Happy Birfday Devil Dogs! Chinese Party Girls and the Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Seeings there ain’t no ball this year.
Yeah, seems the “Official Ball” was going to be at CETCOM here at McDill in Tampa and not at Eighth and Eye, (Marine HQ in D.C. is at the corner of 8th street and I street) and word -I’ve- gotten is most of the chain of commands have been encouraged to not to throw ‘official’ parties.

As if!

Knowing my own Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, the odds of that are thin… slim to fucking none. Like “Riggs and Murtaugh Thin”. It is a bit ‘off’ though. I did get a call from The Gunny… I think… very garbled, lots of giggling… think he was already blitzkrieged… at ten A.M. today. Well, good on him and the rest of you Devil Dogs! One last ball buster for you, which is also a compliment:

For you civvies out there, the last part of the Marine Corps Hymn is:

“If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines.”

Ergo, the above Marine’s question.

Other things.
The now slo-o-o-o-wly vanishing story about the multiple CHINESE run brothels found ALL over the country?

See that line?

“the client list also includes military officers and government contractors who possess security clearances.”

Shades of Fang-Fang much?
or Compramat…
To-may-toe, To-mah-to… your choice.

Seems that the charges the Three CHINESE Nationals are being hit with, to me, are sort of revealing being conspiracy to coerce and entice others to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Now, reason I find it interesting is they did not (as of now) get hit with Human Trafficking, which is defined as:

18 U.S.C. 1581 prohibits human trafficking and other crimes and describes legal punishments for anyone who is convicted of forcing another person to perform labor, sex trafficking children; and selling people. The penalties under the statute are severe, including life in a federal prison

Which to my thought is that the chicks working on their backs getting blown out by their clients weren’t there as the usual Chinese sex slaves. According to other sources (now gone when I go to look for the article of course) is that the girls came over on work visas (who sponsored them? Inquiring minds Aye?) and at the invite of the two dudes and one chick who were running the show.

Any bets that they were ALL recruited and run by the CCP?

Also, in the TL;DR Zerohedge article, they say that it sounds like the majority of the profits made off of this lil venture went right back into the business so to speak, financing what sound like high end apartments with toney addresses.

“…included several locations in Dedham, Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts. Investigators identified two more suspected brothel locations in Fairfax and Tyson, Virginia, both located a short distance from Washington.”

I know just about all them locations
To call them ‘expensive’ is a wee bit of an understatement:

OK… 5 Places that we know about.
Utilizing the average rent from the above just-gathered sites, the average monthly payout per unit was $2953.80.
Since it’s the average and if you notice one of them, Dedham, is for a one bedroom apartment, I’d say that the operational costs were significantly higher.

Just those 5 apartments alone, on average was about $15000 a month for the rent, not including utilities and all the ‘other extras’ one incurs living day-to-day.

Add in the fact that they were charging between $300-$600 per hour, that’s a lot, but still… no idea on how many chicks working pro or semi-pro there, and how many clients and the frequency of said-clients. $15k for rent is still a pile o’simoleons. Probably lowball too as you’d need MORE than a one bedroom… gotta have a room for the security as well as the girls -actual- room as opposed to the fun room… The whorehouses I visited (purely for educational purposes mind you) in Frankfurt were set up that way, except on a MUCH grander scale… like 8 story building sized… hell One of them was actually operated by the Hell’s Angels chapter of Frankfurt.

And as a wise man once said “Location, Location, Location!” in regards to real estate. The Puzzle Palace on Sodom-on-the-Potomac is right up the street from the Virginia Location(s), 16 miles and 19 miles respectively.

Close enough for The Joint Chiefs to go and get a nooner.
Jes’ Sayin’
Locations in the People’s Socialist Republic of Taxachussetts?

Cambridge: ALL the colleges, like ALL THE COLLEGES to include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as some serious DotMil contractor companies.

Dedham: Couple of companies, none too big (that I can find on the goolag) but the one between it and Watertown, sort of equidistant?
Natick Army Labs
Oh yeah. Big Espionage target there potentially.

So yep. I’d say that’s a Honeypot Intel Op.

