of the war-making racket in the book, Butler then addresses the question of when it is justifiable to take arms: He states that the only two causes for which ordinary Americans should take arms are for the defense of their families, homes and communities, and to protect the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    2. Spot on correct!
      The reason they keep on signing up to die can be attributed to the mind-warping power of the jew/corporate media and government. Notice that there’s always some false flag event that gets the patriotic fervor, and in turn, tunnel vision going. Once the group-think is cemented there’s no way to talk them out of it. Expect the same this time around.

      1. Yea exactly Right…
        They in telegraph what they are going to do and the retards still fall for it…
        Here is the article with them doing just that and here is their quote “If you look at our history, we need to be convinced to get into [a] war,” David Eustice, CEO of Military Recruiting Experts, told Newsweek. While Americans needed a reason to support the war in Vietnam, he said, the war in Afghanistan “was immediate and had wide support because something happened to our country.”

    3. stupid question

      what do all the military age illegals crossing the border get ?

      jobs that amerkans won’t do ?

      1. Most likely they’ll be taking arms up against America on American soil so hopefully they get an american-made bullet.

    1. That smile don’t look right either. I only smile like that when I’ve shit myself!

      We bob and float like turds on the tides, fellas. Look at the evil in front of the kids: to fight and die at the call of the rat faced jew…? That is not the war that they need to fight; it’s right here at home against the swine that infest our corrupt govt.

      Both of those pending wars are our fault. Our kids will pay with their blood, and curse us for our stupidity.

    2. Less than 2% of them in nyc have applied for work visas. So it’s not that john mclame pathtic excuse.

  2. I never signed up for Selective Service when I became of age. I was born in 1958 and the draft had been rescinded and their was a two year gap (1958/59) where boys were not required to sign up. I dodged that bullet. I volunteered even still and did 5 years. Wanted to go CID after I made E-6 which I was within 3 mos, but the powers that weren’t was downsizing in the Clinton years.

    1. Below you’ll find the ‘official’ info from the Selective Service System on who did, and did not, have to sign up for the draft

      Men born from March 29, 1957 through December 31, 1959, were not required to register with the Selective Service System because the registration program was suspended when they would have reached age 18. The requirement to register with Selective Service was reinstated in 1980, but only for men born January 1, 1960, or later.

      Men born before 1960 are not required to be registered with Selective Service to be eligible for federal job training (WIA), and federal jobs, including the U.S. Postal Service. Thus, they should not be asked to provide a status information letter from Selective Service.

  3. Great Pic dude!! Hahahaha.
    The faggots and the Gender Pretenders aint gonna be happy. Hahaha. Do I smell votes falling into the septic tank????

    What to “Defend” the Mad Dog Tribe and its Govt???
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Pissin my pants laughing.
    Yeah, NO.

    There circus, there monkeys, put’em both in the shitter.

    Send Hollary and her stinking cunt.
    BAM! Done. Everyone dies, no nukes.

    I have NO Doubt, Israel would kill the entire planet with there nukes if they even got a wiff of loss.
    There as insane as the A-rabs.
    I’ve said it before. Same Psychotic Coin, different sides

  4. I appreciate your research and views on this BCE, but I don’t think it is going to pan out for them. There is probably some directorate in the Pantagram were they take a revived draft seriously, but none of our potential enemies is worried about it, of that I am certain. My logic is all follows in no particular order;

    -Everyone in the Axis of baddies has a deep and well trained pool of reserves available, functioning draft systems already in place, and coherent societies unburdened by social problems like trannies, fruitcakes, lady rangers, and pronoun training. They will beat the daylights out of whatever we send against them and likely not even need to tap into their reserves in doing so.

    – By the time Americans realize that an overseas enemy has wiped up the floor with our best troops and there is no way to hide that fact from anyone, you will be damn lucky just to keep whatever force you still have left from deserting on the spot. After the initial shock and anger, the call to get back at them will be loud, but it will be coming from people who are not at personal risk. The Japanese thought we were a weak and pampered people who would be unwilling to make hard sacrifices and take back the Pacific from them. The assessment was off by 80 years. If a Pearl Harbor happened today, the binary response would be either a nuclear response or asking for terms. Putting 10 million into uniform and fighting a 4 year war of attrition is completely out of the realm of possibility.

