For Want of a Nail…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail

And let me tell you gang, after today?
I have foreseen “Da Future”
We Are SO Utterly Fucked
Wish I was joking, however let me relate the past two days adventure(s). As y’all know Dad took a header, so we had to go up and help out, do the usual ‘rescue thing’ and make sure everything was on the straight and narrow. Saturday Morning after said long-assed day driving all over Hells Half Acre, we decided to do a bit of a ‘get out of the house’ road trip with Sapper.

Went to Micanopy. They filmed that Michael J Fox Movie ‘Doc Hollywood’ there back in 1991.

Damn, I’m old…
That was back before Florida got a serious case of the stupids, and set it up that Hollyweird gets the shit taxed out of it to film here. So anyways…

It’s an awesome lil town. VERY “Old Florida”
Lots of Antique shops and hippy-dippy tye-dye shops… VERY soothing to chill out. Back during the early 1700, during the Seminole War(s) Micanopy was Fort Micanopy and the scene of a virtual wipeout of a company of US DotMil Infantry of the time… cool lil Museum there too.

Also the best BBQ I’ve –everhad. In a Marathon Gas Station if you cane believe it. Bought us a pound of Brisket that we brought home for Dinner.

Now, that morning while leaving the computer on the Ride showed the left front tire a wee bit low. Not an issue, as we’d just started driving (2 hours to Micanopy one way) and I figured the tires would heat up, and the pressure would be nominal.

Get there, do “the day’s activities” and on the way to the BBQ pit, NOW the ‘oh shit’ light for the tire is on. WAY low… So I knew I’d probably picked up a nail (see where this’s going? bear with me). So’s I aired it up before the journey back home, being careful not to speed too much knowing it (the rubber donut) was compromised like Joe Biden.

Get home and sumbitch
It’s getting lower.
By Sunday Morning it was almost Flat. I aired it up with my portable compressor that I keep w/the spare under the deck in the rear (along with other critical party items). Drove it over to my local Pep Boys w/Sapper following me. We dropped it at noon, and by the look of it, and Dude telling us, it’d probably have to be handled first thing in the A.M. as they were swamped.

No Prob Bob!

Both of my kids LOVED that show… anywho…

Turns out it’s non-repairable
A nail in the sidewall near the edge of the rim
I tell ’em to swap it and I’ll get it in the A.M.


Around morning break, 9-ish or so… I go over to Pep Boys to pick up the ride after getting an email saying “Your Car is Ready!” I live within walking distance (one mile) so my first 15 from Glorious People’s Tractor Factory won’t cause me a hassle.

I get there and my shit is still on the lift, with the front left tire off. OK… shit happens. I ask my guy what’s up? He looks at me and is like “I have no idea!” and starts to investigate… The car has been there all morning? Comes back, and tells me “Someone fucked up and sent that email, they couldn’t find the tire you need, but we’ll have one for you in a bit! Give me an hour!”

So, I know this guy, he’s a good dude and the Manager of the place is a fucking retard, so I only deal with Guy. Lives up the road from me… anyways. I come out, and lo and behold!

Sapper bailed.
Thought I was good to go
And I didn’t have my cell phone.
Got my paces in for damned sure today. One Mile, In the wrong shoes, with my back still all fucked up.
Yay Me.

Get home just as Sapper pulls in, to which I give him some shit about “Never leave a man behind!”

Lunchtime comes.
I go back
Now, the fucking dolt who’s actually supposed to, you know, like actually putting the tire on STILL hasn’t done it. Mind you a prime example of Muh Diversity… As tall as me, about 450 (not muscle but FLAB) with purple dyed dredds… no shit. I damned near threw a clot.

I go back in and tell my Guy in a seriously menacing voice, “Bro, you got til 5pm.”

And yeah… 5pm rolls around.
#3rd Trip, 28 hours later
The car has a new sneaker, and Guy knocked $50 off the tab for all my issues. Like I said, a good dude. So I pull out, Happy to have the third time be the charm.

Until I took the corner to pull into the yard.
The Air Conditioner filter, apparently had been taken out, and propped up against the seat where I could see it. It’s only like a month or two old, and I also did not ask/tell them to do -anything- filter wise on the ride at all.

Get in the house, rant at Sapper about the Incompetence of Muh Diversity! and realize that shit is just SO FUCKED UP now.
Gretch had me go back over, and I told Dude about it… he looked so fucking frazzled at this point, muttering eee-vil incantations about the fucking retards working there who’re supposed to be his coworkers… I spoke to “Dewey the DoucheManager” who gave me the song and dance about how they do the ‘overall filter check’ and shit, but I know he’s full of shit… I hope he does roll some heads in private…

Dude fixed it himself. I went home and started ranting here

Because Sapper and I, talking about it?