Considering allllll of our ‘senior folks’ to include the Gin Hag Pelosi (her driver for years was a Joe Chink Intel Agent) Eric Swallows-Well and Fang-Fang-for-Bang-Bang, who BTW I saw an article that she died in a ‘mysterious plane crash in Chine shortly after she popped smoke here… convenient much?

Never mind the Kidsniffer at the top who’s apparently been on the payroll since he took orifice as the Veep under the Obamamessiah.

Now, to the Krain
Germany said they’re going to move two tank Battalions to Lithuania to join a brigade being formed with NATO. Made up of one ‘heavy’ Tank Battalion (Leos) and one Mech Infantry Battalion (probably Marders and the like).


That by my count is like ALL the armor Der Chermans have left. According to Janes, Der Chermans have a grand sum total of 225 left after giving the Krainians -at least- 85.
All that’s left:
135 Leopard 2A6s
70 Leopard 2A6M and
20 Leopard 2A7+.
Out of those, at least 25% of those remaining Leos are deadlined (inoperative) due to parts and cannibalization... In fact it made international news that the 85 Leo2s that the Krauts gave the Krainians showed up as deadlined, some with critical failures like bad packs (engines and transmissions). Others had fucked up fire controls, or shot-out barrels on the main gun(s).

Somewhere, Guderian is weeping…

A Current German Armor Battalion is made up of about (+/- a few here n’there) 112 Tanks with 1000 troops. Which means they have two remaining battalions, one of which is going to Lithuania. Means that France could probably take Germany in a reverse-krieg. They have 527 LeClercs, a tank I have very little intel or experience with. I know it looks like the bastard spawn between a Leo2 and a Challenger2 with a sprinkling of Abrams DNA:

So, I guess they’re sending them to Lithuania to ‘add to the bonfire’ so to speak:

No clue if that worked. Let me know
I know I LMFAO on that.
And Finally
The Krainians Who Went “Woke”
AS in woke the fuck up, realized they are/were on the wrong side, and joined the Russian Army to help end the slaughter/shitshow

The link is HERE
The TL;DR is that they want to end the slaughter, as well as they know the Regime in Kiev is corrupt as fuck and does. not. care. about. them OR their country. Hell, according to some, Russian soldiers have found Krainian Relatives who were captured. A lot of them got ‘woke’ when instead of being ‘killed and eaten’ as their ‘political officers’ and the propaganda told them they would be if they were captured. Instead they were treated decently and the wounded cared for medically, as opposed to the bullet to the head that they’d been told to expect…

They’ve also seen first hand their own officers NOT reporting KIAs to keep collecting the pay, as pay goes to the Company Grade officers and gets disbursed to the troops.

Then the higher officers above them at Battalion Level? THEY don’t tell the families so that they don’t have to pay compensation for the KIA to the family.

Nevermind that Krainian soldiers, BECAUSE of the pastiche nature of what’s left of their DotMil (rag tag forced recruits/addicts/lame/mentally ill) have… well like there is ZERO esprite de corps, and more often than not, a wounded guy gets abandoned to bleed out by who should by all rights trying to help and save their battle buddies.

If you want to see it yourself, a good vidya source is here:


Yeah, Russian and from their side HOWEVER, they DO seem to be relatively balanced as compared to some of the Copium sites out there. LOTS of videos, and best viewed in the dreaded Goolag if only for the auto-translate.

So, That’s it for tonight.
Happy Veterans Day to ALL my Brothers and Sisters out there in Bleggland. Remember, Pass on what you know, it may save a life.
More Later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “Happy Birfday Devil Dogs! Chinese Party Girls and the Krain”

  1. yeah, as soon as I saw the part where they wanted background checks on all of the “Johns” I smell a intel op. back in the 1970’s we had to take classes on this kind of shit in West Berlin
    don’t they do that anymore ? anyway. doesn’t DARPA run a few labs and whatnot up there
    around MIT ? I know they used too.
    happy vets day to you too, old rock soldier. the D3/187 was across the parking lot from us back in the mid 1970’s at FT. Campbell A 1/503

  2. Been a very long time since I’ve lived in Massatuckey. Natick labs would indeed be a potential espionage target, but there’s plenty more. Raytheon had a big R&D/manufacturing plant just outside of Boston, to the west of the city, and the number of tech companies on the 128 ring road and in southern New Hampshire is stunning, never mind the relative closeness to both Rhode Island and Connecticut. A honeypot operation like this was probably pretty productive.