    – That WW2 mobilization and draft started in 1940. You have to go back to 1939 to find our standing armed forces in a weaker state then they are now. Even given that the ARNG was mobilized in 1940 and the draft was in place to flesh out the ranks, the Army was still unready for any offensive activity until late in 1942. Back then the ocean barriers provided the luxury of space and time to train an army stateside and we had the industrial capacity and finances to equip as large a force as we needed and equip our allies too without breaking a sweat. All of that is gone now. We have no industry for the most part, what we do have is within the enemy’s reach, everything we have is overly complex, questionably effective, excessively costly to produce, and dependent upon those same enemies providing raw materials and finished parts.

    -Even if you could get all of these kids today to mob the recruiting offices out of patriotism and willingly get on the bus to Fort Rainbow, Georgia after getting a draft notice, you will not have the luxury of training them into a competent force. That would take a year or more at least, and those big legacy military posts stateside will be getting raked over with missile attacks until there is nothing of value left there. The new troops will be getting killed before that have a chance to get a haircut of hear their first DEI briefing from the unit EO officer. Survivors will be over the fence, back in their civies, and hitch hiking for home before the smoke clears.

    – Of course we all know that the raw material of our precious youth is woefully lacking in quality. Most of them are simply not up to the requirements of the soldier’s calling. Herding these people into collection points and somehow sorting and sifting through them for the 10 to 15% who would fight is simply too much trouble. You do not have a large enough army now to allow for detaching a large training cadre without taking crucial skills away from the regular line units. Trying to do this in peacetime would be chaos, trying to do it in an ongoing shooting war would be impossible.

    -The draft augmented regular army that went into Vietnam in 1965 was the best we had produced up until that time. In the face of an unforced “optional” war that put maximum stress on the individual combat soldier, that army was organizationally broken by 1969/70. Public opinion at home went first, followed by reluctance and even resistance from the targeted draftee population, and eventually shattering the professional NCO corps and the officer ranks too. Social destruction was such a new thing back then that it took practice and commitment to join the Counterculture of the day. That caustic social disorder is the everyday norm the last few generations have been born into. They will not be fighting anybody, except for imagined fascists in the streets, but that will go beyond comfortable larping all too soon for them as well.

    1. Any conflict involving the USA that requires the USA to implement an emergency rush-job draft–well that war will be over before the first call-up notices arrive to the victims. The nukes will fly. They will land and explode here in the USA. The country will literally be ‘Road Warrior’ and any drafting will be done by the Regional and local war-lords who will spring up. But say there isn’t an apocalyptic war and they/them pull the trigger on the draft anyways–few if any will show up. And the requirement for registering for the draft in the first place? I will be that less than 25% of young males required to do so even bothered to do so–and who is doing the checking up anyways?

    2. I don’t think your estimation of the situation is accurate:

      We’ve over 350 million people here in the US. They can scare up a huge number of draftees from that population. All of the eligible people in that age range are young enough to be molded into physically fit soldiers, and boot camp will do so. If missiles ever “rake” the “homeland,” the subsequent propaganda will brainwash them right into war fever. Boot camp is also a brainwashing operation.

      If they want a draft, they’ll get it. And you can bet that the anti-war protests will be handled like the Jan 6th debacle, rather than like the George Floyd riots.

      A “soldier’s calling” is not rocket science. Mostly, it is taking dumb young men, removing their individuality to a certain extent, then molding them into people who will follow orders. Punishment, especially collective punishment, employing peer pressure, is very useful. Both negative and positive incentives and reinforcements are precisely used to get the desired results. And they do get results. All the people who follow the latest thing, be it Covid, George Floyd, Ukraine, etc. are already primed for following orders and believing whatever the talking heads tell them. A preference for avocado toast, man-buns, and soy lattes is gone the minute they get of the bus. Instead, they’ll get little sleep, less respect, hard PF, crap food, and they will have no other options.

      If the gov’t want a draft, they’ll get it. This softness that seems so apparent in the target population really means they’ll go along with no real resistance, rather than making any heroic stand against the press gangs.

      I hope it never happens.

