The Trannyfesto In All Its Glory and Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, we’ll start with what Crowder put out (in order per the dates on the paper screenshots):

Now, besides the fact that it’s full of every. single. thing. we with out brains still operational expected, the only thing that caught me peepers was what -I- highlighted in red… I even twattered it:

Now inquiring minds want to know:

Where’s the vidya people!?!
Got me a solid hunch it was on her phone, which means we-the-people-who-pay-these-assholes-salaries will never EVER see it.

Can’t be anti-fucking mentally-ill tranny donchaknow?

Some of you may know, some may be new.
My daughter, whom I love dearly, who was gay and hey, no ish with gay, as it does run in the fam in some areas. Point is, the genetics don’t lie, and man, the problem is she decided she was ‘trans’ at the absolute height of Bruce Jenner’s move to out-eclipse the Kardashians by coming out as an ugly 60+ year old broad….

Go with me on this.
You have to understand: Bruce? He literally went utterly and completely insane being married to the ‘Momanager’ whatever the fuck that psycho cunt who whored out her daughters name is. See, Bruce went “Hollyweird” back in the day when he was on the Wheaties boxes. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere he went, the Paparazzi chased him around, be it Studio 54, or even out and about.

Fame does weird shit to people.
So, as his star faded, as it does do, as HIS? His was due to being THE ultimate athlete, who unfortunately got old. Gold Medals or not, he really lost his mojo.

And then he married that psycho-whore.

And when she successfully whored out her daughters?

He lost his damned mind.
This whole fucking ‘trans thing’ with him is nothing but a (successful) attempt to regain that lost attention and limelight.

THAT is why he hasn’t had his schwanz cut off. He eventually intends on going back to being a dude… just fucking watch… you heard it here first.

THAT is why it’s nothing put a bullshit attention grabbing pile of shit, which because it caught on socially so he can’t stop doing it now.

THAT is why my poor 15 year old gay daughter at the time, without realizing it, was brainwashed into that cult, because being a 15 year old female is bad enough without ‘other shit’ impacting.

THAT is also why she ‘cut me dead, ‘cos she knows I won’t tolerate this bullshit. Gay? Fine. Trans? Social Fad, cut the shit and get back to being YOU. (I miss you M… hope you read this and understand where I’m coming from)

Lastly, THAT is why, without any bullshit that IF -I- personally happen to run into “Caitlyn Jenner” I will remove his ass from the planet in the most painful and gory way possible. Think “Biblical Level Horror and Gore.” If I had my way, he’d be saying “Hi!” to Satan you degenerate attention seeking fucker.


He, in my mind, and after reading this, you’ll probably agree, that he’s responsible for death on a scale that’s comparable to the Gestapo. The rate of suicide of ‘trans kids’ is like 45%
He needs a reckoning.

People like Jenner and the proponents of ‘trans cult-ideology’ need to be tried as doing “Crimes Against Humanity” not that that’ll ever happen. Literally, that fuck did moar damage to the “Youth of America” than Communism.

Sorry… some hardcore personal venting there, but I needed to get that out there so to speak. Been bugging me forever that these people, which such a heavy impact to shit, like our fuckstain moron Overlords, that they never seem to understand nor suffer the consequences of their actions.

Things like the Mayor of Nashville?
A good Irishman named Freddie O’Connell?

Yeah…… going batshit insane and running essentially a pogrom to find out who leaked the images I have above? Yeah… fucker has -kept- the info close to the vest for whatever reason… it’s not like MAGA folks nor even folks like US are going to start performing ‘active measures’ against trannies in response to these revelations… We always knew that it was going to be a bugfuck-nuts anti-whytte screen…


Couple of things about the hizzoner, da “Mayor” of Nashville:

First thing I said to myself when I saw the pic (besides what a butch bitch he’s married to) was “Dude don’t look Irish a’tall.”

Got that nebbish soy-rat-face going on.

And whaddya know?

I take shit for saying it and a lot of hate but…

No fukkin’ shytte Mel Aye?

