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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been a Busy AF Beaver today. I finally got the new Helmet Substack up and running. Took me, no bullshit almost 4 hours to put together. Between pics and cross referencing and historical research to make sure I had some accuracy (helmetz iz important!!!)

Link is HERE

Despite my poverty I still keep the substack voluntary to join. Meh. It’s info people need IMO. Call it a public service… and OH! Reminds me! BIG Thanks to “D” for the donation to ‘keeping my ass out of the poor house!’ fund… no joke, MUCH appreciated! Paid the majority of the power bill with that. Thankfully it’s cooling off here now, so we’ve been able to open winders instead of canned air as of late, which significantly cuts down on household expenses.

Gotta love/hate Florida to a point.
Only issue now is if we get hit with humidity. Bitch of that is is it can be a cool 73 out, but humid, and it’s a bitch to run the AC and I don’t have a dehumidifier. It’s only a few weeks either way I suppose.

Now, the latest and greatest from the Kraine is it seems like the Krainians launched what was left of their cruise missiles and managed to hit one of Vlad’s new(er) boats. Might have sunk it… definitely damaged it… Haven’t gotten confirmation on it yet, however, as I say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

‘Cos even Time magazine has gone “Full Hitler” on Krainfeld.
How it was:

To How it’s Going Now:

The reason I’m saying they’ve gone “Full Hitler”…
Well, I’ll let history speak for itself:

April 1936, Person of the Year

And considering the news? Seems Krainfeld is in his “Hitler in the Bunker” mode now… even his Generals are coming out and saying, in flowery terms which I’ll translate for you, is that “We utterly and completely fucked like Comrade Chuckovich and Glorious Leader Krainfeld has lost his damned mind!”

The ‘Grand Offensive’ only slaughtered what was left of their DotMil. Leastways the professional DotMil. Now all they have left are the Females, forced conscripts, Syphilis cases, and literal morons and retards? The very fact that they have to essentially keep pumping up teeny victories when they’ve gotten played into being annihilated by Ivan-on-the-Defense show just how bad it is. Hell the very fact that WE are hearing how bad it is?

That right there tells me a lot.
As an intel analyst who’s been digging the propaganda war?
Remember Bahkmut?
How The Krainians were winning 24-7
Until they weren’t?
Even on regular Ministry channels (that’d be the same Ministries of Lies and Propaganda mind you) they’re talking about 100k worth of casualties… KIAs mind you since June of this year. As they said back in the day, when you’ve lost Cronkite, you’ve lost the war.

Somewhere I read an article stating that this was a massive failure on their own part… that they literally started believing their own press releases… As Elvira Hancock in “Scarface” said:
“Lesson number two: Don’t get high on your own supply.”


Guess they missed that lesson.
And to anyone who tries the “But they’ve killed an equal or moar number of Russians!” or “Vodkaman bad!” Let me tell you, according to my sources, the Russians now have a prepped and ready active duty DotMil numbering between 350k to 400k ready to rock and roll NOW. Thing of it is? They’re not going to.

Not yet.
They want Krainfeld to be utterly and completely defeated.
And he’s doing it to himself
And this shit of NATO and the “Allies” doing the “Well now we need to start talking about a peace treaty/ceasefire!” despite Krainfelds absolute unwillingness to do such a thing?

Our Fucktards in Charge seem to have forgotten the First Rule of Warfare: When you’re losing, you don’t get to state terms.

Putin is winning.
Period Point Fucking Blank.
Any and all denial at this point?
You will have earned ALL the scorn you have coming to you.

Any peace treaty or ceasefire will be dictated by the Russians

NOT by a bunch of bureaucratic diplofags at the UN.
And let me tell you, having seen just how badly the Krainians have been chewed up? Using our supposed “bestest evvar NATO tactics and equipment?

We’ll be lucky if Putin doesn’t decide to take Paris.

‘Cos outside of canned sunshine? We ain’t got shit that could stop him. Hell, even our own troops? Realistically, the Afghan stupid stopped in the first few weeks of The Head (p)Residental Fucktards reign.

That was three years ago
Iraq ended under OBAMA… 2011?
So the number of actual combat blooded troops we have?
I’d say maybe 15% of the remaining force IF we’re lucky.

Add on the inability to recruit, the lack of recruits and the dogshit that the millennials are as potential troops? Mentally ill-defective degenerates, the majority of them?

Oh yeah.

Put your head down between your legs to kiss your ass(es) goodbye. Russias troops have been on the front lines, rotating as needed, and getting quality new troops for two fucking years. They’re blooded and good.
Like the “Who’s you’re Daddy” better than OUR guys.

If Ivan decided to roll in hot n’heavy into Greater Europe, quite truthfully, I’d be like telling all them Eurocucks “We done already saved your worthless cheese eating asses twice. You fuckers are on your own this time. Fuck you AND the horse you rode in on.”

Our current criminal class of NeoCONs and (((tribe members))) in charge aren’t about to miss a chance to spill goyim blood, which has been what it’s all about to begin with… Orthodox Christian versus Orthodox Christian? With a Jew in charge pushing hardest? “What sweet revenge!” is what they must be thinking…

The rule should be “No More Brother-Wars” but sadly, due to the inherent programming of folks today who’ve ‘bought in wholly’ to the ‘programming’, we’re just doomed to roll on, until Gog-Magog/ZOG get satiated…

Hopefully me and mine’ll be there to help end this shit.
So More Later
Big Country

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  1. AMEN, Brother! Turn around to the congregation and preach it like ya stole it! Not to us muddle headed choir…

  2. Russia is far too savvy to even consider taking the useless and immigrant ridden EU…They are its customers, that’s all…Russia has a small population and enormous amounts of territory…

  3. If Steiner can come on through and they get Fegelein it should be all good for Ziolensky.
    Depop and Heavenly Jerusalem for the oligarchs with a side order of money laundering for the CPUSA and the Big Turd in Depends was the plan all along.
    Russia has marched on Paris and Berlin before and didn’t camp out there for the next 100 years.
    Das Helmet is an important and overlooked piece of equipment.
    I need to work on that one.

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