      1. You may be right in some ways, but my hypothesis is based upon drafting raw material out of this society and turning them into useful soldiers against a near peer or better enemy and fighting that enemy in the traditional American way of war with the heritage institutions. Certainly, the regime could draft all of the confused little creatures coming out of the public education system and make them into the American Red Guards. They would probably resemble an army of automatons like the Nashville tranny shooter, and would certainly pose a threat to regime enemies right here at home, but that is not an army that is going to fight anyone’s regulars overseas. That is because the “soldier’s” calling is very much rocket science in many ways. The product emerging from public schools now are nearly illiterate and have been told that math is racist. Most of them cannot change a tire, or tell time with an analog clock. They are not going to reprogram that out of them in a year or so and have them replace the Navy crews that were sunk, learn to fly sophisticated aircraft, or perform any of the tasks required in an artillery battery FDC. Their officers are not going to study any of the tactics and methods some white men used in the past, those guys were racists. You also cannot try and revive what worked in the past and expect this generation to be molded involuntarily to it. You would be asking them to dismiss all of the indoctrination of a lifetime and accept a different reality that they were raised in hostility to. Its just not a realistic expectation.
        Defective raw material is only one of the problems. Those peer enemies are not going to give you the time and space to do any of this even if there were 350 million 18 y/o Alvin Yorks waiting around to be drafted. The material we expect to fight with is limited and cannot be replaced. What we do have is going to get destroyed at a staggering pace. Even if we just end up fighting Iran, you have to assume that the Russians are going to pay us back in spades for how we played the Ukraine against them. Everything the Russians have will be available to Tehran and that includes all of the same space based ISR support just like we provide to Kiev. The Kinzhal missiles are in full production now and we have nothing to stop them with and nothing to shoot back with in the same class. There are going to be big smoking holes in the ground where our airbases in Jordan used to be and on the water where our floating gay disco of a navy is sailing. The computerized wargames RAND gets paid to conduct usually end up with this outcome, and that is the case in a situational vacuum without wider “Axis of Evil” co-operation and support figured in. They have to handicap the opposition as much as possible in these games just to come away with a Pyrrhic “win” 25% of the time.
        I don’t think we will have to wait very much longer to see if the RAND wargamers are accurate or not.

  5. So cute how they act like the Long March and not so Great Replacement never happened.
    Just what does Jose get in upgrade from what he has now?
    That’s right…nothing.
    I remember the WRSA post about Haji has nothing in this world other than his goat and some tobacco or the you have the watches we have the time.
    Russia has no recruitment problems and let this mongoloid shit stain burn to the ground.
    It’s too stupid to exist and it begs to be put out of misery.

  6. I suspect that if/when they bring back the draft the noncompliance level will make the draft dodging we saw in the 60’s look like a joke. If enough people simply say FUCK NO then there really isn’t much the powers that be can do about it. That’s if enough people give them the finger. They will however crucify the first few as an example.

    1. FedGov won’t stop illegals crossing the border, (they’re behind the mass influx) but you’ll be surprised how fast they can round up draft dodgers. Anything to put the fear of Big Brother into the proles, just like with IRS compliance.
      And on the other hand, the astounding lack of backbone by white America…….they deserve this. Try doing this to the browns/blacks and you’ll see instant violence. My white friends, in a low mumble….”I don’t want any trouble”.

  7. Good work breaking this down BCE.

    The thing is that I think we are screwed no matter what. I was thinking of your “tire experience” last week and my own interactions with the younger generations and no shit IQs have dropped off a cliff.

    These people are frigging STUPID, they DGAF and like to smoke the now legal ganja now thus burning the few remaining brain cells they have out.
    At my work we get kids from supposedly good schools with the right degrees but most are lazy and have real trouble learning. I won’t even get into “muh diversity”.
    How are you going to teach these morons to use and work on high tech equipment ?
    Maybe the moronic lack of strategy or tactics by the Ukrainians are a symptom of the same problem ?

    I don’t know but sadly thanks to the crap in our foods and medicine as well as working under massive stress for decades at our jobs, many of us middle age folks have health issues and can’t physically serve.

    We’re screwed draft or no draft.