Do none of them understand?

Talk about an absolute incapacity for introspection or critical thinking.

No fucking wonder they’ve been cast out of a shit-ton of places.

Right now? IRL? Despite ALL the Ministry of Propaganda and Lies triumphant tales of bravery of the IDF killing whammez and children? IRL IF Erdogan decides that “Enough Slaughter of Muslims is Enough” ain’t nothing going to stop the Muj from utterly cleansing the Middle East of Jews forever.

Even IF the Yids throw nukes, they’ll only get nuked in response.

And if, only IF they’re fucking retarded enough to initiate throwing “The Big One” around?

Which leads to “Global Thermonuclear War?”

It’d be a ‘Jewish-Extinction Level Event’

Because Izzy Shekelstein and the rest of his ‘small hat-big nose’ tribe in NYC or wherever would be on the ‘soon to be extinct’ list forthwith. Hunted for their skins and hats I’d reckon…

I mean c’mon man. At that point knowing that the Jews destroyed the world? Would YOU allow one to live!?!

Fuck… went way overboard in my shit tonight…
Sorry about that.
Been a loooooooooong day.
More Later
Big Country

38 thoughts on “The Trannyfesto In All Its Glory and Stuff”

  1. The fact that they don’t want it seen is what makes so many people want to see it. We all knew what the gist was going to be in the manifesto and if it had just been released we’d have glanced at it and gone on. It’s being treated like a nuclear secret or something. Other than making trans people look bad what could be in it that we don’t know or couldn’t easily find out?

    1. It’s not just the troon stuff, it’s things that are indistinguishable from what perfessors, politicians, activists, and bureaucrats say on a daily basis.

  2. The payback, and we all KNOW thats a Given!
    It’s gonna be Historical.

    Bombs, bullets, tanks…..planes….fucking amature child games.
    Nukes are too much to deal with and test.

    ChemBio baby.
    Chembio…science and the pet store. Presto.

    Yeah, I can see little Achmed who lost his entire family wanting to make 100,000 plus yids pay. Yes indeed

  3. Not sure I’m buying it. The handwriting between documents is similar but not a consistent. Looks like two writers to me. Check the signed name in 1 & 2, some of the docs strange way the vowel and following “r” are connected, the tails on g’s and y’s, each doc’s t’s and how they’re crossed/formed, misspellings in one document while few/none in another, and the list goes on.

    1. It was a journal.
      They were written at different times, different mental states of a female that’s mentally unstable. The last page was when she was finally committed to the act and so it looks a bit calmer.
      The nashville mayor and the nashville police both want to punish the leaker, which shows they think it is real. As for the amount leaked? The guy just took cell phone pictures on the scene before they were taken by others and locked away; he was probably some low-level cop who watched Crowder or knew someone who did hence the leak choice. Not like other news companies would do anything but bury it.
      Kiwifarms already had a couple of users dissect it comparing it to some other handwriting of hers and the pics show bits of her car too at the scene.
      Also keep in mind for this she was a dumb ftm who leaned towards dyke. The use of faggot as an insult in her own journal is different than using it in public. Men didn’t think of her as a man, hence the derogatory language. And for the other shit, she lusted after a nigger basketball player as well as being filled with self-hate which is inflamed by the left, so everything becomes directed at Whites, “crackers”.

      The key part of this is how mundane it is. AntiWhite hate like she wrote can be found all over twitter still, reddit, and other dens of their ilk. They all think like this to some degree. Just look at how many defended her and ignored or laughed at the dead kids when this happened.

    2. Audrey the mentally ill white girl wrote some. Aiden her male African familiar spirit wrote the other. Our boy Aiden hated them crackers and knew he wasn’t gonna get no reparations cash possessing the body of a White girl. Might as well go suicide by cop and find a new loser to possess.

