PoliSci Ephemeral Updates and Meatbeater Covers for Protection

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… going to try and throw a bit of info out there to ‘catch up’ on the socio-political side of life so to speak. I mean for real, they keep throwing so many rights we’re all begging for a Left.

First Point:
Massa Gen’rul Bobby E. Lee…


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” That about sums it up… I mean maybe it was malice aforethought as part of the (((humiliation rituals))) that oh so (((many))) seem to be fond of doing in a performative and demonstrative measure against Heritage Americans.

Specifically Southern Heritage Americans.

The release of those photos was at best ill-timed to say the least. They melted down the statue of Robert E Lee on October 26th… and then boasted about it… Bragged really. Fucking ‘the chosen’s’ golems/orcs couldn’t contain their happy-dances over their ‘victory’ of the destruction of a statue of a ‘traitor’ in their minds… again another prime example of public ed-jew-mah-kation failing spectacularly. So, no, I don’t think the release of them melting this down was a humiliation ritual per se.
If anything the Rabbi took whatever golem responsible ‘to the woodshed’ for this particular fuckup.

Reason I personally think it was stupidity was that they’re NOW having to ‘reverse course’ so to speak. I mean they need bodies for Israel right? A little over a week later the Powers That Be, i.e. Leviathan had Big Army release their latest and greatest ad campaign:

Not going to link to it, y’all have already heard that it’s nothing but Whytteguys doing a “Hollywood Jump” out of a CH-47. Reason it’s called a “Hollywood Jump” is everyone has a helmet cover which means they’re all already full-bore Paratroopers, and the other is they ain’t got shit for equipment. Hell the freeze frame above shows them humping the chutes off the DZ (drop zone to you civvie) and NO tactical gear or weapons in sight.

Of course they’ve been getting the ever living shit roasted and ratio’d in the comments, a small sampling for y’all here:

It’s a tough crowd…
Demonize Heritage Southern Americans. And less than two weeks after the niggers melt down a historic statue of a beloved Confederate Hero, you roll out an ad campaign to try and recruit from your formerly LARGEST demographic that you, or I should say your (((pets))), used to draw the majority of your recruits from to go and fight and die for the Jews?!?!

Talk about ‘poisoning the well’

And it shows in the comments.
Shit… THAT is why I call “Stupidity”
Others may disagree, but problem is is too many normies are awake now, especially Heritage Southern Whytte Americans. They’ve checked out… to use a Boomerism: Tuned in, Turned on, and Dropped the Fuck Out.

Call it the Army’s “Bud Lite Moment”
Article that I stole line from that from is HERE
H/T to CA at WRSA
Even the chans are on it:

You know you done epically fucked up when the Autists on the Chans are calling your sorry asses out…

The shitshow in question is so bad, that on Amazon you can buy a t-shirt:

I’ fucking amazed they haven’t pulled it yet….
Jes’ Sayin’

Unfortunately, they only have a 3xl ‘normal’ length. Otherwise that’s go under ‘payday purchases’. Lots of memes out there over it as well, with my own small contribution here:

Dark AF like the times we live in Aye?
Dunno where I got the inspiration, but the quote came to me and I was like:


Moving on…

Next we have 77 year old Kenneth Darlington, a dual US-Panamanian Citizen who decided “enough is fucking enough” and capped three envirotards on the Pan-American Highway in Panama for blocking traffic. Two cashed in on the scene, number three is looking like he’s going to walk with a limp for a spell.

FAFO for the Vegan Patrol I guess.
LOVE how the shell casing was perfectly caught.
Of course the memeing has been UTTER awesome and brutal:

And then my own small contribution:

Somewhere on Gab, one of the folks said we’re probably going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of this as the wheels come off. His point being that the Boomers, as they age out/get sick, are going to have a serious deficit of fucks to give. Violence is already starting get worse… the division sown by certain groups has made it where it’s genuinely dangerous out in areas that formerly would have been considered safe.