    1. A short time ago there was a Generation (I dont know, she was 20 or so) talking about her first day of work.
      When she was told by the boss that the travel time from home to factory wasnt working time she was throwing a fit.
      Then she was every hour at least 30 minutes in the restroom because she needed “power naps” (whatever that is?) because concentrating for work was so hard on her mentally.
      Then she went to the pause and by then her boss had enough and told her to work 30 minutes longer.
      She left before her time was up (remember she thinks that travel time is working time) and then her boss called her at home and told her she didnt need to come tommorrow because she was fired.

  8. Has anyone checked out the demographics of military aged men in the US lately? Seen all the pro-Palestine protestors? How many of them will abide a draft to go kill their brethren? Will the castrated police even be able to enforce a draft? It is to laugh (or weep).

  9. I’ve been hearing anecdotes from people at various shows about some recruiters telling kids “Either sign up with me now and get a choice, or wait for the draft to send you to Iran.” Not just gun and militaria shows, but other types of shows related to my interests.

    And the response from the kids being recruited, as well as the parents, is “NO FU(KING WAY!” We’re talking some serious anger here, especially from those parents and grandparents served. When a kindly old grandmother at one show talks about using skinning knives to make “Fillet O’Recruiter” if they talk to her grandson, and you realize that she means it…(kid’s parents are not really involved with his or his siblings’ upbringing, being focused on their careers)

    I also think that the universities will get exemptions for their students, using the stated reason that “College kids are too valuable to be used as cannon fodder!” The real reason, natch, will be that most of the college kids are either too mentally/physically messed up, or their parents have enough money to fight the system. Not all of them; I know some kids that are razor sharp and seriously smart. I’m worried about those kids, because once upon a time, I was one of them…

  10. Good article and comments, Bros.

    Pretend a “draft” works and we ship GIs to Israel. Looky here how they handle war-fightin’ OVER THERE:

    Read up on the IDF’s “Hannibal Directive” [HD.] Judge Nap had Phil Giraldi (ex-Mil + CIA) speaking about how IF an IDF Trooper or Israel Civvie is in imminent danger of capture by Hamas/Hezbollah/Rad Muzzies–IDF under the HD wastes them!

    Yep–too much time, trouble, and shekels negotiating with Rad Muzzies over release of hostages and Israel loosing the publicity war thereto–HD says: “Waste ’em!”

    That’s why the lists of KIAs in Hebrew Haaretz newspapers there show a disproportionate number of IDF Trooper kilt. IT’S BY THEIR OWN TROOPS! wtf?

    If’n I was a US Draftee sent to fight wars in the ME–I sure as hell would NOT want flank support from the IDF. It could get your arse kilt by a so-called “friendly!”

    at the 13:40 mark:

  11. There will be some “resistance” if they get to “forcible recruiting” the children of heavily armed “legacy Americans”. Red line.

    Draft resisting teenagers won’t get social security? SS benefits wont be worth a tinker’s damn in 10 years. We’re broke.

    If only you knew how bad things really are.

    At one time I believed we would see foreign troops (China) brought in to suppress heritage Americans. I am now leaning toward believing this is one of the purposes of encouraging mil age males to come here: draft them into a large domestic army to be trained in foreign wars and then used here.

    1. And We the People will give precisely -0- fu(ks about shooting them.
      Q: What’s the difference between a hunting rifle and a sniper rifle?
      A: The target.

    2. Yes, at some point all of those millions of Central American/South American migrants will be handed rifles and sent to “restore order” in some red state that is getting uppity and ignoring edicts from DC.

  12. “Is that a Confederate flag tattoo?”
    “Yes, long live General Lee! The South shall rise again!”
    “4F – Racist. Get out of here.”

  13. The Crooked FedGov, will manufacture an incident similar to 9/11 that will make the Sheep wave flags and sing Lee Greenwood.

    1. I can visualize them now, in the streets jumping up and down like monkeys shouting “USA, USA.”

      I’ve seen it too many times before.

      1. All True Patriots Should Be Willing To Send All Of Our White Sons, Daughters, And Non-Binary Children To Die For Our Greatest Ally!

    1. I agree. If there is ever a hill to die on that should be it. No more sending our young to die in another of their stupid wars.