  4. Similar to the mayor of Nashville, the Pelosi family seem to have questionable roots.
    “The daughter of Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., a former mayor of Baltimore, Pelosi grew up in a Democratic family with Jewish neighbors and friends.
    “She likes to say that, growing up in Baltimore, she went to a bar or bat mitzvah every Saturday,” Amy Friedkin, a former president of AIPAC and a friend of Pelosi’s for 25 years, wrote in an e-mail message to JTA. Friedkin noted that there’s even a soccer field in the Haifa area of Israel named after the lawmaker’s family.
    Her daughter-a supposed Catholic, is married to a Jew. A lot of back and forth in that family I’m sure.
    Say what you will about white Southerners, we use our original names and don’t hide behind another identity.

    1. SS: A lot of “Catholics” are screaming, flaming liberals. A great many Catholic women are secretly pro-abortion. I witnessed this with my own eyes and ears. The watershed was when JFK got elected. I was in 7th Grade at St. John Baptist De La Salle school and the nuns were dancing in the streets. I made a joke about JFK wanting to collect bowling balls to make a rosary for the Statue of Liberty. My humor was not well-received. In high school, a very liberal order of priests, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ramped up and intensified the propaganda. Since I graduated well before Roe v. Wade, I do not know how that situation would have played out. The high school was destroyed in the Sylmar earthquake.
      When my tribe and I left the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon for Idaho in 2015, I wanted to reconnect with my roots. The local Catholic Church in PF is Society of St. Pius X. But when I walked into the vestibule, there was a big portrait of the current anti-pope staring at me. I did not buy the priest’s lame excuses. My wife and I just do home Bible study and mind our business. There is a huge chastisement of Mother Church coming. Ann Crazy Eyes Barnhardt is leading the charge. Life is a vale of tears. Bleib ubrig.

  5. The nose ESFT.
    Baphomet is their god and it is a bitch titted hermaphrodite.
    We deserve better kayfabe that Bathhouse Bwarry legalized with Smith-Mundt Modernization Act.
    Give the muzz credit for no rainbow homo, usury and no nose.

  6. One of the great advantages of having lived in a city like San Franfruitcake is you get to see and hear everything unfiltered by the MSM. Everything.

    Like Harvey Milks long history of grooming and raping runaway kids. Underage teenage boys. Although Milk was ultimately put down by Dan White because Milk was working for the Jim Jones people. But the good people of SF at the time found Dan Not Guilty of murder. Because everyone at the time knew who Milk really was. A vile scumbag predator. So what do Da Gays do – why they name the local grade school in the Castro in honor of Milk. Which tells you all you need to know about them.

    You also get to see the Twink Scene out in the open and just how big it really is. So the first sign of any Chickenhawk vibe and you would go too far wrong in assuming they would rape underage teenage kids if given a change. Unless proved otherwise. After seeing what the Twink scene does to young vulnerable kids I would not think twice about pulling the trigger if there was a Chickenhawk at the end of the barrel. They should be locked up for life or else put down.

    Funny how they never mention stuff like that during Pride Month. That its mostly a predatory / abusive scene of one kind or other.

    The other thing you get to see and hear is that all Trannies are seriously mentally ill. Not quite street junkie screaming his head off on Market St nuts but at least half have been institutionalized and half have attempted to commit suicide. Multiple times. And the numbers are the same for pre and post op. There aint no “cure”. In person they are always nasty sociopaths / psychopaths. Once they realize you see through the act. Which is all it is. Like with all psychopaths.

    As for why the Big Tyranny Circus the last few years. There is very big money in Gay Lib Political Lobbying. Well over $100M per year. So when the Gay Lib Lobby got all the checklist “rights” ticked off they desperately needed a new cause to keep the donors cash flowing in. Hence the big tranny push. Follow the money. The guys running the Gay Lib lobby orgs all know the trannies are seriously nuts. Which is why the gay scene isolates them to their own little gay ghettos. The tranny bars.

    If you want to know the Gay Lib Lobbys ultimate aims try reading any of the Gay Lib books from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Where they did not bother to hid their true aims. They want to destroy society. Because in my experience pretty much all the “gay identity” people are fucked up people in one way or another. There is a very good reason why homosexuality was in the early editions of DSM. Because it is usually part of a broad spectrum personality disorder. In a city like SF at least one third of the Da Gays are serious DSM material. As against maybe 10% of the population of the city. And less than 5% in the real world.