Throw into the mix a bunch of Based As Fuck Boomers, maybe with a Terminal Cancer diagnosis, or some other ‘time limiting issue’ deciding that “I’m done being nice and tolerant.” I’d venture to say a lot of YOU out there of the “Cool Boomer’ persuasion would be of this ilk. Not that I blame the guy… thing that makes ME scratch my head is I’ve been to Costa Rica and Panama and ridden the P.A.H. down and back on Middle Country’s Harley… and the P.A.H.? The traffic and insanity I saw? It was like a low-regulated scene from Mad Max… how these Econuts managed to block the highway boggles me. Drivers in Central America, especially them Big Mack Truck/Lorrie drivers? They positively make the former Yugoslavians seem mellow and law-abiding. (and Yeah I’m dating myself).

Lastly: Covers for Ye Olde Dick Skinners
Or more commonly called: Gloves

Now, I’ll go over Mine first. My first pair that I wore for the majority of my time in Iraq and Afghanistan were a pair of Hatch “Operator” Nomex gloves in desert tan:

Ok… back when I got mine (a looong minute ago as you can see by the wear and tear) in Baghdad in 2004. Made of Nomex. Which is a FIRE RESISTANT (for a short period of time) fabric, not repeat NOT FIRE-PROOF.

Again for the slow kids at the back
Nomex Fabric of ALL types (to include the cop jumpsuits that they are oh so fond of on their SWAT Teams) is:
FIRE RESISTANT (for a short period of time)

In fact it’s more ‘Flash Resistant’ meaning IF you happen to get caught up in a fireball/flash fire, it’ll NOT instantly burst into flame like cotton might. That being said, the gloves are good. Got a nice long (actually extra long) wrist cover that helps and keeps hot brass off the wrist in a firefight when your buddy is dumping it all over you… Thing is it melts… got a higher melt-point than -regular fabric- but still, once it’s hit with, oh say a flammable liquid… like say napalm… it melts.

Causes horrific burns too. In Iraq they had to reinforce that fact to the troops as too many of the slow kids thought it was fire proof and suffered for it when their vehicle got hit and started to burn… Hence why IF I were to be visited by a ‘stack’ of my local (albeit probably) retarded LEOs, then the flammenwerfer is the go-to for unwelcome and unexpected guests of ill intent.

Personally, the County Mounties here are well aware of my penchant for the flammenwerfer, so they’ll probably just ask -nicely- if I’d like go with them, which would be a better outcome all around IMO.

The Hatch gloves can be found on the Zon. Unfortunately they don’t have 2xl, which are what mine are… They’re about $35 in black, which kind of pisses me off, as when they first came out? I paid like $80 at the fucking PX…

Then, we come to my current go-to:

2xl Mechanix M-Pact gloves, in Multicam. Reinforced knuckles and leather palm. $25 at Autozone of all places. Love mine. That’s pretty much it… good, inexpensive, comfortable. Just no fire resistance.

Which before I go on, one important thing:
You absolutely have to practice actually shooting while wearing them. Mag reloads (swapping mags out of the weapon that is), loading mags, clearing/locking and loading, as well as failure-to-fire drills, which can be done like I do by putting a ‘dummy round’ mixed into the mag so’s I get a “oops” while shooting. Don’t know if any other Hi-Speed Lo-Drag Shooter courses teach this and use that technique, but it’s essential that you know how to run your weapon while in gloves.

Hell you should practice in full kit if you can get away with it.

I did at the last Bloggshoot hosted by Borepatch and Divemedic a few years ago when I broke out my full ghillie to shoot my bolt-gun. Miguel gave me some shit and laughed but hey, training/shooting? ALWAYS take advantage of it… even if it WAS hotter than Satan’s ballsack that day…. And because of this trial? It worked in that I found out that $20 Ghillie ‘wrap’ for the barrel tended to fuck up and get caught in the action when I cycled the bolt action… shitcanned that fucker because of it…. Only warning I have is -try- to do it at a range where you’re NOT going to be reported as a militia-whytte-supremacist-nutbar.