    2. Nobody is dying for Israel, except Israelis. You morons hate Jews so much you must be muslim lol.
      Who did our troops die for:
      We all got sacrificed so the defense contractors could sell more shit. And they aren’t Jewish

    3. Exactly!! 💯

      Why in ANY God/Goddesses name, would any sane individual choose to fight for this rabid communist jew controlled country that’s been OWNED since 1913 by the Globalist Rothschild bankster regime?!?

      Especially after the banksters employees (gov) have made it clear that they HATE the White races (late Dr Noel Ignatiev anyone?…) and HATE White accomplishments and civilization.

      Young people DON’T want to ‘sacrifice and serve [as slaves] for the county’?!!?…Good!! Why should they sacrifice and serve to those that openly hate them?!?
      Fuck BOTH Dave Ramsey and his tradcuck Eskimo brother Matt Walsh and their bullshit guilt trip/shaming language – all they give two fucks about really is how much they’ll lose on their retirement accounts when younger people say fuck off to such parasitic boomers (and yes, I’m a boomer, born in ’62; I DIDN’T choose to fuck my country’s future like those two shitheads and their fellows did!).

      So, bideypoopants wants a draft to save “our greatest ally EVVAHHA”…let him check the seat of his pants…bet there’s an emergency draft panel there!!

      As for is raa hell,…fuck them, all the way from their murderous bullshit of the attack on the USS Liberty in international waters to their mousetuurd op on 9/11 (‘dancing israelies’ anyone??…).

      Fuck them – they’re NOT worth dying for!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Technically I am a draft dodger, I joined before my 6 months expired. Got a letter in Navy basic in 1983,asking why I hadn’t registered yet. Told them I was on active duty, therefore exempt. Got another letter 6 years later, in 1990 asking my status, replied that I was still on active duty, now in the Army, and still exempt. Never thought it was a big deal until 2018 renewing my security clearance. They made it a big deal, but eventually got over it, as now am too old to draft, and therefore exempt. I am a draft dodger with 10 years active duty, and 30 years or reserve or guard service. Go figure.

    1. lol, same here. one day about six weeks into basic training a bus pulled up in front of the barracks, d/i read off a bunch of names including mine, get on the bus. we thought we were being taken to jail from the look on the d/i’s face. turned out they were taking us to the p.o. to register. stupid is as stupid does.

  15. Talking about the draft now assumes that China, Iran, or any of our potential allies leaves us alone for the year it would take for us to unfuck ourselves, build the bases, cadre, and equipment it would take to induct snuffy fuzzybrain who doesn’t even know what sex they is, and transport them to wherever the fight is.

    The next war will be fought here, on US soil, as our adversaries cause unmitigated chaos over the internet, and what forces we already have will have to fight with what they have on hand, or can get their hands on locally. There will be no great surge of logistics from CONUS, not this time. Everyone was paying attention when Gulf War 1 went down, no one will give us a chance to build up forces.

    I did my time, and I will never receive any recall notice. The DoD can mail them out all they want, I won’t answer a one. At 52, I’m too old to go back to kicking boxes onboard ship, anyway.

    1. “the year it would take for us to unfuck ourselves, build the bases, cadre, and equipment it would take to induct snuffy fuzzybrain who doesn’t even know what sex they is, and transport them to wherever the fight is.”

      Watch the movie “Tomorrow War”. They draft people, give them about a week of training, and transport them directly into combat zone in contact.

      1. Yeah, The Ukies have been reduced to doing just that with lower grade recruits for over a year. There was a video just the other day of desperate Ukies falling back from the front and killing the English speaking “AFU” contractors who were trying to turn them back.
        If you were to cut out the time spent learning to salute and close order drill and concentrated on the basics of the infantryman’s weapons, you could cut basic down to a few weeks. The point is, that if you have to do that you are already losing badly. Our overly technical military such as it is, is all we have got. When they get crushed by real soldiers on some distant shore, no shake and bake hip hop Volksturm is going to salvage the situation.

  16. I share the sentiment above, nobody in our family will go to war for these communist fucks. Those need killing are those who will call up the draft.

    I’m 67, I had a selective service number, but joined the Navy, did 8 years. Then Army Guard in Calif and Oregon, roughly another 6/7 years. I normally don’t mention the army, I’m embarrassed to admit I was apart of that Dog and Pony show.