LITERALLY a nail caused all this fucking mess.

And if not for a nail… sweet Jeebus. Talk about the exposing the nature of just how fucking useless people are, and how when the Whyttemenz die out as the Leftist Dream is, just how utterly fucked this planet will become in short order.

These assholes are doing the barest minimum to earn their paycheck. And even then they still need constant supervision by their smarter and betters Anyone who wants to argue that point with me at this point, all I can say is leave “Blaq Lies Matters (not)” in charge of an area for any significant amount of time, and in short order, not only will you have rampant crime, rape and pillage, but I’d even bet on cannibalism being back on the menu.

And for the record?
My Dude? Mexican, Hard Working, Put Upon, Type One Each.
The Manager? Whytte Trash, Drooling, Type One Each.
The Crew? Broken Farm Equipment… ALL of them.
Enough to make a man sing:

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land

Make of it what you will
But if we don’t get our collective heads out of our collective asses in short order
Sooner Rather than Later
And start Recognizing and Acknowledging some hard truths
That yes, some people are not as smart, nor as clever as others by nature
Then we’re doomed to go the way of the Dodo

More Later
Big Country

26 thoughts on “For Want of a Nail…”

    1. The Noticing that’s freaking out Our Elites (for values of “our” and values of “elite”) is that more and more normal people are noticing-out-loud who are behind over 50% of the problems. And it ain’t the dark ones. (Symptoms yes, but not causes.) This is both a good and a bad thing. The good is obvious.

      The bad is that Our Elites are a mess of cluster-B personality disorders: narcissism, histrionic personality disorder. (Think Amber Heard but uglier and even more vicious.) Creatures like that will never let you just walk away. Instead they keep doubling down. They’ll burn down the world out of sheer malice, all the time screaming how they are The Real Victims and we had it coming because we didn’t love them enough.

  1. I just turned down a lucrative job here in Cincy; high pay rate, interesting work, latest version of Unigraphics CAD solid modeling software.

    Why, when I’ve been wanting to get back to work for almost 3 years? The boss is a dindu, and I will not work for a dindu. In over 40 years of professional employment, I worked some 20 plus assignments, with hundreds of co-workers, including some 50 dindus. Of those, I considered two of them to be competent; one a lead designer in SC, and the other a female Teamcenter(CAD data management software) administrator in SW NYS.

    The recruiter is having trouble getting the positions filled, as even with the rate(@$60/hr), no one wants to work with chimps. He asked me what it would take rate wise, and I told him $100/hr. LoL!

  2. We got this Big Guy. We just have a little more suffering to do. It ain’t time yet. And yes these motherfuckers are getting dumber and dumber. It’s about connections and I don’t mean the really hard working, nice shit skin living in YOUR world. I mean YOUR people. They are out there but shit man it’s tough fer sure.

    As soon as you said Pep Boys I knew it was going to be fucked. my friends and Amazon as fucked as that is is where my people get parts. I always suggest it these days to people I love. For example… my moms 05 1500 Chevy with v6. Shop wanted 1200.00 for 6 fucking coils and plugs. I did it for 100. One afternoon. It ain’t that hard. But gravel drive sucks balls. Cardboard!! My current issue as of today. Auto parts store(you pick it) wants 200 for a starter on a 2011 f250 gasser. I got mine off Amazon name brand for 70.00. I’ll pay my guy cause I’m too busy to do it for 150 and he’s fucking happy. So am I. I don’t like to support the beast but I’m down 2 days anyway because of it so fuck it. I thought it was just a battery and that cost me some time. Save the money and keep trucking. Little tapping on the starter for a day or 2 and I got this. You got it too. Hang in there.

  3. Once drove back 50 miles from a Marxist EDU indoctrination center with a nail in tire on an SUV.
    It held up because it was nearly below zero outside with snow.
    Hopefully El Nino winter will scare off some of these CPUSA maggots who had to flock here.
    The controllers know divershitty isn’t a strength and it’s going to wipe out as intended.
    Complex systems cannot be maintained by incompetents of any stripe.
    Russia test fired from a boomer sub while everyone was distracted by the shit golem march in the district of cesspool.
    Also banks are having problems with deposits from the first of the month and some are closing up shop.
    What’s that old saying about enemy action, hmm so hmm.

    1. With banks, they are owned by the enemy already. They already lie and steal; fractional reserves are institutionalized printing money and so stealing from everyone.