Now, lastly:
Hard knuckle combat gloves.
This is a pair of the 5.11 model, sells for about $60 +/-:

Now, depending on how much you want to spend, and what you want them made of, then there’s a lot to choose from. The thing(s) about the Hard Knuckle gloves is that they are hard knuckle with a hi-impact plastic (theoretically) with padding that cover the knuckles like new-ish Brass Knucks. The advantages of these are:

  1. Impact Protection: The hard knuckles on tactical gloves are designed to provide protection against impacts, abrasions, and injuries. This is especially important in situations where the wearer may come into contact with hard or sharp objects.
  2. Defensive Use: In tactical and military situations, personnel may encounter various obstacles or potential sources of harm. Hard knuckles can help shield the wearer’s hands from impacts during combat or other high-risk activities.
  3. Striking Surfaces: Tactical gloves with reinforced knuckles can be used as a striking tool, providing an additional surface to deliver force if needed.
  4. Enhanced Grip: Some tactical gloves have textured or patterned surfaces on the hard knuckles. This texture can provide improved grip on objects, making it easier to handle tools, weapons, or equipment.
  5. Durability: The hard knuckles are often made from durable materials like thermoplastic or reinforced leather. This increases the longevity of the gloves, especially in demanding environments.
  6. Uniformity and Identification: In military and law enforcement settings, tactical gloves with hard knuckles may be part of a uniform or gear standard. This ensures a consistent level of protection and can also help identify personnel by their equipment.
  7. Thermal Protection: In some cases, the hard knuckles may serve as thermal insulation, helping to protect the wearer’s hands from extreme temperatures or thermal hazards.

It’s worth noting that not all tactical gloves have hard knuckles, and the level of protection and specific features can vary depending on the design and intended use of the gloves. Additionally, while hard knuckles provide added protection, they may also slightly reduce dexterity and flexibility, so the choice of gloves should be based on the specific needs and requirements of the wearer’s situation.”

Stolen from somewhere, Quora I think, but yeah.
So there you have it.

Me? Hard Knucks? Nah… My hands are too big, and the plastic doesn’t line up well on my paws.

Per Usual, YMMV
So hope all is well with everyone!
More Later
Big Country

47 thoughts on “PoliSci Ephemeral Updates and Meatbeater Covers for Protection”

      1. BTW Try to keep your pining for the old days of being in the military to a minimum?

        The military is a branch of the government. Need I say more? It makes a person look less than >120 IQ ish. In my experience the guys who do that are less than talented.

        1. From time to time I look back fondly on my military days… and I thank God I avoided a few courts martial for some of the shit I pulled.

  1. Monies being raised to sculpt a new Lee statue. A tribute to the one that stood for 150 years before it was removed from Richmond’s Moment Avenue.

    1. Yessir, sent an anonymous cash filled envelope to the po box listed.
      I saw what happened in Canadia….

  2. Sadly…no matter how badly the left treats white people plenty of them will still sign up to become cannon fodder. As for the dude in Panama….he gets a “not guilty” from me. And probably from a lot of people. Sadly for bim he’s in Panama, not a locale noted for a fair and honest judiciary. Hopefully he’s got connections or else he’s well and truly hosed.

      1. No shit… if my experience(s) in Costa are any Indicator, “Money Talks” is key to it. Got pulled over ABSOLUTELY SHITHOUSE DRUNK with Lil Country and Middle Country when I went to visit post-Iraq (I was driving ‘cos THEY were fucking zombies) We had a HUGE bag of weed with us… the Federale that pulled us over? He took the keys, and drove us back to LC’s house. In the A.M. we woke up to breakfast (big heaping pile of bacon and eggs being cooked, coffee being brewed and smelled EPIC) being COOKED by the Federale. (We had thought it was LC’s local wife doing the cooking) It cost me $60 USD as a ‘donation’ and when we were done eating, he drove Middle Country back to get the car (it was his) and that was the end of it… this particular case is going to depend on the news cycle… if the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda keep hyping it, he’s fucked… otherwise? Money to the right person and hey, he IS a retired lawyer which means he might be connected

        1. Yup. Have me a jack-leg cousin–brilliant engineer in polymer science who got posted to el Mexico. He and his buds drive out for night of heavy drinkin and ’bout 200 or 300 hrs they’re speedin’ home, going hell-for-leather, and hit a ‘speedbump’ in the dark-assed country lane. Street lights? HA! No way.