    What a joke.

  17. Just curious, why is everyone so ready to toss in the towel on the US? I get that we have some serious problems and politicians that are actively working to dismantle it, but just to toss in the towel and walk away, build a bunker, stock up on beans and bullets, hunker down and wait for it to hit the fan? WTF!? Seriously.

    I don’t like the idea of a draft. Nor do I like the idea of a dystopian US, but my kids are going. I don’t have a Ukraine flag or Israel flag in my bio either. Not my monkey’s, not my circus resonates with me and my boys. However, they will go. Reluctantly, but they will go. I have instilled in them a firm belief in God, patriotism, honor, integrity, how to be an honest man in a crooked world and plenty of other tough life lessons and things we should all have been teaching our children.

    One of the reasons that I would watch my kids go and why they would leave without throwing a temper tantrum is this: What’s the alternative? Being a traitor? That’s great! So much for all of the life lessons taught to Jr and his bros. I don’t care how many times you take your boys to the range, camping, hunting, bushwhacking, scouting or whatever it is you do, you just want me to throw all of the hard work and a lifetime of effort into raising my kids into a crapper? Hard pass.

    Unless you have plans and resources to overthrow the Government of the US, I suggest you sit down with your kids and explain some hard truths that may be coming down the pike. As we all know, or I hope most know, not every job in the military is on the front lines. Your sons don’t have to be killed fighting someone else’s war. Skilled mechanics, medics, cooks, supply personnel, electricians, plumbers and much, much more are all jobs that are available in the US military. Your sons don’t have to come home with a Silver Star, Purple heart or worse, in a box. Show your boys how to be men. We have enough people in this country saying otherwise. Just my two cents.

    1. Something wrong with this dood’s circuit board.
      Haven’t you been paying attention for the past, oh, 2 lifetimes or so?
      What kind of monster would condemn their children so?

      As I wrote over at AD a couple days ago: We need battle rifles with 2 barrels, one that fires forward and one that fires to the rear.

      1. Sorry Ghost, but there’s nothing wrong with me, but maybe you need to take a look into a mirror. I can find plenty wrong in the world and most specifically I find the government of the United States to be a huge problem. But here’s the thing, I’m an American and the government of the United States does not make up the United States, the people do. The flag doesn’t represent the US government, it represents the people. I’m not making excuses or standing up for for all of the wack jobs out there either because there’s just too many of them. I will take a stand for our Lady Liberty and I will allow my son’s to take a stand too. They’re grown men, they can make up their own minds. They’ve decided to be men. They’ve decided to be principled. I’ve taught them the difference between a lawful order and what’s a load of BS. If they get drafted and end up going to war, they know right from wrong. They also know that they may be punished, excluded, jailed or worse for standing on their principles.

        If you dislike the US so much that you won’t allow your son’s to be men and stand shoulder to shoulder with the previous generations that have so bravely fought and died for the freedoms of the masses that don’t really give a crap about you or what you have done, then I suggest you start looking for somewhere or someplace better to live. Although, I suspect you already know that, that someplace doesn’t exist.

        As men, we don’t go to war for the Jews or some evil corporate executive. We go because it’s the right thing to do. You can call out all of the politics and other BS you want, but it comes down to this: Some bad dudes killed some people. Why? Because they thought they could get away with it and now they want to bring it to my home.

        You can keep you sons here on the beach in the sunny US of A, but the war is coming. It’s going to be somewhere else or it’s going to be on your front porch. Maybe, just maybe, my son’s will find the same kind of buddies I did when I was in the military. I hope and pray they do and maybe they can take care of some business overseas before they have to come back home and do it all again.

        As for your double barreled gun? I think you know what you can do with that.

          1. SemperFi. Interesting name. My only question is this: Always faithful to what?

            Apparently you’re of the same opinion as Ghost. America is done and it should be thrown into the dust bin of history. The same applies to you, if you don’t like it move on. Good luck finding something better.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The government of the US is a problem. It’s the old addage, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. You guys don’t want to throw out just the bathwater and the baby, you want to throw out the tub, the house and all of the neighbors stuff too.