    The rest of the gay folk who dont make a big deal about it tend to be OK and I’m fine with that. Live and let live. But every last “gay activist” – stomp the fuckers. Good and hard. Because they are sick people who want to spread the misery of their dysfunctional miserable little lives to the rest of us. They want to make all of us suffer.

    As I said. Living in San Franfruitcake can be very educational.

  7. One thing that I’m enjoying is that the “tribe” have been the #1 group pushing for open borders.
    Now they are shocked….shocked I say that the millions of Muslims they let in the country hate their asses as do their fellow Lefty “travelers”.

    Now they are boohooing about “antisemitism”. Well, you fuckers made your bed so now you can lie in it.

    1. Yes, I cant wait for them to realize that France and England have nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Just imagine some of them fall into the hands of those 1500% fanatics who dont care of the reaction because they believe in the 42 virgins and fire those ICBMs at Israel – nuclear saturation bombardment style.

  8. The cover-up is massive but at least one person in the know that has access to the docs is letting them out. Of course the normies will be outraged for a couple of minutes and then go back to reality TV and sportsball, and They know it.

    1. I don’t even think at this point the normies even get outraged…That’s left up to us to run on the hamster wheel of outrage…

  9. Dear BCE,
    I empathize, but all is lost and never to be regained because the conflagration is about to ensue. Erdowan is a manlet and won’t do shit. You do know that, but you got caught up in your personal demons with your memory that blocked your extremely perfect foresight. The weapons caches, aka the “brick pallets” are in place and the yudenrat has the “immigrants and fellow travelers” at the ready.
    The question was asked recently in an article, “are any murican politicians working for merica anymore?” The answer is no, INCLUDING ALL LEO’s. That’s it. Game over. Ain’t nobody gonna do a smash and grab on their best buddies family, so, communist overthrow and if you protest you will be disappeared. I.E. It’s the Leo’s….always has been.

  10. OT, but I saw via Glen Filthee that The Bitter Centurion is now posting content on

    I am growing increasingly tempted to join GAB, but Torba’s militant christianity seriously annoys me, and my wife, who is a believer, doesn’t like the nicer posters such as Silverdeth, Kitler, Mojave Man, and White Rabbit.

  11. Fuck, just fuck, do YOU really give a shit what some crack headed cunt with a strap on wrote? Think about it, the more YOU or others memorialize not just the killings, but what “IT” penned, is fucking moot.

    Pallets of weapons, I except the challenge, I may get kilt but ima get some before I do. Can’t speak for you, but my linage is straight up normal, ain’t no faggots or lesbos in any part of the blood line. Ain’t gonna be, has EVERYTHING to do with not only loving your kids, but DISCIPLINING them when required. Fucking govt will never tell me when and how I can discipline the littles.

    Lord knows a good paddling went along ways to keeping the sanity in my home.

    Recall a time my pops told me if I didn’t get my head outta my ass, he was going to pop my lil fat head like a pimple! Thing is I believed him. A very stoic man strong in all manners life!

    My friend were not gonna save em all, do we even wanna save em all.

    You want to stop the insanity, the kill off the fucking Psyco doctors issuing this mind bending shit they call medicine. Been awhile since a pill factory went up in smoke, perhaps that’s option one thru ten.

    Was a time I felt sympathy for these families, until I sat back and watched closely how it happens, how it works. The children are only as sick as the parents! X2= really fucked up.

    I’ll stop my morning review here.

    Good morning BCE


  12. I’ve been pondering why there has been such a push to get WarGames-level thermonuclear war, and figured if the odds of knocking down conventional ballistic missiles was close to 100% an evil government might do it.

    I’d want not only missiles like the Patriots (that have proven pretty useless) and THAADS, lasers and other direct energy weapons to knock down individual targets, but an area-denial weapon as well.