          Turns out the ‘speed bump’ they runned over was some local sleeping off HIS hangover in the middle of the unlighted road. Dead as a doornail. Messy sit-rep at best.

          Cousin calls home-office USA “Legal Dept,” yeah–they’re up even at that late hour, who gives cuz a phone number at the local Mexican bank. He calls and wakes up the banker–who says: “NOT TO WORRY–IT’S ALL HANDLED.” Cuz dives on home.

          Turns out this international Fortune 500 corp has “ways” of getting rid of unneeded bad publicity and/or lawsuits and/or criminal charges on-tap via wire transfers of the “Yankee Dollar.” Money talks–BS walks (or gets run over.) Mex widow and kids highly compensated for their loss. Incident never made the papers or news….

  3. You are not exaggerating about the traffic conditions in Central America. I did 2 annual training rotations down there, Honduras and Guatemala. Scary as fuck. Two soldiers were killed in a crash the rotation before us and we got into a wreck in a 5 tn with a few injuries. A soldier in our platoon was hit by a motorcycle and our driver was put in jail in an attempt to extort money. We had to sneak him out of the country.

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Of all he things the Left has done, melting down Gen RELee’s statue has driven me most into a cold suppressed rage. For everyone’s sake, they’d best be glad I’m out here being a SL,UT (Salt Lake, UTah) instead of back east in Virginny.
    No, I wasn’t born there, but I was raised there enough (Falls Church back in the late 50s-early 60s) that a certain Southern Spirit doth inhabit my soul.
    I WILL be buying a couple of those t-shirts to wear often.

    1. same boat here. northerner with a southern soul of independence – a link for those shirts would be welcome.

  5. Nomex is great for dealing with the flash of gun cotton in turrets and field artillery. Flash. As BCE says. Flash. Dry flash, like… gun cotton.

    It wicks like a motherfucker any liquid around, especially highly volatile flammable liquids. Nomex mixes mitigate the wicking somewhat, but…

    Leather, good old leather, is better for anti-flame protection for a long-burn. Especially good treated leather and rubber mixtures. But really good leather is expensive and has to be cared for.

    As to the white Panamanian, good for him. I can see his defense now. “I just wanted to be left alone.” Works.

  6. As for me, this boomer is done counting up the fucks he doesn’t give anymore. I stand upon of mountain of fucks not given to date. As for Army recruiting–who gives a shit if Uncle Fuk-Nut is not getting their flock of tard’s to indoctrinator anymore. You can make more money for instance in California (20 hondos per hour) just flipping burgers at a Mickey-D’s. Case in point–at the chain Japanese restaurants my wife was HR director at–the servers were making upwards of 400 hondos PER DAY! And just what do you make as a “bullet sponge” as you brillantly put it? There’s no comparison. And Uncle Sucker provides you with free money to go to college with that you don’t have to pay back now. WTF!? Even if they manage to pull off another 911 psy-op, there is NOT going to be a line of patriotic suckers stacking up at recruitment centers. No one is going to believe it anymore. Sooooo–here comes the draft and I predict that there will be no-shows, fuck-offs and going grey to the tune of 60% or more. And those who do show up–most of these clowns will be mental rejects and or physical wrecks. I wonder what the actual draft dodging percentages were during Vietnam war? Someone want to chime in on this please.

    1. Nice cover on the gloves. Many many many brands out now, I have oo a dozen sets, none in camo, I fucking hate camo. I’m stuck in OD green with black or tan self applied off angle squiggly lines.