            The Great American brainwashing? The way I see it is this, someone slipped the leash off of the rabbid dog and left the gate open. The dog needs to be dealt with, then you can deal with the someone that slipped the leash. You can speculate about who that is until the cows come home. If what you guys are saying
            is correct, they have been hiding in the shadows for thousands of years. What makes you so sure you’re going to find your boogieman now?

            Regardless, the dog still needs to be dealt with.

        1. Whites make up less than 50% of the under 18 year olds. The country you think you live in no longer exists.

          1. Thank you John, I didn’t realize that this country was made by and for the whites only. Seriously, your white hood is showing, you might want to take it off and put it away.

          2. Whites do complex systems well, especially when compared to the post-1986 influx of Aliens. No need for a White hood and illumination by a burning cross to observe the obvious, eh?

    2. Here’s two cents to add in with yours, dude. The u.s.g. is an out of control monster. Most of us here are Americans that love our country. American refers to a people; u.s.g. refers to illegitimacy, lies, deception, murder, child trafficking, politics, fiat money and on and on.

      Some of us Americans learned the hideous nature of the u.s.g. by contracting with it. Then we were f*cked by it. No more.

      Likely you will not change, and will continue the charade with your sons, but I pray not. Remember, many Americans are just done with the u.s.g. while still loving the country. We can do without it, but it, the monster, needs a continuous supply of young men for it, the monster, to “project force”, fight a war without declaring a war, and all its other evil doings.

      u.s.g. needs disassembling and it cannot happen soon enough.


      1. I hear you, but where are you going to go while you burn it all down or where are you going to sit and watch as it all gets burned down? Nowhere, that’s where. Are you seriously telling me that you didn’t realize the monster you were getting into bed with when you signed on the dotted line? Are you really that naive? I hope not. If you’re not naive, are you a victim? Is that the card you want to play? Because that one is getting old too.

        Let me ask you this too. Do you know where or who the boogieman is? If so, why don’t you tell the rest of us and then we’ll all watch as you go and slay that dragon. No, you just want to sit on the sidelines and play the lone wolf. You see, that’s the problem. Everyone wants to sit around and bitch and moan about how bad it is and how the sky is falling and how they can’t do anything about it and how moronic the guy with the bucket is for bailing out the boat as it sinks. Welcome to America. It isn’t a luxury liner, it’s a leaky barge and always has been. Start bailing, stop poking holes in the bottom of the boat, or jump overboard and let the men do the work. Stop complaining about what’s happening and do something about it.

  18. I have a question for anyone knowledgeable about it. Back in the 80’s I was studying our fuckatude and came across a group that was really big into 14th Amendment servitude. They had a newsletter called Behold! Quite interesting stuff, really. But, one of the issues they touched on were your rights vis a vis the draft when they had one. The gist of their focus was that your responsibility was that you show up to the draft circus, go through the paperwork, get your injections, etc. Then after you did the initial part, you would be lined up and some Sergeant would say something like, “All those here joining this man’s Army, take one step forward.” Once you stepped forward, you were in the Army. If you didn’t, the Sergeants in attendance would curse you, question your sexual preferences, and try anyway they could to get you to join “this man’s Army”. If you didn’t, there was nothing really they could do. Now, it kind of sounded like bullshit to me, but I wanted to know if you had to step forward to take the oath to be cannon fodder. Anybody?

  19. I can remember when, in my lifetime, an 18-year-old kid right out of High School could get drafted, sent to Basic, AIT and two weeks leave before being sent to Vietnam. When he got back, he would get an early out and be sent home wondering “WTF just happened.”

    It didn’t work out well.

    One of the reasons given for lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 was the number of Vietnam Vets who returned and couldn’t vote in the ’68 Presidential Election.