    I would be comfortable with, say, 5,000 satellites in low orbit over the most likely path of ingress, which would be the northern polar region.

    I would probably have a shell company with nearly unlimited resources put them up as a private communications system to pull double-duty.

    I don’t know how to take down ICBMs in space, but 5,000 claymores loaded with sensors and commo links would probably knock out quite a few, leaving point-weapons for mopping up.

    Who knows, I’m just a retarded stumpy finn-golian that lives in a swamp, and this ignores hypersonic missile technology.

    Of course, this is all based on the assumption that NUKZ-R-REAL and you can’t do a damn thing about it and then you have the retarded part.

  13. Sorry for your loss. Have a sister, a lesbo, and she’s often a trial. There it is . Have a son who is a latte’ commie. Which means he’s a commie when it suits him, and wishy washy about everything else. Family is the sandpaper that makes our head burst into flame, Ja? I look around me here in Texas, and I see a lot of scared people, everyday, along with a lot who SHOULD be scared, but aren’t. Going to be whacko no matter how you stack it. The Trans bs is worse than leprosy, and at least leprosy is curable. Any future history written about these times will not be G rated.

  14. Well my kid did the same, BC. Not a tranny as far as I know… but she’s queer and runs with that crowd. Messed me up when she ghosted me 10 years ago. My in-laws laughed and thought it was funny and that I deserved it. Then she did the same to them…and all of a sudden it was horrible!!! How could she do this to them??? They always loved and supported her. I laughed at them and told them to get fucked.

    They ain’t coming back, BC.

    And… maybe it’s just as well? Last time I looked in on my kid’s blog, they were all cheering on their girlfriend who got her tits cut off and was posing for pics. I just saw that and any last hopes just died. It’s up to God to sort that mess out now.

  15. I’m in a mood, so here on WRSA, use to be an old SF Sgt who was rude, crude, socially un expectable. Personally I thought he rocked. Spoke no shit truth.

    Perhaps the single most valuable lesson he taught us members present was this.

    “ IF you speak the language of your enemy,,,,,, YOU have become them”. Rock solid lesson for even the simplist minds present.

    I often review what our brothers and sisters write on different sites, applying that simple logic lesson to not WHAT’s written,,,,,,,,but HOW it’s written.

    I don’t speak nigger,I don’t speak Rap, I don’t speak homo or Lesbo. In fact it’s difficult to take our brothers and sisters who do speak that crap, seriously.

    I’m Absolutely fine with White IS Right, other Americanisms.

    Often very important points are made in these open links, wisdom is shared, lesson learned.

    Speak as you wish understand many find it difficult to take you serious, not the points your sharing, but how you’re saying it.

    I’m guilty , actually just lazy when I should be articulate on what I’m hoping to share.


    1. Dirk
      I literally speak the same way I write. Like as in I’m using my internal dialog and putting it to… well paper isn’t the word… dots? zeros and ones? digits? Whatthefuckever. Someone wants to brand me as ‘intellectually lazy’ by all means, fine with it… Long ago, my ‘flow-of-thought-to-blog’ was compared to the erudite and HIGHLY ‘gonzo’ Doctor Hunter S. Thompson by many people… especially when I get half-hammered and start ranting, so, as they say, I may not be everyone’s ‘flavor’ but the intel and knowledge I share is unique in that unlike a LOT of Milbloggers out there, I earned my spurs and 90% of what I know I know from experience and as you said, wisdom is to be shared.
      Jes’ Sayin’

      1. BCE, you were not my point. I get it, it’s your style like it or not, it’s yours.

        My concern is intelligent men speaking or trying to like a fucking street punk, or stupid as a box of rocks slugs. I think from time to time, we all have used that in humor.

        Bottom line, some-very smart, folks whom have been there done that are here. Maybe it’s just me, I’m hear to learn something I likely don’t know. But I need to hear it in a reasonable semi intellectual dialog.

        I hear street slang I tune out. Nothing dumber than street thug who barely graduated from the third grade trying to be educated.