      We all do it different, if it works for you. Run with it.


      O yea, Morning BCE.

  7. They are just that stupid and there is reason they are hated by all.
    Meanwhile in Russia, mach 7 ICBM launched from a brand new Boomer sub that hit the target 3000km away in Kamchatka.
    Some sides are serious and other sides not so much.
    The Fallschirmjager toted some serious gear for dropping out of a Junkers JU-52.
    Yes they had flammenwerfer, anti-material rifle or precursor to the .50BMG, 37mm anti-tank “door knocker”, Faustpatrone.
    Joker would love their toys.
    That Wrath of Khan quote is an all-timer.
    This thing ain’t over yet, it hasn’t even started.
    Thinks for the combat gloves tip, duly noted.

    1. Except that that quote was lifted from Captain Ahab’s last speech in Moby Dick, as he fought the whale to his death. Not as pithy as the Khan version:

      I turn my body from the sun. What ho, Tashtego! let me hear thy hammer. Oh! ye three unsurrendered spires of mine; thou uncracked keel; and only god-bullied hull; thou firm deck, and haughty helm, and Pole-pointed prow,– death-glorious ship! must ye then perish, and without me? Am I cut off from the last fond pride of meanest shipwrecked captains? Oh, lonely death on lonely life! Oh, now I feel my topmost greatness lies in my topmost grief. Ho, ho! from all your furthest bounds, pour ye now in, ye bold billows of my whole foregone life, and top this one piled comber of my death! Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! and since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned whale! Thus, I give up the spear!

    1. Phil,
      Yep–Uncle Sammie done messed his bed and as my Daddy (Red Leg-SGT-D Day crowd) drilled into our 5 skulls as young boys:
      “The way ya make your bed is the way you sleep in it all night.”

      Can you even imagine, in your wildest dreams, sharing a foxhole with the POS they are taking in these days with waivers up the wazoo? Add to this recipe the ISR flying around your frontline noggin–drones, satellite images, optical, radar, infrared hunting your arse–all calculated to waste you. Gonna be a whole lot of crying: “MOMMA!”

  8. I live in NW Wyoming, over the last several years we’re inundated with Southerners, you go to the grocery store or post office and all you hear is them speaking Dixie twang. NONE of them stepped up and took a bullet for Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson’s statues when they were torn down, now they live out here bragging about how great the south is, how only good BBQ comes from the south, or how the south will rise again. I heard that same shit 50 yrs ago when I was stationed in N.C.
    I don’t trust a single one of them, they left their beloved south to talk shit out west, and I for one, have had a bellyful of listening to them and their hot air bullshit.
    How about you go home and fix what needs fixin, and make Robert E. Lee proud?

    1. Remind every one of them the shit they gave northerners who moved south next time they start bragging on their old home…. don’t texas up my wyoming!

    2. Durn good point, Marine. I think it better to take a stand on your home ground, than to move some where to complain about it.

  9. It’s NOT stupidity. Even if the result is the same. It’s two related factors, mainly.
    1. Collective (cultural) cluster B personality disorders, such as narcissism and histrionic disorders. Basically, thinking that other people have no valid reason for existence other than to serve you, and attention-seeking while simultaneously believing that people like you waaay more than they actually do.

    2. Cultural need (so deep it might as well be genetic) to be hated. Much of their identity is based on always being unfairly persecuted (say it with me: For No Reason At All), always being the innocent victim who was just trying to repair the world and live by G-d’s word. (And what the fuck is with the not writing out “God” business? It’s not even His name, FFS.) If things are going well and they’re rich, powerful, and mostly accepted, they’ll deliberately (if subconsciously) stir up trouble to fill the cultural need for psychodrama.

    It’s like the Crazy Chick who, if she finally finds herself a good man who treats her like a human being, will fuck it up accidentally on purpose. CC being the psycho nutbag she is, she’ll miss the drama of her prior abusive boyfriends, so she’ll cheat on the good guy, spend all his money or wreck his car, maybe even physically assault him for good measure, then accuse Him of being the cheater and abuser.