  4. Best barbecue to be had is in convenience stores in Mississippi. Axe me how I know. My son is an automotive tech at a major dealership out here and bitches about his service manager incessantly. Marine corps is still calling his mom wanting him. Nope

  5. Took wifes Tiguan in for new shoes at Discount Tire on a Friday morning. They turned it in good order, but told me they can’t do alignment.. WTF?!! When I got it home and went to loosen and retighten the lugs in the correct order to the correct torque, found not only were most not close to the 103ft lb factory spec, but one had been cross threaded and powered in with the air gun, friction welding bolt steel into the hub. They gave me a voucher to a local shop which couldn’t get to the job until the following Monday but we needed the car Sunday. I had to buy a $90 set of tap and dies to get a M14x1.5 tap to clean up the mess, and it required removal of brake caliper and dust shield to access the hub from the back….. Incompetent assholes.
    They offered me. $100 off next set of tires for other car…. I’m taking the wheels in alone….and they’ll probably lose one of those! And I still need to get an alignment done on the Tiguan.
    We used to have a good Kauffman Tire closer which did good work and alignments until they sold out to Mavis Tire, which has such awful reviews I cross myself when I drive past!

  6. Place I once worked had a pair of ethnic brothers that were in charge of their own areas.
    I used to lmao, when either or both started ripping the ass off and a new hole to what they would be screaming at as:
    “Dumb Ass N****R”.

  7. If you ever want to do the hawthorne, gainesville bike trail, let me know, I’d ride it with you.

  8. @Plague Monk

    Worked on dozens of teams with hundreds of people from all over the US and all over the world. Usual mix of the good, the bad and the outright dangerous. Even the Mainland Chinese followed the pattern. All except for one group. Indians.

    Very nice people but mostly totally incompetent when it came to the actual work. After a while I started to notice a pattern. Those with US professional qualifications were usually OK’ish. It was those with Indian university qualifications who were totally incompetent. Do a Google search on “corruption” and “Indian University” etc and you will quickly find out why. People in India complaining about having to pay off everyone at every stage to get a degree. And what the current rates are for different professors. And how much you have to pay off administrators to get your paperwork. etc etc.

    The Indian educational system is corrupt from top to bottom. You have bribe your way into university , bribe your way through it at all stages, and then pay bribes to get the degree at the end. Its straight pay to play at all stages and all levels. Those grades and that parchment was bought. Fair and square.

    Which explains everything. That guy with a MA or PhD from the Institute of Technology in Bombay. His family paid for it. Paid bribes to all the right people. Think of Indian qualifications as little more than Degree Mill toilet paper and you wont go too far wrong. The guys with US qualification tend to be OK but not great. Kinda like the Mainland Chinese. And for the same kind of reasons.

    1. The Indian caste system also comes into play. Higher caste think that work is below them. These are the bought by bribe qualification people you talk about. I have dealt with several doctors from that bunch. Arrogant and dumb. Lower cast often don’t have the money for the bribes and have to actually go to school. These are often your nurses and they can be fairly competent. Not white competent but by Indian standards ok. Kinda like dealing with Filipino nurses. Ok for med surg but keep them out of the ICU.

      1. And before people start flaming me about some brown nurse that they knew who was wonderful, there are exceptions to every rule. But I was in the business for over thirty years, most of it in ICU/trauma and American ICUs are almost all white nurses. Well, maybe not in Califuckingfornia now but when I was working there they were.

    2. Oh, good grief, Indians at work(sub-continent, not American Indians).

      I worked a contract west of Fort Wayne in Indiana several years ago, at a medical device manufacturer. Most of the people I was working for were Indian nationals, with a few young Americans supervising, or as we contractors put it, running the circus. Not very well, and they were very arrogant toward me, since I didn’t have their MBAs or med degrees. Like I cared…

      Indians are very class conscious, especially the Brahmins, and all of the females were Brahmins, though of differing sub-castes that I didn’t try(or care) to understand. I was told at the beginning of the assignment to do the work first in, first out, but the Brahmins kept playing games, and making threats to have me fired. I openly laughed at this, and they didn’t like the fact that I am not a vegan. Tough sh!t.(The perfume that all of them wore, even the males, was a major contributor in my getting a severe case of bronchitis that sent me to an ER about a month after my start.)

      I was asked by management to help them with some of their outside problems, with the understanding that I billed the client for the time spent with such things as car repairs, landlord tenant issues, traffic court, birth control pills, hair stylists, and a number of other issues. A few of the females got into squabbles at a local nightclub, with the feral dindus. As my car had some pro-gun bumper stickers, I was asked by one of these people, a PhD in medical engineering from some 5th rate Indian college, to come down to the club and “k!ll all the ni&&ers!” Needless to say, I declined the opportunity, and I recall hearing from some Warhammer fans that went there that the Indians were the troublemakers.

      Technically, they were incompetent, and incapable/unwilling of learning more than the bare minimum needed to use the UGNX software for their analysis needs. In the time it took one of them to do a simple comparison of part of the device, their main task, I could get a dozen done, while looking at cat and Skaven videos on my third monitor.