  3. Ain’t no poosie worth those prices.
    Read that Xi and Biden are going to meet in San Francisco and it wasn’t the Bee.
    Meanwhile in Russia 410,000+ have signed up to fight with all kinds of new toys coming online.
    Supposedly the Poseidon RUV is ready, that is the coastal nuclear tsunami weapon.
    Stocked up on popcorn with several bags.
    Someone updated the Dead Kennedys-When Ya Get Drafted with FMJ footage featuring everyone, Joker, Pyle, Gunny Hartman, Cowboy, Animal Mother, Rafterman.
    Ann Margaret still isn’t coming.

  4. It’s not just defense stuff (MIT, MITRE, MIT Lincoln Laboratory and so forth). There’s also a metric fuckton of biotech and major pharma companies in Boston/Cambridge/128.

    Pity the poor Chinese. They have to get their secrets in dribs and drabs by providing you hot (presumably) girls to fuck. But Our Greatest Ally has such Big Dick Energy it assfucks all Americans (no lube, not even a kiss afterwards) because they have direct access at highest levels, plus we give them billions yearly for the privilege.

  5. Happy Vets day to ya Big Country,,,,
    A pack of red crowns for this Dawg if’n ya don’t mind,, ROFL
    They tried that no party thing on us in 91 on the way to Kuwait, and the stills were in over drive for a week prior. Had three guys in the brig for it on the 12th,,,, All on ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. LOL

    1. Back atcha Gyrene!
      BTW: FYI Baking soda gets the crayola out of the toofuses real good
      Jes’ Sayin’

  6. O/T-Could do one on cold weather gear?
    First 20s of the season tonight and these Thinsulate camo mittens look cool, cold rips right through.
    Had to put some glove liners inside and place hands in puffy coat pockets for foot patrol.
    Vintage puffy coat from 2010 is holding up with newspaper and grocery bags added to liner.
    Usually wear layers of pants, long johns, drawers, thick socks, same with shirts, undershirts.
    Just a suggestion and not butthurt if there is no time.
    Carry on and no room for commie.

    1. Where do you live?
      Is it a (fairly) dry climate (southwest and intermountain west US)?
      Or is it a high humid area (anywhere East coast)?
      I don’t care how many layers of cold weather clothes you have on, the high humidity will bite through every layer.

  7. And a good Veterans Day to you. I’ve never been comfortable with calling it ‘happy’. I’ve always thought of it as a more somber occasion.

    Anyhow, I have one clarification for you. It was ( the late ) cali senator Di Fi whose driver was ID’d as a Chinese spy, not Pelosi.

    Keep up the good work.

    That is all.

  8. “the Gin Hag Pelosi (her driver for years was a Joe Chink Intel Agent)” Wasn’t that Diane Feinstein that had the spy working for over 20 years?

  9. As a German I am on the one hand ashamed how far we have fallen, but on the other hand I know that not many Germans need to die when Putin (hopefully) sends his Tank armies west.

    As long as his soldiers dont rape or murder I will be happy to point him in the direction of Berlin and I hope that neither the old hag Merkel nor the current douchebag Scholz escape.

    By the way: Why doesnt Putin send his SPETZNAS / FGB squads to capture Selensky and parade him on TV?
    That would be fun to watch.

    1. Stock up on vodka and cigarettes and wish the boys well on their way to Den Haag to take the boys and girls of Die Ampel to their tribunal.

      When I was stationed in Germany many years ago, if a pretty girl made an unsolicited approach, I’d just think “Thank you, Uncle Leonid.”

      Happy Vets Day.

  10. Merino wool base layers. Do with that, then as you said, layer. It’s thin, lightweight, and works really well. It’s also good for head, hands, and feet. I’ve been pleased with the Minus33 brand, they’re reasonably priced. Or at least they used to be, no clue about under bidenomics.

    1. My source for cheap hats and gloves is Menard’s. I like the rag wool glove mittens myself, but you can spend more and get less.

  11. That rakkasans emblem was all over everything in Kandahar when I landed in 2002 “supporting” the 82nd. Written everywhere to include the shithouse walls was AA… after anaconda

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