        1. I can respect that, you need to ALSO dig that I was DotMil essentially for OVER half my life, working with those 3rd Grade Hoods, who were finer men than I’ve seen in a loooong time…
          And Just to bust your balls:
          “…I’m hear to learn something”
          It’s ‘here’
          nothing but Respect Dirk

  16. No, not over the top at all. Lady that cuts my and the wifes’ hair is gay, but a MYOB type. Never in your face about it. Gets me too that when people start in on the Jews, the small-hats whine “what did we do?” Well Hymie, pretty much the same shit that pissed off the Herrenvolk and everyone before and after them. Quit fucking up peoples countries by pushing whacko politics an loony behavior. Quit with the stupid legal theories and def quit fucking around with our financial system and money. Doesn’t surprise me that Boca Raton is on the Fibbies “might be hit by the Muzzies” list. Jew Central for south Florida there. BTW, sent a message on Proton. Your thoughts on the subject, maybe a blogpost?

    1. BCE, you put out some very valuable training aids, took me awhile to catch on to your style, my objective is to learn and to share what I may have learned.

      I want every one here to be successful in their planning, hell in life overall.

      One of the biggest injustices we can do,,,,,,,,is not flag or call bullshit!

      BCE, keep the small army play book coming,,,,,it’s what virtually everybody here will have to play with within.

      I grow frustrated when good men, put out good details, “ How To”, for big army sized elements. We certainly don’t have big army numbers. Frankly those size group will be tracked, flagged and fucked quickly.

      Small unit stuff just makes far more sense.

      Pete here on wrsa, use to do a gear check with specific subjects noted, “ medical, patrol, off grid”. Etc etc. no doubt everybody found that exercise to be very very very informative.

      We live in a time we’re us old dogs can, and SHOULD be willing to learn new tricks, new gear. Working smarter fighting smarter should always be a priority.



  17. “for death on a scale that’s comparable to the Gestapo.”
    The Gestapo would have eliminated all these freaks and kikes in a heart beat – but instead we preferred ‘High Heels’ Hoover and his glory (hole) boys. The slow demise of Murka started in 1945.

    1. IMO saoirse, I’d say it was closer to 1941 when (((Roosevelt))) let the Japs blow the fuck out of Pearl…
      He needed the casus belli to get into the war…
      Very similar how Wilson let the Krauts know the Lusitania was piled deep with arty and small arms ammo…
      We should have NOT ALLOWED (((Roosevelt))) to run in 1940… never mind 1944… the world -might- have had a chance then…

      1. It was in 1948 that the presidential race took us to where we are today. Truman was running and needed the New York jewish vote to win. He knew that he had to recognize isreal as a state in order to get the votes ne needed, especially in NYC. Truman wrote in his memoirs that he knew that he was “condemning the world to a war without end” by recognizing isreal, but demoncrats do what demoncrats do and getting elected is and has been an anything-goes-to-get-the-vote proposition.

      2. Sure, we could back it up to ’41, or even earlier. Question is, would (((FDR’s))) opponents have done anything much different? They were all corporate stooges back then and there were plenty kike Wormtongues slithering around as well.

  18. Re: Brucie Jenner and a lot of the addadicktome bunch, I suspect that being married to that Armenian broad who pimped out her kids was a lonely business, and after 20+ years of beating his meat using tears and clown makeup as lube, he raided her closet one day and it tickled his pickle. This would escalate kver time. Since the days of having to be under the care of a psychiatrist for years in order to be a tranny are long past us, Brucie found some state school retard bimbo Nurse Practitioner with a BS in psychology who got him the estrogen scrips and a quick referral to a cosmetic surgeon for a set of bolt-ons.
    I suspect that plenty of trannies are just lonely fetishists addicted to jacking off in the mirror. It actually makes me feel bad for the ones who legitimately can’t get past not feeling like they can be happy in their own skin and need help to not off themselves, and have to compete with the retard circus of perverts to get a slot with an actual shrink.

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