      I left the contract after the 6 months, because of issues with the landlord at the apartment I was renting, the agency playing games with my OT, and lastly, because of the limited number of bathrooms at the converted JC Penney’s that we were housed in. 120 people had to make do with 2 urinals, and four stalls, two for males and two for females. The stench was…unprintable, and I had too many accidents with no way to clean up afterwards until I returned to my apartment.

  9. Oh the stories I could tell.

    Nearly every time I go to a shop, I have this sort of thing happen.

    The worst was on the Ex’s car. I stopped by the firestone on my way home, ordered the tires and made an appointment. I get there on the appointed time, and they tell me they are very busy it may be an hour and a half.

    Uh…I made an APPOINTMENT! still, an hour an a half? I’ll get the hair cut at the barber next door. As dude is cutting my hair, I see them bring the hoopty into the shop. Cool. Gonna be done in no time!

    Get out of the barber, it’s on the lift. OK. I waddled over to a BBQ joint for lunch, reasoning it’ll be done by the time I’m done. Take my time eating lunch, and waddle back. Car is still on the f-ing lift and a dude is monkeying under the hood. So I go to the dude and say “You know, you’d clear cars out of here a lot faster if you stuck to what I paid you to do. WTF are they doing under my hood? there’s no tires there.”

    Oh..It’s a free maintenance check. Bullshit – it’s a fishing expedition. Wouldn’t be the first time they would hand me a litany of what’s wrong with my car. Finally it’s done and I can leave. They know me now so there’s no silliness.

    Once when I got tires on my forerunner, another shop gooched my computer. I don’t know what they plugged in but it made the VSS system put out an alarm. I had to google how to reset it. How much you want to bet that they would offer to fix it for a modest fee if I went back?

    I could go on and on. It’s why I do most of the work myself. The new thing is to tell people they need back brakes. They told me that (I knew I didn’t). They told my son that (We’d replaced the brakes and the disks a month or two earlier – they were literally brand-fucking-new).

    To quote a tech that worked for me years ago, when he realized he was about to have to run a crew of temps; “Dude…I don’t wanna work with no monkeys!” the look of pain on his face said it all.

    There was a comment on a blog post I read about this very thing, dude said the restaurant turned into a heat and eat operation because the workers were too stupid to make a salad.

    1. Same thing. Had a shop that I have taken a lot of business to try to scare the wife into an unneeded brake job. I said no. I do brakes and when I pulled the tire saw that they had just tried to scam us. Will never go to that shop again for anything.

  10. It is getting to be that I can hardly stand to deal with the general public. Between dumb Whites and the various even dumber non-Whites, everyone is so damned stupid that it makes me furious to be around them.

  11. “what happens when you try to run a technological society with lots of low-IQ people. Anyone who has spent time in South America or California has glimpsed the future. Even simple things become increasingly inefficient and then people seek to work around the bottlenecks, which adds to the inefficiency. In South America they have an expression called “the Latin way” which means lots of people buzzing about looking busy, but not accomplishing much”.

    From the Z man here:

    Also this morning for the second time in 90 days a credit card mailing address was changed. Yes it was one of the few mentioned banks in the news recently

  12. I have a good independent shop run by two brothers. Last time I took my VW back to the dealer for a “free” inspection, they quoted me $3500 which included brakes of course. Took it Mario and Lorenzo and it was $500. “Who told you that you needed brakes?” Point is that everyone needs to find competent and honest places to give your money to. And I’m sure everyone reading this knows that now is the time to get your vehicle in top shape. Burn up those increasingly useless dollars on new tires, oil change, spare parts etc.

  13. Tire plug kit, portable compressor, some good pliers, a strong screwdriver, a sharp knife, and a can of rubber cement. These I recommend. After a tire shop refused to fix a hole in the sidewall, and I didn’t want to pay for a new tire, I stuck a plug in the sidewall and the tire lasted until it was time for a new set. Buy the good tools with t-handles and the good oakum plugs.

    After year so pushing a highway construction crew during night work, I learned to take care of things myself and never trust mouth-gaped tire busters that are usually trainees.

  14. “A nail in the sidewall near the edge of the rim…”
    Why, oh why is it always that way? Can’t EVER be in the middle of a tread-knob, where you can just snatch it out with an ordinary set of pliers and patch or plug it yourself, oh NO! Nothing cam ever be that easy and cheap, seems like.

  15. The Mechwar Version –

    For want of a Bolt, a Track Link was Lost
    For want of a Link, the Track was Thrown
    For want of a Track, the Tank was Lost
    For want of a Tank, the Battle was Lost
    For want of the Battle, the Empire Collapsed….

    And when the ‘collapse’ comes, due to just the reasons you pointed out, people with Real Skills, particularly of the Mechanical Variety, will be the ones who re-establish a Working Society.

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