    1. You taking over my job on the intertard? I am the psych and behavioral guy, you fix cardios and all the other tangled web known as the circulatory system. Give some professional courtesy or I will make fun of your post about the Chinese over at my bleg as BC is wont to say…

      1. You mean this one: “ Stop with the anti-Sinotism or I will be forced to report you to the Anti-Defamation Reague. The ADR wirr fix youl rittre led wagons, and don’t you folget it.”?

        Go ahead, mock away! Ai-ya, always with the anti-Sinotisms. Joke incoming: A totally innocent Chinaman peacefully smuggling fentanyl is busted by the cops. The Chinaman whips out a knife and starts stabbing himself in the chest and abdomen. The cops are horrified but eventually disarm him. “Why the hell did you do that?”
        “I was fucking up youl ramp-shades, you Nazi!”

        But I didn’t mean to step on your toes, bro. Sorry. In my defense, I *have* been told I’m pretty psychiatric.

  10. Things are boiling over regarding the protests. People are done.

    There are a lot of videos circulating of Europeans and British fighting with them, driving through them, dragging them away, and even engaing the police who are there to “keep the peace”/protect the protesters.

    I do like the guy with a M3 who backed his car right up to one and did a very loud, very aggressive burn-out. Exhaust right next to they guys head, lol

  11. Did you see that line of cars and trucks behind the Panama Popper as he walked up the road? All burning fuel and spewing carbon to keep the A/C going, no doubt.

    Dude’s affirmative defense is to say he capped them to protect the environment.

  12. Word is, the shooter in Panama is a WEF lawyer, that recently negotiated a deal for a Canadian mining concern to open something big n’ stinky in Panama… the locals are righteously pissed off, and that was the basis for the roadblock.
    Shooter dings three, but won’t serve one single minute (bets?).

    Circles within circles, ay’t?

  13. I had a conversation like that with the wife not too long ago, if I was facing a sure losing and ugly battle with cancer, I would be far happier to find a more based and useful way to go out than slowly dying in a hospital.

    1. Roger that. With the fuze near the end on your life-clock, go down making a statement. Get the oncologist to administer meds during the court proceedings. Be sure to smile for the camera, as you will have done a good deed for society.

    1. That is the funniest thing I have read on the internet for some time, Sean!

      Bumper Stickers

      Calm Down and Have Some Fruit!

  14. I want you consider your analogy concerning the “new” recruitment policy for the military. The government knows who they need to win the world war.

    Now consider applying this same thought to who makes this country work. They alienated the same people who built this country, fought for this country and made the American Dream a reality. And we are the ones who pay taxes as nothing more than wage slaves in the minds of our political elites. They have vilified the very heart and soul of our country and now they want us to save them? Or maybe they are setting the stage to kill us for their new world order. Either way, our course is clear.


    Eight megaton payload carrying capability with 8-10 warheads in the MIRV which disperse like seeds.
    11,000km range.


  16. Those hard-knuckle gloves are pretty much just motorcycle gloves, with a bit more coverage–bike glove have more open areas, for keeping cooler. I was Navy, so was never issued any such, but I’ve had several pairs for riding.

  17. I’ve used various versions of the “FROG” Combat Glove Fire Retardant for work/shooting gloves. The originals were made by Southwest Motorsports, then they were bought by Camelbak. Made of Nomex, Kevlar & Leather. I haven’t used the current generation that is for sale on the surplus market, but ones I’ve used last 4-5 times as long as Mechanix gloves. Current versions are on sale for ~$20 or even less per pair at the various surplus websites. You can cut the cuff off if you don’t want it – there’s a seam up near the palm of the gloves.

  18. To your point about most people not having any experience shooting in gloves. I was at a pistol class last year wearing my gloves and somebody said “I don’t shoot well in gloves.”
    I said, “Do you know how you get better? You shoot while wearing gloves?”

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