  20. As far as the reference to green card holders being drafted, true that. In early 1970 I was in Infantry AIT at Fort Gordon, GA. Two guys in my platoon were Canadian citizens who were living in upstate New York and had been drafted. Since nothing transcends politics, they were both informed by TPTB they would not be sent to VN. Also, we had a small group of convicted felons from NYC who had been given a choice of 5 years in prison, or 3 years in the Army. One was so crazy; they would not even train him on the M-60. They thought he might turn it on the NCOs and Officers at range training that day.
    I have already made arrangements with draft-age family members to send them on the Midnight Express out of this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country. Richard J. Maybury, who publishes the EARLY WARNING REPORT FOR INVESTORS penned a long article dated December 7, 2002 titled WILL MY SON OR DAUGHTER BE DRAFTED? I urge all of you who have draft-age family members, neighbors, and friends to read this and pass it along to those concerned about what is about to happen. As far as my own take on this, I believe it will usher in civil war. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Agree. Also at Ft. Gordon, GA. in 1970, Infantry AIT. Had an old transport out in front of the barracks, supposed to inspire the airborne volunteers, and a theater on the slope of the quadrangle that the transport was on. Familiar with any of that?

  21. Thankee BC for that EXCELLENT summary. Seeing as I joined voluntarily in ’69 (story over some beers some day) and have worked within dotmil manufacturing for near 20 years up to retirement, can someone explain to this old bastard, WTF “Environmental Science Services Administration” is within the armed forces and what effing uniform they wear? That and why they would they be in any way “military”???
    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    My sons are past the age of coercion, but my oldest grand is about to turn 17. Believe you me, there is no way he will be subject to this abomination, should it come to pass.

    If Israel needs troops, let them advertise for volunteers world wide, I am sure there will be quite a few that will join up, for the right compensation and a few million in gold for their family/ies if they don’t come back. Modern Hessian mercenaries will be quite the thing once more. Nothing new under the sun, eh?

  22. So that’s where all those flips came from. Even though none of their rates required a security clearance.
    They always worked in supply.

  23. So not a lot has changed since the ’80’s then. Made sure to read the Selective Service laws carefully back then as I was one of the people who in theory did not have to register at the time. Knew too many vets from too many counties (and too many wars) to trust the gov fuckers one inch. To not change the rules retrospectively.

    As for now. If they tried to activate Selective Service I can guarantee you one thousand per cent that it would not apply to the kids of the Gentry Democrats and other key (rich) Dem voting blocks. They will try to send the kids of the “deplorables” off to the meat grinder. They will never send their own kids. No matter what the “law” says. It will be even more blatant than the last time. Does not matter what the Selective Service Act says they will make sure their kids will not do the dying.

    Simplest way of fucking up their plans. Start bringing lawsuits. Now. Get in first with Civil Rights / Equal Rights lawsuits. Take you pick. So many easy targets. Go the full Alinsky on them. Try to shut down all the loopholes that the affluent Democratic voters from the suburbs would use to get their kids excluded from any draft.

    Not just college but the “mental health” exemptions etc. The very high rate of medication and diagnosis rates for stuff like “aspergers” etc will be used to try keep rich suburban Democratic voters kids out of boot camp. Just you watch. And if you have known enough of these kids you’d know there is nothing really wrong with them except their totally fucked up parents. And all the fucking medication they’ve been taking since they were kids. Once they stop with that shit they mostly recover. Mostly.

    I suppose it could be worse. We could be living in Canada.

  24. Is the NATO west stupid enough to try to lay siege to the Suwalki corridor and Kalinigrad?

    1. No.

      The rail link is civilian goods only and still running and despite the crap the Russians tried to kick up last year with their for show “plebiscite” in Konigsberg and wild claims of “siege”. They upgraded the size of the dally ferry boats from the mainland (big railcar RORO’s now) and thats about it.

      The Russians went very quiet this year about “Kaliningrad” as they seemed to have moved out most / all of the SAM units, naval troops etc and sent them east and its now just the customs / border troops and some OMON left in East Prussia. Even the equivalent of the Russian Coast Guard cutters look like they have been pulled back to St Petersburg. Gotta keep an eye on those Finns.

      And no sign of the Iskanders now which were such a big deal in 2016. Turns out they were not very accurate after all. A CEP of up to 3km is not something to boast about.

  25. Attempting to empty the domestic farm of sheep dogs will prove devastating for many reasons. Lots of un-vetted strong male invaders will run even more wild without a deterrent. Sacrificing the only hope of a continuing democratic republic will not be easy nor simple. All rules and predictions of what would have happened in the past were up-ended when the covid silliness came about. IMHO

  26. I served, 14 years in Reserve, too old now.
    Would leave the country with my 28 year old son rather than lose him in a war that doesn’t matter to us or US.

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